The Ultimate Winter Sunday Morning Brunch Guide

Words by Kristina S. // Photography by Juliette Bélanger.

My Sunday mornings are almost always dedicated to relaxing with a good book and preparing brunch for a great group of people – sometimes friends, sometimes family, and sometimes both. Here’s a brief guide to the ultimate winter Sunday morning brunch:

On a cold winter morning, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm cup of tea or coffee and hot food. So always start by serving a round of hot tea or coffee on a tray with various sweeteners, creamers, and milk.

While you’re enjoying your hot beverage, begin mixing the batter for a round of light and fluffy pancakes. It’s Sunday morning and you have all day to relax so get creative: mix some berries, nuts, or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg into the batter. Serve with butter, syrup, honey, and toppings, such as whipped cream, nuts, and fruit.

While you’re cooking the pancakes, fry up a few pieces of bacon, sausage, or both in another pan. Brunch is never complete without breakfast meats!

If pancakes don’t melt away your taste buds, try making a delicious egg scramble instead. You can get just as fancy with egg scrambles by adding various cheeses, veggies, and spices such as salt and pepper! Tip: add a splash of milk to the eggs before scrambling them in a skillet. The milk will increase the egg’s fluffiness, creating a delicious texture to chew on.

The best thing about brunch is that you’ll be full for hours so the mess you make in the kitchen will be well worth it. Enjoy your Sunday morning brunch and company!

Disclaimer: brunch is just as awesome completely on your own. If you don’t have any company to share with, no worries – all the more for you to enjoy.

coffee on the starblaster
  • davenport makes coffee for the most part, nothing too fancy.  coffee, sugar,  a splash of milk if they have any.  knocks on everybody’s door when its ready and leaves the pot on so its warm whenever they get around to it.
  • barry makes coffee when davenport doesn’t.  essentially the same but will make it up how you like and bring it to you if you’re working/not out of bed yet if you ask.  likes flavoured creamer in place of milk.
  • lucretia can make coffee but she doesn’t really.  usually working in her journal/sketching/etc and is too focused to exit The Zone to put on a pot. likes hers with lots of milk and no sugar.  whipped cream appreciated. has her own special mug.
  • lup and taako make hell coffee.  they cut the grounds with caffeine pills and magic and put fantasy redbull in the percolator.  they have their own special grounds and nobody really knows whats in it and at this point theyre too afraid to ask. they just drink it like its nothing and will have the whole pot between the two of them every morning. one time magnus accidentally drank from lup’s mug and he just fucking died.  rip magnus burnsides.
  • speaking of magnus, this boy cannot make coffee to save his life.  he doesn’t put a filter in the machine.  sometimes he just puts the grounds in a mug with some water and sticks it in the microwave.  he drinks it black, grounds and all, and thinks its fine. loves the cronch.
  • merle highchurch has perfected the art of coffee but only for special occasions like candlenights.  its a whole production- he grinds the beans himself, has special filters made with plant fibres from back home, etc.  he makes pretty floral designs with the creamer in each mug and tops it  with garnish and whipped cream and syrup and it takes all morning.  its amazing and everybody looks forward to it.

I think I’ve been doing this Pagan thing long enough that I can break it down to stages. I actually hate stage models because few people ever neatly progress from one stage to the next and it depends on so many factors. So this is (mostly) tongue in cheek:

Stage 0 “This mythology/Pagan stuff/witchy stuff seems kind of cool.”

Stage 1 is when you just start out and everything is new, where A White Candle Means Purification And Anything Else is Invalid. Everything is Serious Business and must be approached in a Serious and Solemn matter. It’s when you start buying all the tools, because everyone says you need all the tools. Labels are important because everyone has one.

Stage 2 is when you get a bit more settled, so to speak. Your praxis becomes a bit more personal. You start tossing the tools you don’t use/don’t need. You start realizing other people do things differently. You like blue candles for purification now.

Stage 3 “I don’t give a fuck correspondences are meaningless fuck everyone else.”

Stage 4: *splashes milk on cereal* Witchcraft.


Bucky Barnes X Barista!Reader

A/N: This is for @just-some-drabbles 4k follower challenge! Congrats, babe!

