Easy Ways to Connect More Strongly with your Deities
  • Say Good Morning when you wake up, say Good Night before you fall asleep
  • Share your food with them. If you’ve ever wanted some of your friend’s french fries, you know how they probably feel. 
  • Donate to causes that fall under the jurisdiction of your deity. Are they a goddess for women? Donate to a women’s shelter or Planned Parenthood. Is your deity a patron of the arts? Give to PBS or local theatres.
  • Cook a full meal in honor of your deity. Seriously. It sounds silly but you can definitely find a regional cookbook based on your pantheon to cook a full ass feast for them.
  • Write them letters or notes. Keep a little notebook of notes and letters to your deity. Did you see a cute cat that you think Frigga would’ve liked? Maybe you saw a girl’s outfit that would’ve made Aphrodite drool. Let them know, or give yourself a reminder to tell them about it later.
  • Change your phone background. Does your deity have a temple or built pantheon? Put that shit as your wallpaper! Did you find a picture that so perfectly captures the spirit of your deity? Make it your lock screen.
  • Make them a Mix Tape. You know, so you can belt out songs in their honor while making your way downtown. Faces pass. And you’re home bound. 
  • DIY your Altar. I’m not going to lie, I’m not to altar type. However, it is a fantastically personalized space that you can do anything with. So don’t let anyone stop you from knitting that mini statue of Hecate a scarf. 
How to Meet Local Spirits

(Revamp of my answer to this ask [x])

Local spirits are the spirits that are constantly around us, in the forests, on the beaches, in schools, in homes, etc. They can be ghosts, mythological creatures, entities never mentioned in lore before and more. Their personalities and friendliness towards humans can vary quite a bit, especially depending on where you live. Think of them as your spirit neighbors. Some might remain as such for the entire time that you know them, others might become your companions or maybe even your rivals! The important thing is that you respectfully interact with them and be aware of their boundaries.

There’s two main ways that I’ve found to make contact with local spirits: call them to you or go outside and meet them in the places they live. Calling them to you is actually kind of a similar concept to conjuring except that you are only calling to the spirits that live in your area and that there’s no guarantee that they’ll show up. Going out is like a scientist going on a field study for an organism that they’re interested in: might find them, might not, and if it’s spirits we’re talking about then might find but they don’t want to be interacted with.

That’s the biggest thing to remember when working with local spirits, that not all spirits are interested in interacting with humans. In fact, many spirits couldn’t care less about humans or even actively have ways to prevent humans from meeting them. You should respect spirits that don’t want to be worked with. If you really want to work with a particular group then you could try negotiating with them or slowly building up a relationship with them in order to see if they will eventually be willing. Just don’t force any spirit to interact or speak with you, that will end badly for you every time.


Spirit work isn’t always the safest thing and there’s many ways that you can be harmed. The most important thing to have is a protective circle. It will protect you from many things and can actually be very versatile. Obviously this is hard to make when going out and meeting spirits so we’ll separate the safety procedures for each technique.

Going Out to Meet the Spirits

When going out not only is it harder to bring and set up materials, you’re also in public a lot of the time which limits what you can do. That is why personal warding is important. Personal warding can take the form of energy shields, protective amulets, etc. These are things that should be prepared before going out with the intent of meeting spirits so that they are ready in case you do get attacked.

Calling the Spirits

Calling the spirits comes with the risk of inviting unknown entities into your home. That is why it is important to have wards and a protective circle. The circle will protect you if they try to attack you during the meeting while the wards will prevent them from getting back in after being banished. Generic wards are basic spirit work stuff so I’m not going to go into them here.

A circle, however, can be made in many different ways. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it has protective elements that you feel are helpful to you, not what some list on the internet says. You could take from traditional circles and use them as a template for creating your own or you can completely make a new style of circle. The possibilities are endless! Some things you might want to include are protective stones, the names of deities you work with, protective words or sigils, candles, etc. Any physical item you use should have a designated spot for it. Your orientation of the elements of the circle is also important, or well it can be if you ascribe that importance! Perhaps you use the four elements to protect you in your circle and you associate them with a particular direction for example.

When you decide on what the circle should look like, practice making and using it! You can draw it out on an old sheet so that you don’t have to keep remaking it, you can set out physical items in the shape of a circle or you can create it with energy if you’re good at that. However you make it, it’s important to get used to being in it and the energy that goes into “activating” it. Activating it usually involves calling upon whatever makes up the circle to protect you. Sticking with the element example, you’d activate is by calling for Fire, Water, Earth, and Air to protect you. Once you are done with the circle, you must close it. This usually means allowing whatever you called upon to depart but in the reverse order from before. Try it out, play around with it, find or create whatever procedure that is comfortable to you.   

When speaking with spirits, do not let them in no matter how much they try to persuade you. Also, do not leave the circle until you are sure that they are gone. That’s why you should keep any banishing tools and the like on hand so you don’t have to run and fetch them. If you don’t follow both of those rules then what’s the point of making the circle?

