Nickname: Splatter
Is a combo of Ink Sans @comyet and Swap Sans

Age: 12
Roommate: Cadet
Closest friends: Everyone, especially Gradient and Swinkers @halfbakedsans
Hobbies: Coloring, making friends, helping others to draw, Hugs
Likes: animals, playgrounds, crayons, paint, all the colors, Gradient’s drawings,
Dislikes: destroyed artwork, people giving up, mushrooms

Splatter is the youngest combo. He wasn’t supposed to come out so young but it was an accident. He loves everyone around him and feels anyone can draw if they just try. Splatters tools of choice are Crayons and finger paints. He always has paint on him wherever he goes. Because of this, he tends to leave paint all over anyone else he comes in contact with. His eyes change color to whatever color he’s drawing with most of the time and he likes using big splotches of color to depict his drawings. 

Gradient was splatter’s inspiration for starting to draw. He has one old drawing Gradient worked on hidden away so it doesn’t get distroyed. He tries to save gradients doodles when he can. He accidentally created Swinkers as well. buy adding a crayon to gaster’s combo mix. He has not ben allowed back in the lab since.  His pockets hold lots of useful stuff and art supplies. He is also prone to tripping on his scarf and things leaving splatter marks on the ground in the shape of well, himself.