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Baby Series - First Christmas Part 3 - He sings a song (his pov)
Baby Series can be found here First Christmas Part 1 - Part 2 We have based the babies ages off the Birthdays we gave them. So Liam’s daughter, Amelia is almost 4 weeks; Louis’ son, Noah is nearly 4 months; Niall’s twins, Cora and Declan are 8 and a half months; Harry’s daughter, Spencer is 5 months and Zayn’s son, Kaiden is 10 and a half months.


“All I want for Christmas is you”

I gently picked up my crying daughter out of her bassinet and cradled her in my arms. “Hey sweet pea,” I whispered, “what’s got my girl all upset?” I cooed, as she snuggled into my chest, her cries softening. “Shh it’s ok, Daddy is here Emmy,” I said, “shall we have a little cuddle?” I walked around the nursery and sat in the rocking chair. I smiled as she looked up at me with her big brown eyes. “I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need,” I sung, rubbing her stomach softly. My little girl wiggled and reached out for my fingers. I started playing with her cubby little hands and thought about how lucky and happy I was. A daughter was everything I’ve wanted and she was here just in time for Christmas. I smiled as Amelia closed her eyes and fell back to sleep in my arms. “All I want for Christmas is you,” I whispered.


“Santa Claus is coming to town”

I knelt beside the bath tub and watched my son splash in the water. He giggled as his hands made waves. “Alright, little Tommo, let’s get you dressed before mummy gets home,” I said, placing a towel on my lap and reaching out for the four month old. He whined, pushing my hands away. “Come on Noah,” I said, but he pouted. “You better not pout,” I sung softly, making him look at me. I smiled and kept singing the famous Christmas carol. “I’m telling you why,” Noah copied my smile, “Santa Claus in coming to town.” I held out my arms again and this time he let me pick him up. I wrapped him up in the towel and held him against my chest as I walked towards his nursery. “Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice,” I sung and ticked his little stomach, making his blue eyes light up, “has Noah been a good boy?” I cooed, kissing his head, “I think so.”


“Rocking around the Christmas Tree”

I looked at the little boy on my hip as he looked at the Christmas tree in front of us. I started to sway my body as I hummed. “Rocking around the Christmas tree,” I sung, dancing with Declan, “Let the Christmas Spirit ring.” He giggled and started moving his little body. I tightened my grip on him, so he wouldn’t wiggle out of my arms. I looked up and saw Y/N walk into the room with a babbling Cora on her hip. “Hey Buddy, shall we ask Mummy and Cora to dance with us?” I asked Declan, as Y/N and my little girl walker closer to us. “Dada,” Cora whined, reaching out for me. I sighed, knowing I couldn’t hold both the eight and a half month olds. Y/N sensed my panic. “Hey Dec, come dance with Mummy,” she said. “Mama,” Declan squealed and happily went to Y/N. I smiled as she held both the twins on her hips, before I took Cora into my arms. I kissed Y/N on the cheek and started singing again. “Everyone’s dancing merrily, in a new old fashioned way.”


“Deck the halls”

I gently rubbed my little girl’s back as she laid on my chest. She started to fuss and pushed herself up. “Come here angel,” I cooed, leaning back against the couch and holding her up so she was standing on my stomach. “Merry Christmas Spence,” I said, kissing her tiny hand. She smiled and reached her hands out, trying to grab my face. “Fa la,” she babbled, trying to tell me a story. She didn’t know any words yet, only sounds, but I could tell she was going to be a talkative little girl when she found her voice. “Are you singing angel?” I smiled, making her giggle. “Deck the halls with bells of Holly,” I started singing the popular Christmas song. “Fa, la la la la,” I continued. Spencer opened her little mouth and copied me, “la la.” I smiled widely at my beautiful daughter. “Perfect Spence, we’ll have to sing to mummy later,” I said proudly.


“I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus”

I held Kaiden on my hip as we watched the Christmas tree lights in the living room. “I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus last night,” I finished singing, making a shocked face and kissed his cheek. Kade giggled and put his small hands on my cheek, squashing them under his palms. Y/N walked into the room, a smile on her face. “Can mummy have a kiss?” she asked Kaiden. He shook his head. “Daddy would like a kiss from mummy,” she said, leaning into me, but Kaiden pushed her away. “No mama,” he lisped, looking at me. I chuckled, “mummy was kissing Santa wasn’t she,” I joked, earning a nod from Kaiden. Y/N pouted playfully. “No more kisses for Santa,” she said, “kisses for daddy.” Kaiden wined in my arms and wiggled towards Y/N. “Kisses for Kaiden,” she smiled and took our son, kissing his cheek and making his giggle happily.