[There’s many different ways to use a circle, this is just a generic explanation of it].

Calling the Spirits to You

This process includes creating a call of energy and sending it out into the “energy network” of your local area. Spirits in the area can hear this call and choose whether or not to answer it and show up.

Tools needed: An offering for the spirit that you are calling, any banishing tools, any physical items that make up your circle, a wand if you need/use one, and any communication tools if you need them.

Making the Call: Cast your circle, set your offering outside of it and get into a clear state of mind where you can access your energy. Say the call, either out loud or in your head, doesn’t matter. It can be anything but basically along the lines of “I call to any [spirit name] that would be interested in speaking with me for [an interview]. In return, I have an offering of [the offering]”. You can call them for any reason but like I’ve mentioned before, they’re not obligated to come. As you say the call, form the energy of your words into a ball of energy in front of you. This is where you can use your wand to help channel the energy easier. Visualization also helps here. Once it is formed and stable, send it out in all directions into the environment. I usually just shoot a quick burst of energy at it to give it the momentum to move fast but you can flick your wrist/wand or do whatever it is you normally do to send energy out.  

Even after you finish saying the call, you can feed more energy into the energy ball if you want the call to be “louder” and travel farther. This can be dangerous though because since the call is made from your energy, it is connected to you and that’s how the spirits who answer your call can find you. When the call reaches the limits of its strength it disappears and all links to you are gone. However, the stronger you make it, the longer it is out in the environment and the more likely unexpected spirits can trace you. So basically, don’t make the call too powerful.     

Meeting the Spirit: If the call isn’t made too strong (aka the amount of energy that the sample call above makes) then at most, it should take 10 minutes for the call’s energy to die out (usually not actually that long but it’s good to be safe). After you finish speaking with the spirit, thank them for coming and allow them to leave. Make sure that they are actually gone before closing your circle. If a spirit doesn’t appear within that time you can either resend the call or close your circle and try again later.  

Notes: Creating the call doesn’t guarantee that a spirit will show up. It also doesn’t mean that the spirit who shows up is the spirit that you called to. I mean in the four years that I’ve been using this technique, I’ve never had the “wrong” spirit show up but I find it very hard to believe that it’s not possible. Both of these are reasons why it’s important to have the basic techniques for being able to sense a spirit’s presence and determine their identity.

Going Out and Meeting Spirits

This process is much more straightforward. You essentially go out to places in your area like beaches, parks, schools, etc., see if you can sense any spirits, and then see if any are interested in talking with you.

Tools needed: Any protective amulets or items that you have and an offering for any spirits you may come across

I don’t have much explanation for this because it ain’t much more complex than that. If you don’t know who you’re going to meet, generic offerings to bring include water, alcohol, bread, rice, tobacco, etc. If you know of an offering that the spirits where you’re headed would prefer then bring that. No matter what you bring do not leave anything that will pollute the environment. Any food offerings you bring should be in a container and then properly disposed of, not thrown on the ground for example.    

Set out the offering and ask if anyone wants it. You can also respectfully approach anyone you see and ask if they would want it. If they decline your offer, then don’t press them. Just give them a “okay, sorry for bothering you” and leave. Be respectful when interacting with them, you are on their territory after all.

Also be smart about who you approach. If someone’s energy makes you feel uncomfortable or they’re a species or have an affiliation with a group that is known to be hostile, then be aware that you may need to defend yourself if you choose to approach them and things go sour. Of course not all bad-feeling spirits are actually bad, not all good-feeling spirits are actually good, and first impressions can be misleading. Just trust your intuition and be prepared for the worst in case it happens.  

What to Do if You Are in Danger

It’ll happen. Not all spirits are friendly and many might look at you as prey or something to mess with. The most important thing to do is stay calm. When a spirit attacks, it can be very scary so I know that keeping a clear head isn’t always the easiest of things in that situation. That is why you should develop a clear plan for dealing with attacks beforehand and have all the tools that you need already prepared. If it’ll help, write down a basic procedure for banishing and keep it in your pocket or somewhere else that spirits won’t be able to easily see. That way even if you’re freaking out, you’ll have a lifeline telling you what to do.

Calling the Spirits

If a spirit attacks, tries to force their way into your circle, or suddenly acts hostile, banish immediately. It’s best not to take any chances. Once they are banished, cleanse the area and reinforce your wards. Sometimes spirits may do something that might make you uncomfortable but you don’t feel as though it’s bad enough to warrant forcing them out. You can simply ask them to leave or let them know that the behavior will not be tolerated. If they ignore your request, banish them. It’s possible that a spirit isn’t aware that they might be making you uncomfortable and so talking it out first before immediately jumping to banishing (if they’re not actively attacking you) could be beneficial for both of you. Just remember to be firm in your boundaries and don’t let the spirit persuade you into letting them go.  

