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Just Business, No Pleasure

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)

Summary: You and Bucky have been successfully keeping your relationship a secret for a while now. However, you’re not so sure how much longer you can take it once he’s assigned the job of seducing another woman on a mission.

Word Count: 4.6k (I’m so sorry)


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“—this is the target’s wife, Lucille. She was dumb enough to marry him and he was dumb enough to think she’d be faithful. Barnes, I want you to go about seducing her. Y’know, the typical ‘40s charm: court her, woo her, whisper sweet nothings; the whole shebang.” Your blood went cold at Tony’s words, not even daring to look at Bucky across the conference room table. “Most of us will be stationed around the gala with our comms on, but some of us are gonna stay back here and monitor the situation through security camera footage.”

“Why am I the one doing the seducing? Don’t you think this—” Bucky started, pointing to his vibranium arm, “—will be a bit of a dead giveaway that I’m not just some random suitor?” he asked, his unimpressed tone clearly challenging Tony and, although you still didn’t dare to look at him, you knew his countenance matched his voice.

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Owl post - Part 2

Part 1

Harry shifts uncomfortably from one foot to the other, while looking at a dumbfounded Malfoy. Maybe he should have thought this whole thing through first. He apparated over here without even thinking of how he would explain to Malfoy what he’s doing here, how he even knows where Malfoy lives. There’s no way he can tell him he followed his owl one day, not being able to contain his curiosity any longer. It’s a wonder Malfoy didn’t spot him on his broom that day.

“Potter,” Malfoy simply says.

“Um,” Harry begins, “you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here.”

The sound of Harry’s voice seems to shake Malfoy out of his trance. His whole body tenses and his eyes narrow.

“How did you find me?”

Harry smiles awkwardly and scratches the back of his neck.

“Well, that’s a funny story, actually,” Harry laughs nervously. “Do you think I could tell you over a cup of tea?”

“This is just like you,” Malfoy growls, “inviting yourself in like that. Does it ever occur to you, oh mighty Saviour, that other people have lives of their own and don’t answer at your beck and call?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Harry snorts, “am I keeping you from staring at your wall all day?”

Harry inwardly flinches. He didn’t mean to say that. His mind just snapped. Like it used to, whenever Malfoy was around. Maybe he will have to change tactics and just try to be… charming? But how does one do that exactly?

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or “the college au where lily is a single mom struggling with finishing school and raising a child, and james discovers he quite likes babysitting” (AO3)

(p.s.: thank you to @gxldentrio for being a lovely beta reader!)

Chapter: ½

She’s just another face in the crowd.

But she stands out.

She’s battling her way through the waves of I’m late-s, I should have gone to bed earlier-s and Why haven’t I started that bloody paper yet-s entangling themselves in people’s legs. They trip, but she bears on.

Her hair is made of flames; they lick their way through the sea of people, turning them to ashes, burning a path for her - James is entranced. Her brow is furrowed with decision, and she doesn’t hesitate to nudge someone out of her way with her shoulder, or to make herself bigger with the size of her backpack which looks like it could make her topple over. She parts the flood with sheer determination in her eyes.

She’s unstoppable.


He goes unnoticed.

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Title: Pranked!

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x fem!reader

Word Count: 1269

Summary: Tyler has a new phrase. But how true is it?

Authors Note: Slightly inspired by Friends, slightly not. Part Two maybe? Also, this story is told as the reader is female. As always, for my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible.

Warnings: Slight mature content, implied smut

Originally posted by itsmetrashyz

If there was one thing Tyler said more often than not, even more than his signature phrase of Smile Always, it was “we’re just friends”. (Y/N) and Tyler had been friends for years now, ever since the first time he had come out to visit Mark in LA. After meeting him during one of your many long hours of working at you local coffee house, you had started a relationship of sorts. Yet, the long distance was killer, and the two of you decided a friendship was much easier to maintain. And now, with Tyler living in LA to help with Mark’s videos, you were closer than ever. This, of course, lead to hours upon hours of teasing from the team, and your friends. No one seemed to get the hint, and at this point, you had given up. Waiters who used to get an earful for calling him your boyfriend would get a polite nod and smile, friends who teased you would be met with a witty comeback, and Ethan, who had gotten into the habit of calling you ‘Mrs.Schied’, was met with a swift punch to the shoulder. Tyler, on the other hand, had no problem with any of it. The two of you were friends, why should it matter what other people thought?

        In the short few months that Tyler was working with Mark, you had already made great friends with Teamiplier. Amy and Katheryn would often be invited over to your house for girls nights with your friends, or just to avoid the boys when they were being particularly difficult. Your house, in a way, was a social hot spot. Whether it was your friends or Tylers, there always seemed to be someone wandering around your house. You enjoyed the company, and especially were thankful when you had locked yourself out of the house. If Ethan hadn’t been there, you were sure all your groceries would have been spoiled. You’re positive almost everyone has a copy of your key. 

        It was Thursday, your favorite day of the week. To some, it was just another day of the week, another day until the weekend. But Thrusdays in your house meant 'date night’ of sorts. You and Tyler would go out to eat every Thursday, whether it was the new, fancy restaurant downtown, or the nearest fast food place. It was a special day, when you two could easily talk about whatever you wanted with no interruption from your other friends. You loved your friends, but there was rarely a time you got to be alone with your best friend. 

        You were quick to dress after a day of work, changing into a simple dress for your bistro date tonight. It was your turn to pick up Tyler today. Or, well, you were sure if you didn’t go into the office, he was going to try to talk his way into staying a little longer than necessary to help. Just as you were pulling up the driveway, Amy had bursted through the door, completely soaked from head to toe, a grumpy look on her face. 

