Though departures may occur all at once physically, they are rarely emotionally complete in that same instant. Instead, we leave places slowly, draining ourselves from them a bit at a time, as our hearts and our minds gradually lose their grip on whomever and whatever they leave behind. Geographies tend to imprint themselves on my heart commensurate to the emotion I’ve felt in those places.

And so it was, that, after three years away from San Francisco, my return last weekend felt like a true goodbye. At the end of three days there—after much eating and boozing and wandering and giggling—I found myself sitting on the sidewalk of 18th street, across from Pizzeria Delfina, surrounded by all my luggage, trying to figure out a way to get back to LA early.

But let’s rewind a moment. Because I do need to tell you about meeting everyone, all the blog friends I’d known and loved virtually for the past year, in person.

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It’s been a strange year thus far, in that I’ve been so caught up in work that the things I typically tend to most anxiously—friendships, dating, exercise, staying current with The Good Wife—have fallen by the wayside. Which is not at all to say that I no longer care about these core elements of my being (Jeffrey Dean Morgan is insanely hot; I shall never forsake him), but that the tension that usually surrounds them, the questioning, the self-doubt, the relentless uncertainty, all of that has fallen away. A welcome kind of stillness has settled around me by way of exhaustion.

I’m familiar with this myopia—it’s something I saw in my parents almost every day of my childhood from age 11 on, as they navigated the waters of being work-from-home business owners. At 13, while they discussed account management over dinner, I begged them to give us thirty minutes of each day untouched by business concerns. Even still, I noticed this same fierce penchant for entrepreneurship in myself as I grew up. I loved the challenge of building something out of nothing, I loved the rigor of standing unarmored in the world and demanding of myself that I find a way to make things work. I flinch to admit it, but I loved the risk, the danger, of being made so vulnerable.

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Fish Food Friday: Spirulina

Name: Spirulina Arthrospira
Brand: any
Price: varies, although not cheap
Type: Tablet or powder
Shelf life: ~6 months
Ingredients: 100% Spirulina Arthrospira

Introduction: Spirulina is a fantastic supplement for your fish (and even yourself!) found in arguably small amounts in a lot of fish food. I personally buy 100% pure spirulina tablets and use those alongside my regular feeding regimen because the fish love them.

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Oh hai. It’s finally time. Time to unveil the proprietary K&C Superfood Guide explained in Beyoncé gifs, that is. There are many more superfoods out there (hundreds! millions! who even gets to decide what makes a superfood?! are vegan doughnuts a superfood? ASK BEYONCÉ!)—these are just the ones that I have in my fridge most often.

Each superfood above is paired with its musical Beyoncé spirit animal. You can play them while you eat said superfood, you can learn the dance moves and boogie with said superfood, or you can straight up summon the spirit of Beyoncé whilst invoking the powers of said superfood.

Like any good adaptogenic superfood, Beyoncé is there to cure whatever ails you. So without further ado, get your Superfood Guide right here!

Green Ice Cream!

Green. Green is home, the lush carpeting of grass beneath my body as I am seven, twelve, dreaming of falling in love, eighteen, falling in love, twenty-three, heartbroken, twenty-five, grieving, earth holding me as I learn to know myself. Green keeps me sane, calms me from the inside out and the outside in.

Hence so many of the foods we consider most nourishing: Green juice. Salads. Seaweeds. Wheat grass. Sprouts. And now…Green Ice Cream. Let me tell you a little story.

The internet is a big place, a place where it’s easy to feel like a stranger—especially when you spend your “workday” interacting with people you don’t know on virtual social media platforms. No matter how many lols, likes, winky face kiss emojis, heart eye emojis, and comments you exchange, the fact remains: The people who populate your online world are exactly that, online.

So I’ve worked hard to carve out some green oases of connection with other bloggers. Last month, one of those friends—Beau Ciolino of the genius blog Probably This—made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. He wanted to do a superfood dessert showdown.

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