spirk spirk spirk

I’m rewatching “Journey to Babel” and I just noticed something interesting… In the very beginning Kirk and McCoy are in front of a mirror and Jim is fussing and prettying himself up before picking up the Vulcan Ambassador…. He may not have known that he was picking up Spock’s parents but he was still incredibly concerned with making a good impression to Spock’s people. 💕 I just find this completely adorable…like he wants to make Spock proud….

Like they say, just scroll on past

There are certain ships that show up on my dash over and over that I do not and never will ship. Because of my interests and who I follow, this is always going to be the case but fortunately none of them squick me out, they just make me go “Really? You can picture that?” This goes for Trek as well as a few other fandoms, although there are few enough fandoms I know well enough to even know who the characters are, because I just don’t watch TV shows.

I will say, though, that even though there are some ships I don’t get, wow, I am very impressed with some of the art. Especially K/S (erm, Spirk just sounds too funny to me) stuff, whatever the style. I’m like, “I don’t believe in that, but wow!” I guess like how I react to art in historic churches? :) It’s testament to the power of fandom, of devotion, what beautiful things people can create.



You once said being a starship captain was my first, best destiny. If that’s true, then yours is to be by my side. 

Happy Kirk/Spock Day! “Amok Time” premiered fifty years ago today on September 15, 1967.

Do you ever reread a fic that you love and even though you know you already gave it kudos before, you click the button to do it again because you wish that you could leave more to let the author know that not only did you love it the first time but you loved it each subsequent time you came back to it? Because this is a thing I do.

Otp Imagine: Blow Jobs, or Suck jobs

Person A: *is sucking person B’s dick*

Person B: *is moaning and gripping person As hair*

Person A: *Thinks and releases person B’s dick*

Person B: *sighs and looks down* What is it now?

Person A: *Looks up at person be with a serious expression* Why is it called a blow job?

Person A: Surely based on what is done it would be called a suck job. *goes on to demonstrate, making Person B moan again*

Person A: If I blew on your dick it would make if cold. *blows on the tip making person B bite his lip*

Person B: *is listening to their partner. They’re used to Person A doing this*

Person A: *watches Person B as they blow again. Smirking and doing it a few times between licks*

Person A: *continues they’re slow torture until Person B can’t take it any longer*

*And that is why Person A ends up walking funny the next day*