        “Amy?” You hopped out of the car as quick as possible, wrapping your jacket around her shoulder. “You okay? What happened?”

        “Pranked.” She said simply, blowing a strand out of her face with a huff. “I can’t believe Ethan’s stupid prank worked on me.” You couldn’t help it. A bubbling laugh escaped your lips, just imagining the shenanigans that were happening throughout the day. “Tyler Thursdays?” She asked once she eyes the cute dress you were wearing. You smiled brightly, doing a single twirl to show off your newest outfit. “Cuuuute. Trying to impress someone?”

        “You know it.” The wink you gave her caused her to laugh. “Tyler still inside?”

        “Yeah, but I’d watch out. Mark has taken getting back at Tyler for the fake spider in his coffee this morning to the extreme.”

        “Duly noted.” After making sure she was okay for the last time, you made your way into the house with extreme caution. However, as you made your way large room where you knew they filmed most of their videos, a large circle of white came sailing at your head. Acting quickly, you just managed to duck out of the way, the shaving cream filled plate hitting the wall behind you. Besides the small bit of splash that hit your arm and head, you were relatively unscathed. The room had completely frozen, watching you silently as you stood, wiping off as much as you could. Mark was standing comically to the side, positioned in such a way you knew he was the culprit of the 'prank’. Tyler was on the other side, holding up a large board for protection, most of it already covered in shaving cream. “I’ll be in the car.” Without another word, you turned on your heel, making your way through the house. Tyler was quick to say goodbye to Mark, dropping the board, and dashing behind you, apologizing profusely for almost ruining your dress. You refused to talk, that is until he promised to pay for your meal tonight. With a devilish smile, you promised yourself to order the most expensive thing on the menu. 

        The next morning, Mark had the perfect plan to get back at Tyler. Sure, it was just a spider in his coffee, but this was about dignity now. He talked his way into getting Ethan to help him load up a bucket of ice water, planning on giving Tyler a pleasant morning wake up. They had to practically waddle up the stairs, the heavy bucked held between them. They made sure to dim the hall lights to not wake Tyler with the bright light. Mark, with a devious smile, gave the Ethan the go ahead, and the bucket of water was poured all over the bed. 

        “Ah!” Though the boys did manage to get a scream out of a sleeping figure, it was definitely too high pitched to be Tyler. You bolted straight out of bed, pushing your now soaked hair out of your face, glaring at the two boys you managed to push into a stupor. Making sure to hold the sheets to your body, you stood, angrily pointing a finger to prove your anger. “What the hell is wrong with you?! You can’t just go around throwing ice water on people, especially people who haven’t done anything to you!” Despite the fact you were practically boiling over, the two boys couldn’t take their eyes off of you, faces completely red. “What?!” Surprised, you felt another blanket surrounding you, but not before you were turned and pulled into someone’s warm chest. Despite also being soaked with water, Tyler still managed to stay warm.

        “You might want to leave now.” Tyler spoke with an even tone, making sure to hold you close against him. Not only was he covering himself for some sort of modesty, the room was too dark for him to find any clothes to cover himself up, in your anger you hadn’t realized that the white sheet usually placed on his bed was completely soaked, which meant it had done nothing to hide any part of you. Completely embarrassed, you pushed yourself closer to Tyler, waiting for the door to practically slam behind the two awestruck boys, and even for a few minutes after. Not only had you just been caught in bed with a person you swore you’d never see as more than a friend, but two of his best friends had seen you naked. What a great way to start off your Friday.

Imagine you’re a peasant thief

Imagine you’re a peasant thief that’s just been caught by the guards of the rich lord you’ve been trying to steal from. It had been going so well - in the dead of night, no one was supposed to be home, the guards weren’t supposed to be anywhere near there - and yet, when you had gotten right up to the prize, a collection of gold and jewel encrusted eggs, suddenly there were guards all around you and nowhere to hide.

Within moments they had managed to subdue you and drag you into another smaller room, where the master of the house was waiting in his bedclothes. “I see you’ve heard the rumor of my golden eggs,” He said, waving off the guards, one of which turned and left, locking the door behind them. You pretended not to hear and looked away, possibly for an exit, but the master grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him.


You continued to ignore him, and he sighed, as though it were just unfortunate. With a snap of his fingers, the remaining guards came forward again and yanked you up, forcing you over to a bed piled high with luxurious fabrics. They pushed you down, your bound hands making it impossible for you to break your fall. You growled deep in your throat before turning yourself over, now only seeing the Lord in the room - you were alone.

“You thought you could just come in here and steal them? without even asking nicely?”

You scoffed and sighed before murmuring sarcastically, “Please, can I have your precious eggs?”

The master smirked, a quick tongue flicking out to lick his lips. “As you wish.”

In a flash he reached out and tore the pieced shirt and leggings from your body, and slapped a hand over your mouth when you cried out in alarm. He then leaned in and you felt the tiniest two pinpricks on your neck, something cool and fast making you lose the ability to struggle.

Nearly paralyzed, you could only watch in horrified shock as the Lord stepped away to discard his robes, his large and erect cock much bigger then your own. “What are you doing?! What have you done to me!” You tried to yell, though it came out more as an angry whisper, and he smiled as he came over again, incisors much sharper then any human’s.

“Why, I’m just giving you what you asked for.”

Unable to fight back, he pressed your legs apart and made himself comfortable between them, amusing himself with exploring your body and taking particular interest in touching your soft cock, playing with it until it was at least semi erect. You couldn’t believe your body was betraying you this way as another man touched you like this, but the worst was still to come.