Thanks to my fake friend @denialanderror for beta’ing.

Words: 1718

Prompt: “I got your message. What the hell was that supposed to mean?”

Warnings: bad fluff again bc im a hoe for soft things but idk how to write soft things rip


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Just another breakfast bowl of all things good😌✨ the creamiest vanilla oats topped with a splash of coconut rice milk, apple, raspberries, pomegranate + buckinis👅👌🏼👌🏼 I’m so grateful to have beat my fear of eating cooked foods for breakfast and discovered this delicious & warming meal, as opposed to forcing myself to keep having frozen smoothies, because although I think fruit is a wonderful option, it’s just not normal to have to sit in front of a heater to eat breakfast and still end up shivering for hours afterwards🙈 That’s why it’s so important to find what works for YOU, not just follow the ‘rules’ of others💫💛
What did you have for breakfast today?

IG: @naturally_nina_

This Is War [7]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1178

Warnings: I think I swore once? 

A/N: Thank you for all of your comments on Part 6!! They made me happy :) Also Italics are flashbacks!

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Best Laid Plans

SPN FanFic

~Dean tries to go all chick-flick on you but fails miserably~

Dean x Reader, Sam

2,464 Words

Warnings: Gratuitous Fluff. Smidge of Smut (Barely)

A/N: This is for @lizmalfoywayland​ who sent me the amazing idea this morning. And for @bringmesomepie56​ in trade for Sammy (we’re even now)

~Feedback is the Crack that keeps the writing coming back!~

“So any big plans for tonight?” Sam asked his brother as they both reached for the coffee pot at the same time.

Dean beat him to it and let out a victorious chuckle. “I don’t know what you’re referring to,” he lied; a mischievous sparkle overtaking his green eyes.

“Good morning!” Y/N appeared in the archway, bouncing into the kitchen and running to Dean. Careful to avoid the hot mug of joe in his hands, she leaned up on her toes to kiss him hello. Dean closed his eyes as her lips distracted him, so much so that he didn’t notice Y/N had stolen his coffee until she pulled back and took a sip.


Y/N cringed. “You forgot the milk.”

“I did not. That was mine,” Dean laughed, watching her float over to the fridge with a smile. She was adorable, even right out of bed, especially right out of bed. Her hair was a mess of tangles and unruly slept-on waves, her eyes were bright but sleepy, and her voice was crackly and low. Also didn’t hurt that she looked hot as hell in his old t-shirt that hung down to her thighs, almost completely covering the tiny sleep shorts she wore.

“I would have thought you’d at least make me coffee this morning, Dean.” Y/N poured a splash of milk into the mug and turned to give Dean a chance to defend himself.

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Starbucks Brews for the Witch on-the-go

Disclaimer: No, I don’t work for Starbucks. Also, no, no one is paying me to write this.

Everyone knows modern life has a way of sneaking up on you, so what’s a witch to do when you’re out and need an extra magical boost? Honestly, if you happen to go Starbucks a lot–you can make simple brews to help yourself out!

Also, these brews are super helpful if you’re a closeted witch and you’re looking for other ways to flex your craft without drawing to much attention to yourself.

☽Study Boost/Get Shit Done Spell☾

  • Your favorite type of Coffee, OR  Black Tea, (English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey tea) OR Green Tea ( Emperor’s Cloud and Mist or Green Tea Latte)
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg

Once you get your drink order, go the condiment bar and mix some cinnamon and nutmeg into your drink. Stir clockwise while envisioning you completing a task you really need done and say in your mind : “I will [insert what you want to do], I will get the task done! So mote it be!”

Coffee and tea are known as stimulants. Cinnamon is good for success and is a “fiery” spice–so you get you the boost you need. Nutmeg enhances the properties of cinnamon. This spell can also be done with iced drinks.

☽Self Love Spell☾

  • Passion Tango Tea
  • Vanilla powder
  • Honey

Grab your drink order, go the condiment bar and mix some Vanilla bean powder into your drink. Stir clockwise while envisioning filling yourself with love, “I know in my heart am worthy of love, I give the gift of Love to myself. So mote it be!” Once your done add a little honey!

