tinypyrope asked:

i saw over on your personal blog you were talking about how arnick is an asshole (again lol)- are we ever gonna see this in action? i feel like so far we haven't really seen how he is. c;

“Bloody arsehole! You ruined my suit. *sigh* Why can’t they splat without exploding all over the place?”

I promise I will draw more asshole Arnick in future. 


So we just had two amazing stream sessions today! It was a pleasure to draw this with people around to hop in and watch it being done. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

And this drawing is about Neil and 3 periods of his life. I won’t say anything more ;’D


hey ho its finally done on (and on time too!)

Drew really corny valentines cards because I’m totally the most romantic person ever

@tamarinfrog owns Whinter and Clementine

@skyfangz owns Lily and Sunny

@ink-da-squimp owns Jill (I made her look emo I am so sorry)

@wasabi-beats / @splatdash owns Sheep and Bo

@honey-squid owns Silvia and Phillip

Enjoy your squibs being perverted and corny