i love my dad but hes a fucking naive idiot when it comes to services online
like he’s the spitting image of what joel from vinesauce is making fun of with his pc destruction videos. the technologically oblivious old person who is gullible and clicks on the first result on a google search, not even checking if it’s a secured https server

he gets scammed so many times with these fuckin viruses that claim they’re microsoft but theyre not and he actually calls the number and im just. can u not touch technology ever if ur that gullible because eventually we’re going to get so severely hacked all of our credit card information will be stolen and we’ll be living on the streets

i installed the WOT toolbar on chrome for him because i think that’s the only way he’ll be able to be careful online

“Mari measuring adrien for some clothes, both children flustered due to close proximities”

the deed is done!!

bonus blushing mari: