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Prank War

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Summary: The Winchester siblings start a little prank war and it escalates quickly

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None, just some fluff

A/N: Special thanks to @nickiwinchester97 because she encourages me a lot and I love her. And to my dad who (unknowingly) inspired a lot of this :D

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It all started out pretty harmless. Dean was annoyed by Sam who had complained about his unhealthy choice of food, and as soon as Sam went to the kitchen to get himself some water, you watched your eldest brother rip of a piece of carton from the pizza box and hide it under a pepperoni slice on Sam’s pizza.

It was hard for you to hold back your laughter when Sam came back and took a bite. He had somehow managed to bite through the carton and was now munching on it, completely unaware of what he was eating.

Dean watched him as well, and even though he was good at keeping his game face on you knew he was cracking up on the inside.

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AU where Geno and the pens are part of a secret organization that time travels to maintain the flow of historic events, and on one mission, Geno is tasked to go back to the 1820s to save a man (whose great-great grandson will eventually be key to a medical breakthrough that will change history) from a freak accident involving a horse carriage gone rogue. 

Anyways, the man is super thankful and insists on treating Geno to dinner, and Geno is hesitant because he’s really not supposed to interact this much with the subject but the man won’t hear a no. So Geno gets taken to this guy’s estate and meets Sidney, the man’s youngest son, who is beautiful and intelligent and basically Geno’s exact type. So right there and then Geno knows that he’s screwed. 

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First and Last | 02

First and Last: 01

Pairing: Hoseok X Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut; Business!AU

Word Count: 7.3K

Warning (s): Hints of emotional abuse, child neglect, self-worth issues; dirty talk, slight degradation, light D/s (praise kink returns), squirting (?) but overall pretty casual.

Note: This series is a trainwreck waiting to happen. On the bright side, there definitely is a part 3 coming out, tho I don’t know how long it’ll be :)

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“Hoseok.” He straightens up to face the man at the desk with cool eyes, “You’ve disappointed me, once again.”

His neck prickles in discomfort as he tugs lightly at the collar of his shirt, but he offers nothing more than that. The dismissal stings, of course it does, but Hoseok has gotten to the point where he’s, in fact, used to not being good enough.

The stigma follows him wherever he goes; his own personal raincloud. It doesn’t help that he sees the very same things he struggles to do being exuberantly completed by his brothers. He loves them very much, even though they don’t have the same mother, and he knows that they, too, love him, but still. It hurts, aches inside of him, when he can’t reach their level, when his Father doesn’t find him to be worth it.

Jung Hoseok. The middle child. It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, being one of the heirs to the biggest manufacturer in the country. Especially not when he’s plucked aside in favor of Yoongi and Jungkook; the formidable eldest, and the zealously talented youngest. He sometimes sees their point too; what’s to like about Jung Hoseok, boring middle child?

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[Voltron]: a little solace and peace

sooooooo……first voltron fic?

for @longhairpidge bc she’s recently been enchanted with plance and she cheered me up yesterday when i was feeling crummy. so here’s hoping that the rest of your day starts looking up :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: a little solace and peace
Pairings: Place (Pidge x Lance)
Summary: Pidge knows what it’s like to lose most of what you call yours and find yourself flung into space to fight a war she might not win. It’s not the time to want things that are silly and wish for things that won’t happen. But Lance knows that she deserves it.

a little solace and peace

Pidge cut her hair for Matt.

Sweeping her hair into the trash can, stealing Matt’s old frames, and becoming Pidge Gunderson was a manifesto to herself — a single-minded promise to bring her family back to her no matter the distraction, no matter the cost to her, no matter how long it took. If she ever lost sight of that promise, all she ever needed to do was look in the mirror, squint her eyes, let the edges of her reflection blur and soften, and wait until she saw Matt staring back at her, telling her not to give up.

So perhaps, on the outside looking in, it does seem rather ridiculous for her to be tearing her room apart, looking for a knife or some scissors to take to her hair after looking in the mirror that morning and seeing Katie — Katie who was letting her hair grow out too long, Katie who needed to remember Matt, Katie who made a promise — but this is all she has of him anymore. A worn photograph and his blurred face staring back at her in the reflection of her paladin helmet.

When she finds nothing, Pidge heads to Lance’s room because if there’s anyone who cares more about what stares back at them in the mirror every morning, it’s him.

He’s wiping off the last bits of his facemask with a towel when she opens the door, and he barely has time to ruffle her hair and spit out a dorky greeting before the words are flying out of her mouth, “I need to borrow a pair of scissors.”

Lance blinks at the volume and speed of her words, but looks back into his room — covered in facial products, old Altean lounge clothes he’s repurposed into robes and pajamas, gifts inhabitants from other planets have given him over the past year — and says, “I’m pretty sure I have some around here somewhere. Why, what do you need them for?”

Pidge swallows. “I just need them. Just for five minutes.”

Lance merely shrugs — it’s not the first time Pidge has asked her teammates for weird things to aid in whatever pet project is keeping her distracted that day — and invites her in, letting her sit on his unmade bed while he rummages around his drawers and produces a small pair of scissors that don’t look very sharp but will probably do the job just fine.

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“You’re bleeding…let me help.”

W/ Khal Drogo

For: @relientsk

When your brother had forced you to marry the Khal you were furious, you had spent the past month hating your husband and you refused to accept him. Your brother wasn’t making things any better, he was staying with the Dothraki, and simply seeing him ruined your day.

“Y/N!” He stormed into your tent, “I heard you haven’t been pleasing your husband.”

“He’s not my husband, I will never see him as such, and if you’re so worried about pleasing him, then why don’t you do it yourself!” You spit viciously. Your brother is instantly in your face with his sword pressed against your throat.

“You bloody, spoiled brat! I’m going to fucking-”

“What do you think you’re doing with my wife?!” Drogo says, bursting into the tent.

He pulls you brother away from you, “Is this how you treat a woman?!”

Your brother looks tiny compared to Drogo, and he is absolutely terrified, “I-I-”

“Enough!” Drogo bellows, he looks over towards you, the small trickle of blood on your throat is the thing that sends him over the edge. He shoves your brother to the ground and your brother finally decides to fight back. He madly whips his sword in front of him for a moment before Drogo snatches it away, using it to kill your brother.

You stand, mouth agape, in shock at what just happened. Any normal person would have been sadden by the death of their brother, but you were relieved. You felt slightly grateful towards the Khal, but more than that, you felt a warmness in your heart for him. He had just saved your life.

You timidly approach him and take his large arm into your hand. He looks down at you in surprise, clearly not used to such a tender touch, “You’re bleeding…let me help.”


“Because,” You sigh, “Because I care.”

He nods and gives you his arm. He’s not so bad. Maybe, just maybe, I could get used to being his Khaleesi.


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genre: angst, fluff, vampire AU

member: nct’s winwin (dong sicheng)

word count: 7,104

(Includes character deaths!)

AHHHH, This is the product of me wanting to write about winwin, but trying to work on my angst and AU writings, this could be super bad idk pls forgive any mistakes hxgzzjk

its really hard to find gifs of winwin that fit scenarios like this 

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A tale as sweet is this, caught with the intertwined taste of rust and salt. Our tale dates back to medieval times, where death, poverty, and war cried thought the air constantly, like a sad song.

A village where income was damned, but laugher and smiles lived on. The happy little village in which you lay your head at night. A small, but stable home over your head that in which sheltered you, and your older brother.

Your brother, Yuta, was all you had ever known. Your parents were taken by the waves of unforgiving sickness that loomed over your home some years ago. He had taken care of you ever since.

He was successful, even after growing in such a poor place. His brain was promising. Being the youngest, yet most successful scientist in your village, and those surrounding.

You were proud of your brother, knowing he was the only person you felt for. You never had any friends, you never loved anyone but your brother. It was you and Yuta against the world, a world full of tragedy and unfairness, he was the only promise.

He was the only light you could believe in, he could do no wrong.

Your house wasn’t a big one, as we have already discussed, nothing in your village was flashy. Your brother could probably make things a lot more luxurious for you, considering his talent within his occupation, and vast source of income. But, he was smart. He stored money for the days that reality would hit. In these times, treacherous events occurred commonly. He wanted to stay prepared, you always admired how adult he could be about these things.

What your house did have, in fact, was an underground cellar. This was where Yuta would do research, and perform tasks for work. You wondered what experiments he would do there, but you were met with only imagination. You weren’t allowed to go down into the cellar.

Yuta was sweet, and caring, like any parental figure, but not about the cellar. The cellar was off limits.

