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June 22, 2004 near the village Vliehors was seen dead humpback whale, which the current has washed ashore. For razrulivaniye atypical situation, it was decided to involve the military (luckily located near a military base). As a “funeral team” has shown itself perfectly BRAM on the basis of the “Leopard”


Lazy Retrospection

(I was bored and a little tired, so I wrote this because I was in a fluff mood, I hope you enjoy it, its a Simon VS The Homosapien’s Agenda fic from Bram’s POV)

Just a lazy day curled up on Simon’s bed, on the final day of the holidays. Tomorrow, we must return to school for our final year. The last year of ass holes and bullies- not that many people are homophobic or offensive to our relationship, but there definitely is a lot of light and casual racism around.
Anyway, Simon and I truly are looking forward to leaving this school, with only 9 months left, I know this partially because Simon won’t shut the fuck up about how he’ll dye his hair rainbow when school is over and we don’t have to follow their rule of no hair dye. That makes me sound pissed at him, which I promise I’m not, I’m sure that he will actually look divine with rainbow hair; probably so divine that I’ll struggle to keep my hands off him. The only crappy thing about us finishing school is that we’ll have to move away from each other to go to university, which really will suck because I don’t know if I can handle. Still, we’ll email though. We managed a relationship without physical contact before, we can do it again. And, this time, we can Skype and be truly honest because I won’t be afraid of it all. Still, there’s a year left, I’ve got to stay in the present. The present is: a migration from Simon’s bed to his floor, where we lie, Simon’s head on my stomach (he claims it’s because he likes my abs beneath his head, but I know he just can’t be bothered to get a pillow.) Slowly, I am converting Simon to be a fan of films, which is brilliant, because I love romance films, but they really are lonely to watch alone. Currently, we are enjoying The Way He Looks, as much as each other’s company. Fingers intertwined, Simon’s arm is draped lightly over my neck and shoulders. A packet of oreos lie on his chest, happiness in each of our hearts and brains. Just as I lean down to kiss Simon’s forehead, his sister, Nora walks in, “Hey Simon, Bram.” She grins. “Hey,” He responds, “What do you want?” She claims to just want to say hi, but then enters his room fully and curls at his desk chair, leg jiggling. “You look anxious, are you okay?” I ask, concerned. “Yeah, I just… there’s this thing with someone at my school and I think I might like them, but I-I’m not sure. I don’t know if I’m ready for this type of relationship.”

“Wow, thanks for all that information Nora, I’m sure we’ll be able to really help him with that.” Replies Simon, his voice dripping with sarcasm. I hit him lightly on the shoulder to reprimand him for this, making him squeeze my hand in apology. I sit up slowly, pausing the film so we can properly focus on Nora, who blushes slightly as we rearrange our bodies and curled limbs into a sitting position with the oreos between us and our hands clutching.

“It, its a girl and, like, I’m pretty sure I like girls, but what if we date and I realise I don’t, then what? I can’t hurt her, she’s just too cute and lovely. What do I do?”

“To be honest, when I first realised I wanted to date your brother, I thought he was hella cute, so I stalked him via email for probably too long, and look at how cute we are now.” I squish my face into Simon’s shoulder, loving how much he is blushing as he pecks me on the cheek. “Really all I’m trying to say is that you should care less about relationships and stop caring so much about what ifs and just go for it.”

“Shit, you’re good at this,” Simon giggles, “Are you gonna tell mom and dad? I shouldn’t be the only one to come out.”

“I don’t know, but like, also what about sex; like I-I don’t like it, is that normal? Can I be bi and not like sex?” Simon and his sister both blush furiously as he explains asexuality and romantic attraction to her, me rubbing the back of his hand with my thumb all the while.

Nora leaves and we curl back up on his floor, returning to the film and our oreos, nibbling on them as we curl in a cacophony of joy, love and sweet foods. “Meet my parents?” I whine, it’s been a year and they still never have met Simon, “they think you seem really sweet… Just my mum first?”
He nods against the crook of my neck, kissing my Adam’s Apple gently, we arrange for him to meet them after school the next day, so I can drive him straight there.