Passion tea actually has hibiscus, cinnamon and rose hips which are normally used in love spells. The addition of the vanilla bean and honey enhances the love effect of the drink.

☽Calm yourself Spell☾

  • Peach Tranquility* OR Calm Chamomile* OR one of their Mint teas (Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea or Mint Majesty)
  • Honey
  •  Milk

Grab your drink order, go the condiment bar and mix in some Honey and a splash of your favorite Milk. Stir clockwise while taking a deeeep breath, envisioning yourself feeling calm and say in your mind “I feel calm, may this feeling of peace wash over me! So mote it be!”

Peach Tranquility/Calm Chamomile has well…Chamomile in it, which is known to soothe nerves. If you’re not a fan of Chamomile, mint has soothing properties that work great for this spell.

*= please do not drink Chamomile if you’re driving.

There you go! I hope these brews help out some people whilst they’re out in public and are in need of some witchy assistance.   


Originally posted by jeonsshi

Note: This is so out of order, but this was supposed to be a scene from a super long modern day royalty AU I had planned. Basically, you’re the new crown princess of a country because your sibling abdicates from the throne over INSTAGRAM and… arranged marriage…etc. Anyway, this is just a short thing I wrote. I had to post. Thanks @nottodayjeon and @hayjeon for proofing and feedback. 

Summary: You’re too busy these days to have a decent meal with your husband let alone spend quality time with him, but Yoongi is determined to make things work. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Modern Royalty AU
Warnings: sexual content
Word Count: 2723




“My approval ratings are down,” you huff, scrolling through the media summary your secretary had prepared for you as you walk into the kitchen. You know Yoongi will be here in the mornings, hovering over the pot of coffee he prefers to brew himself.

“Well good morning to you too,” Yoongi sniffs, frowning at the way you’re immersed in the news without even the smallest glance in his direction. He hands you a cup of coffee made just the way you like it (splash of milk, no sugar).

You take the cup with an absentminded “thanks” said in a soft tone, too distracted by the polling data showing a dip in approval after the news of your impending ascension to the throne was released. It hurt a little that a percentage of the people liked you well enough as a princess, but wouldn’t support the idea of you as an active, ruling queen.

“Put the tablet down. No reading the news until after you give me a morning kiss.” You nearly jump out of your skin when Yoongi sidles up behind you to kiss your neck softly. “Tablet. Down. Now.” And who are you to deny your husband when he orders so nicely?

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I’m really not sure about the ending but I didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer! Thank you for reading and for being so excited about me writing again after months of nothing- it means the whole world and more (also thank you if you’ve even bothered to read this boring, sappy note). 

Enjoy my lovelies and let me know your thoughts, I’m quite proud of the most part of this xx

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anonymous asked:

Hi! If you are still doing prompts. I saw a head canon once where Aaron walked in on Andriel in the kitchen in the morning, and Andrew was like hugging Neil from behind and basically falling back to sleep on him as Neil makes coffee? Bonus if the other foxes are around but neither of them care. You can do it from whoever's pov you want, I'm not picky. I love yours fics, I think they're great :)

I love this prompt! it’s so fluffy! :) even with Aaron being a dick haha. Hope u like it boo <3 also, whoops, this got longer than expected.

PROMPT ME AFTG STUFF <3 (I also write smut, so…  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) 


Fox vacation was something that became a tradition. The location stayed the same because they liked knowing their way around the vacation spot in the Smokies, and the pleasant memories of their first trip there a year ago still lingered. 

Since then, a lot had happened. Life was easier now with Riko dead, Neil’s head out of every sling, and Andrew perpetually at his side, always the unmoved, stable rock. Their relationship had evolved gradually. The “I hate you”s had become less and less hard until they were soft enough that they both knew ‘hate’ was just the subsitute for another four letter word both of them didn’t trust enough to say out loud. Their touches had moved from hard and hasty to sometimes soft, sometimes intense, and sometimes so hot that it had both of them scalding inside. Neil couldn’t imagine anything better than this. 

