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Monk Week: New Monastic Traditions

image source: Complete Psionic D&D 3.5e supplement

Way of the Zerth Cenobite

The Zerth Cenobite is a student of time and the body’s movement through it. For the Cenobite, time has become simply another dimension to move through. The teachings of the Zerthin style have been passed down through Githzerai monks from deep within the plane of Limbo. A useful subclass for a creative player that rewards forward thinking. It is a great for Banishing the biggest threat in an encounter to make it easier on the rest of the team. It is also a near-impossible class to kill with its ability to become temporarily invulnerable or step forward in time to evade danger on top of a monk’s regular tendency to skirt death.

Temporal Strike: At third level, you gain the ability to hit enemies forward in time a number of rounds equal to your monk level when you hit an enemy with an unarmed strike. The creature must make a WIS saving throw to resist the effect. If the effect is resisted, the creature is only moved forward in time by one round. Once you use this ability, it cannot be used again until you finish a short rest to meditate on the passage of time.

Future Sight: At third level, you may spend 1 Ki Point to cast Augury as the spell.

Timeless Step: At sixth level, you are able to step forward in time any number of rounds up to your Monk level using an action. To the rest of the world, you have effectively disappeared in a soft flash of light, ceasing to exist until you return. You return at the start of the round, without any changes to your status from the moment you used the ability. You can use this ability once per short rest.

Temporal Acceleration: At eleventh level, you may spend 1 Ki point to accelerate your timeframe for one round, gaining an extra action and doubling your movement speed for that round. Once you use this ability, you may not use it again until you complete a long rest.

Temporal Distillation: At seventeenth level, you can emerge from mortal peril unscathed by entering an alternate timeline where no harm has befallen you. At the start of any round (regardless of any and all status conditions affecting you), you may use this ability to return to your state at the beginning of the previous round. Any status conditions, changes to your hit point values, spells cast upon you, or movement taken or imposed upon you since the start of your last turn is removed. This does not change the results of any rolls or uses of abilities since the last round, just your bodily status and position since the last round. No other creatures are affected by this ability. Once this ability is used, it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.

image source: Genji (Overwatch)

Way of the Bladestorm

The bladestorm disciple is a monk that has trained to optimize a stealthy and deadly weapon: the shuriken. They work in shadows, attacking from stealth to take down their foes with a cloud of metal shuriken before they have realized what’s happened. For the purposes of this class, a shuriken has the statistics of a Dart.

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before I was a Hetalia blog I actually had a Harry Potter blog. I figure hey, why not take my in depth Harry Potter knowledge and apply it to Hetalia. So here is my sorting of Nordics.

Sweden: Slytheirn. He was REALLY HARD. I had to think about this one for awhile actually. But he’s a Slytherin when you get right down to it. Much like another charter I’ll talk about on this post. His outward personality is much like a shell. He remains serous and stern and only reveals his true feelings to very close friends. Yet he’s also strong and fierce when he has to be. He won’t back down from a fight but he also would never just rush in without a plan.

Norway: Ravenclaw. Ive seen him in Slytheirn and I can see that. But Ultimately I placed him in Ravenclaw. I don’t think Norway would be happy with being a Slythern he’s too soft spoken. The main reason why he’s Ravenclaw is for his interest in the unknown. Ravenclaws are know for being excepting of all possibilities. Norway is typically off in his own world talking to his magical friends that only he can see and interact with. He’s reserved and more of a home body. This is a Raven claw to a T.

Finland: Hufflepuff. Of course he’s Hufflepuff. He’s the mom friend of the bunch. Honestly I don’t have to go into this one too much. He’s a Hufflepuff, it’s Finland for crying out loud.

Denmark: Gryffindor. Again another obvious pick. Denmark is loud, proud and everything that makes a good Gryffindor. He never backs down from a challenge even if he can’t win and the idea of danger thrills him. He stands up for his friends and is a major right fighter. Something tells me he’d make an excellent quidditch player as well. Maybe a beater…but that’s a different post…

Iceland: Slytherin. Now I didn’t put him here because he’s sassy. I put him here for why he’s sassy. He uses it as a front. As in that’s not his real personality. It’s a bit of a splash guard. If he pretends to be serious and cool no one will question him or pick on hi instead. Draco Malfoy used the same personality type. He pretended to be cool but was actually a giant nerd. (I’M NOT COMPAIRING HIM TO MALFOY’S ACTIONS! Just his personalty.) When he lets the mold break he shows us that he actually does care about his friends. But it’s his trope he’s adapted that lands him comfortably in Slytherin. I think he would like it there.

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I’ll Save the Prince (Prince!Ten x Reader)

Rating: PG-ish?