A new day was starting, and the sun ran through shutters on the windows of your little home, making the day feel more bright and alive. You had began making breakfast, waiting for Yuta to come to the table. You had both place settings set, and food on the table.

“Yuta, breakfast is ready!” You called.

No answer.

“Yuta?” You called again. “You better get in here before the food turns cold!”

You waited a couple more minutes, seeing if maybe he was just having a slow morning.

He should be up, he has to go to neighboring village soon for work. You thought to yourself.

You got up from your chair and went to see if you brother was still in bed.

You walked towards his room to see it empty, and untouched.

Has he already left? You wondered.

You shook the thought from your mind, knowing your brother loved his sleep. He was a busy man, and wouldn’t pass up any extra hours he could grasp of slumber.

You searched the rest of your tiny house to come up with nothing.

You thought of where he could be, and the only place you could think of was: the cellar.

The cellar was the one place Yuta would scold you about. You had never seen its contents, thinking maybe it was teeming with chemicals, with foreign diseases, or creatures inside.

You walked outside, to the cellar doors. You opened them slightly, looking inside to see only stairs. You saw the empty staircase promising, and proceeded.

How naive of you.

You lowered yourself into the cellar, stopping halfway down the staircase, after hearing heavy breaths, and yelling.

“I’ve already taken samples from you. I don’t need you for much anymore. So, tell me what you know, and maybe I won’t make your death as excruciating”
Yuta hissed in the face of a boy.

You froze at the sight. A boy, beaten to the pulp, chained to the stone walls of the cellar. A chain cup around each limb, the boy sat on the ground, head hung low, spitting up blood. Your brother,s foot lay rested on his head, ready to kick him again.

You couldn’t believe your eyes. Why did your brother beat this boy? What could he have done? Was your brother a bad person? What was the big picture here?

Thoughts swirled effortlessly across your mind to find a logical answer, then you recalled Yuta saying he was going to to kill the boy.

Was your brother a murderer?

Did he have a good reason to hurt this boy? Was there ever a good reason to take someone’s life?

“I said tell me!” Yuta yelled. You watched your brother as he kicked the boy’s head again, the toe of Yuta’s boot connecting against his temple.

The boy only flinched.

“What are your plans?” Yuta continued. “Do you really think monsters like you get to remain silent?”

Yuta grabbed the back of the boys hair, and tugged it backwards, making him look straight at Yuta. Now you got a view of his face. It was like noone you had ever seen before. His features was very sleek and elegant, only were they planted with cuts and bruises. His full lips were swollen from Yuta’s assualt, blood seeping from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Yuta half lidded, barely interested in what he had to say.

“Fine!” Yuta yelled, slamming the boys head down. “I’m not done with you yet, but I have to head out for the day.”

Yuta started walking towards the staircase, putting on his jacket. You scurried up the steps and out the cellar doors before Yuta could see you.

“Goodmorning, Y/N.” Yuta said calmly, with a smile on his face. He looked at you, then to the table. “Am I late for breakfast?”

Your voice shook as you spoke. “O-Oh no, not really. I-I can warm it up-”

“Don’t worry about it.” Yuta said, walking over to ruffle your hair with a sweet smile. “I better get going anyway, keep the house under control for me, okay?”

You nodded, and shuddered at the feeling of his hand on your head. The warm hand of a person who had just beaten someone, and threatened to kill them.

“Yuta?” You spoke up.

He turned from the door frame, and looked back at you. “Yes sister?”

“Did you sleep last night?” You asked.

“Ah, no. I was in the cellar doing some late research. Why? Are you worried about me?” He said, teasingly.

“Yeah.” You said, lowly but bluntly.

He cocked an eyebrow at you. “Huh?”

You shot up to attention and shook your head. “Like your sleep! I’m worried about your sleep. And you can’t keep skipping meals like that.. both of those things are bad for your health.”

He smiled softly at you. “I’ll be fine, have a good day Y/N.” He said, heading out the door.

You watched as your brother headed away from your home from the window. Once he was out of sight, you ran to the kitchen and grabbed your breakfast, then headed to the cellar.

You walked down the steps, the last step you took was when your foot made contact with the cold floor of the cellar. You carried your breakfast, and a glass of water in your hands.

Across the room, you saw the boy, sitting on ground, head hanging low.

He didn’t seem alarmed by your presence, he didn’t even look up. It wasn’t until you spoke, that he looked at you.

“Hello?” You said, shaken.

His eyes shot up to meet yours. “Oh.” He said.

You swallowed hard before saying the next few words. “Are you okay?”

The boy looked away.
Yeah, I guess that was a stupid question.

You bit your lip. You knew he wasn’t okay. The blood on his face and bruising proved that. His skin was so pretty, and smooth. Only blemish that covered it was the marks that looked like purple smoke dancing across his skin. Cuts and tears in his skin aswell.

You walked up to the boy, placing your breakfast and glass of water in front of him.

“Here, you need to regain your strength.” You said dryly.

He looked up at you. “You don’t know?” He said, almost in a whisper. “But you smell just like him.”

You stood cold at his words, his voice was deep and soothing.

“I’m his sister-” You said, looking down, playing with your hands. “I have no idea what’s going on down here, but I just want to tell you.. I’m sorry.” You barely uttered out, tears in your eyes.

He looked at you confused, and looked down at the food you brought him.

“You’re apologizing?” He said. “And trying to bring me food?”

You nodded. “I know it’s not enough, to make up for what he’s doing.”

He just glared at you, innocently. His facial structure was strikingly handsome, yet soft, despite the array of cuts that adorned it.

More blood trickled from the corner of his lips.

“Oh!” You said. You tore off the fabric of your shirt, and dipped it in the glass of water you had brought with you.

You lowered yourself to him, and grabbed his face gently, minding the damage.

He jumped at your touch.n“Are you sure about that?” He said. “Most people wouldn’t come close like this.”

“You won’t hurt me, I’m just helping you.”

He looked at you, and his eyes grew wide. You wiped the blood and dirt off of his face and neck. His eyes followed you the whole time, his skin was ice cold.

You were a little shaky under his intense gaze, watching every move you made. You backed away when you were done.

“There. It didn’t hurt when I touched your wounds?” You asked.

He shook his head. “No.”

You made a unsure face, his injuries seemed painful. Maybe he was just lying to not seem weak.

In this situation in particular, there was little he could to not be viewed as a victim.

“Are you hungry? I brought you breakfast.”

He smiled at the food in front of him. “She’s clueless.” He said under his breath.

Your heart sunk. “You’re not going to accept it?”

“It’s not that.” He said calmly. “My appetite is.. picky.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

He looked up to your, innocent, hurt eyes. His heart felt weak under your gaze, and he gave in. “Alright, I’ll enjoy this food. Thank you.”

You grew into a slight smile. “I have to clean the house before my brother gets home, but I’ll come back tomorrow morning.” You said. “If that’s okay.”

“Not like im going anywhere.” He said, huffing.

You looked back at him, realizing the reality if the situation again. “Oh yeah.”

He smiled slightly. “But yes, it’s okay. I can’t wait.”

You had to leave quickly, unknowing of when Yuta would return.

You were about to head out from the cellar, until you heard the boy call for you.

“Hey, what is your name?” He asked.

You peaked your head from the staircase. “I’m Y/N. What’s yours?”


“Sicheng.” You repeated, the syllables rolling off your toungue.

He hummed in approval.

“Hey Sicheng?” you called.


“Hang in there for me.” You asked, lowly.

He nodded his head. “Don’t worry.”

The next morning came, and Yuta was out again for work. You had gotten up early to clean the house and get breakfast done, so you could stay longer in the cellar. Once you waved Yuta goodbye, you went towards the stove and grabbed the other plate you had covered, and headed towards the cellar.

“Sicheng?” You called into the cellar as you lowered down the steps.

“Y/N?” He responded, uncertain.

“Here, I have more food for you.” You smiled as you walked towards him.

“You’re back again?” He asked unsure. “Why?”

“Because..” your voice trailed as you thought. “-because you’re someone that needs help.” You finished.

“Help?” Sicheng said in disbelief.

“Yes. Did he come down here after work yesterday?”

Sicheng shook his head.

You sighed in relief. “I’m so glad.

“W-why?” He asked.

“He came in the house and slept for a long time, he was exhausted. I was hoping it was from the all-nighter he pulled, and not because he hurt you again.”

“Why would that matter?” Sicheng said.

“Because I was worried.” You responded, picking up the plate from yesterday morning, noticing it was untouched.

“You were .. worried?” He said to himself.

“Why didn’t you eat breakfast?” You asked. “You didn’t like it?”

“Y/N, do you not talk to your brother about what he does for a living?”

