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I love the idea of Jim and Spock having a traditional human wedding as well as a Vulcan bonding ceremony but of course Frank won’t walk Jim down the aisle and Jim pretends this is fine and he can go down the aisle alone but right before he’s supposed to he’s obviously upset and the entire bridge crew gathers around him to walk him down the aisle together

no but everyone thinks Vulcan’s sleep like straight and don’t move or anything but imagine if they’re actually really stupid and cuddly and they take a pillow and hug it and they do the leg thing (you know what i’m talking bout) and if they sleep with someone like their mate then they just suck up to them and throw all their limbs over them and they act nothing like anyone actually thinks


But can you imagine Jim Kirk going shopping. With Spock of course.

‘Hey Spock, hey look at this, hey look, look, Spock, look - books.’

'Jim you already have that book. ’

'Yeah yeah, but not with THIS cover! Do you know how rare this is?
I mean it’s a first edition hardback of Great Expectations, it should probably be in a museum.' 

'I am aware of the significance of this particular edition and your predilection towards antique Terran bound literature, but I am unfortunately also aware of it’s price…’

'You’re right, as usual, slightly out of my yearly income price bracket I suppose, I hope someone else can afford to give it a good home.’


Spock may or may not go back and purchase said book, and then may or may not give it to Jim for his upcoming birthday, thus starting the yearly antique Terran literature birthday giving ritual that would continue on between them for many years to come. 


Little Jim lives with his older brother Sam and has no friends, no family save for the older brother who doesn’t really understand him, and no way of figuring out the world. He wishes on a star for someone to be his friend, and lo and behold, a kid named Spock from the planet Vulcan comes crashing down to Earth because of a malfunction. Spock’s parents go frantic trying to get him back. Meanwhile, Jim is in heaven. This new kid with the funny ears and silly way of talking is the best friend he could ever ask for!

LOL tbh I have so many Spock in makeup headcanons like he calls Jim on the video comms and he’s like:

Spock: “Captain, are you reading me?”

Jim: “Sure, Commander. What is it?”

Spock: “Just needed you to check this contour…”


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Jim Kirk bakes. Fight me.

He doesn’t do it with any semblance of professionalism. Somewhere, he has cookbooks with his favorite family recipes, but in practice, he mostly just wings it, adding a bit this here or a dash of that there. Jim always manages to get flour in his hair and cinnamon smeared across his cheek.

He bakes muffins every Saturday morning for breakfast, and bread every Sunday night, so they have a fresh loaf for the week.

When the crew gets together, he brings homemade brownies or cookies, and he always makes everyone’s favorite pie for their birthday.

And, every year on their anniversary, he makes a rich chocolate cake. He and Spock share it, curled up together on their couch, celebrating another wonderful year.

Jim being cold and his on the couch wrapped up in a blanket and it’s over his head and his nose is a bit red and he tries to warm it up by rubbing it on his hand and his all cute and snuggly

Jim still being cold and Spock walks in and Jim’s sniffling and Jim opens the blanket wide enough for Spock to come cuddle in and Spock does and jim feels a bit warmer now and his laying his head on his shoulder

spock totally loves makeup

okay hear me out

headcanon where spock just loves makeup

how the hell do you think he looks so flawless all the time 

jim commenting that spock’s skin always seems to be perfect and shit man it must be some vulcan bullshit

and uhura’s like nah 

he uses tarte’s amazonian clay bb cream in the shade ivory 

his eyebrows always look so on point because he uses the anastasia brow pencil and nyx’s brow mascara 

he wakes up so early bc he has a routine,jim, and it’s perfectly logical to engage in the cultural practice of makeup

he’s a huge hoarder of eyeshadow pallets 

if morphe sells it he owns it

he has the too faced chocolate bar pallet and he sure as fuck has drawers full of brushes and pallets and color pop’s magnificently tinted eyeshadows 

his favorite lipstick is IT cosmetics’ lip flush 4-in-1 reviver lipstick stain in the shade je ne sais quoi 

his hooded look is so great because he uses velour lashes’ extra oomph 

i mean c’mon let’s be real gender norms are illogical and spock in makeup would be hot

Imagine Spock with Eyeshadows

Imagine Jim gets Spock a bunch of new eyeshadows for his birthday (cause boo always be wearin’ the same color and Jim figures hey why not change it up now and then?) and when Spock opens them he not so subtly ooh’s and aah’s over each one like, “Ah, this color is very intriguing, Jim…” *opens next one* “AHH BUT THIS COLORRRRR” 

and he spends hours just trying on different ones and trying different blends together and Jim just smiles cause it is quite possibly the cutest thing he’s ever seen. 

