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are you really asking people to make stuff just for your fanfic? wtf how conceited

I assume you’re talking about this post, and nope!  But it sure is awesome when someone makes something for you, and you get surprised by the kindness of the act. It’s only happened for me twice before - and both were done by my best friend, who really is incredible to me - and it made me feel just fantabulously splendiforous for the rest of the day. It’s just a list of things fic writers like! Yay for positivity!

By the way, isn’t it awfully cowardly to come into someone’s inbox on anon and accuse them of something, especially when you have no real measure of their character, and can’t ascertain it from a silly little text post?

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: literally the turnabout musical crew is a total gift to humanity first off the fans have been dreaming for so long of actually getting to see the show and when they finally had a venue they livestreamed it so anyone anywhere can see it which is so sweet. The chat was amazing everyone was freaking out at the same time literally from like twenty minutes before it would begin everyone was there and waiting and excited and the cast totally did not disappoint plus all the costumes were so perfect and you could tell they put a lot of effort into seriously making it the best it could be not to mention Charley running the livestream was so awesome and kind and for a phone the quality was so amazing also their gumshoe literally saved up his data so everyone could save it seriously the entire crew is so perf that's such a gumshoe thing to do speaking of characters who literally popped out of the game itself Payne/the baeliff are totally amazing and canon not to mention their Larry literally waltzed right out of PW and hopped on stage and he is completely perfect ngl everyone was so hyped during its gotta be the butz TBH please tell Larry I love him furthermore Phoenix and Maya and Mia and von karma and honestly everyone have singing voices that made me weep honestly I can't believe it I mean there had to be some supernatural stuff going on for such perfection to be present all at once everyone have it their all and it was so amazing especially all the memes that came up ngl the fact that April May was just introduced with "leg" was comedic gold so was literally every word out of Redd White's mouth or the fact that everyone in unison had to caption 600,000 volts with rip Maya. Everyone's acting was so perfect and on point and seriously redeemed 2016 especially the irony of having the show in December 2016 this musical is so perfect everyone in it is so perfect the entirety of turnabout musical is so perfect like von karma level perfect. care to explain this three (and a half) hour gap because I do not have the words to express how splendiforous it is/was
  • tl;dr tell everyone remotely related to turnabout musical I love them

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heard you like abo fics 😏 I happen to also partake. so recs?

I do the thing! Nearly all of my stuff is Hannibal related, since I discovered ABO shortly after finishing Hannibal.  But here you go!

Bondless by Llewcie (I know she has a Tumblr, but I can’t remember the handle right now) Hannibal AU featuring Tristan and Galahad from King Arthur. Also Club AU, which is always a good time. Llewcie is an absolutely fabulous writer, and she outdoes herself here.

Overcoming by @jadegreenworks. Hannibal Victorian AU. Absolutely sublime. The most decadent slow burn you’ve ever seen. So settle in, because this one is the long haul, but my God is it amazing.

Magnum Opus by CloudsAreFluffy. Hannigram ABO. A fantastic little one off that’s the literary equivalent of a three napkin Cinnabon.

Peachfire Whiskey by @lovecrimevariations. Hannigram Student/Teacher AU. A splendiforous little romp of an AU with excellent pacing and sex scenes that will have you needing several showers.

Don’t You Dare Look Back/Just Keep Your Eyes on Me by Suzukiblu. Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis from Marvel Cinematic Universe. I know. It’s a weird pairing. And be warned this is a WIP that is most likely abandoned, but it is still 100% worth the read because it is fantastic. This is the fic that introduced me to ABO, and I still go back and re-read it every so often. It’s just so dang good. By turns, ridiculously hot and just plain ridiculous. I love it so.

What is the second word in splendiforous?

Splendid…yes I get that.. 

but where does the -iforous come from?

What word that means something close to splendid or could be used to express a happy feeLINK ends in iforous?

These are the deep metaphysical questions that plague my mind when I do dishes at work for 6 hours.