splendor of this fall


The Royal Palace of Caserta was begun in 1754 by the French Bourbon Kings of Naples as a country escape just a few miles outside of the congested city. It is the largest of the many palaces inspired by the great Chateau of Versailles that were built all over Europe by monarchs that wanted to recapture the expression of absolute power and influence that Louis XIV and his heirs commanded from Versailles. From St Petersburg to Madrid dozens of such copies were built in Baroque splendor with varying degrees of success, many falling short due to thier creators emphasis on size and to be larger than the original. Caserta is massive in every measure except warmth, charm or comfort. The enormous scale of the state rooms is the same as its private chambers and its gardens. All the unnecessary space left me with a feeling of emptiness and waste when I visited last year. The monumental Grand Staircase was worth the visit however and is one of the most beautiful creations of architectural majesty I had ever stood upon. It is impossible to not to be impressed standing in this regal staircase, a true masterpiece of Baroque Architecture. Adding to the sadness of the palace was the fact that most of the building is unfinished, unused and falling into ruin perhaps due to the lack of tourists but more likely due to the financial burden of keeping up the colossal edifice even by the modern republican government of Italy absent a monarch and purpose.


Nature Walk

Before summer pales her eyes
drawing her last breath of contentment
Before the melody of birds cease to amuse and
the winds stop moving on the meadows
Before the splendor of flowers
fall, dry in all the fields
I must walk through every trail
which the sun
has polished for a reason

The sun has many seasons
for me, they shine the most
in summer

The Secrets that Change Us (Part 3)

Summary: The sequel to Before We Were Us and follows how secrets can make or break your relationship with Zach Dempsey

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Warning: Alcohol

<< Part 2 | Part 4 >>

For days you’ve been prying Zach for information on the conversation he and Justin had not too long ago. You hoped you would have worn him down and tell you or it slipped during one of your conversations before Bryce’s party but to no avail. You were growing more and more annoyed and frustrated that he was keeping something from you and it was threatening to break you.

Zach picked you up to go to Bryce’s house. By the time you got there you prepared yourself to ask Zach about Justin again. You released a sigh while Zach put his car in park.

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great minds and empty hearts

there’s nothing splendorous
about the power of one
thousand suns falling on
the sharpened swords
of an equation where x
equals devestation

death is nothing to brag
about becoming
destroying is nothing to wear
like a medal from some armsrace

instead of splitting a molecule
you could’ve fooled them all
with a different kind of bomb

one that would detonate
and spread flowers
to all the pretty girls
who felt ugly

to spread hours
to all the ones with
only minutes left

to rain reason
to all those cracked
lips searching for meaning

at the end of the day
all we want is a fucking

mirror that likes us
a sunset we can hashtag
hands that put together
making words our hearts
can read without squinting

when you scribbled away
on your chalkboard
did you ever stop to think

that day

a woman finally accepted
the body in the mirror

a man finally landed
the job that he slept

a child
painted their first picture
wrote their first poem
sang that final note

that solidified the intent
of the heart into the continuity
of the brain

you’re not a destroyer of worlds

you’re a destroyer
of love
of hope
of dreams
worlds can be recreated
humans can be recreated

individuals can not

these three stories
aren’t even a percentage
of your splendor

I would say you have the blood
of over two hundred thousand
on your hands
but those smiles and hearts
became molecules not even
a microscope could trace
the ash outlines
the cheek kisses
the shielding arms

from the oncoming blast
are better poems

than even I
can write

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Splendy babysitting Lazari headcanons?

  • She likes it when Splendor volunteers to do her hair. He puts it into a braid and she loves it.
  • Sometimes Lazari gets him to sing with her (A Tale as Old as Time is their best one) and even though his singing voice is very quiet she appreciates it a lot.
  • Splendor was ecstatic when Lazari drew a picture for him. It was of a tall man covered in polka dots with a big hat, and had ‘4 Splendy’ scribbled in crayon next to it. It’s been on the fridge ever since.
  • Splendor is like a big cushion to her. He lies down on the couch, legs hanging way off the edge, and she lays on top of him. He has a special blanket to pull out of his hat when she falls asleep.
  • Splendor makes cupcakes for the two of them often, but Lazari is too clumsy to help without getting hurt. He doesn’t mind, and says that she’ll be able to one day.
half way

