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Do you ever just sit there and think about your friends?

Like really think about them. To the point you think too much and start to get worried about what they are doing or feeling. Do you ever get this sick feeling that something is not right? Like it’s out of your control and you want to be there for them, and you want to scream in their faces that you’re here, and you cry for them, and you fret over them, because you love them so much that you don’t want anything bad to happen to them

But here you are sitting… just thinking about them.

Bye Bye (Sr Chinarro cover)
Bye Bye (Sr Chinarro cover)

“It was 2013. The English language seemed spent, despicable, not easily singable.”

This might seem strange coming from Dan Bejar, someone who seems to have mastered the art of unconventional English-language storytelling with Destroyer. Regardless, this EP has both stompers and ballads in Spanish, the best of the latter being the pleasant “Bye Bye,” which he performed during a Destroyer solo acoustic tour stop in Chicago last week.