spitting cats

Though it’s a little hard to tell, Jay’s a silver blue tabby cause I always thought it was a shame that none of Crow’s kits had silver too

skam characters + food

mahdi: don’t try to cut in line in front of him on waffle day

isak: knows the latin name of every veggie. master of unfreezing freezers. the height of his decorating talent is when he makes ketchup smileys on cheese toasties

eva: uses an unholy amount of liquor every time she cooks

noora: touch her fishcakes and she won’t be kind. always.

even: recreates food from movie classics, insists on making spagetti just to be able to share the last piece with isak and end it with a kiss

vilde: has a spitting problem makes cat-shaped cookies. has a controversial relationship with potatoes

chris: only makes food you can eat with a spoon. queen of juggling eggs

eskild: everything he bakes is dick-shaped. loves to use lavender

sana: considers the best part of cooking when she gets to throw things in the bin from a distance like she would do on a basketball court

magnus: messy, but surprisingly good at cooking not unlike at sex

jonas: the kebab place is the only capitalist establishment he appreciates

yousef: likes to dance while making carrot cakes. always makes a dozen pieces of everything as practice for his family football team

mikael: gets lost in supermarkets, never finds the food section

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If it's okay with you, and I will absolutely understand if you delete the request, but how do you think the RFA + Saeran would react if MC confessed to them that she never liked herself? ~~it's fine if you don't want to, and thank you ❤️~~

Sure! We hope you enjoy this one:) 


  • You were so confident and bright
  • But he also appeared that way on the outside
  • He had some suspicions in the way your confidence faltered when you thought no one was looking
  • He approaches you about it when you spend a little too much time frowning in the mirror
  • You try to brush it off and say sometimes you don’t feel like a somebody next to someone like him
  • He shuts you down right there and tells you not to compare yourself to anyone
  • It’s enough to make you open up and confess that you never liked yourself ever
  • He gives you a little pep talk, but nothing too deep
  • He knows from experience that talking doesn’t always heal those insecurities
  • But, he compliments you every day on little things
  • If you’re doing your hair, he’ll say how cute it looks, or if you’re cooking a meal, he’ll praise you on how capable you are
  • After a few months of this, you come back to him with a smile, “You know…I think I’m beginning to think I’m okay.”
  • It would still be a little longer until you truly liked yourself, but he was so happy at the progress


  • You had this bad tendency of beating yourself up 
  • Usually it was small comments here and there, but Yoosung noticed
  • He asked why you always tore yourself down and it came tumbling out that you really couldn’t stand yourself
  • You’ve never seen him look so hurt
  • He starts spitting out compliment after compliment
  • Somewhere in the middle, you found the air being squeezed out of your lungs as he hugs you
  • He apologizes that he didn’t realize it was so serious
  • He starts this little tradition every day where he makes you name one thing about yourself that you like
  • If you name a body part, he’ll kiss it
  • “I like that part of you, too!” he would say. “But I love every part of you.”


  • They say people inexplicably open up to each other after midnight
  • Well, you and Jaehee were sipping tea together past midnight, and you just slipped
  • “Do you ever feel like you don’t like yourself? Because…I do all the time.”
  • Jaehee falters for a moment, but she’s very calm
  • She asks you what you don’t like about yourself
  • You start stating some traits
  • For each one, she asks the same thing: Why don’t you like that about yourself?
  • This little back and forth goes all night until the sun comes up and you’ve gotten to the root of some things
  • You resolve to at least attempt to love yourself more
  • And Jaehee promises to do her best to help you see what she sees


  • You were always so strong, so he always assumed you were confident
  • But then one day, he bought a floor length mirror for the house and you did not look thrilled
  • “I thought you might like something to see your full self in,” he says when you rush out of the room
  • You reply that you don’t really like looking at yourself in the mirror
  • The more you look, the more flaws you see and you already despise yourself enough
  • The confession just keeps tumbling out of your mouth, and soon you’re admitting that you feel you don’t deserve the gifts he gives you because you probably don’t look the best in the dresses, and jewelry and the rest of the things he showers you with
  • Jumin’s chest just ached…He hurt so bad because he could see that you were hurting
  • He takes your hands, “Have I ever lied to you?”
  • “No…”
  • “Then believe me when I say you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. You have so many great qualities, that it would be a shame if you couldn’t see them yourself.”
  • He makes a vow to help you love yourself, and for once you try to put in the effort


