I can’t stop laughing at the fact that not only does Yuuri hold an onigiri pillow/plushie in the kiss and cry, but his fans also toss food related things for him after his performance

Another onigiri



And a donut 

You can see more food in the background as well

alamuts-lair-of-madness  asked:

Seeing your Ryuko cosplays once again reminded me why I've started following you in the first place (bestest frigging cosplay EVERZ!) but I wanted to thank you being such a chill and awesome person and all those cool posts of yours! And I don't mean JUST the cosplay ones but also all that random and crazy Trekkie stuff! There aren't too many interesting blogs around that post Star Trek shenanigans One question: are your eyes really so blue or are those contacts or are the brown ones contacts? ;]

hayyyyyyyyyy thanks so much lol X’D;; that seems to be my most recognized cosplay. BUT MY BLOG IS FULL OF TREK XDDDD <333 Glad you continued to follow even with the mishmash of posts. 

Those are my favourite contacts: Splash of Color brand in “Aqua Allure”. 

They cover brown eyes very well in costumes (not so good for everyday use since they are obviously theatrical)