spitfire spam

After a battle leaves Spitfire (and pilots) near ruin, Wally and Artemis begin recovering from their injuries while a crew tries to salvage what’s left of the jaeger. Five years pass before Spitfire is completely fixed and ready for battle. Kaiju attacks have increased and higher categories started appearing. Wally and Artemis used Baywatch, a Mark 3 jaeger, while waiting on the repairs of Spitfire.

(But honestly this was just about drawing Spitfire fluff.)

So this started as a rough sketch for Dick/Babs fluff and slowly morphed into Spitfire angst. Whoops.

I started thinking of what it would be like for Wally if he returned knowing that he had “died” in the real world. Even being trapped in the speed force away from all the people he loved would take it’s toll, I think. That and coming back and realizing how many things he missed out on.

…And that is where this picture came from! Enjoy!