  • “Saeyoung, do you know how we promised we were going to be honest about our feelings?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “Well…I don’t like myself.”
  • He was surprisingly calm about it
  • He had been there himself, and freaking out would not help
  • He sets everything aside and has you talk about it
  • It takes some digging, but he tries to find the root of the problem
  • When you’re done, you’re a mess of tears
  • You admit that you want to love yourself, but you really can’t see any good qualities
  • This is where he steps in and starts listing your qualities one by one until you’re even worse of a mess
  • He knows it’s a process, so he tries to remind you daily of reasons to love yourself
  • He makes you list one you like about yourself in return
  • He also programs the robot cat to spit out compliments when he’s not around
  • You can’t shut it off unless you say a nice thing about yourself


  • It slipped out as a morbid joke actually
  • You were doing something, and you messed up so you chuckled
  • “Ah, I hate myself.”
  • Saeran’s attention snapped to you right away and he asked you to repeat that, since he wasn’t sure he heard right
  • When you say it again, he gets really upset
  • He went through years of actual self-loathing and he doesn’t like that you’re making a joke about it
  • It’s at this point you confess that it was a joke, but with a lot of truth behind it
  • You admit that you never really liked yourself
  • For some reason, the confession causes your emotions to burst and now you’re crying
  • He apologizes immediately, because he felt he was a little harsh before
  • It gets quiet except for your crying, and then he murmurs, “You’re worth a lot to me, and you should love yourself too.”
  • You were so touched by a simple sentence
  • From that point on, you tried to see yourself in a better light, and he tried to help you do so

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The Come-At-A-Body is a Fearsome Critter that is only found in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It is reported to be a small innocent-looking animal that is about the size of a woodchuck with very soft fur like a kitten. Its name comes from its habit of rushing out from behind bushes to scare people. It stops a distance away and hisses and spits like an angry cat. The Come-At-A-Body will then spray its scent like a skunk and run off.

Balance on the Head of a Pin*

Chapter Seventeen

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5256 
Warnings: Minor abuse, minor violence, French which may or may not be correct, Smut, NSFW

Taking the stairs three at a time, Loki arrived swiftly at the open door to the children’s room only to find Marabeth yanking Sara up from the floor by her arm. The girl was clearly trying to keep herself between her mother and brother who cowered against his bed, stuffed bear hugged close.

Leaning casually against the door frame, Loki crossed his arms, stating loudly, “Such a ruckus so late in the evening. Why, I am certain not even the crows of Asgard are so noisy.” He may be seeing through a haze of red, ready to gut the woman who was the spitting image of her own abusive and unloving mother, but he would do nothing to make the children Lauren loved fear him.

Marabeth, still dressed in one of her boring suits, hair askew and makeup smeared, straightened quickly. Her head snapped around to level a look his way. “Children can be unruly. My apologies if they disturbed you.”

It was not the children but the garish woman herself who disturbed him. “Children are children. It is in their nature to be loud and often sticky.” He tilted his head, smiling for Sara. Her eyes showed no fear, only anger and a desire to protect her brother. A surge of pride filled him for she was strong, resilient, and a fighter. “I am sure your aunt would be happy to read to you again this evening. Collect a book, darlings and head for her room.”

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Okay guys any suggestions on what to do against cats in my garden?

They shit everywhere, in my vegetable patches, under my roses, in front of the door (Toby likes to eat that so yey) and they ruin the furniture and plants.

During the day when the dogs are out they take care of keeping them away, but they’re not out all the time and the cats are probably out there during night…

My ideal dream would be to never have a cat set foot into my garden again, but I’d be happy to have them stop shit everywhere at least…

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okay but I'm in love with the whole fox!hux verse and I just really really want jealous/protective hux?? Maybe one of Kylo's douchey ex's comes around ahh idk


Despite Kylo whispering the curse, Hux’s fox ears jerk at the sound of his mate’s distressed voice, tips pointed for extra alertness. He leaps off the couch and to the front door—where he heard Kylo’s voice—and peers around the doorframe.

“What is it?” Hux asks, head cocked, absently chewing the sleeve of his grey sweater.

Kylo stands with his face pressed against the door, looking through the small peephole at someone outside.

“It’s—fuck, I didn’t think he knew where I lived,” Kylo says, flinching when four harsh knocks batter their front door.

Ren,” Hux insists, worried, spine tingling at the unknown threat. “Who is it?”