(A/N) How goes it? Are all of you deceased from NCT’s comeback??? I know I sure as hell am!! Before I delve into all the smutty requests coming up, I thought I’d rewind for a moment and give you all some fluffy Ten, which a lovely anon requested! This is a Prince AU, with a HUGE twist. I got really involved with the story RIP

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The sun was blazing, far too bright for its own good, as it shone down brilliantly on the capital city. The market place was crowded with people on the lookout for deals, trying to make their meager amounts of money last. You felt the familiar weight of coins press against your thigh in your apron pocket, your hand cupping the cool metal protectively as you squeezed between stalls. In your family, money had recently become sparse, so every coin was precious and worth thousands more than it truly was. You had to be smart and calculate the best possible deals, using your sharp mind to its full potential. Market day had been your responsibility since your mother had passed away, your father following her fate not even a few hours later, unable to live a day without his beloved wife. That had been years ago though, and you were stronger know, had a stronger mind, and a tongue that would make a knight quiver in his armor. You were not one to be messed with.

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IxxP Aesthetic

One for the misfits.

INFP: Industrial ruins offering glimpses into a post-apocalyptic world where slowly, but inevitably, wild grasses will softly bury everything until the sun will engulf the earth and the universe will implode. Getting lost in the streets of an unfamiliar town, door creaking as you enter the messiest antiquarian bookshop imaginable and are greeted with a kind smile. Wooden merry-go-rounds with hand-carved horses, hand-cranked organ playing circus tunes. Ten-page letters never sent, messages in a bottle found a hundred years later. An abandoned train station in the middle of nowhere where maybe the ghost of the porter is forever waiting for passengers he knows will not arrive. Being careful to avoid an audible click between tracks so to not ruin that well-nigh perfect transition between songs as you record a mixtape onto cassette. Modern-day hand bookbinders and watchmakers. That one good line from that awful poem you wrote in seventh grade. Everything cringeworthy about your favorite band’s first demo tape.

INTP: Home plastered with whiteboards, fridge-freezer door painted with chalkboard paint for good measure so you can deal with your brainstorms whenever you have them. Chindōgu, the Japanese art of coming up with creative solutions to minor everyday annoyances that are ultimately useless because people would be too embarrassed to use them, such as the famous noodle splash guard. Fringe sports. Like curling. Disc golf. Or robot soccer. The USS Enterprise-shaped pizza cutter. Setting Wikipedia’s Randompage as your homepage, never getting started on anything because you keep clicking the hyperlinks in the articles. Avoiding TV Tropes for the very reason. Getting unexpectedly invested in the debate when it comes to footnotes vs. endnotes. Wanting to learn Elvish but getting stuck when you can’t decide between Quenya and Sindarin. Also maybe wanting to learn stenography. Or steganography. Or how to play the contrabass balalaika.

ISTP: Blue jeans, white shirt, vintage leather jacket. Wishing the multiplayer trend in gaming would go away because you like the sense of personal responsibility found in a classic adventure but getting really competitive at Mario Kart. Cherry pit spitting. Building your own bed frame out of recycled pallets. Wearing your battle scars with pride. That one delinquent character in a highschool anime setting with the key to the forbidden rooftop. Just… sitting on rooftops. When the silence between two people isn’t awkward at all but feels natural for once. Knees grazed from skateboarding, callused fingers from playing guitar. Collecting vintage horror pulp zines. Or baseball cards. Or pocket knives. Tinkering things apart and putting them back together again to see how they work. Patching up your worn-out combat boots with shoe goo to grant them another chance at life. The rewarding view from the summit after a particularly challenging hike.

Those utterly perfect movie scenes. Like when Luke Skywalker gazes into Tatooine’s evening sky, Binary Sunsets is playing, and nothing fucking happens but you feel that this, this is the very moment he realizes he might just be stuck on that dead-ass planet for the rest of his life and he’s mourning the life he’ll never have, or maybe he’s actually deciding he’s indeed made for greater things, who knows, but the sheer significance is there for everyone to forever burn onto their retinas. You know the scenes. Not being intimidated by an empty canvas but excited about the unlimited possibilities contained within. Decorating your dorm room with washi tape. Meticulously consistent editing of pictures so to not disrupt the flow of your Instagram feed. The plethora of colours light shines onto a soap bubble. Bath bombs. Sidewalk chalk. Not necessarily studying but always stocking up on cute stationery. Having strong opinions on the fonts used in movie end credits (Wes Anderson has a thing for Futura, by the way). The brand of escapism embodied in a Lana Del Rey video.

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Nessian Part Eighteen by L.J. LaFleur

The dark water whispered my name, beckoning me forward.

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta…

I thrashed and kicked, I would not go in. I couldn’t go in. Cursing roars spewed off my tongue. I couldn’t feel. As I stared at Cassian, I felt utterly hollow, like my damaged soul had finally been torn from my body. His hand was in a different position than before, like he had reached forward but failed to move any further.

Could he be?

