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So I’m attempting something pretty wacky here. I hope it works out, because I think it could be pretty special. *nervous cough* I’m going to attempt to bring my story Ts3 Splash of Color into a game play experience for old fans and new readers who may not know the story. This will be posted in the evening hours and Not So Berry will continue in the queue. 

So let’s get this going!  I am stupidly excited about it XD

Working with Water

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Air rules me but so does water. I am split down the middle between the two. Water is chaotic and memorizing, and there is much you can do because it is one of the two elements that you can actually touch. Just like my other post, Working with Air, we will be exploring different ways that  you can connect more deeply with water. Enjoy dearies! 

Here is a list of different ways to work with water: 

  • We must drink water to survive, so when you are about to grab a glass of water (whether purified, tap, or bottled) before you pour it in your glass or before opening your bottle, enchant it by holding your hands around the glass/bottle (with your eyes closed or open) then say something along the lines as “I am one with the running waters of the Earth.” 
  • Go to the beach. Collect seashells, rocks, and sand. Dip yourself in the ocean. Feel the powerful waves crash against you. NOTE: Be careful of any animals that live within the ocean, be respectful. Don’t collect anything that can be harmful for your health or illegal. EX. feathers
  • Showers are powerful. If you are one who likes to take showers in the morning, imagine the water energizing you for the day ahead and see yourself conquering all that lies before you. If you are one who likes to take showers at night, imagine the water rinsing off to cleanse you from long day you had and see yourself washing away everything so you are fresh and new. No matter what time you take a shower, allow the water to freshen up your spirits. 
  • Baths are very calming and relaxing. When one cannot go to the beach, this is an excellent way to substitute. Fill the tub, surround yourself with blue/purple candles, seashells, and crystals that relate to water. Put in herbs or essential oils within your bath to connect you to the ocean waves of the deep, vast blue. Bonus, you can put on ocean sound music to set the mood. NOTE: Do your research, do not put in herbs or oils that are harmful to your health. Do not put crystals around the tub if they can be toxic or if they deteriorate in water. Your health is always most important.  
  • When it is raining, go outside and let the rain fall upon you. Close your eyes and let the water cleanse your being. Then if you would like, play. Splash in puddles, run around. Enjoy yourself. 
  • Make a sigil that means “I connect with the waters of the deep, beautiful sea.” or something along the lines. (Again, I am not a sigil maker but something I would like to include for others who are) Wear the sigil on you as you go to the beach or are working at your water altar.    
  • Make a special water altar, preferably facing west. Fill it with mermaid items, chalices, colors of dark blues and purples, seashells, etc.    
  • Research mermaids. Merpeople swim in the deep depths of the sea. They are beautiful, alluring, and mysterious. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any sources on how to communicate with them so here is a small list of ways I have personally used to connect with them.
    • Go to the beach, sit in front of the water and sing. Whether it is a mermaid song (like Jolly Sailor Bold) or your all time favorite song, just sing your heart out. If others are around you on the beach, sing quietly or have your headphones in. If you are alone, then sing as loud as you want. 
    • Collect seawater in a jar, then when you get home make an oil using essential oils and herbs that mermaids love. Then before you go to sleep, take a small inhale, then fall asleep. Let the mermaids come to you in your dreams. NOTE: Do your research, do not use oils that will harm your health. This is more for aroma, not placing on your skin. 
    • While you are at the beach, leave the mermaids small offerings that you feel they would enjoy. NOTE: Do not leave anything that is harmful to our environment, like jars filled with items. Be respectful to our Earth. 
    • If you cannot go to the beach, take a bath and surround yourself with mermaid items; like statues, mirrors, seashells, etc. Fill the bath with herbs and oils that relate to merpeople then while you are bathing, sing. Look in the mirror if you would like, allow yourself to become one with them. NOTE: I don’t really care that I repeat myself so often but for real, do you research. Do not use herbs or oils that will harm your health.
    • Be careful as you would communicating with any kind of spirit. Protect yourself and be respectful while you contact. 



base on this I couldn’t resist but to draw them (Jhin still took me forever to draw :’D) 

Thanks for all the follows +200 already!!!  Love you guys, I’m gonna try harder to be more active around here.

The signs at a swimming pool
  • Doing fucking laps up and down: Capricorn, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Playing about, splashing water, getting warned you will be removed: Gemini, Cancer, Aquarius
  • Always lining up for the water slides, again and again: Aries, Libra, Pisces
  • Not even there, lol fuck that: Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo
Tom Holland - Surprise

anon request: Hello! Can you do a ‘dating tom and being Harrison’s little sister’ it’s very cheesy but I think it’d be cute and I haven’t seen one like it yet :) thank you!

part two

requests are open:))

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“haz don’t you dare be late” i growled into the phone. here i was walking through the airport in atlanta to surprise my brothers best friend tom on set of the movie he is starring in. spiderman: homecoming.

i was annoyed because i was stuck on a plane for nine hours. i didn’t want harrison to be late, he was gonna pick me up from the air port and drive me to set where everyone was.

i made my way through the large crowded airport happy to be back on the ground. my luggage rolled behind me, i scrolled through my phone changing the song when it buzzed with a text from harrison.