Recently, Andrew had also started being slightly affectionate in front of others. Not out in public, of course, but their teammates were alright. It was never kisses or touches that lingered longer than some seconds, and Neil never pressured or asked for anything. He knew Andrew had to find his own way into this kind of soft intimacy, and Neil was ready to let him. He took what he could get, and was satisfied with it. 

The first time Andrew had put his arm around Neil with the team around, Nicky had almost fallen out of his chair, but Matt and the girls had silenced him before he could even say anything about it. Noone wanted to disturb the peace those two broken boys had found with each other. 

Well, noone but Aaron. The other Minyard had never been a big fan of Nicky being gay and had often told him rudely to “be less of a fag” and other equally nice things. Nicky was good at ignoring those remarks, rolling his eyes and moving on, but Neil knew how much it hurt Nicky inside. He had heard Nicky talk about it on the phone with Erik several times, trying to excuse Aaron’s behaviour, but failing to hide the sadness and lingering, old guilt in his voice. 

With Neil and Andrew, Aaron didn’t have such an easy time. Aaron knew full well that Andrew wouldn’t react like Nicky to his homophobic comments, so he usually went with glares, eyerolls and scoffs which Neil ignored and Andrew regarded with stony looks of his own. 

Neil was indifferent to Aaron’s childish behaviour. As long as he had Andrew, nothing could touch him. Andrew was his shield, still keeping a promise he had given a long time ago. It was scary how much he trusted Andrew, but it was the good kind of scary, like standing on a diving platform right before jumping into the pool. 

The third morning of their vacation was starting slow after they had watched a cheesy Exy movie last night. It had been thoroughly cheesy and Kevin had almost pulled his hair out over the inaccuracy and the shitty technique in the game scenes (”They’re actors, Kevin.” - “I don’t fucking care! That would have never fucking scored in real life!”), until they had decided on making a drinking game out of it, which had left all of them rather hammered. Kevin had spent the night on the couch. 

So now, everyone was rather ruffled. Dan and Matt were cuddling on the couch with Renee (the only one who looked fresh and not hungover) by their side, nursing coffee mugs and munching on granola bars, Allison was sitting on the kitchen counter with her eyes unfocused and too much make up on, Nicky was still asleep and Kevin was currently doing push-ups in the middle of the living room, looking like he’d throw up in between any moment now. Neil was fixing a coffee for himself and another one for Andrew, planning on bringing it up to their room, and wondering why Kevin was such a masochist, when suddenly, someone touched him from behind, hands on his hips. A whispered “Yes or no?” by his ear drew a cheesy smile onto Neil’s lips as he nodded. “Yes. …good morning.” 


Andrew’s arms slung around his waist, and then his head rested between Neil’s shoulderblades, his small but sturdy form pressed against Neil from behind, chest moving as he breathed deeply, still sleepy. 

Allison caught Neil’s eyes, suddenly looking much more awake, gave him the most beaming smile she could muster, and then gently and carefully slid off the counter to leave the kitchen. Neil was sure the other Foxes also had their eyes on them through the open doorway, but it didn’t matter. He was comfortable with them seeing him and Andrew like this.

Neil fixed their coffees, splashing a bit of milk into his, and putting a significantly bigger amount into Andrew’s, as well as two heaping spoons full of sugar. He purposely drew out the process, moving slowly, to keep Andrew where he was right now.

Right when he was ready to turn around in the hug and offer Andrew his coffee, steps came down the stairs, and Aaron appeared on the bottom of the stairwell. He looked rather ruffled and grumpy, and when he saw Neil and Andrew standing like this, he halted and his expression became a mix of disgust and annoyance, and he gave a sound that was similiar to a retch. 

Neil could feel Andrew’s head leave the crook between his shoulders. “Got something to say, brother?”, he asked, voice flat as ever. 

Aaron just glared for another moment instead of replying, and then turned on his heels and stormed back up the stairs.

Neil could hear the girls on the couch chuckle. 

Sharing (Jungkook and Hoseok threesome)

Originally posted by queen-jinnie

Description: Hoseok reveals his fantasy of sharing you with another man for a night and Jungkook seems to be the perfect candidate.