“He is a scientist. He helps people.”

“That’s what he told you?” Sicheng asked.

“Yes.” You responded. “Why?”

“I guess it’s kinda true.. but not the kind of scientist you think he is.”

“What do you mean-” “What food did you bring me?” He cut you off, looking at the plate in front of you.

“Why? It’s not like you’re going to eat it.” You said teasingly.

He smiled at your picking at him, it was the first time you saw him smile. “You have a pretty smile.” You say out loud, regretting it afterwards.

He looked at you, eyes wide and cheeks tinting to a blush. You giggled at how cute he looked. When you first saw Sicheng, he seemed so intimidating.

“Hey Sicheng, what were you trying to say about my brother?”

“He collects information and samples from our people, and gives it to the king.”

“Your people?” You asked. “Where are you from?”

You saw the uncertainty in his features as he looked down, and you saw his throat bob as he swallowed. “Do you believe in monsters?”


“Y/N? Are you here?” Your conversation was cut short by voice of your brother calling for you.

“I have to go.” You said quickly, grabbing the plates of food.

“Will you be back?” Sicheng said, eyes locking yours in hope.

“Yes, if that’s okay.” You respond.

“It’s okay.” He said. “It’s nice, having someone around who cares.”

You looked at him, wanting to ask more questions, but your thoughts were also cut short by your brothers yells. You dashed up the stairs, and walked into the house with a plate in your hand, acting as if you were trying to bring a plate to the neighbors.

Every morning now you visited Sicheng. He was shy and secluded, but everyday he opened up to you more and more. On days you saw him smile, or laugh, you would feel as if you’d seen the sun for the first time. Everyday you’d bring him food, yet he’d never eat, no matter how much you pestered him. Sometimes you’d visit Sicheng covered in blood, or decorated with more bruises. He never showed signs of being in pain, or affected by the beatings. You would always clean him up and cleanse his wounds. Something about him seemed rather nonhuman.

Sicheng was one who couldn’t trust easily. He’d seen so much blood and death in his years on this Earth, yet somehow he found himself a soft spot for the sibling of the one who talks of killing him. It was no shock you had a soft spot for him aswell, he was honestly the most beautiful, soft spoken person you’d ever seen. He was elegant and dark, yet so cute and inviting when you were around. If the circumstances were different, it’d be so much easier to fall for him.

One day, when preparing breakfast, you noticed you hadn’t seen your brother in a while, you assumed he was sleeping. Once you ate your breakfast, you thought maybe you’d go see Sicheng before your brother awoke. You tip-toed through the house, made your way outside to the cellar, as you pried open the doors, you heard a hissing noise coming from the cellar. The hissing sounded that of an animal, you thought Sicheng must be in trouble with a forest animal and quickly made your way down the steps.

Only were you met with a completely different sight.

On Yuta’ss lab table was Sicheng, wrapped in large rope that binded him to the table. He squirmed harshly underneath the rope, causing burns to show up in his skin. Above him was your brother, knife in hand, cutting X’s in Sicheng’s skin.

Enough was enough.

“Brother!” You screamed, running over to the table where Sicheng lie.

“What the hell are you doing down here?” Yuta said, knife retracting from Sicheng’s body.

“What the hell are you doing to Sicheng?” You asked.

“Sicheng?” Your brother repeated, disgusted.


“Yes.. that’s his name.” you answered.

“He doesn’t have a name, he is scum, he doesn’t deserve a name.”

“He is not scum, he is a person! A living breathing person with a life, and dreams and a heartbeat. What are you doing brother?”

“This is no person like you or I. This is a monster. A bloodthirsty monster, after I get a few more samples neither of us will have to worry about him anymore.”

“How is he the monster? When you’re the one raising a knife to an innocent boy?”

“Go back upstairs Y/N, this is buisness.”

You looked at Sicheng, you could see the embarrassment in eyes, his upper half of his body exposed, bleeding excessively, and bounded on the tabletop. He didn’t want you to see him as weak. He wouldn’t even look you in the eyes.

You heard the clanking of the tools as your brother picked back up his knife, then you flung yourself over Sicheng’s body. You gripped his shoulders and held on to him, shielding him from anymore torture.

“The hell are you doing?” Yuta said, slamming his tools down yet again.

“If you hurt him, you’ll have to hurt me to.”

Yuta grabbed the back of your clothing and slung you onto he floor. “This is none of your concern! Don’t you see? He doesn’t hurt, because he isn’t one of us! He doesn’t deserve to be protected! You dare defy your blood over some creature?” Taeyong spat at you.

You gazed at him, fear obvious in your expression.. Who is this man? This isn’t your brother. What happened to him?

Taeyong was infuriated. “Y/N, he’ll be gone tomorrow, we’ll never have to come back to this again.”

He stomped past you and up the steps, exiting the cellar.

You ran to Sicheng’s side, caressing his face and grabbing one of his hands, interlocking it with your own. “Are you okay? Does it hurt?” You asked, frantically trying to find something to cut the ropes with.

“It’s okay, I can’t feel it.” He answered softly.

You grabbed one of Yuta’s tools and started sawing through the ropes. You grabbed Yuta’s lab first aid kit and tried stitching up the wounds.

You marveled at his bare chest. He had a very toned physique, and prominent collarbones. You tried to focus on mending the wounds, but you were awestruck. He was beautiful, his skin was golden, and his every aspect of him was still beautiful, even if he was covered in abuse.

 You met his eyes, and he still wouldn’t look at you.

“Sicheng?” You asked.

“Yes?” He responded.

“I wish I could’ve been with you.”


“I wish I could’ve been there for you. I wish you didn’t have to be alone. If you weren’t alone, maybe you wouldn’t be in this situation, and you’d have someone who worried for you, and cared for you.”

“I have that now.” He said, smiling.“You are the best company to have, it was worth the wait.” He lifted a hand to touch your face as you worked on his wounds.His hands were cold, but you could still feel yourself melting under his touch.

“Do you think my brother will let you go?” You said.

“Hell no.” Sicheng responded.

“But, he said you’d be gone by tomorrow-”

“He wants me dead. He’s gonna kill me Y/N.”

You’re heart dropped. “No, he can’t-”

“Don’t be naïve. You see how your brother treats me. He wouldn’t let me go alive.”

You finished working on him and helped him off the table. Sicheng could see the hurt and worry in your eyes, and he reached out to grab you, and pulled you to his chest. This was the first time he had ever held someone close.

”Don’t be sad. I like when you’re smiling, you have a pretty smile.” Sicheng said

. You looked up at him, and you could feel yourself ready to cry.

“No matter what happens to me, I’ll be okay. Especially because I had the chance to know you.” He said to you.

“Sicheng, you don’t have to say things like that.”


“Were leaving, tonight.”

Once the inky blanket of nightfall covered the horizon from your tiny house window, you knew it was soon time to depart.

Yuta had returned not too long ago, not looking in your direction, or even acknowledging the dinner you had made. It broke your heart to see your brother so utterly disappointed in you. He was the only person you had ever loved, and after today’s events, you’d never see him the same way again. It tore you apart how much you couldn’t see behind his smile.

You packed up a few things before sneaking out. You slung your bag over your shoulder and tiptoed through the house, ever so gently opening the door, stepping out and closing it slowly till you heard the faint click. You then made a dash for the cellar.

You took careful steps down the staircase, meeting eyes with Sicheng, who looked alarmed at first, then expression turning into a soft smile.“So we’re really doing this?”

“Yep.” You responded.

“You’re crazy, you know that?”

“Hush. I brought some of my brother’s clothing, do you want to change before we head out?”

Sicheng looked down at his torn, ragged and bloodied clothing, and nodded. You handed him the tan cotton shirt and brown baggy pants. He began taking off his shirt right then.

“WAIT WAIT” you called.

Sicheng looked at you, shirt caught on his neck. He lifted the shirt, and tilted his head, giving you a confused puppy expression.

“Let me turn around first before you undress.” You asked.

“I don’t really mind-”

“Uh it’s okay!” You said quickly, then your eyes locked onto something else. The cuts Yuta carved into Sicheng’s skin this morning had vanished. Come to think of it. He looked completely healed. There wasn’t a single dent or tear in his beautiful golden skin.

“Y/N?” Sicheng said, voice snapping you out of your trance. “I think we should speed things up a little.” You caught yourself staring at him, and his taking notice.

You blushed and turned away quickly. “Sorry!” You squeaked.

Once he was done changing, you turned to see the stunning man before you. His skin and clothing no longer blood ridden and dirty. You saw his appearance in all he was, and he was gorgeous. Every feature of his was angelic. Like he had been sculpted to be the true visualization of beauty itself.

