This is a great use of a splash panel - providing a wide view of the apartment in such a way that the viewers get an appreciation of what the police are looking at.

(Heavy Metal issue #145, July 1993 - Page 34 Apocalypse: The Eyes of Doom by Gimenez)

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Is there a reason you utilize whole-page pictures/frames less often in recent time? I've been rereading the comic and i noticed that came up fairly often, which I think is a good thing. They always look great!(example ch01_16 or ch02_57) Also, the chapter preview for chapter 11 is still online ;-)

In comics parlance those are called splash pages :) I love them but I feel pressured to deliver more content on each page, since we have the page-at-a-time pacing. Making people wait two days for a single splash - essentially a single panel - feels cruel and unsatisfying.

(via EC Weird Science #6 “Sinking of the Titanic!” Complete | Lot #12742 | Heritage Auctions)

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