driving has become routine. shout out to spotify, bill bryson & george orwell audiobooks (1984, animal farm, a walk in the woods, a short history of nearly everything) and anyone who has cared enough to call me on these crazy long drives. every day i wake up cheated of sleep. i’ve slept on couches, futons, spare beds, and in my car. i’ve driven 4,000 miles, i saw two great lakes. i had poutine. real poutine. i hiked. i saw the splendor of niagara falls. i met someone who dared me to be myself more than i think anyone ever has. i’ve made countless new friends. i had great beer, i tried ecstasy. i left a shirt in new jersey. i lost a shoe in toronto. (the shoe was found) there are moments in life that are very important. there’s no other way to describe them. sometimes there’s no way to unpack that instant while it’s happening. sometimes there’s no one to tell what you just saw or how you’d even explain it if you did. i think the most beautiful stretch of road on the east coast has to be rt 8 in connecticut as it winds along the farmington river. although there are many special people in my life i can only think of one person who i want to make that drive with again. the shows. the shows have been a roller coaster ride of emotion. april snow caused me to be 3 hours late to one of the shows. the anxiety created from it caused me to be 6 hours early to the show the next day. i’ve sold 92 books, and 15 shirts. the things people have said after the shows or during breaks have made all the difference. people approaching me to say they’ve never had a poem move them to tears before, or how my work has helped them in some way. the friends made. the memories. (a small crunching of numbers for people outside of the normal turnout at the events [people from twitter to be exact] toronto ontario 52, (new jersey 2x madison/toms river 20) long island new york 15, philadelphia pennsylvania 3, northhampton massechusetts 4, collinsville connecticut 12, erie pennsylvania 9, baltimore maryland 4, colby sawyer college new hampshire 6. (these numbers are from people who approached after the show, or bought a ticket to the event. the numbers are probably more generous than i am giving credit, but- at half way in, and 8 shows down, less than 100 of 55,000 people from Twitter who have actually come out to a show. these shows are offset by other numbers, because most of the shows come with an audience of regularly attending people. so far the total number of people i have done poems in front of is probably in the generous neighborhood of 250. you have to start somewhere. and this is my start. i’m excited for the remaining string of shows on tour, and to be able to pet my dog kentucky again next week

A Dangerous and Damning Business

“Enchantment. Even the word spoken, once rich and full of splendor, falls flat on the tongue. The feeling sinks instead of soars. And it used to be much more than just a word. It was a way of life, teeming in verisimilitude. What happened to the mystery of the stars? The song of the sea? What happened to the peculiarity of the dirt and the wonder of the skin? Humanism – once thought to have risen man’s place in the cosmos – has only distanced us from it. We think we understand more, but we seem to have slowly forgotten everything. We think the once unthinkable. We refuse to see the once utterly obvious. The mystery of the stars. The song of the sea. The peculiarity of the dirt. The wonder of the skin. We do not come to a fuller understanding of reality by stripping the enchantment from our hearts. We destroy ourselves with uncreative lies of conventional indiscretion. Man must regain enchantment, in all of its richness and splendor, because there really are things to be enchanted by. Behind the glow of every screen, beyond the words of a book, below the speech of any person is a heart brimming with questions a life of secular explanation and profanity will never be able answer, or even begin to approach. Ignoring the beautiful absurdities of this life is a dangerous and damning business.”

- Cayln Jones

July 6, 2017

I suddenly became lethargic after the movie shooting ended so from January to May of this year, I didn’t do anything and I was lying in my bed the whole day. During the filming of the movie, I also had a BIGBANG world tour to do and the schedule was killing me. I filmed Monday through Thursday, staying up all night and then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I had to go overseas and do a concert and I would sleep in the planes and then get back on schedule again. I think I was mentally confused and my identity was being shaken back then. In the morning I was filming scenes where I was killing people and I saw blood and then in the weekends I had to show a strong performance in front of thousands of people. The splendor of the stage, and the situation of falling in to a bottomless pit in the movie were crossing and it was so frustrating and I became sensitive. And when the world tour and the movie filming ended at the same time, I couldn’t do anything afterwards. I just stopped and sat down for a while.
—  Choi Seung-Hyun, Running on empty
SSPrompt: Home

summary: when Sasuke breaks, he seeks shelter in her, just as he always wished to.
a/n: enjoy.

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

The streets of Ame are as rampant with desperate, displaced shells of humans as always, dragging their feet absently from here to there, as if half-expecting that they might just fall, lifeless, at any moment. Completely devoid of life, Sasuke almost feels as if he belongs.

He’s been in the barren village two days, delivering herbs to local medicinal posts. Each time he is greeted with a mix of apprehension and careful gratitude. Their dark, weary eyes thank him, with as much appreciation as a life filled with grief may offer another person inhabiting life, though barely. Sasuke knows this look well.

The rain never does stop, he learns, not even amidst the rogue invasions and residual turmoil of war. Explosions sound throughout the village at sundown. Each morning, the village plays host to the collective removal of the dead, civilian and shinobi alike. Though even when the fighting ceases, the stacks seem to grow higher. Between hunger and war, Sasuke doubts this village will survive. He does what he can to help sustain the living.

