Another request! Thank you anon!

Luditor, The Party Tree Splicemon: Although it’s three heads all think independently, this Splicemon is never far away from a festival. When the leaves on top of it’s head begin to shake, they secrete an inoxicating pheromone lulling all those nearby into a befuddled stupor.


Type- Fire-Fairy

Sylvetales is thought to hold some kind of power in the ribbons on its ears. This power is said to be amplified by its nine tails.

Hi! I’m the guest splicer, Splicemon! This was a splice for illusionofmylove.

As you guys can tell, my posting style comes with my watermark and a short pokedex entry. I can’t wait to create more splices for you guys (although this one wasn’t too great)

I found it hard to decide which variation I liked better, as you can tell. I’d like to know anything I could improve on. Hope you have fun on your summer vacation!

Splicing blog: Splicemon

Danke! But due to this summer school, I’m not gonna be doing critiques for anyone now (unless I end up having a lot of free time, which I shouldn’t). If i remember, I might do them when I get back.