Bram seems to be incapable of sitting still all day, jiggling his leg and tapping on my hand constantly, looking completely adorable in black skinny jeans, the Elliott Smith t-shirt I gave him and the cardigan he wore when we first properly met. When we step into my car at the end of the day, I lean across the centre console to kiss Simon to reassure him that my mum will love him, since he is so fucking polite and charming. As I begin to drive, he puts on the playlist I comprised of all the music he has ever recommended to me, before holding onto my knee, fingers tapping and squeezing, clearly from his fear.

My mum seems to be entirely amazed with Simon, seemingly almost as much as I was when we first spoke. Simon has never really been to my house before, only ever when I have had to change quickly before going out, or when he has come round to pick me up before going out. But today, after speaking to my mum, we go up to my room, he is fascinated by my books, my teddy- Red Ted- flopped out on my bed. Apparently, this makes me even cuter, because he decides to use this as an excuse to make out with me, suddenly, we are just kissing. Almost as if we are right back at the start, not a year in. Then, Nora calls, thanking me for my amazing advice with the girl and to say that she now has a girlfriend, who both Simon and I instantly insist on meeting.

It’s amazing that the Spier family accepts me so strongly and openly, barely seeming to mind that I am at their house almost all of the time. It just makes me love Simon even more, not that I could explain why this phenomenon has occurred. Happiness almost consumes me when I drop a kiss on Simon’s forehead as we arrive at his house.

The rest of the year passes in divine joy and contentment: Nora’s girlfriend- Charlie- is absolutely lovely and the perfect match for her; Alice is still with her sweetheart of a boyfriend- Theo- and Simon is just a beauty. Hair rainbow, legs wrapped into mine, oreos in hand, we lie curled together under my bed, kissing occasionally but just enjoying the joy of each other’s presence in the last day before we leave for university. Simon is leaving tomorrow, but Skype is there for happiness, emails for pixel closeness and nostalgia. We and our happiness shall manage.


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  • Brooke/Sam - Popular
  • Regina/Emma (Swan Queen) - Once Upon A Time
  • Callie/Arizona (Calzona) - Grey’s Anatomy
  • Alex/Marissa (Malex) - The O.C.
  • Santana/Brittany (Brittana) - Glee
  • Lindsay/Melanie - Queer As Folk
  • Carolyn/Alice - Under The Dome
  • Mina/Lucy (Westernray) - Dracula
  • Stef/Lena - The Fosters
  • Quinn/Rachel (Faberry) - Glee
  • Janeway/Seven (J7) - Star Trek: Voyager
  • Karma/Amy (Karmy) - Faking It
  • Bo/Tamsin (Valkubus) - Lost Girl
  • Bette/Tina (Tibette) - The L Word
  • Cosima/Delphine (Cophine) - Orphan Black
  • Michonne/Andrea (Michondrea) - The Walking Dead
  • Naomi/Emily (Naomily) - Skins
  • Piper/Alex (Vausman) - Orange Is The New Black)
  • Paige/Alex (Palex) - Degrassi
  • Emily/Alison (Emison) - Pretty Little Lkars
  • Jane/Maura (Rizzles) - Rizzoli & Isles
  • Spencer/Ashley (Splashley) - South of Nowhere
  • Xena/Gabrielle - Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Max/Eleanor (Maxanor) - Black Sails

anonymous asked:

Howdy! I'm going on a sam/brooke fic bender again and while you're one of my favourite authors, I'm in the mood for some post-nicole-is-a-pyscho-'accident' fics. Any fics to rec? (Besides quatorz and green quarter fics cos those I love so much I've already compiled them onto my kindle)

Oh, man. Now you’re asking me to remember specific shit? ;) Let me see…. @gilligankane
has two short, post-accident ones, but they’re angsty af. Those are (sorry for the ugly links, I’m on my phone) http://www.ralst.com/DyingFeelYou.HTM and http://www.ralst.com/Bulletproof.HTM if you want to take a look. 

MY personal all-time favourite Bram fic is by @nuthintasee. Just A Little Insight, which can be found here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/551933/chapters/983396

That’s all I can think of right now! Perhaps @bramzambies or @ecaftraf or @quatorz can help us out??