Reasons not to banish a spirit:

If they look “scary”. Their appearance doesn’t always reflect their personality. For some, that’s just the way that they were born.

If they’re a “demon”. Demon is a very useless, broad term that describes a myriad of entities all of which have different personalities and moralities. “Demon” is not the equivalent of “evil”.

Going out and Meeting the Spirits

The difference here is that you can’t really banish spirits when you visit them at their homes. That’d be like going over to a friend’s house and trying to kick them out. If a spirit attacks you while you’re away from your protected space, the best you can do is get out of there. If you came prepared with proper protection then it should be able to buy you enough time to escape. Depending on the situation, the attacking spirit may or may not be interested in chasing you. So, sometimes “escaping” can be simply removing yourself from the area immediately as the spirit is just acting aggressive so that you’ll back off. But other times, you may need to do a little more than that. If you suspect that you got followed home, perform a banishing of your property and cleanse yourself and the area. Then reinforce your wards.

The one thing that I have to say is that you need to be cognizant of why that spirit is attacking you. More specifically, you need to be aware of when your actions provoke a spirit to attack. Did you infringe upon their territory? Did you bother them after they told you that they didn’t want to interact? You are out in their realm, just as a spirit that you invite into your house should respect you, you should respect spirits when you meet them at their homes.     

Which Process Should You Use?

It depends on what “level” of spirit work you’re at and what you want to accomplish. Calling a spirit to you is definitely requires an intermediate skill level in energy and spirit work whereas going out and meeting them only requires that you be able to sense and communicate with spirits. However, when you call a spirit to you, they’re more likely to be willing to talk since that’s what they came for according to your call. You’re also more protected since you’re able to have your circle and tools right at hand. Spirits that you simply meet outside aren’t always going to want to speak and it’s a bit harder to protect against them. So which process should you use? Both.

Not all spirits are interested in answering a call but they may be willing to talk with you come across them when outside. Sometimes, you need a long conversation with a spirit which is where calling them will be more useful. Calling them might even seem more convenient but I think that it’s important that you learn about the spirits around you by going out and meeting them before calling them to you. It not only helps you get a better idea of the community but it also lets spirits get a better idea of who you are.

Are you overcomplicating astral travel?

Here’s the thing: By far the most common question I get from people is “how do I astral?” Which is, well, a big question. It begs other questions, like:

>Why do you want to travel

>WHERE do you want to travel

>Do you have jobs you need to do over there or are you gonna hang out

etc etc

But here’s the thing: Often people decide to travel, and then they get stuck. They try a method they maybe heard about once, and it doesn’t work, so maybe they research another method. Maybe they pick up a book on the topic, maybe the book tells them “you’ll know you’re astral traveling when you can rise out of your body and see it on your bed.”

BOOM. Imma stop you for a minute.

There it is. This is the moment the Gold Standard™ for the new person gets set in stone. The mind now says “If I’m not hovering above my body with full range of vision, I’m not Traveling, with a capital T.”

So now we have this goal. The person may feel a little more confident because there is a road map in front of them, and that map may have steps, often detailed by a book author, or maybe even a blogger here on tumblr. Maybe the person tries the steps, and fails. Maybe it takes months. Maybe it takes years, but eventually, maybe the person gets frustrated, and they give up.

“I just can’t travel”, they say, truly discouraged, or “I’m just not meant for this, if I was, I would have been hovering outside my body by now.” They maybe pack up the books and leave it be.

Perhaps you see people on tumblr or blogs that talk about full blown OBE or extreme situations, and then you internalize THEIR gold standard, and then you fail to achieve the standard. Same situation applies.

Imma stop you right here. What happened?

  1. Person decided they wanted to travel
  2. Person researched or was told what “authentic” travel looks like
  3. Person attempted to reach the “authentic” standard
  4. Person failed, and then
  5. Assumed they were not meant to travel, due to their failure to reach “Authentic Travel”.


Here’s the secret, my bros:

1. There is no one form of “authentic” astral travel. You will find this is an epidemic with older books on the astral, when astral “travel” or astral living was equated on a wide scale with your classic OBE, or Out Of Body Experience. So in reality, what many people are trying to achieve, when they want to travel, is an OBE. Based on what books/people tell them. But that is FAR from the only way to astral–in my case, for example, I’ve never achieved full OBE–and not for lack of years of trying. (Because I thought that was How One Astral Traveled)

1-A. THERE ARE MANY FORMS OF ASTRALING BESIDES “TRAVEL”. I don’t travel because I lead an astral double-life–I “tune in”. An OBE is wrong for my circumstances, and if I would have learned that sooner, it would have helped me a lot. There are people that astral-trip only in dreams! People that astral-trip only while DAYDREAMING! People that mentally trip but never leave awareness of their body, people who can’t “see” anything there but hear everything perfectly, people who can only see the astral in black and white, people without a “form” or a body, people with only a bizarre pinprick field of vision! HONESTLY IT’S ENDLESS. Learn your style!