I was forced in, dark water up to my shoulders. This was my last chance, I thrashed forward—liquid splashing at the guards who held me down.

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta.

An icy thing touched my bare foot, caressing up my calf—I screamed.

To be continued…

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NOTE: I will be doing a separate post with the previous chapters because I’m running late to work now lol. Have a great day everyone!

kansama  asked:

So as always that Ignis fic was très magnifique, but I gotta tell ya, the idea of Ignis walking into a room and going "Hmm... Smells like pussy in here" has me in STITCHES

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HE’D PLAY THAT SHIT SO COOL LIKE, “Ah, let’s see how long they can keep this up,” and inwardly laugh at your attempts to keep it down for as long as possible

And honestly I see him waiting days until y'all are out somewhere being domestic or something and you go, “oh, this throw is so soft, we should get it for the couch” and he replies with, “I agree, it should serve as an adequate splash guard for your regular activities, in any case.” AND THEN YOU SPUTTER AND DIE WHILE IGNIS IS INWARDLY PATTING HIMSELF ON THE BACK

Holy shit I’m delirious, time for slep

Rajigaze Oct 7

Reita (reading question): “On this month’s theme of ‘Your Manifesto,’ I want to make more bike-only lanes. I feel like it’s become sad to ride a bike because no matter where you ride it, people just think you’re in the way. I think if we had more bike lanes, everyone would be safer. Do you two ever ride bikes? Please let me know.”

Ruki: Did you know that?

Reita: What?

Ruki: That there aren’t many bike lanes.

Reita: Yeah, I know.

Ruki: Like, where are people supposed to ride them?

Reita: That’s a good question…on the sidewalk? Hm, I think you’re actually not
really supposed to go on the sidewalk.

Ruki: But [if they ride on the road] they’re in the way of cars.

Reita: They really are.

Ruki: So, that’s the problem. Cause people are like, “Hurry up! Go!”

Reita: Mhm.

Ruki: And they can’t go on the sidewalk, either.

Reita: Yeah, cause they’ll be in the way there, too.

Ruki: So…they have to go like…between the sidewalk and the….uhh…road.

Reita: Yeah, in between.

Ruki: Inside the yellow line.

Reita: That’s so narrow, though!

Ruki: Yeah…and even then, there’s people trying to pick up taxis there, you know?

Reita: (laughing) There are.

Ruki: I almost got run over once.

Reita: Ah.

Ruki: Cause there were bikes there. So yeah, they’re in the way there, too.

Reita: Uh-huh.

Ruki: …Why don’t people just not ride their bikes?

Reita: (laughing) No, listen. I ride my bike sometimes, and when I’m on my bike, the cars are in the way. When I’m on my motorcycle, the cars are in the way. But when I’m in my car, the bikes and motorcycles are in the way…

Ruki: …Oh! I see what you’re trying to say.

(Reita laughing)

Ruki: But what about those bikes where you can change the speed? The legit ones…but those would still get in the way too, eh.

Reita: The problem with those is that, they’re at this vague speed where you can’t pass them, and for some reason they’re trying not to get passed too.

Ruki: Oh, yeah…

Reita: So it’s really dangerous.

Ruki: Oh, I seeeee, you’re riiiight…it’s an awkward speed, eh?

Reita: Yeah, it is.

Ruki: Mhm, I can imagine.  

Reita: But I do think everyone should ride their bikes.

Ruki: Even I ride it.

Reita: Yeah – ah! …Really?

Ruki: I do, I do.

Reita: How do you ride it? Is it a mom bike? (*bike w basket on it)

Ruki: No, just a normal bike.

Reita: The kind with gears?

Ruki: With gears.

Reita: The kind without a splash guard?

Ruki: (laughs) It has one…

Ruki: Well, I hardly ever ride it…only when I don’t really feel like walking

Reita: It’s complicated.

Ruki: Yeah, especially cause…I’m not in the country or anything…so there’s people wandering all over the place…and I feel like I shouldn’t ride where they’re walking and it’s like, where am I supposed to go…

Reita: Well, we were never really taught where you’re supposed to ride your bike, or rules like, you can’t go on the sidewalk.

Ruki: Well, there were never rules before.

Reita: It didn’t matter, right?

Ruki: Mhm.

Reita: But now it’s pretty strict, right?

Ruki: Yeah.

Reita: I mean, I wonder if they’re teaching kids this stuff from elementary school.

Ruki: Ah…

Reita: Cause if they don’t teach them, it’s a problem for us too.

Ruki: Yeah, for sure….(starts giggling) Hey, you…

Reita: What?

Ruki: Uhh…

Reita: What??

(both giggling)

Ruki: Wait, wait…you’ve probably seen this cause you live in the country…recently aren’t there people who pedal standing?

(both burst out laughing)

Ruki: Their butts bounce so much, right?

Reita: Yeah, yeah, back in our day most people rode like that.