Basically: Hella dirty smut where Hoseok conducts his kinky fantasies with you and Jungkook.

Pairings: Hoseok x You x Jungkook

Genre: Smut, angst

This fic contains: Explicit smut, cum play, vulgar and demeaning words, threesomes, oral, bad language, just kinkiness in general, Jungkook being hot and Hoseok being hot.

A/N: This is technically part 2 to Wanted, but you don’t need to read that to read this, it just gives you more insight into Jungkook’s feelings. 

Also, it’s done! @hobitaki and @notjhope

A threesome? The thought had never crossed your mind- not since you started dating Hoseok. You know your boyfriend is kinky. Fuck he’s kinky. But still, you sat there, perplexed as you forced a neutral tone that chapped at your lips.

“A threesome?” He nods, smiling at you patiently. “With another man?” Your calm expression cracks as you ask the question, making him chuckle- a sound that could convince you to do nearly anything.

“Yes, with a man.” He says gently, reaching forward and resting his head in his palm to look at you, sitting opposite him, with a confusing admiration- like a lovesick puppy. His other hand covers yours, giving it a squeeze. “Just say no if you want, you don’t need to hesitate on my behalf. I understand if the idea is a bit… strange to you.”

“It’s not a strange idea.” You say quickly, dismissing that as the reason you’re weary.

A waiter walks up next to your table, halting you from asking your next question. Hoseok smiles at you mischievously, knowing the blush on your face was placed there simply because of the man bringing you your coffees arrival while you were having a conversation about threesomes. You muster a ‘thank you’, turning back to your sly smiled boyfriend with an unintentional frown.

“What was I saying?” You question, taking a sip of your coffee.

“I don’t know, babe. You seem a bit flustered.” He says cockily.

As much as you deny it, he knows how attractive you find him when he gets like this. You scoff at him, nearly spitting out your coffee. He laughs unbelievingly at you, one of his hands suddenly sneaking onto your knee under the table.

He leans in, making you fold and lean in as well, without even realizing it until his breath is on your nose, making your cheeks even hotter.

“Are you like this because of the thought of me sharing you with another man?”

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Reddie First Kiss

The color of the sky outside of Richie’s bedroom window was a hazy orange, the color of watered down soda at a cheap diner. Staring out at it calmed Eddie’s nerves as he sat on the edge of the bed waiting for the other boy to come back from the kitchen with the snacks he had promised. Eddie couldn’t quite understand why he was so nervous, he was 16 for Pete’s sake and had been in Richie’s room too many times to count.

And yet here he was staring into the sheets of Richie’s unmade bed halfway between wanting to take a puff from his inhaler to get over what a mess it was and wanting to bury his head in the covers just to get a hint of the soapy smell of Richie’s hair. Dizzy with indecision and the plaid of the pillow cover Eddie heard Richie’s voice shout from the hall and felt his heart rise up in his throat, he pushed it down quick almost wishing he didn’t have to.

“Okay I will!…No they’ll be over later!…No!…NO. MOM NO WE’RE PARTNERS…It’s a project!…They’ll ring the bell!…Thanks mom!”

The door slammed open and Eddie mentally slapped himself to get back into character, the mild-mannered best friend working on a history project; stressed out, distant, and occasionally conversational. Also very secretly in what Bill called ‘love’ but Eddie wouldn’t believe that for a second. In love with the Trashmouth? Give me a break—

“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” Richie said walking into the room carrying a box of cookies under one arm and two glasses of milk in his hands. He pushed his glasses up on his nose with his wrist and smiled that goofy crooked smile that made Eddie’s heart sing.

Holy fuck.

Eddie cleared his throat and pulled his eyes back to his notebook where he noticed a old doodle on the bottom corner of the page of his and Richie’s initials inside an arrow-impaled heart. The book was closed and thrown in his bag to be burned at a later date.

“Well you were the one in the kitchen,” Eddie said ignoring how close Richie decided to collapse next to him. It took everything he had to keep from moving the strand of hair that was stuck to the side of his glasses. “I thought you were bringing saltines.”

“Yea I thought about it and then I remembered that saltines are for losers, Eds. This stuff is the real deal.” He said handing him a glass of milk, Eddie rested it on the side table next to him. “Besides, I love you.”