2. Because there is no one form of “authentic” astraling–there is no ONE WAY to achieve the travel! If you fail at going OBE, there may be a perfectly good reason you aren’t suited to that route! The failure here also lies on authors and books that imply there IS one way of authentic travel, and therefore, the user is set up for a failure situation a lot of the time. (And for example, OBE LEAVES your body open for attack or walk-ins in a lot of cases–did you ever think this was your natural energy defense system preventing you from leaving yourself a shell?)

3. Your way of travel is probably NOT going to match someone else’s, so you absolutely need to drop the gold standard now. I am NOT telling you to give up on discernment, because that will keep you alive when you reach the astral. I am telling you that if you have lofty expectations of what the astral is going to be like for you based on someone you’ve read (including me!) you need to drop it before you go, because it’s likely to fuck you up. I have listened to hundreds of different astral experiences, and I co-run the astral atlas–it’s all remarkably different for each individual based on your needs and jobs.

4. Your ideas of the astral are probably going to get blown out of the water when you get there anyway. Know this. Expect it. It will constantly surprise you and remind you that this isn’t In Your Head, and in doing so it will shatter your ideas of what it is, over and over again. 

5. Stop complicating things. If I had a nickel for every time person that came to me and asked why they can’t astral, and I gave them the idea of “Well, did you try opening a door?” and then the look of revelation descended, I’d be rich. This is not a blame on you, because I don’t blame you for this over-complication thing. We’re humans, we like to complicate everything, it makes us happy and whatnot. It makes me almost tremendously happy to shroud things in pomp and circumstance. But seriously–have you tried opening a door? Like. Visualize a door, and then open it, and then walk through. That’s how I first got to the astral.

After weeks of trying and doing all this complex shit, eventually I was told to visualize a door, and walk through. And then I was fucking there.

(Can you imagine how pissed I was, though. Like wtf I WAS TOLD MY ENTRANCE WAS TO BE GRANDIOSE AND MAGNIFICENT, not a fucking shitty wooden-ass door with nobody around to see me. Harumph, I said. I ended up in an empty field in fuck-all nowhere, if you wanted to know.)

I’m not saying it’s always easy to get to the astral. It has ways of keeping you out (or in) inside mental spaces or white rooms until you’re ready to be out on your own. This is where discernment and patience come in. But I AM saying if you find yourself failing over and over again at this thing, ask: Is it because you have an unconscious Gold Standard? Analyze why. And then, let it go. Because it’s not going to help you, it’s just going to make you anxious and perpetuate the failure cycle, trust me. And then ask: Am I overcomplicating my approach/expectations because of my gold standard? Analyze that, let it go.

Then, try an amazingly simple thing like opening a door, and stop cutting yourself off at the pass, and just let it happen.

You might be surprised at the results.

(This post is aimed at people who a) WANT to astral and b) have a hard time doing so for unknown reasons. It is not suggesting everyone should astral if they don’t want to or have no interest, if that wasn’t self-evident.)

I need your help.

Hey guys. So. I know you all probably have seen a lot of these and you’ll probably scroll right past this, I can’t really blame you, I usually did the same. But even a little help will go such a long way. Right now I’ve made it back to school in New York, I’m away from the depression, anxiety, and poor health as a result, of my hometown. I’m actually healthy both physically and mentally at the SAME TIME for the first time in seven years.

Right now, I’m living with my amazing boyfriend (of now over two years!) and everything has been going right. Except for money. We live in the cheapest apartment complex nears our schools, we don’t eat out, we cook and make the leftovers last longer than we probably should, we budget, and we both work as many hours as we can while still attending school.

It’s not enough though. We there’s not enough to cover the monthly bills while also being able to eat and cover those little expenses that pop up. I’ve been living off of cheap bulk Mac and cheese for a week, for twice as long I’ve been walking around with a literal hole in my shoe.

So please. Help us stay here. Help me stay somewhere I’m finally healthy and where my boyfriend doesn’t need to be around his homophobic parents.

I can do almost anything witchy you might want. My strongest skills are SIGIL MAKING, any sort of SPIRIT WORK, and TAROT. Please contact me if you want to purchase a sigil, a custom conjure spirit companion, or a tarot reading or really anything else you’d pay for. PRICES ARE PAY WHAT YOU WANT! Of course I can’t do anything for free right now but you make what you think is fair (or more if you’re feeling generous and are in a position to spare) and that’ll be the price.

If you can’t spare anything I more than understand, it’s your money and you might very well be in the same sort of situation I’m in now. But if you can I hope you’ll consider. Even a reblog would mean a lot to me. Thank you all ❤️❤️❤️

Deep Sea mermaids

Alrighty; its been quite a while since I’ve made a post, but here’s one anyways.