His full lips smiled at you softly. “Shall we go?”

“Oh, yeah.” You responded, catching yourself staring again.

Once out the cellar, you both made a run out of the village, into the woods. You didn’t want to be seen by anyone. Once there, you walked closely together, listening to echoes of the forest animals. Every sound you heard made you jump. Causing distress on Sicheng’s part, he could feel your fear.

“Calm down, Y/N. You’re safe, I promise.”


“Any idea where we are headed?”

“No..” You said, not thinking that far ahead. “How about where you’re from? Is it close to here?”

“You don’t want to go anywhere near where I’m from.” He said.

“Why not?” You asked.

“My people, don’t treat your people kindly. More as prisoner.”

“Prisoner? Like slavery? Or captives?”

“Much, much worse than that.”

“What do you mean-” You started, words cut short by the branch that fell from the trees at your feet. The loud thud caused you to jump, stumbling into Sicheng’s chest. He grabbed your wrists and spun you to face him, holding you to his chest, petting your head and smoothing your hair to calm you.

“You’re okay.” He said.

You felt your heartbeat speed up more in his embrace then when you almost got hit by the falling tree limb.

The forest kept spooking you, causing Sicheng to insist he walk in front. He grabbed your hand and led you through the woods, rubbing his thumb over your hand soothingly anytime he felt you tense up.

“You’re such a baby.” He said chuckling.

“I’m not, I’ve never been in the woods so late at night before.”


“It’s true.”

“I believe you. It’s not a bad thing, I think it’s really cute.”

You felt your cheeks turn pink. “I’m glad you find my fear cute.”

He laughed at your remark. His laugh was honestly the most pure thing you had ever heard. After so much, he could laugh so genuinely. This laugh was the most precious thing to you at this point.

After what felt like ages of stepping through the leaves and twigs, ducking under tree limbs and almost peeing yourself 50 times, you made it to an open area.

This was a field, not as dark as the forest was, considering how the moonlight shined heavily on the empty space.

“Sicheng, let’s take a break here.” You said, exhausted.


You laid down on the grass, gazing up at the moon, motioning for Sicheng to get down with you.

He sat where your head was laying on the ground, he gently grabbed your head and placed it in his lap, letting you use him as a pillow. He then moved your hair behind your ear, fingers lingering as he smoothed your hairline behind your ear. The motion was so soothing you could fall asleep with your head in his lap right then.

“Y/N?” Sicheng whispered.

“Hm?” You hummed sleepily.

“You look.. really pretty.” He said.

You opened your eyes and saw him gazing down at you. You fidgeted, feeling your heart racing. Pretty? You’ve never been called pretty in your entire life.

In Sicheng’s eyes, your hair fell perfectly around you, an array of messy silk. Your eyelashes brushed against your cheeks so delicately, and the moonlight reflected off your damp skin beautifully. Not to mention when your eyes fluttered open to examine Sicheng features, his heart skipped a beat.

“T-thank you Sicheng.”

“Thank you Y/N.” He responded.

“Why are you telling me thank you?”

“You’ve done a lot for me, when you didn’t have to. Thank you.”

You smiled up at him, then you felt a tug at your heart that made your smile fall. You lifted yourself off the ground and out of his lap, sitting up and facing him now. “Sicheng?” You said quietly. “Why does my brother hate you?”

Sicheng smiled softly. This smile wasn’t genuine however. More of a forced smile. As if Sicheng could see the guilt and pity you had in your eyes, and he tried to tell you somehow it was alright. A weak smile.

“Everyone hates me.” He said.

“This not true!” You say quickly.

Sicheng looked at you questionably. “How so?”

“I don’t hate you.”

“Not yet.”

“Excuse me?” You said offended.

Sicheng cradles your face in his hands, sighing heavily. “My appetite is something not many people fancy.”

“What appetite? You don’t eat anything.” You chuckled. But Sicheng’s expression stayed serious. “Human food does nothing for me.”

Human food? Your eyes narrowed. Why would he refer to it as human food? Isn’t he-?

“In your town, are you ever told stories of fairytales, and urban legends? Of monsters, mermaids, spell casters or werewolves?”

You nodded. “How about the demons that walk among you? Creatures with pale skin, whose appetite is nothing more the than to drink the liquid that is undeniable proof of a living, breathing human. Sipping until it turns cold?”

“Vampires?” You asked.

“Yes, vampires.” Sicheng said.

“What about them?”

Sicheng looked at the moon, damned he even thought it was a good idea to tell you so soon. He wanted more time with you. He wanted you to stay. He wanted you to still believe he was a good person. An innocent person. He didn’t want you to leave like everyone else did.

He didn’t want you to hate him.

“Sicheng.” You called, snapping him to attention.

Sicheng sighed, backing away from you. “Once I show you this, and you want to leave me, that’s okay.”

You didn’t flinch, waiting to see what he was going to do. You watched his hand come up slowly toward his face, reaching to his mouth. He curved a finger under his lip and lifted it showing his pretty teeth. But only then did your heart stop.

When you witnessed the fangs that grew from his canines. His eyes flashing a red against the moonlight. Your heart was stunted. You couldn’t even it feel it beat at all. You stared at him, trying to process the events that were happening in front of you.

After what felt like forever, Sicheng retracted his teeth, his eyes returning to the warm dark brown color you fell in love with. He couldn’t look at you. Again, he seemed ashamed.

After a long silence you spoke up. “Is that all?”

Sicheng looked at you, shocked.

“Are you going to leave me?” He said, getting straight to the point, voice cracking.

You stumbled towards him, falling to your knees and putting your hands on his face.

“God no. I’m never leaving you.” you assured him.

For the first time on Sicheng’s life. He felt loved.

For the first time in Sicheng’s life, he cherished someone.

For the first time in Sicheng’s life, he cried.

You both laid on the ground, holding one another for what felt like centuries, but itdidn’t bother you. This felt right.

“Sicheng?” You asked.

“Hm?” He hummed.

“Can I ask you some questions?”

“Go ahead.”

“Are there more of you?”

“Oh yeah, we’re an entire population.”

“Why isn’t your skin pale?”

“That’s a stereotype.”

“And you can’t eat human food?”

“We can, but it doesn’t help. Only blood makes us feel better.”

“Do you drink people’s blood?”

“Well. Yes, but not like how you hear in stories. Where I used to reside, before your brothers basement, I worked with vampire council’s military and spy regiments. The hunting units were the ones who brought back the blood, and slaves would bottle it in canteens and glass, making it to where we could grab and sip whenever we needed it.”

“When is the last time you’ve had any.. blood?”

“A little over a month.”

“Aren’t you starving?”

“It hurts, but I can’t die. So I can deal with it.”


“Does that scare you?”

“No, why would it?”

“You don’t wonder if I could lose control and drink your blood?”

“You won’t.”

“How are you so sure?”

“Because, I mean something to you.”

Sicheng paused, eyes widened at you. “How did you know?”

“Because I love you.” You said, bluntly.

Sicheng’s entire face turned red, it was the cutest sight you’d ever seen. “W-What?”

“I love you. And I have a pretty good feeling you love me too.”

“I’ve never been loved before.” He said, looking down at his hands. You smiled at him, putting your hands over his own.

Then Sicheng remembered.

He withdrew his hands quickly, you could see the panic and worry pour over his features.

“Sicheng. What’s wrong?”

He fidgeted “There are some things I haven’t told you about.”

“Your brother is a scientist, but he is under the kings employment, he gathers information on the vampires and delivers it to the king. My people have been traitorous lately, thus, angering the king. He sent your brother to collect data and information from us, using any means necessary. You brother has a mad mind, he craves knowledge and can’t go without testing a theory or doing experiments.”

Your eyes stayed glued to Sicheng’s lips, taking in every word he was telling you.

He continued. “He had captured one of my men, and I was sent as a spy to retrieve him. When I came, your brother had already killed him. And then he captured me, almost as if he was waiting for someone to arrive.”

The horror in your eyes became more and more apparent after every word he said.

This is the morning.” He said to himself lowly.

“The morning?” You breathed shakily.

“This was the morning they planned to attack your village. And get rid of your brother.”

You’re heart fell into the bottom of your stomach. You could feel your entire body shaking. You, without thinking, stood up, shaking and world spinning. “They’re going to do what?”

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.”

“They’re going to kill my brother?! Why didn’t you tell me this a long time ago?”

“I didn’t care before, not until I met you. Once I met you I wanted to keep you safe, I didn’t want to tell you things that could jeopardize that!”

“That’s really fucking selfish! My only family left is going get killed by your people and you didn’t think that was something you should’ve told me?”

