by Michael McFee

Little paper cuds we made
by ripping the corners or edges
from homework and class notes
then ruminating them into balls
we’d flick from our fingertips
or catapult with pencils
or (sometimes after lunch)
launch through striped straws
like deadly projectiles
toward the necks of enemies
and any other target where they’d
stick with the tiniest splat,
I hope you’re still there,
stuck to unreachable ceilings
like the beginnings of nests
by generations of wasps
too ignorant to finish them
or under desktops with blunt
stalactites of chewing gum,
little white words we learned
to shape and hold in our mouths
while waiting to let them fly,
our most tenacious utterance.

A kid who was a real jerk to me two years ago is sitting behind me.

His clothes don’t match and his pink denim shorts are pulled down to the point where I can see his underwear.

if u spit that spitwad crap into my hair your fashion sense will be permanently damaged i mean what

i think it’s time for everyone to accept that captain america is a real jerk, i could beat the snot out of that frisbee flinging fool, that patriotic patsy is going down the drain, the star spangled spitwad is going to get walloped!

anonymous asked:

It would be cute if smol pearl had help from lapis to read and write HW language then present pearl paralleled this by trying go help her with human language although lapis might not feel like learning it sometimes

aWWW thats really cute

I’m also having a good time thinkin of rowdy grandma student lapis. this grandma is 2 cool 4 school, she don’t obey the rules. 

she shoots spitwads at pearl through a straw when she’s trying to teach her earth stuff