🔮Bones And Animal Parts In Magick🔮

WARNING:This is a post about using bones and animal parts in magick. If your against this or uncomfortable there is no need to read on. Also always make sure to obtain animal parts and bones in a humane way.

Beginning Note: Never bleach bones it breaks them down. I like to wash and scrub them with hot water and soap then set them in the sun to dry. Everything in this post is from my personal experiences and some research I did a very long time ago.

I personally love using parts in protection spells and curses. For example I like to use snake parts for curses. If you make a snake mad it will strike at you just like if you make a witch mad in the wrong way we will strike back. Or sometimes chicken bones cuz they can hurt you with their nails. I use a lot of chicken bones and snake parts for protection as well cuz I feel chickens are protective of their young, and snakes are always blending in or hiding to protect themselves. You can find bones in nature, the butcher, or a meal you eat such as chicken wings or ribs.

🔮More examples:
Chickens: protection, curses, love
Fox: spells for if you need to be cunning
Snake: renew, change, strike, use for curses
Owl: see in the dark, wisdom
Butterfly and pecock: get noticed
These animals have other meanings accosted with them. Also always go with what you feel, think of what the animal means to you.

🔮Bones can be used for divination and a witches ladder.

🔮You can use the parts as an ingredient in your spell or use the parts to call upon the spirt of the animal to aid you in your magick.

🔮You can add certain parts to salves or tinctures. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST BEFORE ATTEMPTING THIS.

🔮You can put different parts together of different animals to get a mythical creature. For example mix snake or lizard parts with bird feathers to get a dragon.