When he grew bored of playing with your cock he began to move downward, long fingers pressing and probing up and against the rim of your ass, which to your bewilderment seemed to burn at his touch. You struggled to keep back a moan, unsure where it was coming from, because in your head you knew this should be disgusting but feeling it was another thing altogether.

Satisfied, he leaned back a bit to touch himself, a thick pearly substance leaking from his cock that he used to wet the rest of him, making him grow bigger with each swipe and tongue flicking out as he watched the war in your eyes. He was easily the size of your forearm now, so there was no way you wanted this, and yet something in you was suddenly craving it, wanting something you had no name for.

The Lord chuckled as he saw the want win out and shuffled forward, pushing your thighs apart and against your chest to make it easier to press into your fluttering opening, groaning as your body gave one last weak resistance. It should have hurt, but whatever he had done to you was preventing the pain and instead only giving you pleasure as the head popped in, and then he was shoving the rest of it into you, making you gasp as it filled you completely.

He was kind enough to give you a moment to adjust, but only that moment, because the warmth of you felt so good and he was impatient to move, thrusting shallowly until he could work his way up into fucking you properly. It was so vigorous he was forcing you up the bed with each thrust, seemingly lost in the throws of your body as he sought his pleasure and dragged all of it out of you as well - had you had the ability you probably would have been screaming with pleasure, never having experienced such passion as this.

Before long though you felt something shift, his cock seeming to grow at the base where it slammed into you but then travelling along the length of him, pressing into you and making you sob in euphoria as it rolled along your sweet spots. You were sure you were seeing some when the burst of warmth bloomed into the space his cock had fucked into you, a no less warm splash of cum hitting your stomach as you came all over yourself. Gasping for breath, you forced your eyes open and blinked past the sweat and tears to watch as it happened again, actually able to see the bulge travel down his cock and into you, the burst of warmth actually a round sized object you could just make out under your skin.

Groaning and squirming, the Lord seemed to realize what was happening and pulled back just enough to flip you back over on your front, yanking your hips up and thighs apart to keep fucking the thick balls of mind numbing pleasure up into you, making your belly grow hard and full with at least a hundred of the fist sized things, your cock all but spent from cumming yourself dry all over the underside of your belly and the sheets below.

By the time his thrusts began to slow you could almost rest your belly against the bed while still kneeling, almost out of your mind and shaking hard as he pulled away from you. As though trying to keep him inside you felt your ass clench as he slipped free, jostling the things inside you and making you moan.

You almost missed the hands untying your own, but immediately used them to roll onto your side when you almost fell on your belly, unable to believe the size of it as you grasped at it and turned to glare at the Lord. More and more feeling was returning to your body, with it the weight of your now massively huge stomach and your vocal cords.

“What have you done to me!”

The Lord turned from where he was slipping back into his clothes, a more serene smile on his face as he came back to the bed and lay a hand on your belly, causing the things to shift around under his touch. “Just what you asked. Those eggs will take at least a fortnight to mature, and they’ll grow rapidly at random, so we have a little time to get to know one another better. But don’t worry, they aren’t the golden kind. That comes after I’ve fucked each and every one of them out of you.”

It’s been awhile, but gotta write when the inspiration hits!
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getting into a fandom is like getting into a pool

sometimes you hear that it’s really good but you don’t want to get too obsessed so you slowly walk down those stairs until the water is at chest-level, and you lean comfortably against the wall of the pool and hey you’re kinda into the fandom but not too invested ya feel?

sometimes you don’t want to get too obsessed so you start walking down the stairs slowly but shit you slip or lose your balance and the next thing you know you’re headfirst into the pool and into the fandom what have you done you wanted to be a Casual fan but now you’re running an unpopular trashy tumblr blog

sometimes you’re like “fuck yeah bro Obsession time” and you climb onto the diving board and take a leap of faith and now you’re surrounded by water everywhere, splashing as you finally hit the water and filling you up, and this fandom is now your life and it is everything and all you care about

sometimes you could care less about a fandom until some friend of yours fucking shoves you into the pool and on one hand you’re like “wtf” because you don’t have TIME for this but hey it isn’t so bad in here hm thanks friend i owe you one bc now i’ve got folders and folders of fanfics in progress

sometimes you’re like “dya reckon i should dive in” and everyone’s like “NO DON’T GET IN HERE THE WATER IS FREEZING AND I THINK SOMEONE PEED IN IT” and you’re like “alright” and you stay out of a problematic fandom thanks to your friends

sometimes your friends warn you but you’re like “meh i’m a #rebel” and you dive in anyways and fUCK the water really is freezing and you kinda hate it in here but you also kind of? don’t? it has its good sides and its bad sides tbh but doesn’t everything?

sometimes it’s not a pool but it’s an ocean and you’re fucking swept out to sea congrats mate

Nobody Needs to Know || Pt. 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 4

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “please write the next chapter to nobody needs to know!!! i’m so hooked on it x”

Prompts: #38 “He better only be just a friend.”

Warnings: I honestly didn’t intend the ending to be the way it is, but I was feeling it.

A/N: I’m overjoyed at the response this got! If you like my writing, feel free to comment or go to my ask box and request something you’d want to read. I’ll probably do a part 4, as this seems to be something you guys want to continue and honestly I’m having fun writing it :) 

My requests are always open!

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You aren’t sure how long you stand out there, taking strength from the friends that stayed in the cold to prepare for any outcome. What you are sure of is that Jughead watched the entire exchange, seeing him turn away through the window just as the group dispersed and started the trek to Archie’s house.

Veronica calls an emergency sleepover, and it was unanimously decided that it would be at Archie’s house. Betty’s mom didn’t like V or Archie, Veronica was almost one hundred percent sure her mom would jokingly flirt with you three to embarrass her, and having your parents ask what was wrong is exactly the conversation you did not want to have.

On the way there, everyone calls their respective parents.

“No, dad, we’re all just missing each other lately and want to spend some time at Archie’s.”

Your dad, protective and yet also thinks he’s a comedian, pretends Archie is news to him. “Who is this boy? Is he nice? He better not be ginger. Back in my day,” you groan, “they just didn’t have souls. Now I’ve heard they steal them!” He laughs, but you just roll your eyes.

“Dad, I know you know Archie. We’re walking there now, I’ll text you once we get there. His dad is there right now but I think he’s going out later, so no worries about me being unsupervised nor any jokes about being killed in my sleep by a creepy old man.”

“He’s leaving later though, huh?” You sigh, knowing exactly where this is going.

“Dad, you’ve known Archie for years. This joke isn’t funny anymore, just annoying. Actually, anymore implies it was funny the first time you did it when I was twelve. No, gingers aren’t heartless. Yes, you know Archie. He lives a block over. No, we won’t be doing any canoodling, he’s just a friend.” You hear your friends all laugh, knowing exactly what your dad is trying to pull. He’s done it to everyone. You distinctly remember him once questioning you about a “dog of a friend” sleeping in your bed, pretending as if he hadn’t just bought the family a dog the day prior.

“He better only be just a friend.”

“Goodbye, dad.”

“Night. kiddo. Have a good time. Don’t forget to let me know when you all get to Archie’s.”

“Will do.”

You send off a text to your father as you walk in the door, heading straight to the kitchen. Everyone’s stomach had growled on the walk here, making the group realize that the capital-i Incident had prevented anyone from eating a full meal.

Rummaging through Archie’s fridge, you hear the soft plunks of pillows and blankets being tossed to the floor in preparation for the sleepover.

You know the conversation that is to come. How long is it acceptable to stand alone in a kitchen before it gets suspicious?

Sighing, you grab the pasta sauce, tomatoes, and spinach from the fridge then head to the pantry for pasta noodles.

Your friends mercifully tend to their nest making and allow you to make dinner while giving you time alone. You feel a scalding sensation on your hand and look up, rubbing the burn.The time on the microwave reads 9:56 pm, and you realize you’ve been standing at the stove for twenty minutes while the pasta has has been bubbling over, the splash hitting your hand as it spilled.

After scooping everyone a serving into a bowl, you set all of the food on Archie’s coffee table in the center of the room, surrounding which are the blankets they’ve artfully laid out. Stopping only to bid a farewell to Fred as he walks out the door, you take the spot in the center and curl up, letting the warmth from the bowl seep into your freezing fingers.

Your friends thank you for the dinner, and a while is spent with only the sound of Archie flipping the channels on the television.

It’s Betty that dissipates the silence.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. He said something about you and we thought you had told him and I feel so bad about-”

“Don’t,” you say with a sigh. You set your bowl onto the table and slip further into your blanket. “It’s my own fault. If I had just realized before it was too late that I had a crush, then I maybe could have distanced myself.” You look at all three surrounding you, and give a small smile. “I’m sure he just needs time, like he said. We’ll be fine in a couple days.”

Veronica slams her bowl down. “I just don’t get it!” Everyone’s head snaps to her. “You both seemed so enthralled with each other, I was sure he felt the same way. Or at least that he cared enough to not drop you just because you had the audacity to feel more for him than he might for you,” she finished sarcastically.

You shake your head, hoping that she won’t be too angry at Jug. He hadn’t done anything wrong, after all. “It’s just a bit awkward now. We’ll get over it. I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

“So,” Archie starts, a little hesitant, “You, uh, haven’t exactly told us what happened,” he points out, hand rubbing the nape of his neck.

And so the story begins. You tell them his reaction after they had left the diner, the hurt you felt. When you start to tell them about your plead with him for the two of you to move past it, the spiral of panic about being left out of the group, they stop you.

“Whoa, Y/N, slow down for a minute. Why would you ever think that?” Betty asks, concern coloring her voice.

“Don’t you ever, for even a second, think that we would stop caring for you just because there’s tension between you and Jughead.” Her fierce protectiveness is evident as Veronica scoots closer to you, throwing her arms around you.

“Yeah, Y/N/N. You’re pretty cool and stuff, we wouldn’t do that to you.”

Everyone laughs as Archie gets embarrassed, not knowing how to comfort you but trying his best. A sudden warmth starts in your stomach as you realize the support that your friends have shown all night.

“Thank you guys. I appreciate you hanging out with me as I wallow in pity,” you say, scrunching your nose at the thought of you in the middle of self-pity. You grab the remote from Archie. “Let’s find the worst movie currently streaming and just relax, yeah?” Everyone agrees, and the rest of the night is spent critiquing whatever movie was the subject of your fancy, support coming from the mere presence of such wonderful friends.

After the sleepover had dispersed the next morning, Archie heading off for Saturday football practice and the three girls all agreeing a shower was in order, you head home.

Once you shut your door, the bliss of being alone hits. You love your friends, and them being there despite you insisting everything was fine meant a lot, but you really needed to time to process by yourself.

The steam from your shower is stifling, but something about the scalding water makes you feel truly cleansed.

You check your phone: no messages. You turn the ringer on and the volume up, before tossing it across the bed and starting up your laptop.