“He’s…someone I used to date,” Kylo replies, tone hushed. “He was part of my art group. Got kicked out when he assaulted me and stole money from Snoke. He’s an asshole.”

Hux can’t help but growl at the thought of someone purposefully bringing harm to Kylo.

“So it’s a fight to the death,” Hux says, licking his teeth. “Assert dominance over an old mate—”

No, Hux,” Kylo laughs, covering his mouth. “It’s not like that in the human world. We’re just going to ignore him and hope that he’ll go away.”

Hux scrunches his nose up, ears drooping in confusion, but he supposes Kylo knows more about his world than Hux does.

“I can hear you talking, little Kylo! You’re not going to let an old friend in?” A strong voice booms from the other side of the door alongside another couple of harsh knocks.

“Hux,” Kylo says, sighing, reaching for the door handle, shoulder slumped. “Go in the bedroom and close the door. Don’t come out until he’s gone.”

What?” Hux exclaims, fists clenched. “No. Kylo, you don’t know what he’s going to do—!”

“I’ll be fine,” Kylo says, stepping forward to give Hux a quick kiss on the lips before gently pushing him away. “Go.”

Hux whimpers, ears and tail drooping as he turns, looking back over his shoulder to see Kylo smile sadly at him. It isn’t fair, Hux thinks, closing the door to their bedroom before pressing one of his fox ears against it, trying to hear what’s going on.

Kylo takes a long inhale in before opening the door, puffing his chest out when he sees his ex-boyfriend standing taller and thicker than him on his doorstop.

“Xander,” Kylo says. “Showing up uninvited. Again.”

Xander takes his sunglasses off, pushing them back into his dark hair. His blue eyes burrow into Kylo’s skull, giving his stubbly beard a scratch.

“What can I say?” Xander says, shrugging. “I like giving people presents.”

He pushes past Kylo, knocking him back against the wall as he strides in, leaving mud on the wooden floor from his heavy biker boots. Kylo rolls his eyes and groans, but follows Xander into the living room.

“Presents?” Kylo echoes, frowning.

Uh, me!” Xander exclaims, using two of his fingers to point to himself. “So, cute place you got here. Bit big just for you.”

“It’s not that big,” Kylo says, smirking. “Though, I’m sure I’ve said that to you before.”

Xander visibly seethes at Kylo’s comment.

“I heard you talking to someone before,” Xander says, spinning around slowly on the spot to take in the space around him. “Got yourself a new twink, Kylo?”

“I have a cat,” Kylo spits out, wondering if it’s a plausible response. “I talk to my cat.”

“Hm,” Xander says with a shrug, and Kylo knows that he believes him. “So. You’re single.”

“Yeah. Not that it has anything to do with you.”

Xander smirks, running his palm up his chest, biting his lip.

“It has everything to do with me,” he says, taking an intimidating step towards Kylo, but Kylo doesn’t move. “I’m the executive of my own business now. I want you to join me, Kylo. Leave Snoke and the Knights of Ren. Your art is world-class, it deserves to be recognised.”

“No.” Kylo snarls, quietly wondering whether some of Hux’s animalistic characteristics have rubbed off on him.

Xander growls and reaches up, grabbing Kylo’s chin between his two fingers, turning his head from side to side.

“Still as stunning as I remember,” Xander says. “Those pretty lips—”

Get off me, Xander,” Kylo commands, pushing the man’s hand off of him. “And get out. Before you make me do something I’ll regret.”

“And what would that be, young Kylo?” Xander laughs, rolling his sleeves up. “Cry to Daddy? Oh. Wait, you can’t.”

Kylo’s eyes are filled with tears before he blinks, feeling a well of emotion gather in his chest, threatening to make him implode.

“You bastard,” Kylo shouts, unsure of whether it’s his anger or his grief that makes him swing his fist at Xander’s face.

His voice echoes across his apartment, and Kylo sees an orange blur emerge from the bedroom as quick as a flash, the little thing growling and barking as loud as its lungs will allow it.

Kylo can’t help but feel overwhelmed as he watches Hux—in his animal body—gnaw his way through the material of Xander’s jeans, obviously biting some of his actual leg as the man cries out and tries to kick the fox off of him, but Hux’s jaw is far stronger and won’t be beaten; not when he believes his mate is in danger.

“Fuck!” Xander shouts. “A fucking fox! What the fuck!”

