splendid x flaky

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Splendont HC! Since he's been stuck in a mirror for so long, Splendont struggles to understand human culture (think of Peridot from SU or Invader Zim). He also probably invades the personal space of people he has feelings for (Prob Flippy and/or Flaky) A LOT and stalks them, thinking he's being affectionate and not realizing he's being creepy as hell. They probably found it endearing/cute at first but he soon became SUPER possessive and threatens to destroy anyone who dares to touch "his humans"

I totally agree with this….

That’s probably why he would hate splendid so much (like more than he does in canon) cuz he’s so freaking close to basically everyone, like flippy and flaky

New fanart of Happy Tree Friends ☆
Since I’m going to take a little break from FT fandom… Will go for HTF.

Btw, I grew tired of Flippy and Flaky in 4 years ago and yeah I’m going for Splendid & Flaky.
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