Ten minutes pass. You check that you did, in fact, turn your ringer on. You did. No messages.

An hour passes, and you turn your phone off and then back on again, checking the signal. Full bars. No messages.

You throw your phone into a drawer. When you leave your house, your bedroom door is still open.

Bittersweet 16 | Rucas Oneshot

Prompt: I got requested to do a rucas au oneshot based on my favorite instant star episode awhile back as well as a different request to do another ‘Riley is Josh’s younger sister’ au so I decided to combine them lol. Hope that’s okay! 
A/N: Okay so like I said in this AU Riley is Josh’s little sister and Josh and Lucas (and Zay) are two years older. There’s an obvious connection between Riley and Lucas but he’s afraid to cross that line with her because of his relationship with her family and their minor age difference. Inspired by S01E08 of Instant Star.
Word Count: 6,336 (I’m sorry I don’t know why this is so long)

✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

“I can’t wait to see you either.” Riley smiled as she chewed on her bottom lip. Her best friend Isadora grinned at her from the other side of the couch before popping a handful of M&M’s into her mouth. She playfully kicked at the raven-haired girl who was now making kissing noises as she dragged out her goodbye over the phone. “Yeah, you too. Bye.”

The two girls shrieked in unison once the brunette hung up the phone. “Could it be the God’s are finally on my side?” She giggled, hopping up and down as she tried to contain her excitement. “I can’t believe I have my first serious boyfriend.”

“I can’t believe it’s Evan Carmichael.”  The bespectacled beauty teases, nudging her best friend. “Does this mean you’re over you know who?”

Riley waits a beat. Fighting the urge to roll her eyes at the mere mention of him. Isadora didn’t need to say his name for her to know exactly who she was talking about. Lucas Friar. He was two years older and best friends with her older brother Josh which meant he was off limits. Not that he was interested anyway.

The crush she had on him started way back in middle school but to him she would always just be his best friends little sister. She was just a dumb kid in his eyes despite their minor age difference. But none of that mattered now. She moved on, she was dating Evan now and was just 1 day shy of turning 16 and having the birthday party of her dreams. Things were finally starting to look up. She was happy.

“That’s in the past.” Riley assured her. “Besides, he made his feelings very clear.”

“That was 2 years ago, Bubbles.” Isadora gives her a pointed look. “Just because he saw you as a kid when you were 14 doesn’t meant he sees you that way now. People change. Feelings change.”

“Izzy, it doesn’t matter how long ago it was. Two years later and I’m still two years younger. I’ll always be two years younger. He’s 18, he’s a senior, I can’t expect him to want to be with someone who still has 2 more years to go before they graduate.” She knew it was the truth but that didn’t make it sting any less to hear it out loud. And even though it hurt, she made peace with his decision.  

Peace or no peace though, she couldn’t help but think back to that week…

Every year before the new school year began the Matthews family would rent a lake house up in Connecticut to celebrate labor day away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Usually the trip only consisted of the 5 of them. Riley’s parents, her two brothers and herself of course. But the summer after Riley’s 14th birthday was different.

Her parents allowed each of their children to bring along 2 guests. Her younger brother Auggie brought his two friends Ava and Dewey and in true Joshua Matthews fashion wherever he went the other two musketeers, Lucas and Zay, followed.  

Even though her parents said she could bring two guests Riley knew the only person she felt comfortable enough to bring along with her was Isadora. She and Izzy became fast friends in elementary school and have been inseparable ever since. It was nice finding someone who got what it meant to be different and once they found each other they vowed never to let go.  

Because of her lack of friends and an open spot being available, Josh begged their parents to let his girlfriend, Maya, tag along. Her parents, feeling like there was an uneven amount of boys and girls, decides it’s a good idea and before they knew it they had a full house.

It wasn’t until that summer that Riley even thought she had a chance with Lucas in the first place. Yes, she had a school girl crush on the sandy haired boy but in her heart of hearts she never thought even for a second that he would reciprocate those feelings. Not until the lake that is.

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Nothing But The Weather // Chap 1

*Deep breath* Alright.

This is my new multichap fic I’m focusing on, guys! It’s a Beauty and The Beast Klance Au (Oh yes, so original, I know) But it’s a mix with the original story! So, it may have some twists! 

Anyways; here’s the link for Ao3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/9215594/chapters/20901749

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

It’s raining.

The fifteen years old prince pants heavily as he leans forward, resting his forehead against the cold ground at the entrance of his own castle, his dry heaving being tuned out by the sound of the raindrops falling down on him.

The loud and shallow breaths he’s making are not enough to fill his lungs and the desperation to breathe increases by the second. Everything around him it’s bright; the abnormal purple glow envelops him in a tight and suffocating ball and he can’t breathe.

Something on his ear pops and then Keith’s finally able to hear. Thunder and raindrops make their way to his ears and Keith could almost laugh in relief when his lungs take in the air they were missing.

He stays still for a few seconds, inhaling and exhaling rhythmically until the pain in the back of his head disappears and the hot feeling inside his skin dims just enough for him to feel the coldness of the rain on his skin.

Groggily and with a hint of dizziness, the Prince blinks slowly only to snap his eyes wide open as they meet the reflection on the puddle below him.

Big and bright golden eyes stare right back at him, just as wide and terrified as he feels. Any sings of his birth eye color erased entirely, the white area around them gone and leaving behind only a deep golden space on its place.

The teen lets out a shaky breath, “W-what –?”

It takes him a moment before he acknowledges the smug chuckle coming just a few feet from him.

