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Ur cat is the spitting image of my cat like I'm not kidding I seriously was taken back for a minute because I was like who took this picture of happy feet. That is all also. Good luck with your eatting disorder I've been recovered for 3 years. But it still damaged my health a lot and I hope u recover soon and that hopefully your health stays good. Have a lovely day tell your cat I said hey.

I’m so glad to hear that you recovered but sorry to hear that you’ve had some continuing health effects.  I’m doing my best to kick this in the butt!

Give your kitty a pat for me!!  The name “happy feet” is seriously the best thing I’ve heard in days :D

The Come-At-A-Body is a Fearsome Critter that is only found in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It is reported to be a small innocent-looking animal that is about the size of a woodchuck with very soft fur like a kitten. Its name comes from its habit of rushing out from behind bushes to scare people. It stops a distance away and hisses and spits like an angry cat. The Come-At-A-Body will then spray its scent like a skunk and run off.

Crow’s son Widow

Aha FallenClan was Crow’s O L D clan name (her past names were like Bat,Tarantula,Batstar n stuff like that) and I revamped it since Crow told Widow to re-name and rule ShreddedClan as she fucking died,and that fitsWidow hates all the clans and he only loves his. He also loves the rest of his family that are A L I V E (He has his older sister Pokeweed and grandma(??) Spit. He can talk to Crow’s mom but idfk where Im gonna throw Crow when she dies)//Also his facts are for my Warui Kokoro story once it’s over and I start a new story for him//

i used to be innocence
and smiling eyes,
hair neatly pinned back
with careful, steady fingers.
but now i’m dissonance
smashing the piano keys
until they turn red – a stray cat
spitting at anyone
who comes close,
carving the scars on its back
into the wooden door
of an empty house.

i tell my friends
that my greatest fear is
getting deprecated upon by 
a pigeon flying overhead
but it’s not. it’s a rat: 
a ghost of a cigarette
burning out
as you watch your house burn
because a rat thought it would be 
fun to light a thousand matchsticks
in your living room and throw them
at all of your favorite books.

they never tell you these things
when you’re a kid, but let me tell you:
some veterans will end up
sleepwalking back to the battlefield
and aiming their guns
at their friends
because they can’t remember
who the enemy is anymore.
the truth?
the ending of a book isn’t the end
because happy endings will rust
under too much sun,
and storms will shatter the horizon
when you least expect it.

the sad thing is,
you never really leave the war,
even years after it’s over –
it’s like the moonless night
crawls into the back of your throat
and haunts the forest
inside your chest.
and all that your lungs can remember
is rome burning –
and the smoke that scorched
your holy ground
until there was nothing left
except the skeletons
of hearts that used to talk.


Boy cat is climbing all over me because of course he is; I’m working from home and have shit to do. I snuggle him a little and then push him over my shoulder onto the table behind me. He wanders away for awhile, comes back to repeat the process. 

I scoop him up and go to snuggle his fuzziness only to find that he’s damp and smells like cat spit. 

Well played, asshole.

Dn tumblr users tbh

wiltingboy: *draws something amazing* *cute selfies* I SPIT POP ON MY CAT WTF

lux-mea-lex: um sweetie :) *corrects u HARD with no mercy* *amazing art* *amaze metas*

mellodear: *writes a masterpiece* I’m sorry this isn’t that great *perfect characterization*

notymir: Light yagami - *either actually something true or deep about him or something sinful*

beyondbirthdaying: *amazing criticism* *on point posts* *amaze fanfics* *sinful headcanons*

analystproductions: amazing fan songs and mixes!!

sayu-is-a-sass-queen: okay.. but what if dn was dinosaurs???

spknear: wow does anyone even like L?? Ew *has L as her skype pic*

bbxkira: have you heard about our lord and Savior beyond birthday? :)


At 1 AM this morning, I found a tapeworm wriggling around on my welcome mat, with no indication of which cat spit it out or pooped it out or whatever.

SOOO… I have to now get all three of my cats checked at the emergency vet.