“But you’re away from it, you’re safe now.”

“Sicheng we have to go back.”

“But Y/N-”

“Sicheng!” You yelled, tears coming from your eyes as you watched the sun peek from the horizon for the first time tonight. “Please.”

Sicheng paused, staying silent. He looked at you, and wished things were different. “We don’t have much time. C'mon.” Sicheng said, grabbing your hand, leading you back to your village.

You’d never lost a home before.

You had always lived in your tiny home with Yuta. That was where are your best memories resided. Your laughs, and smiles were a chimed burned into the walls of this house.

You saw your house. The doors ripped and and shutters torn off the hinges, the brick scattered across the ground. You tried running towards it, only to be grabbed roughly by the wrist by Sicheng.

“Y/N, you have to stay close to me. Some of the vampires here are more traditional than there supposed to be. They will attack you.”

You ignore his warnings, trying to free yourself from his grasp, only Sicheng was too strong. “Yuta!” You shrieked. “Yuta I’m coming!”

Sicheng hurriedly guided you to the cellar, opening the doors and running down the steps. He stopped in his tracks at the sight before him, and you lost all control of yourself. The blood curdling scream that escaped you was all that filled the room, as you saw your brother lifeless on the ground, fangs at his throat.

The fangs belonged to a pair of eyes that looked up at you, then to Sicheng. He detached his teeth from the neck of your family, and grinned at Sicheng. Without any control of your actions, you were running to the side of your brother, screaming uncontrollably, grabbing his hands checking for a pulse. You were way too close to the other vampire, who giggled at you behavior.

Sicheng was more than pissed off.

“My, my. Sicheng. And to think, we all thought the mad scientist killed you. Looks like you’re playing house with a human girl.”

“Taeyong.” Sicheng said, gulping. Hands balled into fists. “How dare you lead this troop here? How dare you drink from the neck of a human like that? Does the council know about this?”

“How dare you come here friendly with a human girl.” Taeyong said, looking towards you on the ground. “What is she to you, is a servant? A snack to keep around? Or is she your new little whore?” Taeyong said, walking towards you.

Sicheng was there in no time, in the space between you and Taeyong, standing his ground. In a flash, Taeyong was behind Sicheng, grabbing you by throat, lifting you in the air. You looked at Sicheng while gasping for air.

“Sicheng? Why won’t you share with me?” He frowned. “Maybe I’ll just have to take her for myself.”

Then, you saw his eyes change. The sweet boy you fell in love with was gone. Sicheng grabbed Taeyong’s wrist that was holding you in the air, and crushed it with one hand. You fell to the floor, and Sicheng then grabbed Taeyong’’s neck.

“What the hell-” Taeyong choked out. “What happened, pal? We.. used to be so close? Remember that..? Before you got captured-”

“Shut up!” Sicheng yelled, choking the rogue vampire. “Don’t you ever touch her again. Do you hear me? I will fucking kill you. I will drink every last drop of your blood myself, and make sure everyone you brought here today dies by my hand.”

“But, friend, I only broke the rules.. to see you again.” He gasped.

“No, you broke the rules because you’re fucking selfish.”

Sicheng looked to you. You were looking at him, terrified. Sicheng’s expression grew from angry to distorted.

Is she.. afraid of me? He thought.

Sicheng then let go of Taeyong, letting him drop to the floor. He went over to calm you down, kissing you repeatedly and grabbing you to make sure you were okay.

“We have to go.”

“But Yuta-”

“My love, please. There’s nothing we can do now.”

You looked at your brother’s lifeless body. Did he die thinking you weren’t on his side?

“Y/N!” Sicheng said, scooping you in his arms. “Don’t look back.We have to go.”

“Sicheng I-”

“Y/N!” He yelled. “I’m not fucking losing you today, we need to leave now!”

You looked at the veins in his neck, and the serious, panicked expression on his face. You understood. Sicheng loved you. He was the last person who loved you. You needed him alive, your grief can’t be the reason he is put in danger. And the same goes for him. He wasn’t going to lose the only thing he ever loved.

He carried you out the cellar. You hear the calls of Taeyong behind you, choking and screaming on the ground.

“I’ll fucking kill you! I will find you and rip your human bitch limb from limb in front of your face!” His threats continued as you went up the cellar steps, followed by mischievous laughs. He had lost his mind.

Sicheng was fast. He ran through your village, you in his arms. You saw vampires on the street, sucking the life out of the of the people you used to see everyday. Destroying the only place you ever knew. They have killed everything in the place you called home.

You looked at Sicheng, and how desperate he was to keep you safe. He was trying to calm you, telling you he loved you, telling you that you were going to be okay, pressing kisses into your temples and kissing away your tears.

You remembered his words as you looked forward, away from the destruction of your home. “Don’t look back. We have to go.”

A few months later, you lived in a new village. This village prettier, yet simpler than the last. This was where Sicheng took you when all hell broke loose.

Sicheng knew word would get back to the council, either about his protecting a human, or that he was dead. He wasn’t worried about the council though, they didn’t value him that much anyway. He was worried about Taeyong.

Taeyong being his only semi-friend throughout his life, being in his squad for over 150 years. He couldn’t understand what happened that made Taeyong go against the rules of the council. He wondered what they did to Taeyong once they figured out he mauled an entire village, drinking the blood straight from the veins of living people, a huge taboo in their people’s society.

What could’ve happened to make Taeyong go insane?

It sounded as if Taeyong really wanted you dead. You didn’t think too much of it, knowing Sicheng would protect you. Sicheng however, believed Taeyong went rogue after defying the council.

He believed Taeyong would run away, and try to find the last person to betray him, and kill what he loved most, which was you.

So now, you both lived a normal life in a little cottage in a pretty friendly village. Sicheng worked, coming home to you everyday, making dinner for yourself, but he would still sit at the table with you and tell you about his day. (Sicheng had his owns ways of staying fed.) You woke up to him everyday iin the same bed. Although,  he never needed sleep, he loved cuddling you, and admiring your sleeping form though the long hours of the night. Watching and listening to your breathing and your heartbeat, taking in your smell and understanding how real you were. How everything about you made him so happy, effortlessly.

You loved Sicheng more than you could love anything in this entire world. You wanted to love him, until your time on this Earth ended. Out of you two, the only one dying anytime soon was you, of course.

One day when Sicheng came home from work, you had dinner on the table when he walked in. You walked up to your beloved and gave him a kiss, only he stared into the distance. Zoned out.

“Sicheng? Are you okay?” You said, checking his forehead for fever.

His eyes didn’t move from their zoned-out position, but he grabbed your hand from his head and placed it to his lips, kissing your hand.

“Taeyong is dead. The council hunted him down. He was in the woods next to us. Probably preparing to attack us.”

You stumbled back, fear adamant in your expression. “But he’s gone now right?” You said. “Were safe.”

“Also.” Sicheng continued. “The council has announced me as dead. I never have to go back.” He said, a smile forming on his face.

He grabbed you by the waist, and picked you up, spinning you around giggling and laughing. He placed you back on the ground, your chests heaving and you both smiling like idiots. He stared at you, then he pressed his lips to yours, the plush feeling you’ve grown used to. The unexplainable feeling of being loved.

“I can’t wait to spend forever with you.” He said, hugging you into his chest.

“I’m finally free.”

never dead

for this prompt from anonymous; ao3

Zoro has never seen the cook like this.

And he has seen a lot of the cook, even when he loathes to admit it — Sanji was a fascination, and then he became an important nakama, and before he knew it Zoro could no longer take his eyes off of the other man, can’t help goading him, demanding Sanji’s attention. It’s an old song and dance for them, one they both know the steps to by heart, except now the song changes and the tune is unfamiliar to Zoro.

It is all just because of a ship.

A peculiar-looking ship, granted — the shape of it reminds Zoro of a large den-den mushi — but in the grand scheme of things, it is neither the largest nor the weirdest ship Zoro has ever seen. He can probably slice it in half in five or six swings, and he’s sure Sanji could do the same with a couple of well-placed kicks. And yet —

Zoro chances another glance at Sanji through the galley window.

Leaning against the kitchen sink, Sanji looks visibly shaken. There are shadows in his eyes that Zoro doesn’t think he’s ever seen before, and he is hugging himself, like someone has told him repeatedly that he’s taking too much space for existing and there’s nothing he can do but curl into himself until he disappears. Right outside the galley Usopp accidentally drops his kabuto, and Sanji jolts in response, the shock rippling through his body, hands trembling.

