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What are Chakras?- Chakras are a 7 equal centers of energy that lie on our bodies mid-line. They govern our psychological properties, the lower chakras are more instinctive while the higher chakras are more our mental side. 

First Chakra-  The Muladhara or Root chakra is located at the base of our spine at the coccyx and associated with the color red.This chakra, that connects to the Earth, gives us vital information about whether actions we are considering will nourish us or pose a threat, as well as our basic survival needs and our sense of belonging. When flowing freely we feel secure and confident. If this chakra is blocked or under-active you may be subject to anemia, depression, lower back pain, sciatica, anxiety, frequent colds as well as cold hands and cold feet. There are many ways to stimulate this chakra such as physical exercise, restful sleep, gardening, Red gems, red food & drink, and using red oils like ylang ylang and sandalwood.

Second Chakra- Svadhisthana or Spleen chakra is found below the navel in the lower abdomen and is represented by the color orange. Creativity, feelings, and birth (not just as in newborns but as ourselves, ideas, and aspects) When this chakra is healthy we are tapped into a higher power that boosts creative energy. A blocked or under-active Shadhisthana can bring depression, lower back pain, high susceptibility to alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, impotency, asthma, and urinary problems. Engagement in water aerobics, embracing sensations, use of hot aromatic bath salts, orange food & drink, or wearing the color orange, or the use of orange oils like melissa all work as excellent stimulates the cure a congested Shadhisthana chakra.

Third Chakra- The Manipura or Solar Plexus chakra is located above the navel in the stomach area and is linked to the color yellow. Self esteem, sense of personal power, self control, and humor stem from this chakra. When active and healthy we are confident in ourselves, intentions, and our desires. However when blocked poor memory , frustration, feeling powerless, ulcers, constipation, nervousness, hypoglycemia, and toxicity are sure to ensue. To cleanse this chakra reading infromative books, taking classes, doing mind puzzles, detoxification programs, eating or drinking yellow foods and liquids, wearing the color yellow, and the use of yellow oils like lemon or rosemary are advised.

Fourth Chakra- Anahata or Heart chakra is symbolized by the color green and is located in the center of the chest. Love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance flow from the Anahata. When open and free we will feel connected and close to everyone in our lives. When blocked we will feel lonely and isolated, as well as several imbalances like heart and breathing disorders, chest pain, high blood pressure, muscular tension, and immune system problems. To cure a sick Anahata you should go on nature walks, spend time with family and loved ones, consume green food & drink, green gemstones, wearing the color green, and using green oils like eucalyptus or pine. 

Fifth Chakra- Vishuddha or Throat chakra, is located in the throat and is represented by the color blue. This is the center for communication as well as self expression. When unblocked and flowing we will be able to express and tell the truth without worrying what others may think, as well being able to express ones faith and thought fluently. When sick and blocked we may become anxious and censor our speech around others because of what their reactions may be. The implications of a blocked Vishuddha are mood swings, mouth, jaw neck and shoulder problems, as well as thyroid imbalances, Stamp or art collecting, singing, meaningful conversations, blue food & drinks, wearing the color blue, and the use of blue oils such as chamomile and geranium are recommended for healing this chakra.

Sixth Chakra- Anja, Brow, or The Third Eye chakra is found in the forehead in between the eyes and is symbolized by the color indigo. This is where we gather all of our intuition and information in our life. This chakra is responsible for realization and when free and flowing we are connected to our inner wisdom and feel guided in our choices, on the other hand when blocked we develop sleep disorder, distrust, lack of coordination, and self doubt. Stimulants for this chakra are Meditation, star gazing, indigo food & drink, wearing indigo clothing, using violet oils such as frankincense and patchouli.

Seventh Chakra- Sahaswara or Crown chakra is the seventh and final chakra and is colored purple. This chakra accounts for a higher consciousness and pure awareness. Known as the Thousand Petal Louts that bursts open when we remember our true nature and enlightenment. When blocked you are more prone to headaches and skin rashes. To enrich this chakra focus on dreams, write down visions, drink and eat purple food and drinks, as well as using violet oils like lavender.

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Music is #7Chakras by @DonnyArcade ft @richvagner @PantheonEliteRecords
A #chakra is a center of subtle energy and part of our energy body, the energosoma. Throughout history, several philosophies, mystic traditions, religions and alternative medicine frameworks include the concept of chakras, and state that chakras are connected to overall health and to the evolution of the #consciousness.

