splendor love

hopefuldespair898  asked:

You are infinite, resplendent beauty, tucked tenderly into a finite space. Radiant splendor shines from you lovely face, blinding to wretched eyes such as these.

Wow, you are too sweet for words…other than thank you so much for the loveliness sent my way! <3


Happy Valentines Day everyone. 

The perfect film to watch on a day like this is without doubt Moulin Rouge ! Hope you all have a nice day and evening <3 


Natalie Wood + Golden Globe Nominations and Wins


Love is a many splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love! 


“Stardom is only a by-product of acting.”

Happy Birthday, Natalie Wood!


AH, LOVE: Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

shut the fuck up Susan your show is a sexist load of drivel led by an ugly and insufferably elitist shitheel and his arrogant costar. Your narrative cues are weak and require conspiracy theories to hold water and the constant barrage of ableism people have to endure from its storytelling and actors is indescribable. The show aged out its primary fandom audience and now you sit desperately at the heels of some sweeping gesture of gay love story splendor as if the fact it were a love story wouldn’t prove that the writing is an unfocused mess more consumed with shiny baubles than meaningful storytelling. In The Flesh came and went and you stuck your thumbs up your ass and went “but what if MY OTP were canon on BBC telly”.

fuck you

You know, my golden love, you shine brighter than the morning sun, brighter than the most beautiful jewel ever made or created. Nothing could ever compare to your beauty, nothing could ever taint how you shine in my eyes, how you glow and sparkle with such splendor.

I love you, golden one.


they told me there is nothing beautiful about destruction
toppling towers of blocks with a hand
watching brick by brick lean until it falls

but i am learning that where i do not find beauty
i find only hurt
i am learning that to breathe i must find song in that breath
and i am trying
i keep trying
and i will call the crushing weight on my soul
beauty, marvel, splendor
until i can love freely again.

I’m really excited about the potential for another Dune movie (or, as I’ve heard rumors of, movie adaptations of the whole saga).

But at the same time, I’m fucking terrified. Because those books are extremely important to me on several levels, and I want to see them given justice. Especially God Emperor of Dune, and the entire character of Leto II. 

And I just don’t know how you’d do that, how you’d keep the spirit of those books, while making a movie that people today would want to see?

I don’t want Dune to just turn into another action/sci-fi movie, where the sandworms are turned into roller coasters, where the Fremen are whitewashed to hell and back, where Leto and Ghanima are cast as fucking teenagers/young adults and not 8-year-olds with too much of the world in their indigo-on-indigo eyes.
But at the same time, I’m starving for more Dune; I want to see the world come alive, I want to see the desert planet stretching out, harsh and beautiful. I want to feel my skin prickle and writhe in sympathetic pain through the spice agonies, want to feel my eyes burn and boil in the fury of a stoneburner, want to feel my mind break all over again at the reveal of the Golden Path.

I do dearly want Dune to be spread again, for people my age and younger to have some little spark inside their chests lit by the visions and the world. For there to be more people who reacted to it like I did, with wonder and huge eyes.

But I’m so afraid of someone doing the world, which is deeply important to me, an injustice, and making my love into a laughingstock.