The worst attack rains in on a Monday right as the calm of the day settled in like clockwork over the village. Sound shatters through the placid sheets of rain and footsteps trace scattered, desperate lines through the displaced pathways of mud that cloud the city. Explosions sound in the distance, one after the other, before finally making their way right outside Sasuke’s window. He clads himself with a distant obligation in his movements. Making his way for the door, he stops just short of the doorknob, a tugging feeling pulls at his heels. He turns back to the disheveled windowsill where he had last left it.

With careful movements, Sasuke takes the leaf-emblemed hitai-ate, securing it with consideration around his neck before tucking it safely under his cloak. Onyx eyes slide shut for an instant and their faces seem as close and as tangible as the rain outside his window; the grasses of Konoha feels as crisp and as real as the dirt beneath his feet; suddenly her voice is as clear as the explosions ringing off in the distance.

Come back to us, she says.

He opens his eyes.

Opening the door, he wills a silent promise, and is off into the night.




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FINAL FANTASY XIII scenes [ 16/ ]

C H A P T E R  T H R E E • Branded

After being caught in the destruction of the Vestige, the group awakens directly under the Hanging Edge on the expanse of a solidified Lake Bresha. An after-effect of the energies released by the dying fal'Cie, the waters of the lake are now frozen in crystal splendor.

Despite having survived a fall from an incredible height, the companions are unable to appreciate their luck as each one of them now bears a brand of alien design. The mark seared on their bodies signifies their servitude to a fal'Cie and the ‘gift’ of magical power.

It is the brand of a cursed l'Cie. Worse, they must now complete their assigned Focus if they are to avoid becoming monstrous Cie'th, though none can say for sure what their mission actually entails. Their only clue is the vision they all witnessed of the great beast laying waste to Cocoon.


Though all signs point to a bleak and tragic destiny, Snow alone remains optimistic. Convinced that his Focus is to grant Serah’s wish and save Cocoon, he sets off full of confidence.

vampiresandwhitewalkers  asked:

Hello :) Since you watched TO before you watched TVD, I was wondering if your opinion of TO changed after you got a taste of the Original family in its entirety from TVD? Do you still find the show as enjoyable now that you have TVD to compare it to and what about Klaus' love interests? Give me a full on analysis - love interests, plots, the Original family from TVD vs TO. Give me as long or short of a reply as you wish :) Thanks!

vampiresandwhitewalkers SOOO glad someone has asked me this, I think I’m the perfect focus group, given I watched The Originals prior to The Vampire Diaries. 

So here we go…  The Mikaelsons: The Vampire Diaries vs. The Originals…

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In recognition of Earth Science Week, we bring you beautiful fall photos from around BLM Idaho with an explanation by Anne Halford, BLM Idaho Botanist, about why the leaves change color

Every autumn, cottonwood, quaking aspen and willow are transformed into colorful hues of gold, orange and russet. Before long, their leaves will fall and again become part of another cycle that feeds the soil. What causes this yearly cycle, and what determines which color the leaves turn? 

During spring and summer, leaves actively produce foods necessary for plant growth. This food-making process takes place in the many cells within the leaf. Within these cells are chloroplasts, which contain the chlorophyll pigments that are responsible for the green color of plants. The leaves also contain lesser amounts of other pigments, primarily xanthophylls (yellows) and carotenoids (yellows, oranges, and reds). 

Most of the year, these other pigments are masked by the greater amounts of chlorophyll in the leaves. But in fall, when changes in temperature and the period of daylight occur, the leaves stop their food-producing activity. Soon the chlorophyll begins to break down, the green color disappears, and the yellows, oranges and reds slowly begin to emerge, giving the leaves their fall splendor. 

The intensity of color is determined by the plant’s response to complex gradients of temperature and moisture. Fall weather conditions favoring formation of brilliant autumn color are warm, sunny days followed by cool nights with temperatures below 45F (7C). Sugar production increases during the daytime, but cool nights prevent movement of sugar from the leaves. 

From the sugars trapped in leaves, the pigment called anthocyanin is formed. When fall weather is consistently cloudy or rainy, and the nights warm, the leaves usually have less intense coloration. The smaller amount of sugar made during periods of less sunlight moves out of the leaves during the warm nights, reducing the conversion of excess sugars into pigments. 

Before the leaves can gracefully spin from their leafstalks, a special layer of cells develops and gradually severs the tissues that support the leaf. A small leaf scar is the only evidence that leaves once adorned these deciduous plants.

“In the evening, there is feeling”

I don’t typically post about my art or really talk about it at all, but this is my first collection of visual art and I’m very happy with the turn out. Inspired by the splendor and simplicity of the falling sun, and the unexplainable sensation that the fading light pours into you. I wanted to explore the juxtaposition of the structure and grime of the city with the soft, drowsy sweetness of a melting sunset. A color study. 

Thank you for reading.