(Entry #4: crowology)

Sam’s:  Vileplume, lampent, rotom *heat and fan, and metang. Pulled some colors from cofagirigus.

ryAN’S: cherrim, snubull, chandelure, chatot, happiny, cherrim, skuntank, pachirisu, and woobat.

Bram’s: Torterra, medicham, and graveler.

Zach’s: politoad, ghastly and shiny klinklang colors as well as a lot of my own and politoad gold, klingklang, vanilluxe,croagunk, cronconaw, and seismitoad.

Ginny’s: mismagius, meloetta, bellossom, kirlia, volcarona, skuntank, zangoose, gardevoir, victini, and absol.

also this is stalkerduosion but I think you guys know this/ this is duokrow

jUST refer to me as duokrow since that’s my splice blog..haha

Happy Birthday to Me

Today, January 14th 2014, is the one-year anniversary of this blog.  Hooray!

In this first year, I’ve posted (by my count) 1115 different splices (average of about 3 per day), including over 700 requests!  The blog has over 3500 followers, which unless I’m mistaken makes it the second most popular dedicated Pokemon-splicing blog on the internet (and the most popular one with only a single splicer).  It’s over ten times as popular as my main blog, and over a hundred times as popular as my personal blog.

In the year that this blog has been running, I’ve finished a doctoral degree, celebrated my thirtieth birthday, and changed cities.

Thank you all for your reblogs and requests, you’ve made this a very fun year, and thank you to all my fellow splicers for welcoming me into your community!

PS. It’s not actually my birthday.  Just the blog’s birthday.