So, I have a bad habit of Astral Traveling when I’m in the middle of class; I don’t know how, but hey, it happens. Anywho, a few days ago I went “deep-sea fishing” I guess, and ended up in who knows where at the bottom of the ocean. There I met a cool boy; his name is “A”, and being the nosy little butt I am, I knew that I would likely never run into anybody as pretty as this boy again, so I jumped on the chance to ask him as much about his species as I could.

He was nice; really smooth and pleasant voice; you could fall asleep to this thing, it was like a lullaby when he spoke. Hit record and I’d be out.

Anyways, his species, a type of deep sea merfolk. I drew out some pictures as to what he looked at as more of a guide for you guys to see what I mean.

He had this kind of Opal-escent like skin; it reflected at the smallest amount of light; again, he was beautiful I swear. His ears were kind of like fins in a sense, apparently they doubled as sonar receptors; meaning he could pick up deep sea chatter. His eyes though were real cool. There are two kinds of eyes that he said that he had.

The first was one that he used when he went into shallower water or to the surface (I really don’t think he goes up there a lot tbh).  Like us, hes able to see in bright light; go figure. But here’s the cool part.

Now when he goes back down, in the dark, a sort of second eye lid covers his eyes. Apparently it acts as a protector for them if hes ever attacked, but it also allows him to see in the dark better than if he didn’t have that kind of skin on. It acted like an eye patch; you know, how a pirate would cover one eye so that if hes ever fighting, he could uncover the eye and see in the dark if he were to go from a sunny place to a dark place; kinda like that.

So I bet you’re asking whats up with his neck, so, he has skin obviously; but from below his jawline; to part of his upper chest he has some thin scales. They for a kind of upside down triangle, and from what he told me, it glows in the dark when hes looking for a mate. And beneath that, he had some large gills. Now there we would have our lungs obviously, but he has the large gill covers that are in threes. It reminded me of a shark, but apparently they’re different.

Now to his back. It has 6 fins; that generate electricity. They’re sort of rounded, but also have small spines where they connect to the back. They can also pick up vibrations in the water since they’re so sensitive, and they act as tiny propellers in a way.

His fins were white; sorry about the image its a bit big; but if you zoom in you can see my little notes. Ok, so from below the stomach and organs and such, I don’t know why you can only see his bones but that’s apparently how it works, you have this little transparent spot on his fin. It ends about halfway through, but it glows in the dark so that they can see on the sea floor. In a sense I guess its like how jellyfish down there generate their bio-luminescence or something. A’s fins were rounded, not split, so he was a strong swimmer, but kind of slow. They looked flat but pretty strong, but still a fish fin, not like a Ray or anything. His large fin was white too; so he was just this white fish boy who never saw light lol.

In the dark this is how it looked.

He was pretty cool; and seemed friendly enough. Again, the prettiest boy I’ve ever met, so if you ever decide to go down there, try to find one of them. Although, I don’t think all of them would be as friendly as he, so still be careful; some things down there will scare the living daylights out of you.

what to put in a grimoire

Stuff that is relevant to you. Don’t waste time and effort filling out pages of astrology if you aren’t interested in astrology. If you are never going to use the page for that information, don’t waste the page on it. Don’t be worried about what other witches have in their book. This is your book, not everyone’s. And if you are planning on creating some fantastic book that you’ll pass down to your future witch children, know that the your first one probably isn’t going to be the one you’ll want to pass down anyway. Likely information you once thought was important you’ll later find doesn’t matter to you at all. Let your first book be the one you can mess up and explore in. You need room to learn and grow, not worry about every little detail of what you might be missing.

With that said, here is a list of ideas for what you might want to put in your grimoire. This is a collection of ideas taken from all over. Remember to fearlessly scratch things that you aren’t honestly interested in:

-A book blessing/protection to protect it from wandering eyes

-Your personal pages: a page about you and your goals for the craft, the day you decided to be a witch, your natal chart/zodiac info for you and/or your so/birth tarot cards or birth playing card, your craft name or personal sigil if you have one, any psychic abilities you have

-A page for your personal correspondences: your signature herbs/rocks/scent/sound/animal, your craft name/sigil

-A page for your familiar/s if you have any: their given/secret name, their sigil, info about when you met them and when they left/died, what they helped you with, what they like, how they can be contacted

-A portrait of your shadow self

-A list of your current witch tools, where you got them, whats special about them, how they were consecrated (if they were), etc

-An ancestor page: this could be your family tree, pictures of your deceased, locations of graves, etc

-Info about the plants/animals/rocks in your area

-The wheel of the year, if that’s applicable to you

-Esbat/Sabbat information if that’s applicable (personally I only observe the full moon)

-The monthly moon names if you observe the changing of the moon: you can google and see which ones speak to you, or since they’re outdated you can make up your own (for instance I have a Coyote moon because the coyotes howl outside my house, rather than a Wolf moon)

-Any rites/rituals/songs/poems/pictures/quotes/spells/recipes/etc that are important to you and/or your practice.

