spits art

ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 

Happy almost birthday, Shiro! The next leap year is just three years away! You are so close!

I like to think when she opens her mouth to bark what actually comes out is “BLAM BLAM BLAM”.

Anyway, when Josh Keaton says Shiro would have a Shiro dog, you draw a Shiro dog. But, because they’re in space, you make the appropriate adjustments to her. Space dog.


Season 4 anyone? :P


A commission I completed for @sandwormsladybugs !! This is a scene from their fic Miraculous Reunion  (specifically the Jade Turtle and Reakumatized Princess Fragrance confrontation from chapter 9). I also included the background just cause i was rather fond of it haha. I picked this fight scene because the idea of seeing Jade go up against an already established akuma was just too good to pass up ((with a very subtle redesign because he is an adult here!)) 

My commissions page can be found here . I am not open just this EXACT second but if you would be willing to be put on a waiting list i can get to you about a week from now after my camping trip. 

I literally headcanon that when Marinette finds out that Chat is Adrien, she wears ladybug related stuff for Adrien to slowly piece the clues together to find out that she is actually Ladybug.

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After I posted that old Milla dress doodle, I couldn’t stop thinking about my “Psychonauts annual ball” headcanon, so I drew all this stuff.

Raz is probably posing for a picture. Don’t know why I gave him a bowtie, just felt right. Lili’s been going to these for years, so she knows the drill. She’s never had a date before, though, so that’s new. I tried to give her look an early 2000s flavor.

It’s traditional to wear something in the same color as your psi-power, but Milla never repeats a dress and she was running out fuchsia options after so many years, so this one is gold. The shoes are pink, though. Sasha doesn’t really want to be there, and he's protesting slightly by not wearing a tux. But the invitation does say “black tie optional,” so he’s not technical breaking any rules.