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i feel like i never get to mention how fucking cool it is to be a dad. not only do i get to teach her so many things in this life but she teaches me so much in a day that it’s insane. she teaches me even more than i could’ve ever fathomed. im so happy my soul somehow connected in the universe with her own. my only girl, in this life and the next.



◾ Being apart of such a dysfunctional family would be challenging. Many people would fear you and your brothers, due to the savage reputation that they have conjured up over time.

◾ Your older brothers would often tease you, ultimately being more protective of you than necessarily needed.

◾ This at times would annoy you deeply because you don’t enjoy being teased by your brothers, since they seek out to embarrass you until your wits are dizzy. Yet also, you would not be allowed to grow close to many people, the brothers often mistrusting everyone else.

◾ This would often lead to your lovers being slaughtered or anyone who stabbed you in the back to be executed in a way that you would not wish upon your enemies. (This would also include people who grew too close to you.)

◾ You would fear your brothers at times, but you would also find comfort in them. They’d show how much they care for you in their own ways, and you would definitely feel that love.

◾ You would often find your eldest brother, King Harald, to be the more overbearing one of the bunch, and much more annoying than Halfdan. He would jibe at you, just to see you blush and to creep under your skin. No one would have seen such a playful side to the King if it weren’t for you.

◾ Halfdan would be the one that you went to in order to be listened to. Harald is much more charismatic, able to throw his opinion around without even giving it a single thought. Whereas Harald would often listen to you, being silent before giving you his view - if he even had one -.

◾ It would be certain that you would bring a more pleasant side to your brother Halfdan the Black. People would get to see a side that would almost make them look twice. It’s not that he would be soft, but you would get him to let his guard down, having him be more talkative than him being around Harald.

◾ Halfdan would definitely back his brother up in taunting you, often being the one to go after you once things had riled you up and you stalked off in a huff.

◾ Your brothers would forbid you to be in any battle or raid with or without them, or at all. They would appear caustic about the topic, but in fact - deep down - they would love you with all their hearts, too afraid to lose you.

◾ Even the thought of seeing or hearing of you being in harm, having you die, would force them to tumble down to rock bottom, making them all the more unstable.

◾ They would often undermine you because you’re their little sister, they think they should be the ones to protect you, often surprised when you are the one protecting them.

◾ You would certainly not be a fan of Elisif, - along with your brother Halfdan -, you would find her unsuitable, seeing through her lies and games. You would feel sympathy for your brother; and you would have voiced your distaste for her, only for Harald to grow so cross with you that you daren’t bring it up again.

◾ Anybody who decided to pursue you or even insinuate affections towards or about you would feel their merciless wrath. They would be cruel about it, terrifying anybody that dared to speak of you or be around you in any context.

◾ But that isn’t to say that they wouldn’t warm up to someone who did truly love you and would treat you right. It would take a millennium for them to even grow comfortable with the idea, but if they saw that they treated you right and that you were happy, they would consider not killing or torturing them.

◾ But one whiff of anything fishy and they would end them.

◾ Even though your brothers would not like you to come along, they would find it hard not to travel anywhere without you. They would enjoy your company, finding that the only way to ensure that you are protected whilst they traveled was to have you close.

◾ Yet if they deemed it too dangerous, they would leave you behind (especially during raids), stating that there wasn’t any place for you there, damaging your confidence. They would keep you under the watch of some of their best warriors and shield-maidens, ensuring that you do not perish or have harm come to you.

◾ Despite the fact that Harald and Halfdan are quite inhumane at times, (particularly on raids and towards Christians) they would shelter you from certain things and I believe this strongly because you’re their little sister, they wish not to have things haunting you.

◾  You would certainly know the wrath of your brother’s and would witness much of it.

◾ Your brothers would keep you under their watch at all times. You would not even be able to dream of wanting to wander off and explore or get away from it all. They’d always be there to stop you.

◾ “What do you think you’re doing, dear sister?” Halfdan’s eerie and husky voice appearing to your left from out of nowhere.

◾ “Must I be watched over like I am an infant? Can I not explore Kattegat on my own?” You would state back, rolling your orbs.

◾ You could be just as fierce as your brothers, but much gentler too. It all depends solely on your mood.

◾ You would often spar with your brothers. They wouldn’t let you win, they’d take a fatherly role of making sure that you could defend yourself better than they could.

◾ Harald’s sword impaled the  ground beside your head with a thud that caused pain to rattle through your body. “And now, you would be dead.” He would spit down at you, sweat coating his flesh, his eyes burning strictly down at you as you stared at him in horror.

◾ “I-I tried my b-best.” You’d gulp out, too afraid to move.

◾ “Trying gets you nowhere, sister.

◾ The loyalty between yourself and your brothers would run thicker than any material upon earth. Nothing could break you apart from them.

◾ If you put yourself in harms way, your brothers would lose their minds.

◾ “What do you think you are doing?!” Halfdan would bark at you, eyes darker than the chilly darkness of night.

◾ “If I do not do something, Harald will be a dead man! You saw the way he killed Elisifs’ husband.” You’d retort sharply at your brother, wheeling around to face him.

◾ “What is in those chambers is not for you to involve yourself in. I strongly suggest that you stay out of it.” He’d growl, pushing past you.

◾ “And when will you and brother quit acting like I am a child!” You’d shout after him, rage burning your insides out.

◾ “It will happen the day that your mind quits mimicking one of stupidity.

◾ If your brothers saw you crying or hurt in anyway, they would get their men and assemble a plan to kill whoever upset you; and it doesn’t matter who it is.

◾  If you were afraid or terrified, your brothers would pick it up in a heartbeat. They’d be uncomfortable in comforting you but find someway to calm you down.

◾ “I swear to you that Ragnar Lothbrok will not kill me. So you have not to worry.” Harald would smile at you, patting your head in a way that was a softness only reserved for you. “Do not jump forward into what you do not know.” He’d hum to you.

◾ “It was only a dream, little one.” Halfdan would mumble from the opposite side of your chambers, frightening you witlessly. “If you are crazed enough to believe that we would let even a phantom in your wake, you are sadly mistaken.” He would lean forward, black orbs hypnotizing yet soft.

◾ You would always find the courage to tease your brothers back. It could often surprise them with the mouth that you have, but depending on their mood would be whether they take it lightheartedly or not.

◾ You would not always bear well with the rules your brothers imposed upon you. You would find them useless, not understanding that they are only trying to protect you. You would often sneak off when their attentions are whisked away, trying to escape from their opposing decrees.

◾ Even though your brothers would grow relentlessly angry at you for running away, you would fire it back upon them, showing them that you could be just as heartless if you wanted: Also reminding them that you weren’t their prisoner. You were their sister and as their duty as brothers, they were to let you be happy.

◾ They would make sure that you are taken care of at all times, even in the harshest of environments.

◾ The reason for their alarming protectiveness over you is due to the way you all grew up. Once Harald became king, it made you three a target. They had to protect you to whatever cost.

◾ If your brothers were upset, you would often annoy them with how you wished to comfort them. They would shake off how they felt, burying it away, which you would advice was not the best. However, they were already unsettled, not right in the mind. So what more damage could it do?

◾ Sometimes they would come to you to help with strategies and such, because you are wise and they trust your intuition. They may not always listen but they secretly know that you are right.

◾ You would stand up for your brothers even though they could do so for themselves.

◾ “If you are not aware, King Harald is my brother.” You’d spit your poison so venomously. “You’d be a fool to double cross my brothers, but even more so a fool to have me hear about it.

◾ They would show their affection for you with the ruffle of your hair, hugging you to their sides, clapping your shoulder, giving you a softer look.

◾ “I want you to remember that I only love three people.” Harald would hum deep in the night when the fire is burning out and Halfdan is asleep. “You sister, Halfdan and my princess. You are the only ones that I ever will.

◾ Besides one another, you would actually be their soft spot, a weakness of theirs. They would do anything for their little sister.

◾ Despite anything, your brothers would truly love and care for you, even if they appeared cold and with no feelings. Anybody who would think that they didn’t care for you would be sadly mistaken.

king harald finehair & halfdan the black gif : source - 🏹

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Rumors - Part 7


It was morning when Rebekah came home, Klaus and I were waiting for her, when she came Klaus stood in front of her and asked; Where were you the whole night?

    - You don’t need to know; “She said”.

    - Yes I do, have you been with Damon? “He asked her”.

    - What? How did you? Then she looked at me and said; Oh why did you told him?

    - I’m sorry but I needed to tell him, who knows what can happen; “I said”.

    - You are so reckless Rebekah, they could discover what were you two looking for, did you think about that? “Klaus said”.

    - They can’t discover, I would never tell Damon, no matter how drunk I’m; “She answered”.