-A page to keep a list of all your active spells/wards/enchanted items

-Deity: history/picture/correspondence of any deity you are interested in, for secret witches you can have an altar for them inside your book, entries of your relationship/experience with them, family tree of the pantheon if applicable. Even if you worship an entire pantheon, you don’t need to have a page for everyone in the pantheon. And even if you are a secular witch, you can still make a deity page if you so decide.

-Divination info for the practices you’re interested in: history, correspondence cheat sheet, any spreads you think are important, record your readings, a pendulum board in your book if you’ll use it

-Sigils: how to create/charge, sigils you’ve found helpful

-Astrology: natal chart, zodiac info, calendar for planetary retrograde/moon phases/celestial events (meteor showers, etc)

-Cleansing, Protection, and Banishing methods

-Meditation, Centering, Grounding and Shielding methods/techniques/symbols/pictures

-Dreamwork: a dictionary of your personal recurring dream symbols, a collection of your dreams written/drawn

-Spiritwork: any spirits you are or have been in contact with and basic information

-Correspondences (remember to think about what your correspondence is and not what some list on tumblr tells you): herbs, rocks and crystals, animals,metals, moon phases, planets, planetary retrograde, colors, directions, your witch tools (this is mostly kitchen tools for me)

An index in the back for organization

Spirits Can Eat You

& Other Ways that They Can Harm You in the Physical Realm

Mostly my UPG but I have heard similar information from others’ experiences

*Always make sure to look into medical and mundane reasons for any harm that may have occurred before ascribing the cause to spirits. *

A human walks along a craggy coast in the middle of the night. The waves violently churn and sputter beneath their feet as they hop from rock to rock. Under the surf something waits, carefully watching the human’s movements. The being has soft, gray skin and a beautiful cerulean tail whose scales reflect the moonlight, but the human lacks the ability to see this. They also don’t see when the creature darts out of the water, sinking her nails into their etheric body and pulling it into the depths. The human stops, gut wrenching, heart pounding, such weird symptoms seemingly brought on with no reason. But then they collect themselves and continue down the beach, feeling oddly different from before.

Most of the time, when a spirit “physically” harms you the damage will be applied to your etheric body. However, sometimes that damage can be translated over into your physical body in some form. For example, a god of cadavers once touched my arm causing a necrosis in the cells of my etheric body that expanded until my skin was a deathly black and the bone was exposed. My physical body was unharmed and showed no signs of the damage that was done to my etheric body however, I did find that the spot was less sensitive until my etheric body was healed. Even now the spot that he touched occasionally feels “off”.   


Just like humans, many entities need to eat to survive. They can eat the etheric copies of organisms and objects in the physical world as well as eating other spirits. Unlike entities, most ghosts don’t need to feed but they can if they want to. When a spirit eats it can be described as them absorbing the energy of their food and assimilating it into their energy. However, there are many different biologies and ways of feeding that might follow a different process.

Humans, physical and ghosts, are often prey for predatory species. Don’t think that just because you have the “energy of a dragon” or whatever that no one will attempt to eat you because of that. There’s always someone bigger.

When an entity eats a human they can either take out chunks of your energy or the whole damn thing. This can leave you feeling strange, empty, not fully “there”, and it can definitely affect the strength your magical workings. If you ever do get eaten, fear not! Energy with ties to the physical world (aka your meat body) will eventually reform over time although this can take up to years and can lead to long-lasting damage if a large amount of your energy was taken. So maybe fear a little.

Some entities are parasites that will hide in your etheric body and drain your energy from the inside. Parasites can also be large, regular looking entities that subtly drain you when they’re in your presence.

Entities can also feed on the ambient energies that you give off. For example, a despair demon might feed on the ambient energies of someone who is going through a depressive episode. A feeding like this isn’t directly harming you and can actually be helpful if you have a trusted entity feed on energies that you don’t want lingering around. However, it can be the opposite where an entity will try to milk these energies out of you by, for example, instigating depressive episodes and making you feel shitty.

Attacks and Abuse

Just like physical humans, spirits can punch you, kick you, sexually abuse you, etc. This harm usually takes a form similar to my example with the cadaver god. Depending on the extent of the damage sometimes this can manifest physically. Examples being feeling pain in your face after being slapped by a spirit or having scratches appear where they clawed you. They can also emotionally and psychologically abuse you.

*Always make sure to look into medical and mundane reasons for any harm that may have occurred before ascribing the cause to spirits.*


Not as rare as everyone makes them out to be but still not as common as the others. In my experience this can come in three different forms: possession of the body, possession of the mind, and both combined. When a spirit possesses the body of a human, it can control their movements but the human’s mind is still conscious. When a spirit possesses the mind of a human, it can do things such as hack into their third eye, steal personal information from memories and the like, or even rewire their brain. Possession of the mind is usually a more gradual and subtle process than possession of the body. While this is a post about ways that spirits can harm people I figured that it might pay to mention how possessions aren’t always dangerous and can be done with the consent of the human (I loosely use the term “channeling” to describe consensual possessions).  

Influencing Auras

I mentioned earlier that humans can give off ambient energies that attract spirits, well spirits can also give off their own ambient energies. A spirit’s ambient energy is often an extension of its true energy. This energy often blankets wide areas of space, usually around where the spirit resides, and can influence the events or behaviors of organisms and other spirits that enter it. One example would be a species of spirit that I met called lunar soldiers. When they gathered together, they created an ambient energy of lunacy where those who entered it would behave erratically and often violently. Other examples could be the ambient energy of a murderer’s ghost that influences physical humans around them to commit murder and assault or the ambient energy of a forest causing people to be forgetful and get lost easier. Of course, not all entities have negative ambient energies or even ambient energies at all.

The Myths Don’t Lie

My final point is about how the myths and legends of spirits are often correct in describing the harm that spirits can do. Gorgons can turn your body to stone, vampires can feed on your blood, mermaids can drown you (or have ambient energies that make people around them more likely to drown ;D ), etc. It’s just that, most of the time, these things will happen to your etheric body and not your physical one.  

*Always make sure to look into medical and mundane reasons for any harm that may have occurred before ascribing the cause to spirits.*

In all seriousness I took a death and dying course in college for fun and that’s when I fell in love with, and began to seriously study, spontaneous or “street shrines”. These are the organic, unplanned placements of items when someone is killed, generally, and the community almost descends on a spot. I am fascinated by that interfaith, inter-spirit moment of connection fostered. What drives someone to leave the first item? Who guides them there? What do we, as humans, seek from the leaving of a memorial on a place that now hallowed? And we know it is, to some extent, even if we’re not spirit-workers. We have this human need to bear witness, no matter who we are, and over and over again it manifests as this need to build some space, some monument that says “they were here, and now they aren’t here, and we, collectively, of all faiths and walks of life, strangers to each other, will remember them”

We take comfort in, and protect to some measure, that space we create with tea-light candles and stuffed bears and flowers and it just feels like the Right Thing to Do. We rebuild these spaces when they are torn down by authority and we keep building them up and that’s beautiful

Street shrines are TRULY universal, too. They are largely non-verbal but it’s like we just KNOW what to do, like something moves inside all of us and it doesn’t fucking matter if we can’t understand anyone else standing at the site, it’s just a Knowing. It’s phenomenal 


Excuse the dust, I light a lot of incense, but here is my indoor altar(s). Top tier is the all gods shrine, then the spiritwork / old horn / wild hunt altar, then the working altar where I do my divination and spells, down there so I can sit or kneel, and any books or supplies I might need are on the shelf below. 

Thought on land spirits

Maybe land spirits are generally suspicious because they don’t trust settlers. 
How can settler-witches have a land-based praxis on occupied territory without acknowledging the genocide that has taken place on the soil?

I think spirits suffer from colonial trauma as the land does, and as indigenous bodies do.  

Perhaps acknowledging traditional territory when you make your offerings to the land would help. 


Offering ideas for dragon spirits

Based on what I’ve given to my dragon friend, what he liked, and what he has suggested I can give him in the future. I’m writing this as a list of ideas for myself, but I thought maybe someone would like to read them:

-His own tarot deck to communicate through (refuses to share a deck with an angel).

-A lighter in a color he likes, specially if I’m going to use it to light candles for him.

-Candles in colors he likes, or with a scent he likes, or anointed with an oil he likes (he really wants to try almond oil for some reason, so I’m going to use that in the near future). Update: almond oil is great and smells nice, he likes it.

-Sharing food with him. He really likes anything with meat, fast food, and dark chocolate. (Curious because I’ve always been told spirits don’t like highly processed foods, but he really enjoys the strong flavors of fast food). 

-Compliments. I’ve never wrote anything down, but whenever I directly tell him how majestic he looks he’s like ‘tell me more…’

-Exercise o_O He likes the energy that stems off from me while I exercise, and no matter how many times I explain to him that I’m just a blob trying to keep my heart healthy, he’ll be cheering for me like “No pain no gain! You have to train hard so one day you can be a great warrior again! GO GO GO GO GO!”. At least when I’m done he’s really tender and lets me know I did a great job, haha.

-Drawings. He likes it when I draw portraits of him, or things inspired on him.

-Flowers. Specially orange flowers in his case.

-Music. He likes it when I let him chose what we’ll listen. He likes jazz, and metal, specially if it’s really heavy or power metal.