A tall dark figure stands proudly in front of him, looking down on him with pale golden eyes similar to his own and something inside him snaps at the sight.

“Haggar.” Keith whispers dumbfounded as he recognizes the figure of the exiled witch before he frowns deeply, “What did you do to me, you witch!” He snarls, sharp and angry.

The figure hums unamused at his anger, “I made you a favor. You should be thanking me, young Prince.”

Keith suppresses the shiver that went down his spine at the deep and eerie voice. Not being satisfied with the answer, he slams his fist against the ground, water splashing at the hit.

“What did you do to me!?” He shouts, his voice dripping with venom and yet the witch just laughs at his face without flinching.

“I made you stronger.” Haggar hisses, “You’re one of us, now.”

His blood turns cold.

“What –“

“Congratulations, Prince Keithel, you’re now one of the most powerful creatures in the kingdom.” Haggar smirks, as she waves a hand over where prince’s on the ground, gesturing to his whole being.

”Vrepit sa, young cub.”  

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Foolin’ Around (Yondu x Reader)

“Piece of shit!” Yondu yelled as he kicked part of the blown up ship a couple feet away. Y/n sat quietly watching her husband as he tried to fix the small two person pod the two of them had flown in on. It was supposed to be just a simple heist, nothing major, but of course it had not turned out that way. As soon as the two got the item the planet’s army had been after them. Making a break for it they shot down the pod before it could reach the jump. Letting out a small sigh she stood and made her way over to him. Seeing him visibly shaking with rage y/n was cautious as she wrapped her arms around his middle and laid her head against his bare back. Feeling him let out a heavy breath he moved his hand to her arm and rubbed it. “Call Peter.” she said simply, placing a small kiss on his shoulder blade. “I ain’t callin’ that boy to come get us.” he said moving away from her to grab his shirt and coat. “Yondu…” y/n started but was cut off by him grabbing her hand and pulling her along with him into the thick jungle. Letting him pull her along she gave him time to cool down. She knew her husband all to well and knew his last resort would be calling for help. He was the Captain after all and felt he should always be on top of the game, especially when it came to taking care of his woman. Y/n said nothing as the blue man looked around for anywhere they could sleep tonight the rest of the night. Looking up at a huge tree he saw the branch just a ways up that was large enough for the both of them to sleep on. Balling his clothes up he threw them onto the branch and turned to see her by the small river. She was currently stripping all the clothes from her body making him roll his eyes. “What are ya doin’ girl?” he asked as he stomped over to her. “Taking a bath.” she said like it was nothing. Watching her wade out into the water he gave a deep breath. “Alright come on get out.” he said not in the mood for her playing. Seeing her smile she shook her head. “Y/n I ain’t in the mood for yer games.” he said, a small growl in his voice. “You want me out so bad your going to have to come get me.” she smirked. “I ain’t comin’ in there now get…” he never got to finish his sentence as a large splash hit him in the face. Y/n gave a large laugh at the sight of the Centaurian dripping with water and a glare on his face. “You done it now darlin.” he growled as he quickly made his way into the water. 

After their bath which turned into a playful fighting match in the water Yondu carried her out and watched as she dressed. “See now you’re cooled down.” she said and saw him gave a amused huff and shake his head. “If I didn’t love ya so much I’d kill ya.” he said pulling her into a hug. “Lucky me.” she smirked biting the skin at his jaw playfully. Fisting his hand in her hair he pulled her head back to pepper her throat with kisses. Moving up to her mouth he claimed her lips with his own. Y/n gave a moan when she felt his member press against her lower belly. Yondu shoved his tongue into her mouth and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer to him. Just when things were heating up Yondu stopped. He eyes shot open and he stayed completely still as he listened. Hearing voices he stiffened, “Yondu wha…” y/n started but was quickly thrown over his shoulder. Going to the tree his things were in he held his wife on his shoulder as he climbed up the tree. Siting her on the branch he looked down just as a group of solders appeared below them. Laying them down he held his hand over her mouth and tried to stay as quiet as possible. For a moment he thought they had fooled them but then heard a beeping coming from his coat pocket where the gem was. Hearing yelling he looked down just as the men saw them. Rolling over he covered y/n with his body as the gun shots fired around them. Pieces of wood flew as the branch they were on was slowly being shot away. Having no other choice he reached over and pulled out his communicator. Hitting a bottom it didn’t take long for Peter to answer. “Quill I’m sending you my coordinates I need ya ta come get us now!” he yelled out over the gun fire. Giving a whistle he controlled his arrow to try and take out as many solders as possible. It was hard because he couldn’t lean over to see where to fly it. Letting out a scream as one of the bullets skimmed his arm he heard as a ship slowly lowered. Looking beside him he saw Quill and Drax standing in the opening of the ship. “Come on!” Peter yelled, shooting down on the solders to cover them. Lifting his wife into his arms he hurried onto the ship.Going to close the doors he gave a high pitch whistle and saw as his arrow flew through the crack just before the doors closed. Catching the arrow he felt as they took off. Looking down at y/n he panted and quickly looked her over for any injuries. “Are ya alright baby?” he asked and saw her nod. Moving her hand to his arm he saw worry on her face and grabbed her chin. Lifting her gaze to his he gave her a wink, “Ain’t nothin’ ta worry about sweetheart.” he told her before pulling her closer with his other arm and placing a kiss on her forehead. “What the hell were you doing you blue idiot!” Quill began yelling.