Hux keeps on biting, snapping his teeth at whatever part of Xander he can get at, though it’s mostly his ankles, but the ferocity in every one of Hux’s movements, his body quick and agile to avoid Xander’s kicks as he tries to make his way to the front door, but the fox is there every step, ripping his jeans to shreds, leaving trails of his blood on their floor.

“You freak, Kylo!” Xander yells as he scrambles out the door and hobbles down the corridor and away from the fox that’s bearing his teeth at him.

Hux snarls, shoulders hunched as though ready to pounce, giving a huff before holding his head up high and trotting back into the apartment, even closing the door behind him with a push of his two front paws.

“My hero,” Kylo says with a smile, before feeling more tears on his cheeks and he slides down the wall, knees drawn up to his chest. He sniffles, biting his lip to prevent more tears from falling, to try and stop the memories of the car crash from resurfacing, but the tears keep spilling from his eyes. He buries his face in his folded arms, and cries.

He hears Hux whimper, his cold nose bumping against Kylo’s leg as though asking to be let in.

“Sorry,” Kylo mutters, lowering his knees so the fox can climb into his lap, standing on his two back legs to reach up to rub his head against the underside of Kylo’s chin. “Better?”

Hux yips in response, licking Kylo’s cheek to catch a few of his falling tears.

Kylo can’t help but chuckle at the innocence of his fox. Maybe one day he’ll be able to tell Hux about the life he had before he was Kylo Ren, artist and protégé of the Supreme Leader of First Order Art Academy, when he was still Ben, when he was unhappy.

Maybe. But as Hux shifts forms, becoming human and giving Kylo a passionate kiss, Kylo knows that that day is not today.

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Hello *lowers sunglasses* heard you were lookin' for requests. *wink* here's a little somethin' *slides note to you and drives off* RFA reacting to MC stealing a kiss at a random moment. You decide what kinda kiss;)

Ooh I’ve never written anything like this before! Hope you don’t mind - I added V in there as a bonus :) 


  • You were waiting for him at a bench on campus. 
  • There he is! 
  • He came up to you all excited. “MC! Have you heard? They’re opening a Honey Buddha Chip Cafe!” That much MSG can’t be good for anyone…
  • But he’s so enthusiastic and adorable about it that you can’t help but smile
  • You kiss him. 
  • It was a quick peck really, but it was enough to reduce him to at staring you in surprise. 
  • “I’d love to go to that cafe, Yoosung.” 
  • Surprise turns into playfulness. He tilts his head and grabs your hand, pulling you closer. “Hey MC… Could you do that again?” 


  • She’s been a bit too busy lately. 
  • Jaehee! Notice me! :(
  • You placed your chin on top of her laptop screen and pouted. 
  • She sighed. “I’m sorry, but not now, MC. Mr. Han is starting another cat project…”
  • You leave the room. Jaehee begins to feel a bit guilty. 
  • Unfortunately for her, you were waiting just outside the door. 
  • The moment she stepped outside the room, she was startled by a warm, gentle pressure on her lips. 
  • Her cheeks were getting warmer. 
  • You pull away suddenly and fix her with a petulant look. “Oh sorry, you were busy right?”
  • Still blushing, she’s reminded of her most pressing, reoccurring dilemma: Productivity? Or MC? 
  • Who knew her girlfriend could be such a tease?! You giggle at her confusion. 
  • “I-I guess Mr. Han’s report can wait awhile…” 
  • Smooth, MC


  • He was playing a song on his guitar when you walked in. 
  • “MC! Wanna hear the new song I learned?”
  • You agree of course. You assumed it was a song from one of his new roles, but you were wrong. 
  • When he got to the line talking about “MC’s endless legs” and “flawless complexion” you realized that his “new song” was really more of an original composition… -_-
  • He stops playing and looks at you with pride, expecting you to melt at his heartfelt declaration. “So what did you-?” 
  • Too late! You sat on his lap and caught him in a kiss that took his breath away. It took a second for him to register what was happening, but he eventually wrapped his arms around your waist. 
  • He smirked at you, satisfied. “I was that good, huh? Come on, say it.”
  • You grinned. You moved closer, and Zen readied himself for a second kiss. 
  • To his dismay, you stopped inches away from his face and simply hovered there. What were you doing?! Trying to drive him crazy?! 
  • Instead of pressing your lips to his, you leaned into his ear and whispered. He could feel your hot breath on his neck. “Your fly is down.” 
  • With that, you stood up and sauntered out of the room. What?! 
  • Still breathing heavily, Zen looked down at his zipper. Sure enough, you were right. 
  • He got up. “MC!” Dammit, it was down! And it’s going to stay down now that you’ve awoken the beast