The word chakra is a #Sanskrit word meaning wheel, disc, or circle. This is a reference to the shape of this subtle energy structure. Although the chakra is often depicted as a circle when drawn on a piece of paper, accounts of chakras seen through clairvoyance describe it as a cone with the tip close to the skin of a person.

The 7 main chakras are:
#Coronochakra (or crown chakra)
#Frontochakra (or third eye)
#Laryngochakra (or throat chakra)
#Cardiochakra (or heart chakra)
#Splenochakra (or spleen chakra)
#Umbilicochakra[EM1]  (or solar plexus)
#Sexochakra (or root chakra)
Music is #7Chakras by @DonnyArcade ft @richvagner @PantheonEliteRecords

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Color Energy

This is from a little pamphlet that I’ve had since I was a kid that I’m finally putting into my grimoire. It has a special place in my heart and I hope other witches may find this helpful!

Red: Root Chakra. Connects us to our physical self. Vitality, courage, self-confidence. Red stimulates life energy. Helps build inner strength, security, vitality, and willpower. Red is the grounding color. Ylang ylang or sandalwood oil.

Orange: Spleen Chakra. Connects us to our emotional self. Happiness, confidence, resourcefulness. Brings joy to our workday and strengthens our appetite for life. Orange helps remove inhibitions. Melissa or orange oil.

Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra. Connects us to our mental self. Wisdom, clarity, self-esteem. Gives clarity of thought, increases awareness, and stimulates interest and curiosity. Yellow energy is brain food. Rosemary or bergamot oil.

Green: Heart Chakra. Connects us to unconditional love. Balance, love, self-control. Helps relax muscles, nerves, and thoughts. Cleanses and balances our energy, giving a feeling of peace, harmony, and renewal. Eucalyptus or pine oil.

Blue: Throat Chakra. Connects us to holistic thought. Knowledge, health, communication. This is a mentally relaxing color. Ideal for sleep problems, stress, or hyperactive children. Hormonal balancer. Geranium or chamomile oil.

Indigo: Brow Chakra. Connects us to our unconscious self. Intuition, mysticism, understanding. Strengthens intuition, imagination, psychic powers, and increases dream activity. Patchouli or frankincense oil.

Violet: Crown Chakra. Connects us to our spiritual self. Beauty, creativity, inspiration. Purifies our thoughts and feelings, giving us inspiration. Enhances artistic talent, creativity, and ideals. Lavender or jasmine oil.

Turquoise: Thymus Chakra. Connects us to our expression. Confidence, oratory. Helps us to strengthen concentration and control over speech, allowing freedom of expression. Helps build the immune system. Tea tree or clary sage oil.

Pink: Heart Chakra. Connects us to universal love. Love, kindness, consideration. Helps to remove all unwanted aggression and irritation. This energy helps to protect and to give peace of mind. Rose or rosewood oil.

Source: Colour Energy Corporation.

The Seven Dimensions of Existence, the Seven Chakras, the 7 Hermetic Laws, and the Rainbow: What do they have in common?

Since I noticed there are a lot of misunderstandings surrounding the chakra system and dimensions that correspond to each chakra (or vice versa), I decided to put up a basic explanation of these.

Essentially, as shown in the picture I made in Paint, we are on the outermost shell of reality where matter is the most dense and energy is at its lowest. As you go increasingly inward, matter becomes less dense and energy is higher. These are simply matters of frequency and vibrations, just like if a wheels of a bicycle or motorcycle are spinning too fast, you cannot normally see the spokes.

Each chakra we have is essentially a spiritual version of a physical organ or gland that we have. More correctly, the physical organs are physical manifestations of those spiritual counterparts. Remember, reality came from within and moved outwards, which is the general direction of expansion in the physical universe as well.

The connections are as follows:

Root chakra (red) : gonads, also the glomus coccygeum or coccygeal body, adrenal gland, the kidneys and the spinal column  
Keywords: survival instincts, sense of security. down-to-earth.

