Alright, so there will be two Kyurem given out sometime next month.

The first one, nicknamed Rem, is a Life Orb Attacker Kyurem.

The second, nicknamed Sub-Zero, is a Mixed Wallbreaker, but it is a Black Kyurem set. You will need Zekrom and the DNA Splicers.

Just figured I’d give a heads-up regarding it.


… Okay, Bioshock 2 technically but. 

Deco Devolution: The Art of BioShock 2 - The Citizens of Rapture

The citizens of Rapture make BioShock what it is: They are not nameless, faceless enemies but people that once had dreams that went horribly awry.

Once again, much love for the art direction of the game but even more love for the sheer amount of thought they put into the Splicers. The fact that they thought of Rapture and its inhabitants before the games, and put that thought into the designs is incredibly cool to me. 

Not just the visual designs either; listening to the Splicers audio files tells a lot about how they were before splicing and, while they are incredibly exaggerated, they’re also not just bland archetypal ‘characters’. They took the archetype and just twisted it into little knots. And from that, made legitimately disturbing 'enemies’.

The first time I saw a houdini splicer, I freak out when it disappeared. But then it reappeared and promptly shot fire balls at me. D: But they are one of my favorite splicers!

I’m quite happy with how the HUD elements and background came out. I would have uploaded a larger version of this, but the animations didn’t show on tumblr. I may upload a still of it at some point.