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Neon Pink Motorcycle

Ooooh boy. This is it, guys. This is going to be my first multi-chapter contribution to the fandom. Yes, this was supposed to be a one-shot originally, and no, I did not mean for it to surpass 5k, yet here we are. I blame Otayuri Week entirely for getting me started on this. For Day 7: Fantasy/Soulmates. But also, since I’ve been writing this for a while and it’s run away from me, it also includes elements of Days 1-5: Day 1’s First Times/Confessions, Day 2’s Celebrations, Day 3’s Future, Day 4’s Long Distance, and Day 5’s Fears. 

There are certain moments in Yuri Plisetsky’s life that he likes to forget happened at all. The time they were chased from the apartment, the landlord angrily spitting and waving threateningly at them when his mother couldn’t produce enough money for rent. Babushka’s funeral. The first time he fell in competition.

Those are things he can easily forget. If he looks at himself in the mirror and scowls hard enough, there is absolutely no trace of those memories on him. No one would be able to tell by a glance.

He cannot forget that, under the black band he wears around his wrist like a shield—black for mourning, black for death—his soulmark may as well be nonexistent.


idk the pushing of the Forgive Thy Abuser narrative puts a bad taste in my mouth and it’s such a not good thing to try to force everyone into then paint them as an awful person who will never heal if they don’t offer forgiveness. but. keep spitting out “forgive them!” i guess. hearing it 50 times is cool. neat. never going to do it though! tbh! Ever! not offering forgiveness to someone who doesn’t deserve it and hurt me continuously for years. my business is my own. my healing and coping process are my own. as are everyone else’s. my choice

Honestly this is so shitty. It’s one day. It wont kill you to wait if you can’t afford it. But to also brag about it and toss it back to their faces? Wow. It takes a certain type of person.


So today the alpacas about gave us a heart attack which nearly resulted in a vet call. We came out to give them some kibble, and both of them were standing around with their mouths wide open and their bottom lips drooping, green drool dribbling out. We had no idea if they ate something bad or what? Luckily we turned to Google before calling the vet.
As it turns out, after alpacas get in a fight, they adopt these sort of “sulk faces,” with the duel purpose of airing out their mouths from spit stink, and expressing just how unhappy they are about having gotten in an argument. So I present to you, the gaping sulk boys.

February comes donning every shade of
red. She breaks over the horizon, full
bloom. Drapes herself in silk like a pipe
dream. Calls herself highness, asks for
temples in her name. Donations of blood
and scarlet wine. Bright carnations and
crawling roses. Make everything into a
metaphor. Keep it short and sweet, let her
be the only thing of substance. She carried
herself like royalty, like the highest Goddess.
There is meaning in the madness. She
sacrifices. She seethes. She is a woman in
motion. A flurry of vermilion snow.
Bloodstained teeth. Says, I chewed up the
memories and spit them out. Stomped on
them. Doused them in water. Maybe now
everything will stop tasting of cherries

okay, i’m too stressed looking at election results (fuck you florida, get your shit together) so have a stripper au i was too chickenshit to post (bc i don’t really like stripper aus, so this was a challenge). i don’t think i posted this already, but i did share it with a bunch of people privately so my brain is all confused. ~1700 words, adorable cat named pizza

“Come here often?”


Eren looked around at the half naked bodies lining the stage and the horny middle-aged women screaming at them and Jean smirking as the stripper pulled him into the VIP room.

“Relax, it was a joke.”

The man pushed him into the dimly lit room.

“Sit, but try to only sit on one asscheek these cushions have so much shit and spit and cum on them it’ll make your head spin.”

Eren’s mouth hung open, still a little buzzed from the shots earlier until the words registered.

“You’re…not very good at sexytalk,” Eren said.

“Not paid to talk, I’m paid to dance,” the stripper said, teasing by dipping his fingers down beneath his thong.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Extended Announcement Trailer – Warner Bros. UK

I watched you taste every word
carefully on your tongue
before spitting them out
breathing fire onto my skin
and branding me as yours
ashes fell on my shoulders
as I came face-to-face with your flames

my body was on fire
yet I dare say
your words are what hurt the most


My name is John Constantine.I’m the one who steps from the shadows all trench coat and arrogance.I’ll drive your demons away,kick ‘em in the bollocks and spit on them when they’re down.Leaving only a nod and a wink and a wise crack.I walk my path alone,because let’s be honest…who’d be crazy enough to walk it with me?


More concepts for Ankama’s videogame “Abraca” !

This time we show you the Prince Class, (originaly “Knight Class”), who have the ability to turn into frog and swallow ennemies before spitting them out onto other ennemies !

You can also check out the Djinn Class, the Wolf Class, the Sorceress Class and the Beanstalk Class !

Artworks by Gobi and Bill Otomo

[trans] ‘Rescue’ lyrics

do not re-translate into another language

not 100% confident ;_; but enjoy!

You who said ‘I don’t like the word love’
as if you were spitting them out
Oh girl
No one else can understand
Only I would know, the painful words

It’s cautious to even say out its meaning
This feeling is swirling
Losing all my control
It started with you
and this heart can only be ended by you
Please save me

*All I’ve got is you
And I’m so into
I feel like I can now finally breathe
Girl, you’re my dream come true
The criminal of this night
Body heat lets me feel that I’ve revived
Baby, you’re my rescue

**Only you rescue me
Only you make my blood circulate
Only you are my sole salvation
salvation, salvation

I’m out of breath
Above the blue sea
I’m the lonely drifting boat
My throat feels like they’re on fire
because I want you
Oh baby please come here

Everywhere the touch of that hand reaches
is mysterious, makes me soft
Losing all my control
Body gets hot, lips become red
Feels like I’m born again


I will hold onto you tightly
Only this place is safe
I want to stay next to you
The way you are
way you are way you are
I won’t go anywhere
so that this love doesn’t break
I want to stay next to you
The way you are way you are