splendid sigh

Things my stage manager has said in the booth over the course of this show
  • “I guess he doesn’t crave that mineral.” 
  • “It seems everyone is hitting puberty tonight. That is just… Splendid. * sighs heavily* ”
  • “*to the house manager over radio* tell the lobby there is two until act two… or just tell them it’s over and to go home… just spoil the ending for them…”
  • “Hey do you wanna hear a joke? Okay so which runs faster hot or cold? Hot! Everyone catches a cold! *laughs really hard and almost forgets to call a cue*”
  • “Oh hey by the way I am getting surgery tomorrow and may be out for the rest of the show. If that is the case, good luck.”
  • “*starts quoting the script along with the actors but does it in a horrible British accent*”
  • “I love these children, I really do. But I swear if one more kid misses a line tonight I am disowning all of them.”
  • “Did he just call him daddy? What kind of play do they think this is? This is a children’s theater for goodness sake”
  • “*kid in the audience screams at a loud sound* please be quite I am trying to see”
  • “Oh I guess the rest of the cast is hitting puberty now. Okay then.”
  • “Hey I need you to go into the dark room of death down there and flip the breaker. Thanks don’t die.”
  • “what is it that the kids say now? Savage. That was savage.”
  • “I would say I will miss this but honestly I am going to go home and drink a whole bottle of wine and sleep.”
James March x Reader: Soulmate: Part Three:

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Words: 238

A/N: This picks up on the next day from part two. Please send in any requests you have.

     I sat down on my bed; sighing heavily as I placed my head in my hands. “How am I supposed to do this?” I ask myself. “Come in.” I reply in answer to the knock at my door. “Will you be wanting dinner tonight Miss?” Miss Evers asked me. “Yes.But… Could you give Mr. March a message for me?” She nodded as I grabbed a notepad off of the desk. ‘I need to see you. Dinner?’ I wrote before handing the paper to Miss Evers. “Thank you.” I said sincerely. “Of course.” She nodded her head slightly before responding. “Of course.” 

    “I wasn’t sure you’d want to see me again darling.” James said as I sat down in the chair in front of him. “I wasn’t sure I would either. I’ve made my decision James.” I say softly; looking down at the plate of food in front of me. “What have you decided; my dear?” I breathed in a deep breath as I turned my gaze up to James’ eyes. “I’ve decided to stay and be with you.” “Splendid!” I sighed. “But I need something from you.”  “What would that be dear?” “I need you to be completely honest with me about everything. No lies, no omissions of truth.” I could tell James was thinking it over thoroughly; he swallowed thickly before answering. “Of course my dear.” He answered simply before motioning for us to eat.

Running Lines (Sanders sides fanfic)

Wow I’m scared to post this

Running lines

Roman/Virgil friendship (Prinxiety, if you want)

546 words

Roman paced his room as he ran his lines for what had to be the millionth time that day. Upon waking up that morning, he had nearly sprung out of bed (after twice hitting the snooze button) with excitement, something that could only be filled by one thing, or person one may say,

“Hot topic!” Roman called out, already suspicious (and worried, though he’d never admit it) by Virgil’s lack of presence after all, today was the audition that would be their big break! Surely that was enough to bring the sulking side out!

“Where is the emo little one?” Roman muttered at the lack of reply, only to be suddenly met with a familiar darkness,

“I’m here.” Virgil replied, appearing on a lavish seat in prince’s room, his eye makeup stronger than ever.

“Why hello, my dear Maria, count me in!” Roman said, somewhat proud of himself for the simultaneously musical and emo nickname (which he had become quite good at lately if he did day so himself), regardless of the other side’s eyeroll, “How are you this utterly splendid day?”

“I’m,” Virgil sighed, keeping their eyes on the ground, “I’m fine”

“You know, considering what a great actor I am, you” Roman said, flourishing a pointing finger at the boy, “are utterly terrible at lying.”

“I’m not lying,” Virgil said, rubbing his neck “I’m just-“

The side began stumbling over their words, a sign that Roman knew meant Virgil was scared to talk, whether or not they would admit it out loud, and despite their differences, Roman could not help but want to bring some more peace to Anxiety’s life.

“Come on, Virgil,” Roman said, plopping down on the couch next to his, dare he say it, friend. He throwing his mind back to the advice Patton and Logan had given him to help Virgil to be more open. Through many days of being presented the advice through talks and flash cards, Roman had finally memorize the phrases Logan and Patton claimed would make “feel safe” Virgil opening up,

“Share, there is no judgement here.” Roman proclaimed.

Virgil raised a single eyebrow suspiciously, but still pushed through the next sentences, as their voice filled with a slight panic, “It’s just, what if we fail again, like last time? Thomas will be devastated. I just…”

“You don’t want to get hurt,” Roman filled in, much to the obvious relief of the now nodding side, Roman then moved through to the next set of words he had memorized, “Do you want to talk about it?”

“I don’t know” Anxiety admitted, and much to his surprise the statement was met with Roman’s arm being thrown around his shrugging shoulders as the prince joined him on the seat.

“Well, there is still time until the audition,” Prince concluded, ponderously, “perhaps you would like to sit here with me until the time arrives?”

“Yeah,” Anxiety replied, “yeah, I’d like that.”

“Well then, blink 182,” Prince said, moving closer to the side, “let us calm down for a moment”

And in the moment, with his arm around Virgil, Roman decided that while helping a friend may be similar to running lines, it was far more rewarding.


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maybe an Anakin imagine where the reader is a senator and has a hopeless crush on Anakin and she refuses to admit it bc of the codes they're both restricted by so she pretends to hate him and one day they get into a bug argument and she accidentally says something about it and then she tries to hurry away but Anakin pulls her back and tells her he feels the same and just something really fluffy?? thank you so much dear! xx


Request: maybe an Anakin imagine where the reader is a senator and has a hopeless crush on Anakin and she refuses to admit it bc of the codes they’re both restricted by so she pretends to hate him and one day they get into a bug argument and she accidentally says something about it and then she tries to hurry away but Anakin pulls her back and tells her he feels the same and just something really fluffy?? thank you so much dear! xx

Anakin x Senator!reader

He was SO handsome. The way his scar went over his eye. The way his braid hangs on his shoulder. The way he stares at his shoes with furrows eyes when he’s thinking. If only you could caress his face and embrace him, giving him all of the love that he deserved, but you couldn’t.
Anakin was a Jedi, and you were a senator. It would never work. You sigh and rest your head on the palm of your hand.
“I’m hopeless…” You mutter, unaware that someone had approached. You looked up to see Anakin…
“Hello, senator (L/N). I’ve come by to see how things were, as instructed by my master.”
You know exactly what to so in order to hide your feelings. If you make it seem like you hate him, maybe you eventually will? I mean you wouldn’t be so hurt that you couldn’t love him…
You scoff, and turn away from him.
“You should knock before entering a room.” You spit. He looks slightly taken aback, and you bite your lip.
“The door was wide open.” He retorts, “and you looked distressed, so I came by to see if everything was alright.”
“Well everything’s fine. Now if you could leave, that would be splendid.” You sigh and look out the window.
Anakin watches you with analyzing eyes, and he senses something else besides anger. As if you didn’t actually hate him…
“As you wish, my lady.” He steps out of the room, pondering as to what he had a glimpse of while he was examining your emotions.
You could feel your cheeks flush and you sigh.
“Why did I do that? Why can’t I just be friendly with him…. I mean he wouldn’t know…”

The next day, Anakin had walked into your room again, sitting in front of you without permission. You tried to protest, but he ignored you.
“Why do you hate me?”
You look at the wall, avoiding his eyes.
“Senator, I’ve done nothing wrong. All I want to do is protect you”
You look at him.
“Well maybe I don’t need any protection”
He stares at you.
“Why are you so stubborn…”
You raise your eyebrows.
“Excuse me? Stubborn? I think not! You’re the one who keeps coming into my room, trying to protect me!”
“That’s because you NEED it!” He exclaims. “You’re a SENATOR, a senator is usually hunted down! I will not leave until you let me protect you!”
You scoff.
“Why did I have to fall in love with such a stubborn jedi…” You think to yourself.
Anakin looks at you surprised.
“E-excuse me, senator? What about love with a stubborn jedi?”
You look at him before realizing that you said it out loud. You stare at him, mouth agape.
“I-I….” Quickly, you get up and walk out of the room, blushing like crazy.
“No! (Y/N), come back!” Anakin calls before you feel a hand grip yours. He whips you around, and you look at him in the eyes, incredibly flustered.
“I feel the same way…. I sensed something in you when you were talking to me yesterday… Something different. Was it love…?”
You look down before nodding.
“Yes… I’m in love with you, Anakin. I wish… I just wish Jedi and Senators were allowed to love…” You whispered, sad about not being able to kiss him at this very moment.
“We can keep it a secret..” He says, caressing your cheek. You look up at him when he suddenly kisses you gently. You go bright red, but kiss back.
He quickly pulls back though, leaving you wanting more.
“Please (Y/N), we can hide this… Will you be my love…?”
You smile and nod.
“Of course…”
You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him once again, feeling little butterflies.

