splatter crayon

I got home and I’ve finally hit the 1000 mark! Thank you guys so much!

I saw that this was approaching so I prepared in advance by designing one of the most requested combos Ive gotten thus far. Not the most requested as I have to wait to release that one for secret fun reasons. XD But here he is presenting my version of the Ink and error combo or as my stream dubbed him Gradient.

As It well be a while before I make any comics for him I’m going to give his personalty and description here for anyone to use. An anon mentioned something of an endless cycle for this combo and after thinking about it I figured that this is the case with Gradient. He can’t help but create but everything he makes is never good enough or it looks terrible to him. so he will try to delete his work not long after with a few exceptions. He is a digital artist using pixels and his stylus pen to create. He gets really jealous of others work. He is like a 13 year old deviantart user that creates bad recolor characters for under novella and brags that his work is the best wile hating it at the same time. XD

BONUS: Stream combo!

This is splatter an Ink and underswap combo. XD

A couple of days ago I did a live stream where I showed my process for making combos and we made the ink blueberry combo. The stream nicknamed him Splatter. And we also made his personality too I decided to release both of them at the same time.

The youngest of the combos. Splatter uses crayons and finger paints to color. (he always has paint on his fingers) He is super hyper and excitable and well cover you in paint if he hugs you. He trips over his scarf a lot leaving imprints of himself on the ground cause of all the paint on him. (hence the name splatter. XD ) Splatter was first inspired to draw after watching Gradient make his art and hates that he deletes his work. so he secretly try’s to recover his work when gradient isn’t looking. He loves helping others make fan art and feels all art is special and worth holding on to. Oh and his eyes change color to whatever color hes drawing with currently.

I hope you all like them. Thanks again to all you followers. I can’t wait to have these guys hanging out with everyone soon.