  • You were on the couch having a discussion about a new potential cat project. 
  • “MC, what do you think about starting a line of cat mittens?”
  • “I think there will definitely be a market for it. After all, cat paws are very sensitive. And not every cat owner can have a home has well heated as yours, Jumin.” 
  • “Indeed. It would be a good alternative for cat owners who wish to save on their heating expenses.”
  • You scooted closer and kissed him right on the lips before continuing: “Yes! Furthermore, the mittens will enhance the cat’s aesthetic value.”
  • Jumin blinked in surprise. “Did you just-?”
  • You kissed him again, this time a little more deeply. “Did I just what, Jumin?” You tilted your head innocently. 
  • “Anyhow,” You went on, “Imagine how adorable Elizabeth the 3rd would look with a pair of sky blue mittens!” You turned to look at him once more, giving him that same mockingly clueless look. 
  • “I see.” 
  • He pinned you down, his straight hair tousled from the sudden movement. 
  • “A practical acessory,” He proceeded. “Just like that dress you’re wearing.”

707/ Saeyoung

  • He was building a robot cat to go with the fire-spitting robot dog. 
  • They were going to be best friends: an ice-spitting robot cat, and a fire-spitting robot dog! (Jumin? Zen? Is it you?)
  • You decided to help him. You loved watching how engrossed he became in these little projects. All his fidgety energy would be diverted towards a single goal, and his eyes would become gleam with fascination. It reminded you of how intelligent he was. 
  • “Hey MC… could you hand me that screwdriver?”
  • “You’ve got it, Captain Seven!”
  • Instead of the cool feel of metal on his palm, Seven felt a soft peck on his cheek. 
  • You looked away bashfully and set the screwdriver down in front of him. 
  • He smiled to himself. “There’s one thing I’m missing…” 
  • He turned and reached behind you. You realized that he wasn’t holding anything but was making a heart with his fingers. “Your love…?!”
  • You sigh (why is he such a meme…) 


  • The pasta he was trying to cook for you wasn’t coming out exactly the way he wanted it to. He was beginning to feel frustrated.
  • He had always been a perfectionist with his photographs. Now that his vision was gone, he strived for perfection in other fields - cooking, music, painting - any artistic outlet where his tactile senses could be honed and sharpened to a point. 
  • So why were his langoustines consistently unseasoned?! 
  • He signed and traced his hands over the recipe book, trying to find fault in his technique. 
  • This is when he felt a warm touch on his hand, and force guiding his fingers to the correct passage.
  • “The recipe you needed was on the next page.” 
  • “I knew that.” He replied, giving you a soft smile. You could tell he was a bit disappointed. For all his gentleness, V had a fire burning inside him - a quiet determination to maintain self-sufficiency, no matter the cost. He had probably wanted to figure this out on his own. 
  • You went on your tip toes and kissed him on the nose. “Of course you did. You’re always so capable.” And you meant it. 
  • He grabbed your wrist just as you were about to leave. 
  • He looked down for a moment before smiling at you. A real one this time. “And you always know just what to say.” 
A little warmer...

Because i may be currently obsessed with ridiculous survival shows…

“Jesus, Kara. Could you find anywhere more remote?” Cat spits, stumbling in her heels on the wet, dank moss and grass beneath her feet. She’s freezing, the sharp wind cutting like a blade through her thin blazer.

Kara huffs as she forces the primitive door open and scans the inside of the cabin warily. It’s small, but neat…and it has a wood burning stove which beats out every other cabin she’s seen for miles. It will at least ensure that Cat is warm. All the other necessities will come later. She quickly realizes that she’s been stalking around the small space in the dark, reaching over to grab a gas lamp and quickly igniting it’s wick with her eyes before settling the delicate globe back around it. The warm glow spreads and she sees the older woman’s outline in the doorway. She waves a hand wearily, feeling the energy drain from her every minute.

She hears the creak of the door as Cat tries to wedge it shut and the shuffling as she comes closer. “Kara,” she whispers when she bends closer. “Are you alright?”

Kara can only laugh lightly. The fight had taken the most out of her, honestly. But getting Cat away from Livewire… “I’m ok, just a little drained.”

