Pic 1: Happened a week ago, I was just being lazy in remaking it. Unfortunately it was a pre-stream match so it wasn’t recorded.

@the-whipple-effect (dressed as Angelo) proudly announced he was going to stay alive after a very close fight at the top of the enemy base… then promptly got hit in the head with a Burst Bomb and was splatted. Comedic timing at its finest.

Pic 2: Happened last Saturday. And it was recordedin two separate instances.

The idea of Clementine just being confused on why people from the enemy team just stop showing up amused me.

Angelo and Clementine are owned by @tamarinfrog

…Moray Towers is loads more fun than people make it out to be.


// I made a vine of some gay idk

art by me and @asktheseastars

“It’s been a while, so I drew some quick Hotaao~ More or less a joke from their concert…”

Original post by Oekaki. Permission given to post.

Note: Imagining the audience as cabbage is a technique to reduce nervousness in Japan I’ve read about a bit. In particular, this comic references a bit of dialogue after Marie sings Tide Goes Out at Chokaigi: 

アオリ: ホタルちゃんって、けっこう アガリ性だよね (Marie, you seemed kind of nervous.)
ホタル: こう見えて いっぱいいっぱいなんよ… (Take a look, this place is bursting with people…)
アオリ: じゃ、ここにいる みなさんをモズク農園のキャベツだと思って… (Then, think of everyone here as Kelp Dome cabbage…)
ホタル: いや、ムリムリ (Er, no thanks.)


So I want to draw the teams, but I dont know who to draw first.

Choose which team I should do by messaging me, and I will draw what comes. Just tell me by numbers.

1. 4Ds, Leader, Rider

2. Orchesquid, Leader, Melody

3. Wishywashy, Leader, Aloha

4. The Army, Leader, Army

5. Book Squids, Leader, Glasses

6. Elekiss, Leader, Azu

7. Zoomy Leader, Umi

8. Heart Strings, Leader, Kiki

9. Ink Strokes, Leader, Cheng

10. Poison, Leader, Mask

11. Hells Gate, Leader, Skull

12. Deadly Hollows, Leader, Phan

13. Water Works, Leader, Chris

14. Love Blossoms, Leader, Sakura

15. Fire Lilies, Leader, Naku

16. Manemoni, Leader, Boo

17. Open Wounds, Leader, Arden

18. Star Fish, Leader, Leo

anonymous asked:

I like Thaddeus, he's MEAN. Does he have any real friends or allies? And if so how do they stand him?

I haven’t really thought about what kind of friends he’d have if he’d even have friends, BUT he does have a butler who he constantly blabs and rants to. Thaddeus also has a tendency to talk to him about his secrets. His butler doesn’t really say much in response, he mainly just listens and doesn’t tell anyone else about it. He probably gets tired of hearing Thaddeus complain tho.

I’ve also thought that maybe Thaddeus has a couple lackeys for when he plays turf wars but I haven’t really developed much about that. :’0