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Under the Apple Tree--chapter 7

Ship:  Outlaw Queen

Rating: T

Synopsis: After being hit by the Olympian Crystal, Robin was transported to Seattle, unable to return to Storybrooke or any magical. When it was clear he had no way to return to his family, Robin finally decided to bury his broken heart in work–founding a landscaping business, Sherwood Forestry.  Fifteen years later, Robin receives an order from the last person he ever thought he’d see again, making him realize that hope never truly dies.

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Rayna punched her pillow, turned over and determinedly closed her eyes.  What was up with her lately?  She’d never had trouble with insomnia before, but lately…lately she just couldn’t sleep.

She had this nagging feeling that there was something she’d forgotten, something important, something vital.  Something was hovering just out of her consciousness, but she couldn’t reach it.  She knew instinctively that if she could just remember, everything would make sense.  She’d know exactly what she needed to do.

Talk it over with Robin.

Rayna rolled her eyes at her subconscious.  Oh yes, that was a brilliant idea!  She’d just call her landscaper and say “Hi, so there’s something I can’t remember and it’s really important and I thought you could help me with it because…I don’t know.  But maybe if you came by and we talked it through…and maybe if you brought Henry and Lucy with you…maybe suddenly my life would make sense again.” She was sure that would go over really, really well.

Robin would probably cart her off to the mental hospital.

After a few more minutes of tossing and turning, Rayna sat up with a growl.  She ran her hands through her hair, and then glanced over at the clock on her nightstand with its numbers glowing a bright red, mocking her. 3:13 am.

With a groan, Rayna pushed back the covers, stepped into her slippers and tossed on her bathrobe.  She clearly wasn’t getting any sleep tonight, and forcing herself to lie in her bed was just making her more and more frustrated. She stayed there much longer, she’d start throwing fireballs.


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Today I met David Bromstad, my number one interior design inspiration, and got to shoot videos with him for HGTV Handmade as well as my own channel. I’ve been watching him on TV since I was in high school, so it ranks up there with being a Fiesta Agent and designing the John Green Box Set as things I still can’t believe actually happened to me. Just hoping I didn’t fangirl too hard <3

(And if you’re going to VidCon, David will be at the HGTV booth on Thursday!)


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