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//Blow me by P!nk for SpiritxAzusa//

Just when she thinks she’s seen it all, Spirit manages to surprise Azusa.

In all the worst ways.

At first she wondered if she’d made mistakes- she knew she could be bossy and demanding and wanted nothing short of perfection in her work life and only a bit less in her private life- and maybe that was too much to ask. But even after she’d made concessions, held her tongue, eased up and tried to relax… still his eye wandered. Still he drank to excess. Still he came to work with odd scents of perfume and lipstick on his collar.

After a while, he heart just couldn’t take any more of it.

“Yumi?” Spirit says, and she blinks in shock; he’s standing next to her, hands in his pockets and looking down at her, blue eyes full of concern. “You’ve been out of it all day. Is something wrong?”

She automatically begins to deny it, to reassure him that it’s fine… and then stops herself. For all that her heart swells when he’s near, for all that he showers her with love… it’s like holding on to a rope that keeps slipping out of her hands. He’ll be there tonight… and then the next where will he be? With her? In the bed of another?

It’s the uncertainty that is slowly killing her.

“… no. I’m not.” She takes a step away from him. “We’re not.”

The sudden realization that comes over him is almost as painful to see as the hurt in his eyes. “Yumi? I-“

“I can’t pretend anymore, Spirit. You shouldn’t keep trying to either.”

The finality of her words cuts like a knife. He can’t fight back, not when in her eyes he can see his transgressions, his sins, and how they have led them to this inevitable finale. Azusa begins to walk away when he grabs her hand.

The kiss he ghosts onto her fingertips is full of regret, of longing and sadness.

She balls that kiss up into her fist and walks away, and it isn’t until she’s nearly home that, crying, she unfolds her fingers and blows it away.