greeneyedbeauty13  asked:

So my question is how would you do your finger nails like splatter painted with regular nailpolish?

Hello!  Although I’m no nail art master, I do know of a couple ways you could do it.  Splatter nails are very cute and artistic, and very fun to do!

To make them look the best, however, you’ll need nail polish thinner.  This is a mixing medium that thins the nail polish and makes it more watery, and easier to “splatter”.  Thinner isn’t very expensive and will last you a very long time, because you don’t need to use much of it.

Supernail Thinner - $3 on eBay  (You can find tons of thinners at beauty supply stores)

You can’t substitute thinner for water or nail polish remover, because it won’t work.  You could try, but mix it on a plate or something, never in your nail polish bottle.

  1. Paint your nails white, or some other light-colored base.  If you were to try “Galaxy” or “Nebula” type nails, use a dark base.  Allow this to dry, and add another coat if you need it.
  2. Take a drop of a different nail color, and mix it with the thinning agent.  Then use a clean brush or a nail detailing brush and dip it in this thinned-out color.
  3. Literally flick and drizzle the nail color over your nails.  It will probably be messy, but you can simply clean up your nails afterward with polish remover, or put tape around your nail to keep your finger clean.
  4. Repeat this step with all of the colors you desire.
  5. Once all of the colored nail polish is dry, use a clear top coat over everything to give it a flat, even finish.

You COULD try this without using thinner, but you risk making a huge mess and/or using up a lot of polish.

If you are more of a precise person, you could simply put little globs of color on your nail, and use a tooth pick or small detail brush to add dots or move the color around so it looks random!

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