Rebekah got upstairs to her room, couple of minutes after I came after her but she was in the bathroom taking a bath.

    - Bekah, are you there? “I asked standing in front of the bathroom doors”.

    - Yes I’m; “She answered quickly”.

    - Sorry for telling Klaus where you went; “I said”.

Then she walked out of the bathroom to dress up.

    - I’m not angry at you, how did you know I was there? “She asked me”.

    - Well I know you talked with Damon, so my guesses were right; “I said”.

    - Your guesses are always right; “She said smiling”.

    - Hahah not always. Is he that good so you can’t resist him? “I asked smiling at her”.

    - Well if you want to find out, just call him; “She said”.

    - Haha are you crazy? I’m not interested in him; “I said rolling my eyes”.

Rebekah was laying on bed and took the book so she can read. She asked me something but I didn’t hear her I was lost in thoughts.

    - Hey, I’m talking to you; “She said looking at me”.

    - Um, what? “I said and came back to reality”.

    - I asked you who is the lucky guy you’re interested in; She said smiling and I didn’t answered so she said; Spit it out.

    - You brother, like you don’t know; “I said quickly”.

    - I have three brother, you need to be more specific; “She said like she don’t know who he is”.

    - Oh Bekah you know who he is; “I said”.

    - But I want you to tell me; “She said”.

    - And I want you to tell me; “I said”.

    - You’re so complicated, let’s tell in the same time? “She asked me”.

    - Okay; “I said”.

    - Kol; “We said in the same time and I felt my cheeks were blushing”.

    - See I told you you know; “I said sitting next to her”.

    - Do you want me to tell him? “She asked smiling”.

    - No, no don’t tell him anything, maybe he doesn’t feel the same way; “I told her”.

    - I’m sure he does. I know my brother, he never looked at the girl like he looks at you; “She said looking at me and smiling”.

    - But still don’t tell him, I’m gonna let things go the way it’s supposed to be; “I said”.

    - Well if you change your mind, I’m here to tell him; “She said smiling”.

After a while someone was knocking at our door and I opened them:

    - Sage, is it? Finn is not here; “I told to her and wanted to close the door”.

    - I’m not here for Finn, I know where white oak tree is; “She told me before I closed the door”.

    - How did you know that’s what we’re looking for? “Rebekah asked her behind me”.

    - I got into your mind, while you were sleeping, sorry; “Sage told her”.

    -This is a disaster I told you Rebekah they will find out; “Klaus said coming from the living room”.

    - Why would you help us? “Rebekah asked Sage”.

    - As much as I hate you and Klaus, I love Finn and I don’t want him get killed; She said and added; So if you want to find the tree before Damon those better come with me.

Rebekah and I followed Sage to her car and came to the Wickery bridge.

    - So this is it; “I said looking at the wood”.

    - Yes, we need to get rid of it; “Sage told me”.

    - Let’s burn it for the second time; “Rebekah said and lit a match”.

Before Damon came there wood was already burning. He got out of the car pissed.

    - Your grand plans always seems to get ruined, don’t they? Sorry to disappoint you, again; “Rebekah told him and we walked away”.

NEXT DAY: While Klaus and Rebekah were looking for Finn to bring him home as they promised Sage. I was at home with her and Bonnie who should do the spell to unlink them. Sage and I were making sure she practice the spell and didn’t send a message to her friends for help.

    - Will you stop that, please; “I said to Sage while she was walked around the room”.

    - When are they gonna come? “She asked me”.

    - I don’t know, soon; “I told her”.

After 1 hour Klaus and Rebekah were back with Finn. Klaus throw Finn into the foyer and I told Sage; They’re here. Sage was out of my sight the second I said that.

    - Gather up your witch. Let’s get his blood and get on with it; “I heard Rebekah saying”.

    - You can’t force me to do that; “Finn said”.

    - Oh, I most likely could, but why force when I can persuade? “Klaus said and points his hand towards the stairs”.

Sage walks down the stairs and Finn looks at her. Then Finn gets up and rushes over to her so he can hug her.

    - What do you know, true love prevails; “Rebekah said”.

    - It does occasionally have its uses. Better than torturing him; “Klaus said and walked upstairs to room where Bonnie and I were”.

    - Tick, tock. I should hear chanting by now; “I heard Klaus saying while entering the room”.

    - I’m still studying the unlinking spell. It’s not that easy especially under duress; “Bonnie said and looked at me”.

    - Then Klaus looked at me smiling and I said; I was just making sure that she doesn’t send text to her friends.

    - This is the spell I just don’t know if I’m strong enough; “Bonnie said”.

    - Honestly, I think someone isn’t trying very hard. Very well; “Klaus said and pulled his phone and calls Kol”.

    - Kol, how’s the weather up there in Mile high city? And how’s our friend? May I see him; “Klaus walks over to Bonnie to show her Jeremy playing with his dog”.

    - So Bonnie how about that spell? “Klaus said to her, while giving me his phone so I can talk with Kol”.

I get outside the room to talk with him, through video chat.

    - Well now when I look at you I know it was a mistake I leave; “He said smiling”.

    - Haha, you can always come back; “I said to him with a smile”.

    - But I can’t now darling, I have some business to do here for Klaus as you heard; “He said to me”.

    - I hope it will be over soon; “I said to him”.

I was speaking with a Kol for like 15 minutes.

After I stopped talking with Kol I heard that Bonnie started doing spell. Finally; I thought. Couple a minutes later the spell was complete.

Little did we know that Matt, Stefan and Elena succeeded in killing one of the originals Finn. Sage called us and told us that Finn is dead, we could not believe it, how is that possible when we burned all white oak tree, but we were wrong.

Couple a hours later it was night already and we make a plan how to find white oak stakes.

    - Rebekah and I will be distraction and you’ll sneak into the Salvatore’s house to find stakes, I’m sure they keep it there; “Klaus said”.

Plan was working nice, I found 3 stakes and burn them, but Damon caught me while I was looking for other ones.

    - What do we have here? “He said standing behind me”.

I turn around and try to escape but he grabbed me for my neck and push me into the wall.

    - No, no, no you’re not going anywhere until you tell me what are you looking here; “He said to me, pretending that he doesn’t know why am I here”.

    - Like you don’t know, I already burned three stakes; “I said to him smiling”.

    - You are crazy for trying to help Mikaelson family, you will just end up dead like Finn; “He said to me squeezing my neck more”.

Before I could do something he broke my neck. I wake up somewhere and I have my hands tied up with vervain, it was burning me like crazy. I called for a help or to see if someone is there but no one showed up.


I’ll post part 8 maybe tomorrow, but I would like to know if you guys like this part and tell me if you want the next part, I would really appreciate that. :) <3

BTS Reacting to Your Brother Picking on You

Thank you so much @jagiyaxsaranghae !!! This was an awesome request to write and we hope you enjoy!

-Admin Lex anf Admin Kas


Hearing a knock at the door you got super excited. Jumping from your spot on the couch, you run to the door, and open it to your grinning dork of a boyfriend. Greeting him with a kiss you let Jin inside, and drag him upstairs into the privacy of your bedroom. Sitting on the bed, you two decide on a movie, and smile as jin unpacks his bag with a plethora of tasty snacks. Just as you open a tiny snack cake package, your brother enters the room.

“Woah! Snacks! Y/N! Can you toss me one?”

“No. Why don’t you go out, and play with your friends?”

“Because my friends are broke as shit. They won’t buy me snacks!”

Politely interrupting, Jin speaks up.

“But isn’t there more to friends than snacks?”

Your brother frowns.

“No. Also, why do you care?”

Deciding to stop this before it gets any worse you stand up.

“Y/B/N. Go outside like a normal kid please, and leave us alone now.”

With that you shut the door, and lock it behind you.

“I’m so sorry about that.”

Smiling he shrugs.

“It’s okay. Just sit down already. I’ll restart the movie.” he grins.

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Cuddling close to Yoongi you giggle as he groans at the fact that you’re watching a KDrama on the T.V.

“Can’t we watch a horror movie instead? Dramas are so cheesy!” he whines.

“I literally caught you watching Oh My Venus not even two days ago! What the hell?” you laugh, punching his arm.

Both of you laugh in each other’s arms, you head on his shoulder, and his head on top of your head. Enjoying each others company, you are rudely interrupted by your older brother entering the room.Groaning you snuggle closer into your boyfriend, just knowing that your brother was gonna walk in, and be a huge pain in the ass.

“Ooh! What’s this? Little Y/N actually found herself a boyfriend?”

“Shut up, Y/B/N. Can’t you give me a break for just one day?”

