I made a little dolicho-brachycephalic flip-book animation for Kat:

Wolf-dog:               100,000 BCE
Spitz-type dog:         10,000 BCE
Bulldogge:                   1800 CE
Boston Terrier:            1960 CE

Happy animal husbandry day!

I basically just did a Boston Terrier drawing, then a wolf drawing, and then in-betweened them, so they’re not quite accurate in terms of timeline, but it’s a rough estimate

Hi I’m Zephyr

I am not a pomsky
I am not a husky/chihuahua mix
I am not a husky puppy
I am not a wolf puppy
I am not a wolf/chihuahua mix
I am not a fox
I am not a malamute/chihuahua mix

I am an Alaskan klee kai

Yes I am tiny
Yes I am full grown at 9 pounds
Yes I can pull mini sleds
Yes I am more energetic than a husky
Yes I shed a ton
And yes I am adorable!


Shedding snapchat fun in a tiny grooming session with Ko, featuring Nala the wig model. Sorry to everyone I spammed these to D: ! Side note: he’s doing a bit of a whale eye, but not because he was uncomfortable. He was getting his belly rubbed in a sweet spot when I happened to snap his face doing that. He half closes his eyes and rolls them back like in the other pic, I just caught his face at a weird time.