Cat takes a long look around their temporary shelter. “At least you can rest…I’m not sure how much sun they get here…” she trails off, as uncertain as Kara has ever seen her.

The superhero quickly realizes she’s not the one impervious to temperature and sets about igniting the stove. It lights quickly, the wood dry from being indoors so long.  “I need…I need to get some more wood. I’ll be right back,” she says as she stalks out the door.

Cat settles in, soaking up the welcome warmth from the new fire. She feels the tingles in the tips of her fingers as they warm up. It doesn’t take long to hear the clambering back into the small space. “Found more?” she asks lightly.

“Yeah,” Kara breathes. “I’ll be sure to replenish their supply before we leave.” She drops several thick logs by the stove, already looking around for a place for Cat to get comfortable. She spots the pallet against the far wall and takes a minute to inspect it. It’s intact, relatively new and she tugs it closer to the oven, mindful not to cause any damage. “Here. The blankets are clean. Please, get warm,” she whispers. “I promise I’ll get you back in the morning.” Her eyes are drooped, fading from the use of her powers.

“Only if you join me.”

“Cat, please…” Kara starts to plead.

“Kara, I’m not asking. Now, lay down.”

She shuffles behind her boss on the semi-soft pallet. “Yes, Miss Grant,” she hears Cat huff out a chuckle.

“Just…come here,” Cat huffs again, reaching behind her to pull the warm alien closer. “If I’m stuck in the middle of one of those ‘Alaska survival’ contests…at least I’ll win. I’ve got my very own alien after all,” she jokes, cuddling ever closer to her assistant-slash-protector.

Kara inches ever closer. She nuzzles her nose under Cat’s ear and feels the older woman shiver in her arms. “You’ve definitely got me.”

Best Interests

Happy birthday to Kuroo Tetsurou!!

Over the years, Kuroo’s interest in his own birthday decreased exponentially. Gone were the reminders that came weeks before the event, and with them went expectations for a lavish celebration or a pile of gifts. His current lackadaisical attitude was a far cry from the way his five-year-old self would pine for his birthday the other three-hundred-sixty-four days of the year, but, frankly, after having lived through the special day a grand total of eighteen times, it had lost its glamour.

So, when he woke up to his blaring alarm on the morning of the seventeenth, the morning of his birthday, he just blearily hit snooze and napped another ten minutes. That, he concluded, was going to be the extent to which he treated himself. Of course, the gift was short-lived, and he soon had to crawl out of the warmth of his bed to get ready for school lest he was scolded by his teacher for being late for the third time that month. And, as he rushed through his morning routine, all thoughts of his birthday were pushed to the back of his mind. After all, it really was just like any other day; no matter when he was born, the world would keep turning, time would keep ticking, and, at this rate, his teacher would still mark him late without a single shred of mercy.

As he scrubbed furiously at his teeth — bad breath was a terrible, terrible trait — Kuroo realized that it was probably in the best to let his traveling companion know to go on without him. But, as he grabbed his phone to message them, he paused as a new notification popped up on his screen.

To: Kuroo

From: The Bae

Sorry, I can’t walk with you today! There’s some stuff I need to take care of so I left early. Don’t be late for class!

That… was strange. You always waited for him. Once, he had completely forgot to set his alarm, and had only scrambled out of bed after you called him demanding to know where he was. That day, the two of you were late by nearly fifteen minutes, but the next day you were still standing in the same place as always. So, for you to leave so suddenly, and with such a vague reason, was rather baffling. Still, another glance at the time reminded him to worry about that later. He really wasn’t interested in running the risk of earning a detention, and he didn’t have the leisure to be dawdling. Besides, the unsettling feeling in his gut was just because he was stressed and hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, right?

Wrong. As the day went by, he grew increasingly puzzled as you kept your distance. During breaks, you’d usually meet him in the hall for a quick hug or, if either of you were feeling particularly bold that day, a chaste kiss. For some reason, however, you never spared a glance his way, and had already disappeared around the corner before he could call out to you. The first time, he thought it was just a coincidence, that maybe whatever you had to take care of before school started was still unfinished. Yet, when lunchtime rolled around and he still hadn’t spoken with you at all, Kuroo knew something was going on.

“Hey, Kenma,” Kuroo said as he chewed his lunch. “Have you seen [name] at all today?”