Sacral chakra (orange): spleen (Peyer’s Patches) as well as the kidneys and bladder  
Keywords: emotions, desires, and sometimes fears

Solar Plexus (yellow): adrenal glands, pancreas, liver, stomach as well as the nervous system and the bladder.
Keywords: ego, personal power

Heart Chakra (green): thymus gland (immune system), and the heart, blood, circulatory system, immune system, and the endocrine system.
Keywords: Unity, love (PLEASE NOTE: Love is not the same love that you know from marriage or BF/GF relationships or even parent-child relationships, all of which are conditional in some way, shape, or form. This love is completely unconditional and is not affected by mood swings or your emotional state. This love is a frequency, a conscious choice to choose to love everything, NOT the love you are familiar with)

Throat chakra (Blue): thyroid and parathyroid glands, lungs, vocal cords, and bronchial apparatus.
Keywords: Communication, ability to express yourself in various ways

Third eye (indigo/deep violet): pineal gland
Keywords: Intuition, psychic abilities.

Crown Chakra (light violet/pink): pituatary gland
Keywords: Being one with the creator

(Note, some people believe that pituatary and pineal glands are reversed, but I will stick with this order for now).

The rainbow also shows these exact colors in this exact order.

The connections do not stop there. Please see the photo for an illustration of the main dimensions (of course each dimension has a myriad of subdimensions).

Physical dimension: Everyone knows this.

Emotional dimension: astral plane, first stop after death, place where some dreams occur. Desires and emotions live here

Mental dimension: the plane of thought, any emotionless thought you have lives here.

Unity Dimension: This is supposedly where the ego starts getting dissolved and we realize that everything is connected and in union with one another.

Spiritual Plane: Beings of spiritual advancement far beyond our own reside here. The goal here is to gain spiritual knowledge and experience.

Divine Plane: According to some occult teachings, this is the birthplace of our souls. This is where you can communicate with your higher self.

Monadic or Logoic Plane: This is where the creator resides and does his creating from. It trickles down the planes all the way out to our physical plane. It’s concentration keeps existence in existence according to occult teachings.

And no, they don’t stop here either! Everything is connected.

Have you ever heard of the 7 hermetic laws?

Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, Gender.

In short, Mentalism states that everything is created by the mind(fantasy) of the creator. Including you, me, the universe, etc.

Correspondence states that all things that occur must affect other dimensions and have manifestations there (Law of Attraction is based on this ancient law).

Vibration states that everything is moving, nothing stands still.(Frequency, vibration)

Polarity states that all things are matters of degrees, no good or evil, just levels and degrees of morality/alignment, no hot and cold; they are just different degrees. 

Rhythm states that all things rise and fall, have their seasons, like countries, our age, etc.

Cause and Effect should be obvious, it states that there is no such thing as randomness or dumb luck, everything happens for a distinct reason, though it may not be obvious as the cause could originate in a different dimension.

And finally gender, which is the principle of creation, combining the passive female with the active male to create a dynamic thing.

These also correspond to the dimensions and chakras.

Try to look for these connections in your daily life.

I encourage everyone to research the 7 Hermetic laws that appear in this order and tell me it doesn’t feel like everything is connected. ;-)

Magickal Uses for Buckwheat

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Magickal Uses: Money and Protection. Grind the seeds and sprinkle around your house in a circle to keep evil from it. Use it to form magick circles on the floor around you while performing magick. Add a few grains of buckwheat to money incense and keep some in the kitchen to guard against poverty.

Color Correspondence Magick:


Earth energy. It is feminine in nature and related to its sister the Moon and Saturn. Being a relatively balanced combination of Red, Yellow and Blue, depending on the intensity level, it can be used successfully on Monday, Friday or Saturday. Brown is one of the more complex colors, with varied associations.

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C.W. Leadbeater. The Chakras. The Crown Chakra, The Root Chakra, The Spleen Chakra, The Navel Chakra, The Heart Chakra, The Throat Chakra, The Brow Chakra (top to bottom). 1927.

Spleen Chakra
  • Colour Association: Orange
  • Sanskit Name: Svadisthana
  • Location: Below navel, lower abdomen
  • Lesson: Feelings—The right to feel. Connected to our sensing abilities and issues related to feelings. Ability to be social and intimacy issues.
  • Imbalances: Eating disorders. Alcohol and drug abuse. Depression. Low back pain. Asthma or allergies. Candida & yeast infections. Urinary problems. Sensuality issues as well as impotency and frigidity.
  • Spleen Stimulants: Hot aromatic baths, water aerobics, massage.Embracing sensation (such as different food tastes). Orange food & drink. Orange gemstones and orange clothing. Using orange oils such as melissa or orange essential oils.