splendor love

  • The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.
  • Besides, I can’t fall in love with anyone
  • Can’t… fall… in love? But, a life without love, that’s… terrible…
  • Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!
  • Never knew I could feel like this. Like I’ve never seen the sky before.
  • Tell our story _____, that way I’ll-I’ll always be with you.
  • Hurt him to save him. There is no other way.
  • I owe you nothing. And you are nothing to me. Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love.
  • Why does my heart cry? Feelings I can’t fight… 
  • You’re free to leave me, but just don’t deceive me, and please believe me when I say I love you!
  • I’m sorry, _____, I’m dying.
  • You expect me to believe that scantily clad, in the arms of another man, in the middle of the night, inside an elephant you were rehearsing?
  • I don’t need you anymore! All my life you made believe I was only worth what someone would pay for me! 
  • And in the end, should someone die?
  • She said you make her feel “like a virgin.”
  • I can’t believe it. I’m in love. I’m in love with a young, handsome, talented duke.
  • I’d rather, um, just get it over and done with.
  • Hmph. Oh. Very well. Then why don’t you come down here and let’s get it over and done with.
  • The French are glad to die for love. They delight in fighting duels. But I prefer a man who lives… and gives expensive… jewels.
  • The difference between you and I is that you can leave anytime you choose. But this is my home.
  • His eyes upon your face. His hand upon your hand. His lips caress your skin. It’s more than I can stand!
  • It’s not important. We could work on it tomorrow.
  • He’s got a huge… talent .
  • I love sex.
  • It’s nothing. It’s just an infatuation… it’s nothing.
  • You’re going to be bad for business. I can tell.
  • It’s not that I’m not a jealous man. I just don’t like other people touching my things.
  • I couldn’t! I couldn’t go through with it! I saw you there and I felt differently! I couldn’t pretend!
  • You’ve gotta stand your ground for freedom, beauty, truth, and love.
  • Outside it may be raining, but in here it’s entertaining.
Days in the Sun. (Prince Adam Oneshot.)

to contradict the super smutty asks I’ve been getting and answering, it is I here to remind you that I am truly a romantic binch.

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Title: Days In The Sun.
Pairing: Prince Adam x Female!Reader.
Words: 1,273.
Rating: K.
Summary: i just wanted to write a reprise to ‘Days in the Sun’. (I’ll probably post the lyrics themselves on another post!)

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a dream? That sort of euphoric sensation that wraps itself around you, trying to trick you into a reality that was too good to be true? That’s how Prince Adam felt as he stood out on the balcony, holding his first born child in his arms. They were snug in a blanket made by Mrs. Potts, one of their first gifts actually, to keep them warm. Adam himself was wearing nothing other than a pair of soft blue pants and a silk, handmade robe that covered his torso. His hair was tugged into a rather loose hair tie, some of his light hair spilling and framing his face. From the rolling colors in the sky, Adam figured it was nearly dawn. The purples were turning into pinks, and the pinks into light oranges. He couldn’t tell how long he had been awake, but he did wake up first when the moon and stars were the only light you were able to maneuver around in.

Adam looked down at the baby in his arms. Only three months old, amazingly, and he’s gotten quite used to hold them and has even learned the proper way as well. He hadn’t been around a baby in years, let alone hold one on his own. He thought for a moment. No, he’d never actually held one before. Fortunately, he had you to show him because admittedly he was completely clueless. They looked a lot like him, having a swirl of strawberry blond hair. A few shades darker than his actually, but he figured it may lighten up as they grew up. Their eyes were still a gray color and hadn’t decided what color they were going to be. While you hoped that it’s a beautiful mix between his and yours, he’d argue certainly, saying that they need to be your eyes because they held so much love and adoration.

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Natalie Wood + Golden Globe Nominations and Wins


Happy Valentines Day everyone. 

The perfect film to watch on a day like this is without doubt Moulin Rouge ! Hope you all have a nice day and evening <3 


Lena Luthor as Hades and Kara Danvers as Persephone.

Awed by her splendor
stars near the lovely
moon cover their own
bright faces
when she
is roundest and lights
earth with her silver 



Love is a many splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love! 

☆ Awed by her splendor Stars near the lovely moon cover their own bright faces when she is roundest and lights earth with her silver ☆

Keith: edenfire 

Shiro: bennyapologist

Days In the Sun. (Reprise)

Why am I like this? All being sung by Prince Adam, thanks. 

Days in the sun, where your life has barely begun. Not until my whole life is done, will I ever leave you.

My heart trembles again due to the love my dear one pertains.
It no longer remains out of reach of my arms.

All those days in the sun, what I’ve given to relive in the sun. 
Love has undone and brought back the light. 

Oh, I could sing of the pain those dark days bring me.
The spell, the wonder.
Still, it’s the splendor of love I sing of tonight.

How in the midst of all that sorrow, 
Did so much love and joy begin?
I wasn’t innocent and so sure.
Now, I’m hopeful but afraid.

I can’t go back into my childhood, one that my father took from me. 
I can feel a change in me. I’m stronger now and wandering free.

Those days in the sun have returned. They all believed.
I didn’t, though.
Yet my days in the sun have come shining through.


“Stardom is only a by-product of acting.”

Happy Birthday, Natalie Wood!

“E io sollevai la mano e gli carezzai il volto e ci baciammo e assaggiammo uno la saliva dell’altro e il calore della bocca e il fresco dei denti e io sentii come muoveva la lingua, con più pace di me, e io divenni più lento, ed era esattamente come doveva essere, come il rifugio

— Margaret Mazzantini, Splendore