 When Yondu had finished explaining what had happened y/n had pulled him over into the corner rooms and pushed him to sit on the couch. Pulling out a roll of bandages she got to work cleaning his wound. He let out a small hiss when she poured the alcohol over the cut but other than that she quickly got it cleaned and wrapped up. Seeing him deep in thought she leaned into him making him look up at her. “What is it?” she asked and he let out a breath “I could have got you killed…” shaking her head she smiled softly at him, “But you didn’t.” she said kissing his lips. Rubbing her hands down his back she smiled to herself before scratching at his back. Hearing him growl into her mouth he pulled away to see her biting her lower lip. “Mmm naughty girl.” he said and snatched her to straddle his lap. Grabbing the back of her neck he held her to his mouth as she rolled her hips against his hard member. Pushing his hands up her shirt he just did get them under her bra when the door pushed open. In an instant Yondu had her standing back up in front of him and her shirt pulled back down. Gamora looked at the two cautiously for a moment before seeing the gauze on the table and looking at his arm. “Supper is ready if the two of you would like to join us.” she said and left leaving the door opened. Holding back her blush y/n turned to follow the green woman feeling the smack on her backside as she walked away. 

Sitting at the table with the other guardians they talked about this and that. Yondu had admitted what he had went to the planet to steal, pulling the gem from his coat pocket. After a while of Peter and him bickering about everything under the sun Yondu gave a flinch when he felt something rubbing his cock under the table. His eyes snapped to his wife across from him to see her casually talking to Drax. She gave a small smile when she felt his gaze on her but didn’t stop the slow movements of her foot. Yondu gave a twitch of his lip and quickly took a sip of his drink, She wanted to play games he could play games too. After the dishes were cleaned, everyone went off to do their own thing. Following after her husband she saw him no where and furrowed her brows. walking down the hall where the rooms were she was pulled inside one of the rooms. A hand quickly covered her mouth and shoved her up against the wall. Looking she saw bright red eyes looking at her with lust clear in them. “So my girl want’s to play games.” he growled into her ear as he licked up her throat. “Knees.” he said. Dropping to her knees she pulled out his member and saw it already hard. Biting her lower lip she looked up at him and saw his eyes glowing. “Open wide darling.” he smirked. Taking him into her throat she heard him groan and glance up to see his head thrown back with his mouth opened in awe. Hollowing out her cheeks she sucked hard as she bobbed her head. When the door went to open Yondu was quick to hold his arm over it to stop it. “Hey what are you guys doing in there?” Rocket asked. The Centaurian’s lip turned up into a snarl as he felt as y/n tucked his painfully hard member in his pants and stood to look at him. Kissing the corner of his mouth she opened the door and walked out. 

Sitting in one of the chairs in the main room y/n felt hands rub her shoulders and leaned her head back to see Yondu looking out the front window at space. “how much longer till we reach my ship?” he asked Quill. “Bout twenty more minutes.” he said and Yondu smiled. Pulling his wife behind him he went into one of the rooms  "Yondu…“ she warned as she saw the familiar look in his eyes. "Shh.” he hissed as he pushed her pants down her legs. Turning her around he shoved her towards the bed and climbed on top of her. Before she could say a word he thrusted his member into her sex. Holding one hand over her mouth he fisted the other in her hair, aching her neck back. “Be a good girl and stay quiet for me huh.” he growled. Pumping his hips into her ass he grunted. Sucking marks into her skin he bit lightly, careful not to let his sharp teeth break her skin. She moaned as her body was jolted forward, her hand gripping at the sheet of the bed. It didn’t take long and she was crying out into the palm of his hand. Feeling her pussy tighten around his cock sent the Captain into a hard climax. He gave hard quick thrusts before stilling and emptying himself into her. Y/n felt a small growl rumble through her body as her husband was finally sated. When the door went to open she heard as the knob jiggled, “Yondu we’re here….Whys my door locked? What’s going on?” Licking lightly at her cheek he smiled and carefully pulled out of her. Standing he saw her on the brink of sleep and placed his coat over her before lifting her into his arms. Grabbing her clothes he unlocked the door and made his way past Quill and the others towards his ship. Turning he saw Peter looking in the room with furrowed brows. “Hey Quill…may want to wash yer sheets.” he said. A look of shock fell over starlord’s face and the sound of Rocket and Drax’s laughter filled the air. “YOU DOUCHE BAG…” was the last thing Yondu heard before he shut the door to his ship and gave the command to take off.

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Punish [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Thank goooood someone is writing oneshots about Rick they’re so hard to find. Can I request one please? Or do you take requests at all? If so I’d like to request one where Rick is the readers DaddyDom and reader is his little girl. DDLG with so much dirty talk. If you don’t take requests I’m sorry lol

Hope you all enjoy! ❤️

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Warnings: Daddy Kink, DDLG relationship, SMUT, Dirty Talk, Spanking, Rough Sex, Punishment, Oral Sex (male receiving), Unprotected Sex, orgasm denial, slight d/s

Words: 1,505


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Bath Time (Task Force X x Reader)

(A/N: Take your pick about your pair)

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It was bath time for you and Harley and since you were the only female inmates in Belle Reeve you bathed together and without anyone else.

You stripped from your clothes and joined Harley who was waiting for you under the showers.

You had just returned from a mission and you had to clean up the blood from your skin, none of these bloody spots were from your own blood.

Harley was in a fun mood and splashed you with water while you opened the faucet.

“Oh. Is this how it’ll go?” you said with a smirk and Harley threw some shampoo to you.

“Alright, lil bubble.” You smirked and started splashing her, too.

She giggled and tried to avoid the splashes only to get hit by your shampoo rockets.

It was nice having fun like this, after a stressful day.