'don’t text and walk. it’s dangerous.’

i looked up and saw the bright blue eyes of my big brother. i began walking to the boy whose arms were flailing in the air trying to capture my attention. he began jogging toward me with his arms out stretched.

“buggy!” he shouted as we collided into a big hug. “haz!” i said excitedly hugging my brother. tom has kidnapped him for 92 days, he annoys me but a girl needs her big brother.

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Day Five: Blue

Blue had somehow managed to convince Lance and the others to let just the two go on a solo mission. Blue had requested Lance ask Allura, who had agreed because Zarkon and his fleet hadn’t attacked for a few days. So, it was just Blue and Lance, flying through outer space.
“Blue, where are you even taking me?” Blue only answered with an amused hum. Lance rolled his eyes fondly, letting her take him where she pleased. Lance gazed at the stars that flew past them, watching them as the flickered and shined. In the corner of Lance’s eye, he could see a small pastel purple dot. As Blue flew toward it, Lance realized that was a planet. Blue suddenly cut off Lance’s vision, so he couldn’t see the planet as they landed. “Hey! What was that for?” Lance could basically feel the laughter coming from Blue in his head. They softly landed, and Lance could hear a faint crunch as Blue’s paws hit the ground. A familiar hiss flooded throughout the cockpit as Blue lowered her jaw, allowing Lance to step out into the new planet.
“Blue, what is this place? Why did you-” Lance dropped his sentence, letting the words drift away with the gentle breeze. The planet was beautiful. Blue had landed on what appeared to be a beach. The water was a pastel purple, and the sand was a soft blue color. Strange birds with four wings flew across the sky, their calls almost sounding like bells. Lance could clearly see the various aquatic life in the water, watching as rainbow-scales fish swam through iridescent seaweed. “Blue..this place is amazing. Breathtaking. But…why did you bring me here?” Lance’s eyes fluttered shut as Blue showed him an image: it was him and his family, playing and splashing around back at him home beach. Lance had a wide smile on his face, tilting his head back and laughing loudly as he and his siblings splashed each other. Lance opened his eyes, glistening with unshed tears.
“Blue..thank you.” He walked toward the shoreline, taking off his boots and letting the sand sink in between his toes. He let the waves wash over his ankles, smiling softly, letting fond memories of his family wash over him. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear Blue creep behind him. With a swift move, Blue bit the collar of Lance’s suit, lifting him into the air.
“B-Blue?! What are you doing?? Put me down-” Without letting Lance finish his sentence, Blue tossed him into the water, Lance screaming the whole time. With a splash, Lance quickly resurfaced.
“What the heck what that for?! I’m going to get even you hear me? B-Blue? What are you doing? Oh. OH QUIZNAK!!” With a pounce, Blue jumped into the water with Lance, splashing him with large waves. “Okay, that’s it! It is ON!!” Lance and Blue continued to splash each other. Blue could feel the love for Paladin and happiness in her grow as she watched her Paladin grin and laugh, just as he had with his family.

Fruit of the Dead (Negan x Female)

Summary: She lives in a community called Terra and grows food with her mother. When Negan sees her playing in the woods, he knows he has to have her. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Hades and Persephone. 

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 4,290

Warnings: Light smut, lots of fluff, a very fluffy Negan

Author’s Note: This was a fic request from @to-pick-ourselves-up-7 who asked:

“Can I ask for a Negan x reader in the setting myth of Hades and Persephone? Sounds interesting to me. Pretty pretty please?”

I have rewritten this fic like 3 times now. I just wasn’t content with it, and probably bit off more than I could chew. After lots and lots AND LOTS of revisions, I am finally content with the final version. I love a challenge, and this certainly tested my ability as a writer. Hopefully you enjoy it! 

There are a lot of references to the story of Hades and Persephone in this fic, and I’ll include them at the end, so if you want to geek out with me, you can. 

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! 

Please, please, please tell me what you thought! I love feedback.

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Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BL1] Day 2: Favorite NPC

“The contents of the Vault are rightfully the property of the Atlas Corporation. But you?
You belong to me.“

don’t think about rey getting like… confused? that she’s allowed to eat as much as she pleases while with the resistance? without turning any work in? and throughout her whole meal she keeps expecting someone to announce they’ve made a mistake just GIVING HER ALL THIS FOOD FOR FREE?

don’t think about rey playing and splashing in the puddles the first time she sees it rain and getting soaked to the bone but grinning from ear to ear.

don’t think about all the resistance droids coming to rey to fix their bent antennae and whatnot until they follow her around like ducklings.

don’t do it your heart cant take it