- spock prime taking out that picture of the crew whenever he doubted himself during the building of new vulcan

- spock prime taking out that picture of the crew after having a heated dicussion (argument) with a collegue and wanting to be reminded of how debates (especially with bones) could be fun

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew when he sees a family, a group of brothers sisters and grandparents, and needs to be comforted by his lost family

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew whenever he feels lonely

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew as the first thing he does when he gets back to his home after a long day

-spock prime keeping that picture of the crew next to him while he’s on his death bed, so he doesn’t feel alone

-spock prime taking out that picture of the crew just so he can see Jim’s face again



(Prompt) all the cute ones are serial killers

There’s a regular that only comes in during PAs late late shift. they only ever buy strange things (ex Large ax, duct tape, box of cookies) but they make good conversation and sometimes theres flirting across the counter. But PA is about 87% sure they are a serial killer


New little video as I’m editing Lams and watching Merlin!

The only actual explanation for Kirk and Spock to have stupidly gone together on away missions and leaving the Enterprise without its two most senior officers can only be that they are too in love to be away from each other that long



like i’m so afraid to get into star trek cause i know i’ll ship kirk/spock and i don’t need a new ship

i mean i need to honor the slash fandom, after all they’re the first slash ship to be officially popular in a fandom

i feel like fandom gods would even curse me if i didn’t ship them or something 😂😂😂

Not Really A Fic Pt1

Spirk Justice League AU 

  • Jim Kirk doesn’t know what planet he’s actually from, all he knows is the shuttle that threw him down in a field in the middle of Iowa killed George Kirk in the crash and Winona Kirk can’t look at him without bitterness. His stepfather screams and yells and threatens but he doesn’t beat him after the day he throws a brick at Kirk and it bounces off his head. Kirk throws himself off cliffs because he knows it can’t hurt him and unexpectedly finds that he can fly. Kirk barfights and joyrides and drinks because nothing can hurt him, until he stumbles across the country into a bar in Brunswick, Georgia, where some asshole convinces him that he might like to try helping people and hey, maybe the name Superman would do, it’s what his stepfather always called him mockingly in their fights, it would be nice to pick something bad up and make it good again. He carefully doesn’t think about how that statement might just apply to his entire life. It’s not just a dare in a bar, though. Jim’s always known, deep down, that his powers are his for a reason. And he thinks maybe life was cruel to him for a reason too. He could have been an arrogant jackass god. He could have ripped the roof right off the White House and crowned himself king of the world with his powers. But he wouldn’t - he couldn’t - because that would make him his stepfather. Just another bully, trying  to use his size and strength to kick the little people down. Jim wants to be better than that. Jim wants to make the world better than that. 
  • McCoy…. yeah, he lives in the sea now. He tried that land life for a while but that all turned to shit and maybe his daddy was right, what comes from the ocean returns to the ocean. He still drags himself up the beach for a drink sometimes, though - no bourbon underwater - and sometimes, through no fault of his own, things get violent. He wins those fights. It’s a shame he can’t go back to those towns though. He has his strength and he knows nothing can hurt him, until one day he tries to get between some blonde asshole and four drinks and the blonde (misinterpreting the situation very badly), picks him up and hurls him through a fucking wall. Later they sit on the beach and compare what they can do and he says, hey, I’m a fuck up but you, kid, you could really do something. And the kid says - yeah? Wanna give it a go and see who’s better? C’mon, Fishman, waddayasay. And he says - fuck you, asshole, I’m gonna call myself Ocean King or something. - Where’s your fucking crown then? And they’re both too drunk to remember when they decide on the name Aquaman but it’s there, written into the notes in Jim’s phone and still scrawled into the sand around them when they wake.

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and I will rise up from the ashes now By ariadne_odair
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Warnings: None

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 8483

Summary:  Jim Kirk has a complex relationship with food. He also has a complex relationship with a certain first officer of the US Enterprise. For a genius, Jim is kind of an idiot for not realising this was going to come back to bite him in at some point.In which Spock is protective, the crew is protective, Jim is oblivious (and definitely not a teenage girl), and they all get there in the end.