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The allegiances for the Sixth Series has been released. You can find a link to it on Kate Cary's FB page. Some highlights from it: Story takes place 18 months after Bramblestar's Storm. Bramble and Squirrel have two kits, had four but two died. One is Alderpaw, a tom, and Sparkpaw, a she-cat("spitting-image of Firestar", apparently)

im literally amazed they had a she cat but im also bitter that 2 of their kits died lmao, i totes called this bc the erins cant give squirrel a fuckin break…also ive been laughing at the name snowbush for ages. bramblestar im sorry but ur rly bad at names.
- maya

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I feel like sparkkit name most likely will reference him being important at a later point (i.e. he will be the spark to something?)

unlike in that fanfiction, sparkpaw is a she-cat! and im hoping she’ll play an important role, considering she was described as the spitting image of firestar



The symbol that appeared when Steven was helping Lapis escape the mirror has always concerned me. I knew I recognized it from somewhere. I googled “diamond facet cut” and found this. They look strangely similar! I’ll say this pretty much confirms the Diamond Authority! And that they sealed Lapis in that mirror—but for what purpose?