Of Holiday Spirit and Eggnog

to my secret santa-ie: pranksterprongs, who I have stalked for weeks now in preparation for this, only to write Christmas fluff anyway. I apologize for that, but I hope you like this.

The Gryffindor common room was rather bare this year come the holidays. Nearly everyone had gone home, or at least left the castle by the time Christmas eve rolled around. Voldemort’s latest scare had made people more sentimental than they had been in previous years.

Though the Marauders had chosen to stay behind. Chosen is a word that should be used loosely, as James’ parents had decided to go and visit a cousin in India, and the rest of the boys typically tended to follow in suit once James’ plans were set. Sirius now lived with James, so he had nowhere else to be, Remus despised going home for any reason, and Peter couldn’t be left out.

Lily had also stayed behind, which had been quite a surprise to the boys. Lily was one of the most family oriented people that they knew, going home even for spring hols, and no one went home for spring hols. But she had stayed at Hogwarts and she had somehow wrangled all four of the Marauders to do a bit more decorating on Christmas eve because Lily had insisted that the current level of decorations just wasn’t up to par.

“Can you pass me that strand of garland?” Lily asked Remus, as she balanced precariously on the arm of an chair that she had pushed up against the wall.

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Crystal squinted, trying to get a better look at the grown up’s face. “Oh, I uh…” Crystal realized how much she didn’t want to admit that she was being bullied. How rediculous!! The teacher would find out eventually. Buy she just couldn’t say it. “Well, ah, actually…” Crystal bit her lip. She wasn’t the best at coming up with excuses. “I’m just sort of scared that I’ll hurt myself because I can barely see without my glasses. Which I’m not wearing because my mom said that they got too beat up last year” not that it was always gym class beating them up. There was plenty of being tripped in the halls helping that right along…Crystal squinted again at the teacher. She obviously wasn’t fooled. Crystal was out of excuses. So she just looked at the mare and waited for her to talk.

Splendid managed to get the student to come out and sit on the bleachers instead of under them. Dusting her off gently,then taking a seat on the floor of the gym to chat with the other.

“Well,that’s kinda part of my job. I’m the new nurse at the academy. You could’ve told your teacher before hand. It’s very dangerous for you to be walking around without your eye wear especially if you need it.”

She hadn’t looked over the student health files yet but there probably was a back up prescription somewhere?

Do you have a back up pair somewhere? Repair spells? Basic summoning spells? I mean,some young mares don’t wear specs cause it’s a ‘beauty’ thing,but don’t do that.”

The nurse gently lectured the student for a while,but didn’t want to make her feel bad. she finally finished with:

“…it would be best if you sat out of Gym today. But if you feel light headed or dizzy,have someone escort you to the infirmary,Miss…? I’m sorry,since I’m still new I don’t know student’s names yet. Just remember I can’t bail you out all the time alright?”

She smiled warmly at pale blue mare,giving her a wink. Not really knowing if the other could see it or not.

A Splendid Surprise.

Rafe sighed softly, throwing his coat on the couch. It was another rough day at work, this day alot rougher than others. Raphael was just glad to be home, with his wonderful girlfriend named Elena Fisher. She hasn’t been feeling well lately, and this was starting to worry him. She always brushed it off and said she was fine, but he couldn’t stand it. He kicked off his shoes, walking upstairs.

“Elena? You up here?”


Rapture: Chapter One

GENRE: Comedy/Romance/Drama 
FIC SUMMARY: Emily has enough on her plate when it comes to working for Tom and as a beautician in the thumping heart of London. But throw in secret feelings, old flames, annoying paparazzi, nosy friends and jealous admirers in the mix and all hell seems to break loose! 
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: sex and language is the only warning. 

Bzzt bzzzt bzzt bzzt


With a groggy groan, the woman in the bed rolled over and picked up her phone without looking at the collar ID. there was no need, she knew who it was.


“Good morning Thomas.” she sighed heavily into the phone.


“Good morning dear, are you still asleep?” the melodic tenor on the other line helped her come out of her sleepy fog.


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