When you are watching

A movie or show and you can see it in your fave characters eyes that they are going to make a stupid mistake and it’s not going to end well for anyone but especially your ship and your sat there yelling at them not to do it and then they do anyways…

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The Star trek/Crystal gems (kinda) au no one asked for

Kirk’s gem is on his heart (a red one) and Spock’s gem on his forehead (a green one) so they naturally make a yellow one: Amber!

They have a shield to protect the crew and their weapon can knock out enemies and also kill them but if it’s only necessary. Together, they make the perfect captain!

  • Me: Reads/watches fiction because I can't cope with the real world.
  • Also me: Reads fanfiction because I can't cope with the real fictional world.

spock: self care is meditation, organizing your thoughts, and applying logic to your situation in times when your mind is not at peace

kirk: self care is drinking fifteen red bulls and launching yourself into space so you can go get in a fistfight on the astral plane with an alien who says hes god

spock: jim. no