The base bill JUST for a physical exam, not even for further exams regarding the tapeworm, is $100 EACH.

I seriously can’t afford that right now.

So I’m please asking all my followers to help me and my kitties and donate if they can.

I have a little over 1,700 followers, so literally only 300 people donating $1 would help me pay for at least the physical exams.

If you can’t donate, I totally understand! Please consider reblogging (not liking, because let’s face it, no one pays attention to likes) this post to help spread the word.

My PayPal address is mirandaadria@outlook.com.

Thank you!!!

I can take a photo of the receipt once I receive it as proof that this is legit.

I just realized I should have taken a photo of the tapeworm. That thing was nasty-looking.

The Oldest Makeup Tips I Know

1. Use a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover ( or sometimes like, let’s be real, spit) to fix a cat eye 

2. Stick your pointer finger in your mouth and pull it out after you apply lipstick to get that shit all off your teeth

3. Stick your eyeliner pencil in a lighter for one brief millisecond and let it dry for a kohl eyeliner, major creamy effect

4. Don’t pump the mascara. It’ll get air in the tube and you’ll be throwing that out way sooner than you have to

5. If you don’t like a mascara at first, leave it alone for a couple of weeks. It’ll dry out in the tube a bit and then will become a little bit different.

6. The expiration date of any makeup is usually on the bottom of every tube. It looks like this and the number is how many months you can keep it around after date of open:

7. Smile when you apply blush, make a fishy face when you apply bronzer, and pray to the goddesses when you apply cat eyeliner

8. Speaking of which, cat eyeliner looks great on every human in the world and it takes patience and practice and will but it is worth. It.

9. If you put too much face makeup on, dilute that shit by wiping it off with a tissue.

10. The less time you have, the more likely you will smear mascara all over your face.

11. Match your foundation on your jawline and not your hand. If you’re at the drugstore, put the bottle right up to your face.

12. Red-orange lipstick makes your teeth look yellower, while classic blue-red lipstick makes your teeth look whiter.

13. “You look better with less makeup” should be met with “Yeah, but I like it this way.”

14. Don’t forget to moisturize your neck.

15. Put a little matte powder on your nose and T-Zone to keep your skin looking oil-free.

16. If it’s a new product, for goodness sake, test it out before New Year’s Eve so you don’t have a gosh darn rash on your face.

17. If you get a pimple a day before an event, don’t pick it! A scab or dry skin is harder to cover up then a bump.

18. If you’re doing makeup for an event, take a photo of it beforehand to make sure nothing shows up odd or something.

19. Put perfume on your pressure points, and spray some in the air and walk right through it.

20. Makeup. Always. Comes. Off. So have fun with it.

Read more makeup tips on my makeup blog, themakeupcoven

The kittens that were in quarantine for ringworm were attempting to lay siege to the door in a bid to escape, as you do, but soon decided naps were of higher priority. 
Then they all kitty-piled the long haired one in the back and licked him into a state of so much cat spit and purring that they all fell asleep in a sun beam.

Truly, they are ferocious creatures.

The fake leaks of the Alola starters have been really dire, even in comparison with older gens, because everybody is so in denial about the direction the starters are going to take.

I think it’s because this is the first gen where all of the starters have been explicitly “goofy”.  We’ve got a rotund little owl, a scraggly cat that spits flaming hairballs, and a Max Fleischer cartoon seal.  Not to mention, they’re circus-themed, so the potential for menace is reduced even further.  In all likelihood, the middle and final forms of the starters will keep this theme going.

However, a lot of people don’t want to come to grips with that, and so they make these sleek, pretty, menacing, completely implausible fake leaks to try and convince other people (and themselves) that the goofiness is just a temporary phase that will eventually give way to bog-standard furry bait.

People keep on saying Steve Rogers is a golden retriever of freedom or whatever. He’s not. Steve Roger’s is a street-cat, hissing, spitting ball of justice and barely-squashed down trauma.

If you want a golden retriever, I will point you in the direction of the living incarnation in the MCU: