Sap Sipper / Splashy (deals minor Water-type damage to foe when foe or user comes into contact with the other)

Classification: Drooling Pokemon
Height: 2′02″
Weight: 30 lbs
Locale: Near Rivers & Ponds, Urban

Stats: +HP, +Sp.Atk, -Sp.Def

Bite, Growl, Water Gun, Lick, Water Sport, Tackle

Puppdle’s saliva is pure, clean water. It has to consume dramatic amounts of water to retain hydration.

PS: Some may have seen Puppdle before. However, I’ve given him some edits, and you’ll be finally seeing his evolutions!

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Oh, if NN band is a TV show, that's a great guess. It makes a little more sense. Like they're holding stuff back for a big splashy launch. Like Big Time Rush with girls. Still seems weird. And they can't stick to one story? And I have a friend who works in talent managment. She's pretty junior but one of her tasks is to go on SM & "influence" stuff. Like start conversations or promote the person or explain things. She has to be positive always. Your blog is totally being stalked, Amy. Yikes.

Right, like maybe the picking a name is going to be part of the drama. 

I’ve felt like they were stalking blogs for a long time but especially during baby gate. they seemed to be picking our brains back then, trying to see how bad they’d fucked up and what they needed to do to fix it and make people believe. sadly the answer was - too late. you done fucked up from the start! 


Earlier this summer, San Luis Obispo based indie pop band Fialta dropped a terrific album named Shadow Of A Drought. I’m much convinced the album and the band are criminally overlooked considering how fabulous each of the songs are on the record. Be Someone is their latest single, a perky hooking, blithe twinkling indie pop groover with some dance funk flare. Fialta’s new video for the song is appropriately colorful and splashy. The full package is both uplifting and heart warming. Fialta’s album Shadow Of A Drought is out now on iTunes.


Diving is a popular event for spectators, but it can also be rather confusing. We know that divers are rewarded for minimizing their splash, but what exactly does that mean and how do they do it?

The ideal water entry, called a rip entry by divers, requires a diver to hit the water in a vertical orientation with their arms braced and palms held flat over their head. Striking the water tears open a cavity for the athlete’s body to enter. To minimize splash, the diver wants to fall into this expanding cavity without striking the sides, which would throw up an additional splash. This is the reason for vertical entry. Hand position is also important. If the athlete were to point their fingers, they would create a narrower cavity and larger splash.

After the athlete enters the water, the cavity closes off under the surface and the water rebounds in a splashy Worthington jet. For the speed and size of human divers, this later splash is essentially unavoidable. What the commentators don’t really tell you, though, is that diving judges are only supposed to judge a diver’s entry up to the point that their feet go under the surface. They’re instructed to ignore everything that happens underwater and after entry. So that big rebound splash we all see isn’t meant to count! (Image credits: A. Pretty/GettyImages; kaorigoto, source)

Previously: Minimizing splash by being hydrophilic; the physics of skipping rocks and avoiding splashback at the urinal

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I was at water aerobics earlier today and a little bird landed on the side of the pool right next to me and was dipping it’s wings in the water. It was barely a foot away. It sat there for a good 3 or 4 minutes while we were all doing our splashy routines. It was totally calm. Then it hopped right in and splashed right beside me. Everyone laughed. I burst into tears.
I was like WHO ARE YOU?!
Tonight I will be present for something for Lydia. Tuesday is the free choir reunion - gathering of heavy hearts - in honor of Megann ɪŋk. Some friends/community members suffered an impossibly devastating loss last night. And in the past few weeks a friend and a close family member both received cancer diagnoses.
The last time I hung out with Geneviève she said “This year sure feels like the end times.”
It REALLY is absurd.
So now I’m thinking about the things giants say to lemmings. Trying to remember what it feels like to have feet filled with thunder.
I want to live somewhere where I can be in the water in the sunshine every day of the year.
Where mamas don’t lose babies and babies don’t lose mamas.
Six years ago today Natalie died. Her little boy Dillon hung out with Panda and I for an afternoon that week. A little bird kept flying circles around him. I wrote a song about it.
I don’t believe in God or Heaven but I get why people do.
I believe in little birds and shooting stars and swirling water. I believe the ones we have lost are EVERYTHING and they are always coming back for visits and splashes and they are in the cool breeze kissing my sunburnt tear streaked cheeks.
A little bird did water aerobics with me today.
I was like WHO ARE YOU?!


I am interested in people who are on top and how they stay on top. In a vague way, it’s a bit like athletes and how they stay on top of their game. You know, I always root for the older athlete. I root for the second album. I root for solo careers after the rock star breaks the band apart. I’ve become more interested in second and third acts, and a lot less interested in that splashy debut. For me, the most interesting thing is longevity and sustaining a career, because that’s what’s truly difficult.

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(speedy-splashy-zyuoh) "You think you honor your brother and your fallen master by waging this battle?" Amyst tells Karasu while he's fighting Moebas.

Karasu slashes. “I am not sure if I can honor my brother…But Ebon, I can and shall honor!”