The world spun out of control as Eddie fell off the bed onto the hardwood floor. Gripping his inhaler he took a swing panting only half aware that Richie was trying to hoist him back on the bed.

“Jesus Eddie, are you okay?” Richie exclaimed sitting the smaller boy down next to him. His eyes were non-comical, edging with concern, Eddie felt a bead of sweat run down his forehead. This was possibly the worst feeling in the world.

“Sorry, I just—I fell.”

“No shit Sherlock,” Richie chuckled giving his shoulder a tight squeeze, he turned a got a cookie from the box and handed it over. “Here, chocolate is great for this kind of light headedness stuff.”

“Thanks,” Eddie said, his nerves jumped when he touched the tip of his fingers. “What did you say before?”

“That the brand is new?” Richie answered confused, Eddie sighed almost happy and sad at the same time turning back to his textbook. Eddie had been acting real strange lately, Richie hoped it wasn’t because of him.

Jeez was it slipping out that he liked him? He hoped to god not, he’d been trying so desperately to keep it under wraps but then he’d say shit like ‘what’s cookin’ good lookin’’ and want to shoot himself. Way to keep it on the DL Trashmouth, way to go.

Richie decided to keep things as undramatic as possible taking the other textbook in his lap and highlighting short paragraphs. Being absolutely silent was preferable to confessing his annoyingly prevalent crush, his motormouth was not to be trusted.

After a while Eddie couldn’t take it anymore, he looked up from his own book and risked a glance over to Richie who was leaning against the pale blue wall behind the bed, eyes on his book stuffing cookies into his face on occasion. He looked so peaceful, his chest rose slightly with each breath and he twiddled his highlighter around his fingers like a drumstick, Eddie wanted to scream. He slammed his book shut and stood from the bed.

Richie jumped slightly and tried not to focus on how adorable Eddie looked with his arms crossed against his chest, eyebrows furrowed in intense concentration and more on why he was so goddamn upset all of a sudden.

“Hit your head, Eds?” Richie chuckled nervously, going back to his highlighting. Perhaps if he pretended nothing was wrong, then nothing would be wrong. Of course that approach was massively unsuccessful when he tried to block out his feelings in the first place but hey, second time’s the charm. Eddie reached out and grabbed the book from his hands throwing it onto the nightstand.

“Don’t call me Eds,” Eddie said cheeks burning at the nickname that he secretly adored. “You’re being weird, Richie.”

“Weird? Eds, you had a fucking asthma attack when I brought up cookies!”

“Stop calling me that!”

“I’m sorry it’s a habit!”



“STOP SHOUTING UP THERE!” Richie’s mom called from downstairs, they remained dead quiet until the mutterings of the afternoon soap opera continued on the television.

“Eddie you’re giving me a heart attack what’s wrong with you?” Richie whispered violently.

“What’s wrong with me?” Eddie threw his head back laughing. “Rich you just said the word ‘considerate’ with absolutely no joke attached who are you?”


“No! You’re so nice all the time these days’s I don’t understand you’ve just changed.”

“Well you keep tripping over your words whenever we hang out Eddie—”

“I know,” Eddie hissed. “I can’t help it, I’m a social disaster.”

“We’re both different if anything and I have no idea why I’m so nice to you but I can’t stop it’s awful I hate it.”

Eddie looked to the ceiling and sighed before he heard Richie laugh from the bed. He was trying to contain himself and failing horribly causing Eddie to start laughing despite their situation.

“What is it?” Eddie managed through his smile, Richie only laughed harder. “Rich what the fuck man this is a very serious thing.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said calming down slightly. “When you put the book down on the nightstand some of the milk splashed up and it landed on your pants and it looks like you peed yourself a little.”

Looking down Eddie saw that that it could be a common misconception that his bladder had given way a little and besides everything, started to laugh again. Richie leaned over to the nightstand and handed him a tissue. Wiping it only caused it to spread to an even more sizable spot.

“It’s gigantic now,” Eddie complained unconsciously before he noticed what he’d said.

