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“I had been obsessed with the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, ‘The Little Mermaid’, ever since I was a kid. And I fantasized about being one myself; I tied my feet together in the pool and practiced swimming like that from a very early age. The best thing about Splash’s success was little kid’s loving it. To this day, when they come up to me, they’re like, “Madison!” I’ve met hundreds of kids named Madison, and they all want to go swimming with me. I love that.” - Daryl Hannah

USA 2013-2016 Quad 

Mini Splash of Leo Series

I saw someone asking about all the leotards USA has worn over this quad. I’m sure there is more (there has to be more?) at least some of these in different colors, but there are all the ones I can think of, starting from American Cup in 2013 to Pacific Rims in 2016.

Any predictions for who will wear what?

“ Madison  –  Splash/1984 "   …   Reblog if your name is Madison 

Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner’s 2006 book Freakonomics credits the film with popularizing the name ”Madison“ for girls, as does Steven Pinker’s 2007 The Stuff of Thought. In the film, Daryl Hannah’s character takes her name from Madison Avenue after walking past a road sign. Hanks’ character comments that it is not a real name as, at the time, it was a rather unusual name for a woman. However, in the years since the film was released in theatres and re-released on VHS and then DVD, the name’s popularity has skyrocketed.

According to the Social Security Administration, the name "Madison” was the 216th most popular name in the United States for girls in 1990, the 29th most popular name for girls in 1995, and the 3rd most popular name for girls in 2000.[15] In 2005, the name finally cracked the top 50 most popular girls’ names in the United Kingdom, and articles in British newspapers credit the film for the popularization.

“ Happy Splash Birthday "  …  Thirty Years Ago [1984] this film was made by Disney’s ‘Touchstone Films’ and was Touchstone’s first movie and is still a 'Classic’ for Mermaid aficionados.

Sailor Gil’s Personal Note:  Thirty years ago, Tom Hanks was 27 and I was 37;  so, I will be celebrating my Birthday today, by watching "Splash”, again !

Info:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088161/