anonymous asked:

I've seen your Ace daughter hcs and I was wondering, if you could come up with son hcs for him?

Of course I can :DDD

  • his son is absolutely adorable
  • he’s Ace’s spitting image, except that his son has bangs and his black hair is shorter
  • And I don’t know why, but I can see Ace’s son totally wearing glasses
  • He’s very shy and well behaved and always hides behind his fathers’ legs when he meets new people
  • Sabo and Luffy LOVE him
  • He’s thrown off a bit by Luffy’s ready-to-fight-beasts-and-monsters-nature, but damn he loves his crazy, badass uncle
  • Dadan can’t fucking believe her eyes, because she full on expected Ace’s kid to be nothing short of an angry little punk
  • But then Ace’s son turns out to be this sweet, glasses wearing, freckled, adorable boy who calls her grandma and she’s over the effing moon
  • Garp too
  • He’s already comissioning a mini marine uniform
  • Ace is soooooo proud of him since his son is pretty book smart and overly protective of him
  • Did I mention that he’s practically Whitebeard’s new treasure?
  • Ace and his boy are so close man, so damn close Ace would never in his life leave his baby boy behind

The Children of the Wasteland have grown in numbers.

Spinal and Maras had their first nest. Perfect children with bone-like faces and sharp spines, spit images of their parents. The pure Plague-blood runs strongly through them, undiluted and untampered. Their true powers have yet to unfold but the clergy is certain they will not– cannot disappoint. Whether their powers will be similar to their parents’ remains a mystery, however.

The hatchlings reside on temple grounds, with the oozing glow of the Wyrmwound at their back, a constant reminder of their heritage. They are to be the guides of the Wasteland, in tune with their element and native land, unable to leave the hostile territory behind. Spiritual beings with a nature akin to the land they represent: ruthless.

Yet as proud as the clan is about these hatchlings they cannot remain in one place. They cannot remain with their parents if they hope to learn more. They cannot remain for their raw power blocks the vision of their mother.

With the greatest care these children will be transported to various parts of the Wasteland so they can fulfil their duty. But Archaic will be watching. For these great treasures cannot be neglected.

Sunday October 14th at The Arlene Francis Theater in Santa Rosa

Creative Adult’s Record Release Performance

Featuring a special EYE IN THE SKY performance by Cody Sullivan

& Set Design//Installations from Ross Farrar and Austin Pratt.

This will double as the official Old Groves Zine release.

The reception will be from 730-845 and the performance will start at 9pm sharp.

A. Beastman will be your host for the evening. Vegan snacks will be provided.