splatter mask

Paint Splatter Masking Tutorial

I’ve had requests asking for this tutorial so i decided i should get one done asap. I am using photoshop elements 13 but most versions of photoshop and probably other photo editors can do the same thing- its a lot simpler than it looks to make these edits!

1. Find an image of a paint splatter and save it. i’m going to use this one:

2. Open up photoshop and create a blank transparent canvas. size doesn’t matter- just make sure there is enough space for the splatter to fit. go to File/Place and place the splatter so it fits the canvas. I used a transparent one, but if your image is not transparent you can get away with using the magic wand tool to remove the white areas.

3. Now place the image you want to put inside the paint splatter. i am going to use this picture of my boi jack. it’s not a very good pic but i am using it for convenience as it was already transparent. if yours has a background you’ll need to mask it out and remember to apply the mask by right-clicking the mask layer or else it will fuck up later. place it somewhere in the splatter with some part, probably the head or an arm or shoulder, sticking out. the parts you want inside the splatter will be gone soon.

3. hide the layer you were just on and return to the splatter layer. get the magic wand tool and select the area outside the splatter. right-click the selection and press ‘invert selection’ (this varies depending on your foreground and background settings)

4. Go back to the other layer and put a mask on it. it will take on the shape of the splatter as soon as you do this. but now the head is chopped off! easy to fix!! just click the mask layer, get the brush tool and brush in the areas you want to have popping out of the splatter.

I hope i learnt yous a thing! if you have any questions please send an ask my way and i will try to help! if you want to know how to recolour hair and generally anything then here is my recolour tutorial.

@consulting-time-traveling-hunter asked for a tutorial on this :)

Down the River We Go [Kakashi & Chitose]


Smoke curled around the battlefield, blood splattering across the terrain. A lone figure stumbled blindly through the darkness, each stride he took as unstable as the next. He came to a halt, fumbling with the hilt of his katana, unsheathing the blade just in time to counter a strike that would have sliced his small form in half had it hit its mark. His arms trembled under the force of the attack, straining to keep the blade at bay as he stumbled a few steps back. Behind his blood splattered mask, he was merely a young boy. A sharp inhale of pain escaped his lips as he skidded out of the way just as his more powerful opponent bore down on him, the sudden movement sending a ripple of agony through him.

His heart pounded against his chest, hard enough that the boy could practically hear his own heartbeat even among the sounds of battle. His hands shook, his weapon slipping out of his grasp as his vision became far more distorted than before, the shinobi no longer able to see clearly. A toxin pumped through his veins, a wound in his abdomen most likely the cause. His hand now pressed against his wound, blood seeped through the gaps of his fingers, dripping off the ends of his clawed gloves as he avoided another attack, just barely. To fight or flee, instinct kicked in. By now, he could only make out the sounds of his own ragged breaths along with his heartbeat. His body reacted on instinct, side stepping and narrowly missing several attempts to end the goose chase. Stepping out of the darkness for a brief moment, his silver locks reflected the moonlight, hints of red specks marking his unique trait before he disappeared back into the shadows. 


The breath was knocked out of the boy as he turned, his small figure sent flying like a rag doll. Drowning in his own agony, pain making his other senses numb, he hardly twitched upon hitting the cold waters of the river beneath him. His skin felt as if it were on fire despite the cold waves that engulfed him, dragging him under. His left eye had long since been sealed shut, his right eye unable to focus on anything as he was tossed around in the watery depths. 

He was going to die. 

Despite his youth, perhaps it was long overdue. His flame had long since flickered out, the boy living far beyond his fourteen years. He’d seen what others had not, felt what others could not and it seemed that his journey was coming to an end. The burden of his sins dragged him down along with the current as sounds faded from his ears, and the limp form of Hatake Kakashi was carried down the river.