“Hey that’s exactly what your mom said last night,” Richie said, Eddie looked up from the stain and smiled back at him.

“There you are,” he said happy to see his Richie finally sitting on the bed, a faint blush spreading over his cheeks.

“Just sit down with me it’ll dry itself off, you look like an idiot standing up there,” Richie assured him. Eddie sat crosslegged facing the other boy, the box of cookies between them.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so nice to you,” Richie said turning a cookie over in his hands. “I’d like to be an asshole again but, I don’t know it’s stupid.”

“What’s stupid?” Eddie asked taking a bite, the cookies were incredible.

“I’ll be myself around everyone else and then I’ll get to you and I’ll just feel the need to take care of you Eds-Eddie. I know you’re not a weakling but you’re my best friend and this is going to sound weird but I almost feel like I want you to be more than that sometimes. It scares the hell out of me. Do you see what I’m saying? Please tell me you see what I’m saying—“

Eddie leaned over the cookies and wrapped Richie in a hug which was immediately returned. They stayed like that in the quiet holding onto each other as if the world depended on it for the next few minutes and that almost felt like everything that needed to be said.

“I was talking to Bill yesterday and he told me I’m in love,” Eddie said over Richie’s shoulder, Richie blinked.

“Heavy stuff,” Richie croaked, Eddie stifled a giggle.

“Yea I know.” They broke away and sat down again. “But he was in love with Beverly so I guess he knows a thing or two. All I’m saying is that every time I see you I just get so overwhelmed, my heart does this weird fluttery thing and at first I thought I was dying.”

“Oh shit me too, fuck Eds are we dying?” Richie asked concerned. Eddie shook his head smiling. How did he live before meeting this boy?

“No, no, apparently that’s what you feel when you love someone. And if you’re with that person then the fluttering stops eventually and you’re just calm for once and happy.”

Richie felt hope swell in his chest for the first time in months as he watched Eddie’s hand float over his own on top of the box of cookies. Could this be it, was he in love with Eddie and the stress weighing down on his shoulders could finally disappear? Richie bent his fingers and rested Eddie’s hand in his own giving it a squeeze.

“Now I think Bill is mostly crazy, and I don’t think I love you. But I do like you kind of a lot, more than anyone I’ve met in the world, that must mean something.”

“Ugh goddamnit,” Eddie sighed looking at Richie’s face disappointed. Richie blinked.

“What ‘ugh goddamnit’? We’re having a fucking moment here Eds.” Eddie laughed.

“No it’s just you have cookie crumbs all over your face,” Eddie said picking out a tissue from the table.

“Shit, where?”

“Just close your eyes it’s all over your face I’ll get it.”

Richie obeyed without argument, he wouldn’t have the first real moment he was having with Eddie Kaspbrak be ruined by some sort of mess on his face. Then suddenly he felt a gentle pressure on his lips that didn’t feel at all like a tissue. Opening his eyes he saw Eddie’s face closer than he had ever imagined a person’s face could be.

Holy shit we’re kissing, this is a kiss what the shit?

He moved the cookie box aside and shifted himself closer closing his eyes again as he found that it was actually easier to kiss that way. Eddie pulled himself away to see if he’d gone too far with this whole kiss thing only to see Richie smiling wider than he had ever seen before.

Richie held the sides of Eddie’s face gently and went in again, this time in a way where their noses weren’t squashed together. After a few minutes of trying different things they pulled and leaned against each other and the pale blue wall, breathing a bit heavier than before.

“That was fantastic,” Richie laughed lightly. He didn’t think he’d ever been so happy in his life.

“Oh my gosh you wouldn’t believe it, that’s exactly what your mom said last night,” Eddie said. Richie looked over amazed at the unbelievably smug boy sitting next to him and rested his head on his shoulder.

“Yea I take it back I love you,” Richie said, Eddie kissed the top of his head.

“I love you too.”

The Stupid Bag (Draco Malfoy x Reader)


Draco pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation and turned just in time to see most of your books cascade to the floor. It was the fifth time in three days that this had happened and he honestly didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just buy a new bag. Instead, you insisted on repeatedly casting Reparo multiple times a day. Talk about a waste of time and magic. He watched in disdain as a group of sixth and seventh year boys began to crowd around you eagerly trying to offer you their assistance. His eyes narrowed at a particularly bold one who actually dared to put a hand on your arm.