The next morning when Spock shows up on the bridge he’s back to his regular look and at first Jim is a little disappointed but later they have a dinner date and Spock shows up wearing one of the new ones and Jim understands. There’s a time and a place, and Spock will only dress himself up for Jim. <3

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Tell me your spirk headcannons?

Oh, man. There are so many. But my main headcanons are probably…

1) Kirk is all touchy-feely with a lot of his crew members, so he holds Spock’s hand sometimes and doesn’t realize he’s kissing him the Vulcan way until Spock finally gives him a lecture about it and then he just does it even more.

2) They go on a diplomatic mission somewhere that really values intelligence and they (the planet’s inhabitants) are therefore into Spock and Jim manages to tolerate it for a few days but then he snaps and informs all of them that Spock is his.

3) The first time Jim hears about pon farr being a thing it’s from old-Spock and he goes to Bones to ask for more information about it. Bones responds by calling Spock, kicking Jim out of the medical bay (and then he probably gets drunk) and then Spock is silently furious with Jim for awhile because that’s supposed to not be talked about. Then he shoves a bunch of super serious Vulcan textbooks into his hands and walks away.

Spock and Jim take turns being dom and sub.

When Spock subs he almost enters a meditative state, letting Jim engulf his entire consciousness.
When Jim subs he likes to forget his Captaincy, forget the 400 people on his shoulders and focus on the one person relieving the burden from his body kiss by kiss, bite by bite.

When Spock doms he likes to feel the tension of the world escape Jim and see the devious glint in his eye when Spock doesn’t let him think about anything but the green-tinged boner near his body.
When Jim doms he likes to see Spock struggle to keep his calm and revels in the beauty that is unhinged Spock – animalistic, brutish, fucking hot.


I tell you mine and you tell me yours …

After the incident with Harrison (I cannot accept him as Khan) and his awakening, Jim is not allowed to leave his appartment/bed. So he sits at home and studies Vulcan history with the PADD’s Spock brings him secretly. (Bones would crawl up the wall if he knew)

So when someday Spock brings him his favorite meal (since he cannot resist the charm of his friend/captain), Jim greats him enthusiastic about all the new things he has learnd and tells all Spock. Who knew all this things about his species. But alone the fact to see Jim happy and so joyfull about something makes Spock listening him and smiling just a little bit.

The Infamous Back Rub Scene

As many times as I’ve watched what we all know as “the back rub scene” in TOS, it’s somehow never occurred to me…

We all know how sneaky and mischievous Jim can be at times. Is it beyond the realm of possibility that, NOT ONLY did he mistake the giver of the back rub as Spock, rather than the yeoman, but that he INTENTIONALLY set Spock up for it?

I mean, look at the way the scene begins: Spock is clearly standing just next to and behind Jim, and Jim goes, in a most dramatic and overblown exclamation, “OHHH! OW! OWWWW… MY BACK. OH MY, DEAR ME, HOW PAINFUL.” *faints like a damsel in distress* “OH NO… WHATEVER SHALL I DO. WON’T SOMEONE… ANYONE PLEASE RUB MY BACK? PERHAPS… PERHAPS THE PERSON STANDING DIRECTLY BEHIND ME AT THIS VERY MOMENT???” :DDDDDD (Spooooock???)

And Spock’s just like… Ah, here comes that eager-to-please yeoman again… sigh. Oh well. *steps casually aside*


Spock: *Steps forward to stand directly beside Jim*

Jim: …..oh. Nevermind.

Jim: :C *crushing disappointment*

Spock: Better luck next time, Captain. The obviousness of your flirtation is rather endearing. <33333

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Headcanon based on what you just posted: some alien knows that Spock was genetically engineered. He makes fun of him, tells him he's just a horrible experiment. Jim punches the alien. Diplomatic negotiations cease, but Jim doesn't give a crap.

While the alien diplomat is lying on the floor, Spock points out that as he is a feat of genetic engineering, he is an amalgam of favorable traits that does not include xenophobia or racism.

I’ll trade you a headcanon for a headcanon 

There’s something about thinking of omegaverse and aliens you know?  I usually think specifically in terms of Star Trek but just think about it

What if the Alpha, beta, and omega classifications are unique to Earth and humans.  Omega!Amanda being so hopeful that the higher futility during her heat would be enough for her to conceive with Sarak.  The two of them trying to figure out if Sarak could even help her through her heat or if she would need to stay on her pills.  The added bonus of omegaverse means that Amanda is built to deal with Alpha bullshit in the bedroom so pon farr should go off without a hitch.

Spock is thrown a curveball in life.  Being the only Vulcan/human hybrid would be bad enough, but now they need to figure out if he’ll present or not, if he’ll go through pon farr, if he’ll need suppressors or not.  He’s grown up on Vulcan for the last 13ish years, do we move him to Earth now to socialize with others who would present?