Coffeeshop AU!

- Sirius absolutely loves Mondays and Thursdays

- Because on those days, a certain short curly haired boy well tall boy always came in to the coffee shop he works at

- “Coffee, two sugars and a splash of milk please” would always be ordered

- His voice is deep, so deep it hurts Sirius’s heart

- Sirius always told himself this is the day, the day I’ll ask his name and a date

- That would never happen though, he’d be a blushing red mess who never asked out the cute boy he’d learn to be Remus Lupin

- ‘Today’ Sirius thought would be the day, he just knew it

- Work was slow and boring as usual until 9 o’clock hit, the time Remus would come get his coffee

- He had ordered his coffee, waiting for Sirius to go and make it

- “You’ve been coming here for awhile and I think- well like I know you’re you know like attractive and maybe you’d like to um nevermind” Siriys rambled on, not making eye contact with the smirking Remus

- Making his coffee was more than awkward because he felt his eyes on him the entire time

- Every movement

- Once Remus got his coffee, Sirius went to make a run for the back but what Sirius heard stopped him

- “I’ll pick you up at seven, here’s my number text me your address”

- Sirius couldn’t believe it, he was a blubbering and blushing mess he obviously made a idiot of himself

- All he could was gape at Remus

- “Yeah yeah I’d like that uh”

- “It’s Remus” now pretty boy had a name, a pretty name

- “I’m Sirius”

- “I know, you’ve got a nametag”

- Cue more blushing on Sirius’s cheeks

- ‘Today’ Sirius thought ‘I knew it would happen’

- Sirius awkwardness never went away on the date, Remus loved it

Thank you @roweasl for the prompt. Hopefully you love it!

Pancakes!!!!! 😍
✖️Batter: 1 heaping cup of quick oats blended into a flour consistency, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 ripe banana, 1 tbsp coconut sugar, ½ tsp cinnamon & 1/8 tsp @thesourcebulkfoods vanilla powder
✖️Choc sauce: 4 dates (presoaked so they’re softer), splash of almond milk, 1 heaping tbsp of @powersuperfoods cacao blended until smooth and strained!
Topped with fruit & all the goodies from @thesourcebulkfoods 👌🏼

B R E A K - F A S T 🍴 Broke my fast at 11am with this creamy bowl of Protein Berry Nice Cream topped with kiwi for lots of vitamin C and ground brazil nut for selenium ☆ To make this delicious break-fast simply blend together 400g frozen banana + 40g frozen mixed berries + 20g vanilla rice protein powder + splash of soya milk ☆ #veganfitness #intermittentfasting

VEGAN CHERRY STREUSEL PIE 👅👅 No, this is from ‘clean’ and glutenfree hahaa although I could have made it healthier by swapping a few ingredients - but hey, it’s a birthday cake and cruelty free so who cares?! 🎂 I got so many requests to share the 'recipe’ so here’s what I did: For the batter I mixed together • about 400g wheat flour • a few tbsp sugar • splash of vanilla soy milk • 250g margarine • 1tsp baking soda • a splash of fizzy water. For the streusel I mixed a third of the batter with vanilla sugar & more flour until 'streusely’ ✌🏽️ The vanilla pudding layer is vanilla soy milk • sugar • vanilla bean powder • corn starch. And I simply used bought sour cherries from a jar 🍒 Baked at 200 degrees for 40 mins and topped with powdered sugar 🙆🏼🎉 #veganbirthdaycake

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Judge my drink: Grande iced americano with a splash of skim milk

You recently bought a pair of secondhand cowboy boots at your local boutique thrift store. Combined with a some faded dungarees and an old Carhartt jacket from your uncles closet, you look every bit the part of the hardworking, blue collar American you halfassedly aspire to be. 

There’s something about the mystique of middle class, manual labor existence that has you all in a tizzy. The calloused hands, the faint hint of motor oil, the weary but steadfast stare. You yearn for the authenticity of the day to day existence of these “salt of the earth” Americans. You imagine an earned life. Every moment of peaceful stillness in your backyard or playful saturdays with the kids is earned in those mind numbing hours riveting automotive panels at the local plant or laying foundation at the construction site. 

You think that’s the best life. Because of course you do. Stuck in a service industry suburb where the only future seems to be store manager at Target or store manager at Kohls or store manager at Popeyes, you pine for a job that lets you at least create something. You want to be able to look at a Chevy pickup and say “I built that door” or the local library and say “I built those walls.”

But here you are, costumed in your finest approximation of rugged individualism, still waiting for someone to show you how to change your oil. 

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What do you normally get at Starbucks? Top 5 list ;)

1) Soy green tea latte unsweetened

2) Soy cafe misto (blonde roast!) 

3) Iced coffee unsweetened with a splash of soy milk

4) Green iced tea unsweetened 

5) Soy Cappuccino 

(I really don’t like regular milk. I’m not allergic to it or anything I just think it’s kind of yucky tasting).