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Cheap Tips for the High Maintenance

Hi babes! I’m what many of my friends consider to be “high maintenance” 😂meaning I do a lot of things to keep up my appearance. But that doesn’t mean spending a lot of money all the time. So I made a list of things I do/use that keep me looking tip top all the time and won’t break the bank!

💎 BABY SHAMPOO ($3) - use this to remove makeup off the face. super gentle on the skin and won’t irritate your eyes. Also I wash my hair with it, no pricey shampoo over here! 

💎 BABY OIL ($3) - my personal fave 😍. I use it in the shower as shaving lubricant, then before drying off I lather my entire body in it to lock in moisture. I use it before washing my face with baby shampoo to remove waterproof mascara (just make sure to wash it off well or it’ll clog your pores).

💎 BAKING SODA ($2) - 🙅🏻 do not confuse with baking powder! 🙅🏻 I don’t wash my hair everyday because it’s coloured, I was it twice a week because of this. Mix about a tablespoon of baking soda with your regular shampoo and wash hair. Gets out all build up and oil! I didn’t need dry shampoo till the 3rd day and I workout everyday!!! It’s a MIRACLE!! (not recommended to do everyday)

💎 CORNSTARCH ($2) - my favourite non-alcohol dry shampoo is from LUSH and the only ingredient is cornstarch 😂 so I just started using it. I put it in a little pot and use a powder brush from e.l.f to apply it to my hair and rub it in with my fingers. I have dark hair and it disappears. Works perfectly.

💎 If you have the Anastasia dip brow, you know those things don’t come cheap but they will inevitably dry out. When it does add a couple drops of Visine ($6) or other eye drops to revive it! It’ll be good for about 2 weeks and then you just add more! Don’t waste it! 

💎 Don’t buy expensive makeup brush cleaner! 😱 I use baby shampoo for my eye brushes and to remove heavy duty foundation from my face brushes i make a mixture of dish soap, drop of olive oil, and splash 💧 of white vinegar in a bowl. Then add hot water to the bowl. Swirl your brush and watch all the makeup come off! 😉

💎 In case you don’t already know Nivea Mens After Shave Balm ($7) can be used as a cheap but good makeup primer as it provides a sticky base!

💎 Ask for samples at Sephora (free!). Every person is allowed 3 samples per day of anything in the store. I usually go there for foundation/primer samples. They give quite a bit as well. If I want a special foundation for a night out or something, I’ll usually ask for a sample!

💎 APPLE 🍎 CIDER VINEGAR ($10) - ⚠️ only use the raw/organic one!! ⚠️ No need to buy pricey toners. Toners are meant to restore the pH levels of skin after you wash them with your cleanser. ACV does just that while also promoting skin healing 👏🏼. Mix 1 part ACV with 1 park h2O in a spray bottle and douse your skin in it after washing. Put it in the fridge for ultimate refreshment 😉💦

💎 DOVE BEAUTY BAR ($3 FOR 2) - Wash your whole body with this soap!!! It’s made of ¼ moisturizer so it won’t dry out your skin. Sometimes I’m too lazy or in a time crunch to baby oil myself after my shower; this stuff doesn’t dry out your skin like crazy so you can skip moisturizer for a day!

💎 I am obsessed with smooth skin to apply makeup over. You shouldn’t exfoliate everyday but once or twice a week is plenty. Heres a couple super cheap homemade recipes..

- 1 tbsp baking soda + water to make a paste

- sugar + honey + lemon juice (leave as mask to brighten skin & fade acne scars and then scrub off!)

- uncooked oats + honey + olive oil (leave it as mask for dry skin and then scrub)

💎 TRAVEL PACK OF BABY WIPES ($2 FOR 10) - sort of a treat. sort of high maintenance. I prefer wiping my ass with baby wipes ok? It’s not expensive and makes me feel special. Also good if you’re having an unplanned impromptu hook up and want to refresh yo selffffff


Aries: New years midnight. Fireworks go off and music plays. Everyone is kissing and drinking champagne. Pulling your coat tighter to you and bracing the cold. Eyes glitter and hands shiver

Taurus: Arizona, dry and barren. Sitting atop a cliff and watching an orange drenched sky set over a green and beige land. Standing up and screaming in an empty void. No one hears you but you feel good

Gemini: A birthday party at an amusement park. The anticipation you feel while waiting in line to ride the biggest ride at the park. Eating churros and birthday cake ice cream till you throw up

Cancer: Late night movies and pizza. Building blanket forts and crawling under with pillows and food. Cuddling and burrowing your face in the nape of your s/o neck. Staying up and talking and laughing long after the movie ends

Leo: The feeling of the ocean on a hot summer day. Picnic-ing on the hot sand surrounded by friends. Walking along the beach at sunset. Singing iconic songs around a fire and staying up way past midnight

Virgo: Walking the streets of a rainy city. Taking cover under a tarp. The warm you feel when you walk into an aesthetic coffee shop. The sip of coffee. Curling up on the couch and reading a good book

Libra: Hiking in the woods. Deep breaths you take to push yourself forward. Motivating others to keep going. Hearing the sound of the waterfall in the distance. Crisp water. The cool wind against your neck when you reach the top

Scorpio: The neon lights of Vegas. The electricity in your blood from the excitement of the city and its’ people. Stuffing yourself at an over priced buffet. Viewing the city from a skyscraper. Hearing muffled honking and screams from below

Sagittarius: Keeping a journal in your bag. Crossing off things from your bucket list. Bungee jumping in a foreign country. Trying new foods and cringing at the smell of it. Starting over. Creating a new persona in a new place

Capricorn: Art museums. Interpreting a piece from your point of view. Driving home in wonder. Being inspired to create your own art. Splashing red on a white canvas and calling it “abstract art”. Dreaming of being a millionaire

Aquarius: Making eye contact with someone from across the room and not looking away. Looking down at the ground and blushing. Time stopping. There’s only the two of you, everything goes dark. Your future flashing before you

Pisces: Pointing to a random place on a map and traveling there. Taking so many pictures that your camera becomes a part of you. Wearing aesthetic clothes. Looking at little cakes in a cute cafe. Eating ice cream by the pier

Time flies by so fast, it’s hard to believe it’s been 3 months since we brought this scallywag home, and she is 5 months old now! She has all of her big dog teeth and she is now as tall as Zak, but not as big as him yet, and she is a whooping 30 pounds! She still love to throw herself on my chest, and when she was 10 lbs it was cute, at 30 lbs it tends to be a bit more painful, and she does it to get my attention or if Zak wants my attention(she has to get closer to me than what he is).. She is a very happy dog and loves to cuddle next to you. She has brought us a lot of joy and laughs..

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