You had cleaned up the blood from you now and Harley noticed your secret.

“Naughty girl!” she shouted with joy.

“What?” you were stunned when you remembered the last makeout session with you and them.

Blush spread in all of your face and you stopped splashing around.

“What? Did you think I wouldn’t notice your love bite?” she approached you and touched softly your collarbone, where the love bite they had given you rested in your soft skin.

“Who was it, naughty pigeon?” she giggled.

“Someone.” You smirked and drew away from her, surprising her with a splash of cold water.

“Come on, (Y/N)!! You need to tell me!!” she begged.

“Nope.” You liked to tease her with things like your love life.

“Your time is up, ladies!” Peggy, your guard informed you and you started washing away the shampoo.

Harley stood there, under the shower, looking puzzled.

“Floyd.” She said.

“I am not telling.”

“Digger.” She snapped again.

“I invoke the Fifth Amendment.” You replied with a smirk.

“No, you are not!” she caught your arm and looked into your eyes.

“Chato?” she asked this time.

“Quit asking!” you replied as per usual.

“KC??” she looked surprised with that possibility.

“No comments.” You replied and left the shower room as you draped yourself with your towel.

“I shall find out.” She promised.

The following days Harley spied your interactions with everyone, trying to find a hint of closeness and affection, but to no avail. You were friendly with everyone and you were good at keeping your relationship a secret.

So, she came up with a plan.

She spied you while you were talking to Floyd/Chato/Digger/KC/Rick/Tatsu/June in the kitchen one day, when she suddenly drew the thing wire she had placed on the floor, causing you to trip and fell into their arms.

They eagerly caught you and placed a peck on your nose.

“I will always catch you when you fall unless you are falling for me.” They said amused and you giggled.

Your lips touched and you began melting into the kiss when Harley snapped from her hideout.

“HA! GOT YOU LOVEBIRDS!!” she said, snapping many pictures of you in each other’s arms in the process.

You both looked stunned until she left the room. You looked into their eyes and began laughing as they soon joined you.

is there going to be more of the flash-forward au where claire travels to the 20th century from the 18th? i really need to know what she makes of 20th century life! — kaitrionabalfe

Clutching the pillow to her chest, Claire watched as Jenny clattered about with her medical equipment. She hadn’t yet spoken about the date she’d seen scrawled on the windowsill, or her confusion about it but her body was too worn down to care too much –for the moment.

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“You Have No Idea Who I Am, Do You?”

Summary: Sam and Dean learn they have a sister and she helps them hunt a siren. I’m already super great at summaries

Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, and sister!Reader

A/N: So this is my first ever attempt at writing fanfiction, so everyone please go easy on me. This is for @casbabydontgoineedyou​ ‘s 1K Follower Celebration. I’ve had the idea for this fic floating around in my head for a while now, so when I saw this prompt on her challenge I knew I needed to just take the leap. I’ve tagged her and a few of the other fic writers I follow just to get feedback. I hope that’s ok. Any feedback (but especially the positive kind) is welcome. Also, it’s kind of long. Sorry, my hand slipped. 

Warnings: Angst, language, canon-level fighting. Also no smut (sorry?)

Prompt: “You have no idea who I am, do you?” 

(gif from google) 

Sam’s POV

Dean pulled the Impala into the bunker’s garage. It felt good to be home after the long drive from North Dakota. You, Dean, and Cas had just finished up a run-of-the-mill vengeful spirit. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at the thought of a vengeful spirit being “run-of-the-mill.” What a weird life we lead.

“Cas, you’re welcome to hang out for a bit. I’m going to hit the sack,” you stretched out satisfyingly. The familiar halls were comforting, and your bed was calling you. You shuffled through the war room towards the library. The walk from the car to your bed always seemed laboriously long.  

Quickly and silently, a figure came out from behind the wall to stand at the top of the library steps, gun raised in a practiced stance. Behind the weapon was a (tall/average/short) (y/h/c) stranger. Just as quickly, you were awake again. We raised our guns in reply and Cas’s angel blade was in his hand.

Suddenly her shoulders softened as her gun lowered.

“Oh thank god you’re here,” she sighed. “I was in the hotel room when some grey suited guy came up to me and painted some crap on the wall. There was a bright light and next thing I know I’m in this Cold War hideout. I think we’re underground. Are we underground? How’d we get here? Where’s dinner?”

We exchanged glances again as our guns stayed up. A demon, maybe? But how did it get in here?

“Oh god –” the stranger’s voice wavered – “you guys have no idea who I am, do you?

“Enlighten us, kid,” Dean snorted.

A look of grief washed over her (y/e/c) eyes, “I’m your sister.”

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Come Hither

Characters: Bones x Reader

Summary: On shore leave you discover that maybe that irritating thing McCoy does isn’t so bad.

Word Count: 958 words

Prompt: gif

A/N: This is for my 800 followers celebration as requested by the brilliant @feelmyroarrrr who sent me this gif to tempt me but as we all know I am terribly at smut so this has ended up just being a bit daft.

“I swear to god Scotty if that arrogant ass gives me that damned condescending ‘come here’ sigh again I will break his bloody fingers.” You seethed as your friend smirked and kept his opinion to himself.  It had all started when you had been assigned a job in the medbay fixing up some of the equipment.  Scotty had been sick of the complaints coming his way from the medical team about certain members of his engineering crew and so had decided you were the answer.  He knew you wouldn’t be flirting with the nurses, would stay focussed and definitely wouldn’t respond to any insult thrown your way from a certain cantankerous doctor.  It had seemed like the perfect plan.  

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