Ruki: But I saw someone doing that yesterday for the first time in a while.

Reita: That’s especially hard when you’re going on hills.

Ruki: Well, it’s probably cause there’s no hills (*that the person was riding like that I guess)

Reita: Yeah, also wouldn’t you fall off? I mean, the roads [here] are so narrow…in the country the roads are big (*so people can stand-pedal and bounce they asses)

Ruki: Well, this person was probably trying to go fast.

Reita: (laughs) Oh, really?

Ruki: Well yeah, they were probably in a hurry…and that’s why they were riding a bike.

Reita: Mhm…

Ruki: Yeah…it’s a shame, eh.

Reita: It really is~ so we have to teach the proper way [to ride a bike] to the people of the wor– of Japan.

Ruki: But even though there are rules (*of where you can ride), the towns themselves aren’t set up for them.

Reita: And it’s like, “there’s actually a rule for that, you know.”

Ruki: Yeah, I think that’s not good.

Reita: It hasn’t permeated [society].

Ruki: Ah, that sounds manifesto-y.

(Reita giggles)

Ruki: Huhu

weebleroxanne said: Ask family and friends if they have a good salesman they’ve used and research cars before you go. Have a couple picked out before you go and tbh, a year old certified pre-owned is better than a brand new one. I’ve had to buy two new cars in the last six months because of car accidents and the second time was so much easier because I’d already done a bunch of research and found a preowned that I liked at the dealership my uncle always buys from.

Yeah, I’ve actually been doing some research in the past month or so because I knew it was going to be soon just not when. I was really hoping I could make it until after we move back to NH, where there’s no sales tax, but c’est la vie. 

Right now I have narrowed it down to the Honda HR-V, the Subaru Impreza or Crosstrek, and the Toyota Prius, which has become surprisingly affordable. Bonus: all three of those companies have dealers in the same strip, so I can hit them up and do all the test drives at once, without having to take my lame car hobbling around town, LOL

Sadly I don’t have any friends who have bought a car recently - my parents cars are both older than mine, although both have way less mileage, heh. I’m a bit nervous about buying pre-owned, but I’ll definitely ask at the dealer about it.

13nel said: hint, pick out your salesman online, call and talk to them first, then you won’t be swarmed, also you get to pick out the woman/poc to get the commission.

Oh God yes, I’d so much rather buy a car from a woman. Salesmen are fucking intimidating. When I do the test drives, I plan to make it clear that I’m not planning to buy until I’ve test driven all the options. Then once I choose, I can pick someone out and make an appointment to go back.  👍 👍 👍

jellybug37 said: Never buy warranty! I left my brother when he was buying his car and the poor sucker sent an extra 10,000 on unnecessary warranty.

Oh geez! I was surprised when I got my car how much the basic warranty covered, without having to pay extra. Of course, that was after they tried to sell me floor mats and splash guards and shit, LOL

Loose Meat Sandwiches

Watching Roseanne reminds me of one of my jobs. I worked for a “loose meat sandwich” shop for a short time as a teen. Similar to what they have on Roseanne but larger and we had actual health and safety guidelines, like the meat doesnt sit in uncovered trays open to the air and bugs etc, the line were the meats and such were had a splash guard and the pans had lids.

We had pork, beef and chicken. Then something we called the special which was literally left overs of the 3 above combined with some kind of sauce in it that our boss wouldn’t let us see. It was A1 steak sauce with some BBQ sauce in it.

We had like 3 kinds of chips (crisps kind), a soda fountain that half worked and a DIY condiments bar so my job was basically take their order and slop meat onto a bun and hand that tot hem on a plate. They got the rest. I hated it. I’d come home feeling like I bathed in grease. And it ruined chopped brisket sandwiches for me for a while.

I of course got over it. But the show does bring back memories. Including when we got a surprise health inspection and our walk-in was too warm by like 1-2 degrees and they made us toss almost everything in it. I quit about then because the boss was going to make me and the others clean it out while he yelled at us for wasting his money even though he knew the walk-in was not working right and didn’t do a thing.

Ah teen jobs, I excelled at finding the worst ones. food service for places that treated you poorly, selling clothing at the mall and chasing down thieves who tried to steal stuff from our store there, worked at a small burger place for a bit that was dead all day except student lunch time.

I thought when I grew up I was going to be a graphic designer and be rich. I was a graphic designer for 20+ years after that and I lost money. So I didn’t do it right obviously. LOL. :D


小雨が降る中散歩(写真では分からないけど、そこそこ降ってマス)。不要になった切りっぱなしの靴下は、泥はね防止策。ボーボーの腕毛を靴下内に全て突っ込みます。アシンメトリーなのが今日のお洒落ポイント(笑)go for a walk in the light rain.Socks are mud splash guards.


“It’s raining,so we should go home!”―“No.I would like to walk more!”