spiteful giants

*rubs my Christian witch hands all over Easter*


anonymous asked:

"especially white boys and men" excuse you, especially christian cishet able neurotical white boys and men >:(

Look, I know sometimes you kids come from reddit and see one of my posts that you don’t really get out in the wild somewhere, and you think because of your own echo chamber that anyone who discusses “social justice” issues is a teenage strawman (excuse me, straw not-all-men). And you think because you’re able to trick high school freshmen and troll blogs run by other redditors that you guys are too goddamn stupid to identify into arguing with you, you can get anyone who talks about social issues on tumblr to fight about some dumb shit and maybe start a schism in the “SJW community.” Which is about as pure a demonstration that you don’t know what you’re doing as you can get.

You kids are Don Quixote fighting windmills you think are giants in spite of the fact that you built half the goddamn windmills.