“Keep that expression on your face and you’ll get permanent wrinkles, you know.” Pansy said from next to him. He leveled a glare at her before smoothing out his aristocratic features. “Malfoy’s don’t get wrinkles.” He sniffed while Pansy merely rolled her eyes in boredom. “Come on, class starts in five.”  She said pulling on his arm. “And stop pining after her for Salazar’s sake, it’s unbecoming of you.” She smirked. Draco’s protests were lost in the crowd as their professor arrived just in time to usher them into Transfigurations. Pining? Since when has he ever pined? He doesn’t pine. Pansy can shove it.

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GREEN GOODNESS🌿👅✨ tastes even better when covered in my crunchy Choc-Cherry Granola🙌🏼 which happens to be oil + refined-sugar free, but 100% delicious (and full of that plant protein too😉). The RECIPE is now up on my blog, link is in my bio ~ don’t forget to tag me if you try it out💚
P.S. To make this bowl I just blended frozen banana, frozen kiwi + frozen pineapple with a handful of baby spinach and a splash of almond milk until smoooth💫

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5-Ingredient Oreo Pancakes

I adapted this from a video by Brothers Green on Youtube (they only used four ingredients but I added salt), and it’s something I whip up the night before school for breakfast! Tastes pretty good for something so easy, and a great way to turn leftover Oreos into a meal.


6 Oreos (or any generic but similar sandwich cookie)

1 Egg / egg substitute

a ~splash~ of Milk (any will do, and you don’t really need a lot. I personally use almond milk)

Baking Powder (like barely a teaspoon)

pinch of Salt


Crush the oreos and combine with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl till it has the consistency of pancake batter. If the batter’s too thick, add some more milk. If the batter’s too watery, add some baking powder. When it reaches the desired consistency, make over an oiled and heated pan like you would regular pancakes. If you have some lying around, whipped cream or peanut butter would be a nice touch.

Yields: 6 - 8 mini pancakes

Kiss Me Not -Part 16-

Find Part One Here!

tags: drarry, hogwarts eighth year, soulmates au

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“Mr Potter!”

Harry turned, half expecting to see Pansy before he realized the voice didn’t fit. The girl was wearing Slytherin colours but, best guess, she was a fifth or sixth year, with long blond hair rather than Pansy’s short black bob.

“Err, yeah?” Harry said nervously.

“My friend Ellidh said she kissed you, is it true?” she demanded.

Harry frowned, “Who-?”

“Ellidh Keegan!” She shouted, her face taking on a red tinge, “She’s a sixth year Ravenclaw with brown curly hair and freckles across her nose!”

“Amelia, Ellidh isn’t the type to do that and you know it,” A tall hufflepuff with spiky black hair said as he walked up causally to join his friend.

“Shut up, Jeremy!” Amelia said sharply, keeping her glare fixed on Harry.

Harry shook his head, “No, I haven’t kissed her,” he said, trying to edge around them.

Amelia moved with him, continuing to block his way, “But you let her try, didn’t you? I’ve heard people talking-”

No.” Harry said with an exasperated sigh, “I haven’t let anyone try. I’ve been jumped and surround and tricked but I had nothing to do with it. Let me pass, would you?”

Amelia  face grew redder and she snatched the sleeve of his robe to keep him from leaving, “She said-

“And I said No.” Harry cut her off, just barely holding onto his temper and not wrenching his robe away and shoving past her like he wanted to.

“Come on, Amelia,” Jeremy said, gently catching her arm, “I know you fancy Ellidh but-”

“I DO NOT!” Amelia shouted on the verge of tears as she let go of Harry’s robes and ran down the hall, shoving Jeremy as she went.

Harry heaved a sigh and pushed his hand through his hair.

“So- The kissing thing is totally off the table?” Jeremy asked, “Because I’ve always thought if I ever were to fancy a bloke you’d-”

Enough, Mr Zhao,” Headmistress McGonagall interrupted tersely.

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