“Oh! It’s the mighty AgustD! I better watch out! I don’t want to anger him, and be a part of his next Cypher.”

Getting up, you punch your brother really hard in the arm.

“I’m gonna fucking squish you if you don’t leave us alone.” you threaten.

“Fine, I’m leaving. But it’s pretty sad how D Boi can’t even stand up for himself.” he chuckles.

Yoongi looks your brother dead in the eyes with the most deadpan face even, and repeats your exact words.

“I’m gonna fucking squish you if you don’t leave us alone.”

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anonymous asked:

prompt: maybe like jace is doubting malec's relationship?? like he doesn't trust magnus At All (doesn't help that he, like all the shadowhunters, is lowkey racist against downworlders) so he's sort of the mind "he's a lothario warlock, he can't be trusted with my bro" but then like he does something dumb on a mission that gets alec hurt or something and magnus w/o hesitation exhausts himself healing him/throws himself in front of him or whatever to save him and jace is like "oh shit i was Wrong"

I was going to write my usual 500-600 words and then I wrote 2400 words because why not; I admit I was a bit skeptical at first because I kinda liked Jace’s I’m-just-glad-for-my-parababro attitude, but then @estefra showed me how interesting it could be to explore this side of Jace, so thank you so much for the prompt! I enjoyed writing from Jace’s POV for once, and I hope you like it as well! Jace is, admittedly, very douchey at the beginning, but I hope it shows why he acts a certain way and says certain things and I hope you can forgive him at the end. Alright, here goes; let me know! :)
(I’m publishing this and nobody’s read it yet [I usually have a couple of people read my things], so I’m fucking terrified. Okay.)

-Wait, Alec!

Jace lengthens his steps to catch up to Alec, who looks at him with impatience: -What?

-I just – - Jace tries to gauge Alec’s mood, but he simply looks determined as usual; he sighs: -This thing you have with Magnus –

He immediately sees a smile hidden in the curled corner of Alec’s lips and he presses his lips together: -What is it, exactly?

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Title: Green light

Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane x reader

More Sandor as promised. Just one more Sandor and then part four to here we go. Hope everyone enjoys.

(Gif found on google, credit to whomever made it)

Could it be true? In such the short time you and Sandor had fallen for each other? You didn’t want to believe it. Though the more Tyrion pointed it out the more you could see it. The way he would stiffen when King Joffrey got closer to, his hand would go to the handle of his blade in such a subtle way that it looked like he was just adjusting it. The way he would interrupt your talks with men that would have hidden intentions that you were to oblivious to see. Tyrion had only been back a week and he was already calling things out and plotting. You stayed clear of your uncle not wanting to get in his way, and you also avoided your brother and The hound. You knew you had feelings for him, but you just didn’t know it was love that you felt. Hell, you didn’t think Sandor had feeling, and if he did you thought they were directed towards some else.

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Thinking about this recently cos a couple of folks brought it up in comments/chat. :’) @takashiskeith 

First off-  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Shiro and Keith having a brotherly dynamic headcanon. Nor is there anything wrong with shipping two people because of intense fictional ‘brotherly’ dynamics that pretty much don’t really occur in real life siblings. The intensity of such fictional relationships is shipped across a LOT of fandoms. Choosing to ship or not on that basis is valid. But

Blood-related Br0gane is NOT canon. And there is plenty of logical evidence to suggest a blood relation or adoptive family relationship isn’t in Keith and Shiro’s pasts, either. 

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Happy mummy day.

Hello, Love bugs!

Phil X Reader. 

Warnings- fluff

Happy mothers day, Tumblr mom! Can you make a Phil x reader mother’s day thing with mom reader and adorable children? And a very adorable Philip? Luv youuu

Y/S/N- your sons’ name.

Y/OD/N- your oldest daughters name

Y/YD/N- your younger daughters name.

You had once told Phil while pregnant that the two of you should enjoy the sleep you could get then because you felt like the two of you would not be getting much sleep for a very long time. You can apparently tell the future because three kids later you were sure you had only gotten twelve hours of sleep over the years. You really didn’t mind however because it was definitely worth it. Today was mother’s day and to be honest you kinda forgot. You woke up to a bed without anyone in it besides yourself. Usually, you have another warm body beside you whether it’s Phil’s or one of the little ones who managed to cuddle their way in through the evening. You rolled over to see the clock say it was already nine in the morning. You didn’t remember the last time you woke up this late. You usually consider seven in the morning as a bit of a sleep in. You had to listen carefully to hear any little voices from downstairs. You could hear little giggles and whisper arguing between each other. You figured you should go and help Phil but just then you could hear your little crew stomping their way up the stairs like they do every day.

“We have a herd of elephants as children I swear.” The worst was when some of them were still babies and their siblings didn’t care about how hard they walked around. The door flew open to smiley little faces carrying numerous things in their arms.

“Morning mummy!” Soon the bed was filled with flowers and crafts that they had all made at school. Phil was the last to come in carrying breakfast on a tray like they do in the movies.

“Yes. good morning mummy.” Phil placed the tray on your lap before giving you a little kiss on the lips. “How did you sleep?” Your youngest wasn’t very excited about the small talk as he wanted you to open his card and possibly share some of the chocolate strawberries that he had been eyeing up since Phil took them out of the fridge.

“Would you like a bite love?” He nodded giving you his giant eyes

“Yes pwease.” You smiled holding the strawberry in one hand and the other cupping underneath to catch the falling chocolate so he could take a big bite.

“NO mummy. He isn’t supposted to eat your strawedberries.” Y/YD/N was very upset that you were sharing your mother’s day things with him.

“It’s ok bug. Daddy has given us enough that we can all share a bite or two.” She didn’t seem satisfied but she wasn’t trying to get her brother to spit it out anymore. “How about we open some presents and have a few bites of breakfast.” Phil crawled in beside you pulling Y/S/N into his lap to cuddle but to also keep him away from the treats.

“I will go, first mummy. I made mine in class and I made you a card the other night.” You took your oldest gift and opened the card to see a picture drawn of Her, Phil and yourself. You didn’t make a comment on how she was missing two others from the photo. She had always been a mummy’s girl and always had jealousy problems with her siblings. Next, you opened the box to see a bath bomb that was slightly crumbling that you could tell she made with her favourite colour and yours mixed together. It smelled of vanilla and it had clearly been dusted with glitter.

“It’s perfect love! Do you think I could use it in a bath later today?” She nodded giving you a big hug around your neck being careful not to disturb the tray.

“My turn !” Your middle child was buzzing around the bed getting excited to finally have her turn to have all of your attention on her.

“Well come on then!” She jumped up on the tall bed pushing the heavy odd shaped wrapped item to you.

“I forgot that you give cards. I am sorry mum.” You gave a pet to her head running your hand through her hair giving her a soft smile.

“I don’t need a card love. I don’t even need a present. You guys are my gifts.” Phil gave a moan of judgment at your cheesy words but you were allowed to be sappy. It was your day. Opening the wrapping you saw something a bit surprising. It was a rock. Now it wasn’t just a rock it did have some painting on it with little flowers and your name written on the top. “Oh, it’s lovely. Do you think we should put it in the garden?” She shook her head no and took it from your hands to put it down by the door.

“It’s a door stop mummy. This is where it will go.” You looked at her and then back at the rock that you would surely break your toe on within the next couple of hours. But how could you move it with her little face looking up at you from the doorway.

“Perfect. I hate when the bedroom door gets caught by the wind.” Phil gave you a smirk as he leant over to kiss just under your ear. Last one, and then we can all eat something.

“We already ate mummy. We were hungry so daddy made us waffles too!” You took his little hand in yours as you gave it a little kiss like you have done to all your babies.How is it possible that they become so big? “Good thing!” You were handed a box that was clearly from a jewellery store. This was obviously a gift Phil had helped picked out.

“Wonder what is in this?” You gave a little shake not hearing any rattle to give away what it may be. Taking off the bow you found a ring in the box with four big diamonds set on it. One for each of the babes. Well, three for the ones that were already born. And one that was still a secret from the kids. “This is wonderful Y/S/N!  I think it is perfect. He gave you a wet kiss on your cheek before crawling off the bed to join his sisters near the door. “What are you guys doing?” It was finally Phil’s turn to talk after all of the kids had their little time with you.

“The kids are going to go watch some tv while we talk and you eat. We don’t get much alone time so I figured we should take what we can get.” You smiled and gave a kiss to Phil.The kids left the room so you were now free to just be the two of you for a while.

”Thank you for the amazing mothers day.” Phil cuddled in close as you took your first bites of food.

“Thank you for making me a father.”