So I’ve had my blog for over a year now, exactly the day the Nisekoi subs came out and a day after the first episode was released.  I can’t believe just how much my blog has grown in over a year.  Tbh, I’m always starting to lose inspiration on this blog (since I run 3 other ones) but Chitoge + waifus always keep me from deleting.  What also keeps me from deleting are also the fellow supporters of Nisekoi and Chitoge.  Because of the mutual love for this series, I’ve met so many wonderful people.  Now let’s all get hyped for Season 2 in April !! (:


My follow forever is really small bc I only follow 130 blogs and 100 of them are dead and my follow forever only consists of my mutuals s: i also fked up my graphic bc i forgot 1 person


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I also want to thank my biggest supporters who always reblog, like my stuff, and send me asks (: I would follow any of these blogs but I have this thing about me where I need to see everything in my dashboard D: I’ll probably check some of these blogs out to follow throughout the year :3


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*I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten some people so if you think I missed you, feel free to msg me (: