Giant Flameleg Millipede - Trigoniulus macropygus

This is Trigoniulus macropygus (Spirobolida - Trigoniulidae), a millipede native to Negros, Philippines, regarded as one of the most striking species in the pet trade. 

Giant Flamelegs may grow up to 10 cm long, and their lifespan is about two years. Males can be distinguished from females in two different ways. Primarily, as males have gonopods close to their heads (appendages used in the transfer of sperm during mating), they have a gap in their neat rows of legs, about the 7th segment or so. While females have a continuous row of legs. They can also be differentiated by the side and color of their legs; a full grown male have extremely yellow legs and they are large relative to the female whose legs are both shorter and thinner, and have a dusty yellow color.

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Photo credit: ©Melvin Yeo | Locality: Kubah Gading, Sarawak, Malaysia (2012) | [Top] - [Bottom]

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Rusty Millipede (Trigoniulus corallinus)

….a species of spirobolid millipede that is native to Thailand, Myanmar and neighboring areas. However, they have also been introduced to North America and the Caribbean. Like most millipedes T. corallinus makes it home in moist areas like rotten wood and leaf litter, and is a detritivore feeding on decaying organic material.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Myriapoda-Diplopoda-Spirobolida-Trigoniulidae-Trigoniulus-T. corrllinus

Images: Matt Edmonds and Marshman


Narceus americanus - North American Millipede by Bill Tanneberger
Via Flickr:
Millipede (Spirobolidae family) / September, Raburn Co., Georgia, USA / Copyright ©2010 William Tanneberger All Rights Reserved. North American Millipede (Narceus americanus) Chattahoochee National Forest (Minnehaha Falls Trail)