Kenma wrinkled his nose distastefully at Kuroo’s eating habits, but ultimately didn’t comment on them; years of being Kuroo’s friend had taught him that trying to teach the middle blocker some table manners was out of the question. “They talked to me before first period,” he said, dropping his gaze to the screen of his phone as he busily tapped away, no doubt playing yet another mobile game. “But that was about it. Why?”

“Nothing,” Kuroo responded just a bit too quickly, and Kenma glanced up at him, eyes pensive. They had known each other long enough that, no matter how hard Kuroo tried to mask it, Kenma could pick up on his little signs of agitation — the way he bit the inside of his cheek and ran his hand through his bedhead were both obvious indicators — with practically no effort. Considering his best friend’s state of mind, Kenma watched him sigh and continue poking at his lunch before ultimately deciding that it was best to offer him some comforting information.

“I wouldn’t worry about it so much if I were you,” Kenma mentioned offhandedly. From the corner of his vision, he noticed how Kuroo sat up straighter, leaning in as though waiting for Kenma to elaborate. But, as he recalled the insistence in [name]’s voice that morning as they requested him to keep their secret, Kenma resolutely kept his head down as he played with his phone. Eventually, Kuroo sat back in his seat, and they remained that way until the end of lunch.

Finally, when the entire school day had flashed by and he still hadn’t heard so much as a quick greeting from you, Kuroo began to get irritated. During class, he kept thinking up different reasons as to why you would suddenly ignore him like that, and the only logical explanation he kept revisiting was that he had upset you somehow and you were avoiding him as a result, and that only served to upset him even more. He’d like to think that you trusted him enough to be able to talk to him if he overstepped his boundaries, liked to believe that you knew he’d be more than willing to take responsibility for all of his mistakes. From the way you were behaving, however, it was obvious that you actually assumed the exact opposite, and now Kuroo was annoyed with you, angry at himself, and just in a terrible mood. Even the most rambunctious of his teammates noticed during practice, and everyone, save Kenma who had total immunity and Yaku who simply didn’t care, kept their distance. A few times, some opened their mouth as though to say something, but a meaningful look from either the setter or the libero shut them up. They were keeping secrets from him, and, realizing that, his temper grew shorter and he grew moodier, so much so that, when the coach ended practice half an hour early, he didn’t even bat an eye. Kuroo just wanted to go home, call [name] until they picked up, and talk things out.

Making a beeline to the locker room, Kuroo changed out of his uniform and collected his belongings in a matter of minutes, intending to be well on his way as soon as possible. But, just before he could head home, Yamamoto burst around the corner panting as he leapt into Kuroo’s path.

“Where are you going?” He demanded as he caught his breath, winded from hours of practice and the sprint to find his captain.

“Going home,” Kuroo bit back after recovering from his surprise. Moving to walk around his teammate, he scoffed, “What’s it to you?”

“Hey!” Yamamoto yelled, grabbing Kuroo firmly by the arm as he began dragging the taller male back in the direction of the gymnasium. “Come on! You have to be here for this!”

“What are you going? Let go!” Despite his struggling, Kuroo found that Yamamoto was stronger than he appeared, and, in the end, he ended up back in the gym’s doorway hissing and spitting like an offended cat when Yamamoto finally let go of him. “What’s the big deal, huh? Why can’t you leave me-”


The collective shout cut him off. Kuroo jerked his head around to find the entire team waiting in the room, each holding a small present as they grinned at him. But, what really caught his attention was you standing in front of everyone else, holding a cake in your hands. On it, written in a neat cursive, were the words, “Happy birthday Kuroo!”

“Happy birthday!” You called, giggling when he just stared, flabbergasted. “Are you surprised?”

“That’s, uh, yeah, I am,” he answered, still glancing at everyone uncertainly. “What is this?”

“You birthday party, silly! Now, come here!” You answered, beaming as you walked up to him and pulled him into the fray, everyone bursting out in a chorus of happy birthday. The song was discordant. Some people were belting out the words even though they were tune deaf, some were singing it as though it were a funeral march, and others were barely speaking at all. Harmony  was a foreign term, and everyone had managed to absolutely mangle such a simple tune, but, in spite of the chaos around him, Kuroo felt a smile tug at his lips for the first time that day. And it kept growing as the song ended in lieu of gift giving, which then transitioned to blowing out candles and cutting the cake. By the time everyone had a slice and were happily digging in, his smile had evolved into a full-blown grin.