A/N: The next preference in our Mini Christmas Series will be “First Christmas Part 4 - Christmas Eve”

| h.s | - After so many years.. | Part 3.|

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Words: 953 words.

Storyline: Harry asks Louis to help him to get [Y/N] back in his life.

A/N: Haven’t written in a week, been kinda busy. You can find part one here and part two here.

 My writings.

Harry’s p.o.v

I was at home waiting for Louis to get here, i was nervous because i’ve never told anyone about [Y/N], when i cut all contact with her i didn’t want anyone bringing her up so my family knew to never bring anything related to her up, and the boys never knew about her. And now i had to tell Louis everything about her, and it hurt remembering everything, i was the only one to blame, i threw her out of my life without any reason behind it.

I was in the living room watching TV, trying to calm my nerves when i heard Louis get in, he should really learn how to knock even if he had a key. I saw him get into the room and his eyes widened when he saw me, i couldn’t blame him, i looked like absolutely shit, my hair was everywhere, my eyes were bloodshot and my nose was red, i was an absolute mess.

“What the hell happened to you mate”- He was eying me from head to toe, i knew he didn’t know what to do or say. I took in a breath and prepared myself to explain his everything about [Y/N].

“There’s something i’ve never told you guys, when i was little i met a girl named [Y/N], she was my world, she got me to play barbies with her, she made me happy, she was the one who got me to do something with music she believed in me and i loved her with all my heart. But 3 years ago i made the worst decision of my life and left her, without any warning, i just cut all contact with her and i’m still trying to figure out why i did it, because i don’t know, it was scary how happy she made me and i found myself loving her more everyday that went by, and i ended up leaving her. And i ran into her today here in London, and seeing her broke me, all my memories with her came back and i just want her back in my life, i don’t deserve it but i’m selfish and i want her back because she is still my world”- I was a sobbing mess by now, Louis was now by my side trying to comfort me but it wasn’t working, i just needed her back in my life. I was the biggest idiot in the entire planet.

“Wow, that’s a lot to take in, umm.. well you are an idiot and i’m sorry i’m so blunt about it, but it is the truth, but i can tell you are sorry and we are going to figure out what we can do to make her see how sorry you are and maybe she would be back in your life, it will take time but we are going to do it.” - Somehow i did believe what Louis just said, maybe if i show her how sorry i am i could get her back in my life.

[Y/N]’s p.o.v

The walk back home was horrible, i looked like crap people kept staring at me, i had mascara running down my cheeks but people didn’t dare to walk up to me with two big dogs next to me. I wanted to run home but i didn’t want to look like a crazy person, running down the street with two dogs who were bigger than me and mascara all over my face, so i just settled on walking fast.

As soon as i got to my house, i unhooked the leashes of the dogs and made my i threw all off my things on the couch and made my way towards my bedroom, and i threw myself on my bed, i didn’t want to move, i didn’t have energy to do anything, i was tired and sad. I kept thinking of Harry he looked beautiful, he was always beautiful but the time we had been apart has done him good, i always kept up with him due to him being on the public eye i saw him on tv or heard him on the radio and it hurt but nothing hurt more than seeing him face to face.

I decided to take a bath to calm myself, and relax. I made my way to the bathroom and i let the water run, i undressed myself and for the first time since i left this morning i looked at myself in the mirror, i looked horrible, mascara everywhere and my eyes red bloodshot, i splashed water over my face and got into the bath tub. I turn off the water and relaxed, i realized i haven’t eaten since this morning and i was starting to get hungry but i didn’t want to leave the bathtub.

10 minutes later i was done with my bath and dress in pajamas, no way i was leaving my place today, i was going to eat ice cream and watch re runs of CSI. I made my way towards the kitchen and started making myself some turkey sandwiches i was too tired to cook. My mind drifted to Harry when he used to cook to me, i remembered he would always make this amazing meals. Shaking the thoughts out of my head , i had to forget about Harry, he was no longer in my life, he hasn’t been in it for the past 3 years he wasn’t going to start being in it now.

I finished eating lunch and threw myself on the couch and put on CSI, maybe if i distract myself i could go the day without thinking of the past.

To be continued..

- My monkey writings.