“And for our birthday boy!” You announced, bringing him a slice of cake as you held a plate of your own. “How did you like your party?”

“It was great,” he answered sincerely, lifting his fork to his mouth and enjoying the taste of his favorite flavor as the dessert practically melted in his mouth. “Is this what you left early for this morning?”

“Yeah, and I was rushing around the rest of the day trying to track everyone down to let them know what was going on,” you replied, sitting down next to him and leaning into his side. He eagerly welcomed your affection, draping an arm over your shoulders and tugging you closer. “Then I had to bike home after school to grab you cake and bring it back here before practice ended. Honestly, it was kind of draining, but I’d gladly do it again for you.”

Meeting your eyes and noting your honesty, he pressed a quick kiss to your temple. “You’re perfect, you know?”

“I do,” you replied cheekily, breaking out in a fit of laughter as he nudged you in teasing disapproval. But, as the playful antics died away, you rested you head on his shoulder, remarking nonchalantly, “Kenma told me you were upset today. Did something happen?”

For a moment, Kuroo felt a hot flash of guilt run through him. How could he have doubted you? You always had his best interests at heart, and had never done anything to warrant him questioning that fact. “It’s nothing,” he said, offering you a reassuring smile when you peered up at him. “Really, it was just something silly. Don’t worry about it, okay?”

You hummed in agreement, finishing the last bite of your cake and standing to throw away the paper plate. Before you could walk away, however, Kuroo grabbed your hand, causing you to turn back, a brow cocked as you asked a silent question.

“You know, there is something upsetting me now though,” he spoke easily, genuine smile twisting into a smirk. “Everyone’s given me a gift so far, everyone that is, except you. Now, can I really believe that you, of all people, had forgotten to give me gift?”

You just shot him a smirk of your own as you shrugged your hand free of his grip and walked away. “Unfortunately,” you called over your shoulder, “I can’t give you your gift here. I don’t think the rest of your teammates would appreciate it. But, if you’re willing to be a good boy until later, I can consider giving you your present.”

As Kuroo watched you make your way across the room, only one thought was running through his head: later couldn’t come soon enough.

Day 1: Allen.
Day 2: Tyki.
Day 3: Kanda.
Day 4: Allen (whenever General Cross is brought up).
Day 5: Komui Lee (Lenalee’s brother).
Day 6: The Noah called Feedler.
Day 7: Chouji.

Day 8: The Poker Pair (Tyki x Allen).
Day 9: Tyki x Kanda.
Day 10: Krory x Lavi.
Day 11: Tyki x Road.
Day 12: Allen x Kanda.
Day 13: Lavi x Kanda.
Day 14: Noise x Miranda (I think they would be adorable).

Day 15: When the Millennium Earl remembers who Allen Walker is.
Day 16: DGM Tyki Mikk ost.
Day 17: The one Allen stole from the Earl.
Day 18: Allen and Timcampy reunite, then Allen an Kanda start arguing.
Day 19: Kanda and Alma reunited.
Day 20: General Cross’s Death in DGM Hallow.
Day 21: When Allen left the Black Order.

Day 22: If Sleepy Ash was a Noah. (Me as a Noah, & if there was a crossover of SerVamp & DGM + DGM Hallow).
Day 23: Level 2.
Day 24: Timcampy grows giant and eats cat (I can see him doing that, then Allen yelling at him to spit the cat out).
Day 25: The Earls Party (episode: 103 close to the end).
Day 26: DGM AU with Tyki Mikk (they go to school together but there’s still a war between The Noah Clan & The Black Order).
Day 27: yes.
Day 28: Eh, No! Not Happening!

Story I wrote based on this art, by @pinguinmitbrille / @pinguminati

“Ya can’t keep lettin’ them talk to ya like that.”

Lúcio, who was in the midst of tying up his dreadlocks into a ponytail, looked over at Junkrat.


“The way the other heroes talk t’ya. It’s…it’s disrespectful,” Junkrat clarified, orange eyes stormy with irritation, “The way they trash-talk yer healin’.”

“Oh, come on, Jamie, it’s just the heat of the game, you know they don’t mean it…”  Lúcio glanced over at the door to the locker room as it swung open and closed, the other male heroes streaming in and out.

“Still. If anyone ever talked to me like that, I’d fuckin’ tear them a new one.”

“I’ll be fine, Rat, don’t worry.”

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