-Videos. The videos he’s been enjoying lately are those with curiosities about the human body, and those of people reading through their middle school/high school journals. I think he’s curious about other humans.

That’s all that comes to mind now. I’ll add more if more pops up later.

Spiritworker PSA

Recently I’ve heard several stories of people having issues with a certain goetic demon (number 39 or Mlphs). I honestly didn’t pay any attention to it due to the fact that I 1). Don’t work with goetic demons 2). Know that it’s common for people to assume all demons are evil. 3). Work with demons and try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt

However, I learned the hard way that the stories going around about this entity were not being overly dramatized. I don’t want to give too much detail as some of the information is not mine to share but what happened is:

I was doing a reading for someone when he showed up. He demanded that information be passed on to the person I was doing the reading for, and has harassed them before (I did not know this at the time). Although he did far more than just make demands and mess with my pendulum. He drained me of my energy to the point that I had a hard time moving for at least 10-15 minutes after he left. To make matters worse he also left a gigantic, nasty parasite in my energy system. It took the help of a god to yank the parasite out and I am still recovering from it.

This demon showed up of his own accord, I did not summon or call for him, in order to not just mess with me but the person I was doing a reading for. He made demands, tried to use me to harass the person I was doing a reading for, drained my energy, left me with a huge parasite problem, and threatened my companions.  ON TOP OF THAT, he later intimidated another spirit I knew but did not work with into delivering a message along the lines of “hey I can really mess you up, work with me or else.”

Guys please, I’m not telling you who you can and cannot work with, but if this spirit shows up check yourself for parasites, cleanse yourself & your space, if you can call for help, and put up as many wards as you can. He shouldn’t be trusted and does NOT have your best interest in mind.

“Psychic protection”
-Requested by @fishingly

Hope this helps! I’ll definitely be using this myself, as it’ll be great for everyday use as well as when I’m doing spirit work :)

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You don’t need a closet of dedicated supplies

There will always be a differing opinion on this, but this is just my two cents. 

Never freak out that you don’t have a closet full of dedicated supplies. A special knife. Altar cloths in multiple colours. You don’t need them. 

Don’t feel bad that you can’t afford the pretty things you find on etsy. That you have to make your own. Tools made with your own two hands can often be more powerful. 

I have been practicing for a long time and while I do have certain items dedicate to a specific purpose, this is more for safety reasons than anything else. These include:

  •  I have a mortar and pestle dedicated for work with incense ingredients or non edibles. I’m not too excited about the idea of poisoning myself by using the same one for everything.
  • My wooden knife. That’s right, the entire thing, including the blade, is made from wood. It is made this way because when working with particular plants or beings, I don’t want to go waving iron around. The reason why I keep this just for Craft use is because I don’t want to damage it on my cheese sandwiches. 
  • Animal skulls. Yeah. I’m not an artist and don’t have any other reason to use these for anything other than Craft. 

Things that I use for multiple purposes include:

  • My drop spindle. I don’t just use this for spinning wool to use on mundane projects. I also use it for my fate or spell weaving, or to make wool to spin intent into the item I’m knitting or crocheting. 
  • A distaff. Alright, so this one is on my wish/to make list. I’m still looking for that *perfect* piece of wood to use for my distaff. This will be used both for spinning, as well as in ritual. 
  • Candles. This might seem common sense to some people, but to others, their candles are only to be used for ritual. I’m part of the Tiny House crowd and having a whole box of candles just for ritual use just isn’t going to work for me. It’s a different story if they have been dedicated for a particular use. 
  • Cauldron. I cook with cast iron. Not only are those bad boys heavy, they’re also expensive. If I need to use one, it’s going right back into the kitchen when I’m done. It’s also part of the beauty of being a hearth witch. 

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show your tools some love and respect. Just don’t feel like you’re failing as a witch when you’re carving up a chicken with the same knife you use in ritual. 

Q&A With A Fae

One of my fae contacts was willing to let me interview him and share some information (under certain conditions that I’m adhering to). I asked around the spirit worker communities I’m in for questions to ask during the interview, and what follows is a summary of what he told me in response to those questions. These are not exact quotes, but my interpretations of his answers and added information for context! A lot of the questions and answers are about fae in general, but it is useful to note that he is a noble member of the Unseelie Court.

How do you get in touch with fae?

If you start doing anything related to magic in your area and it becomes noticeable enough or if you start interacting with the natural environment around you, usually the local fae will have some kind of awareness of you - of a greater or lesser degree depending on how relevant and noticeable you make yourself based on your behavior. So if you are doing extremely big spells, lots of intense spirit work, or landscaping - you’re definitely going to be on local fae radar. They’ll know about you, but may or may not interact.

For whatever reason, if you really want to get their attention, asking for it is enough - although they may or may not be interested in responding. By asking for it, I mean leaving offerings, doing a ritual to contact them, etc. If they do respond, make sure you know what you’re getting involved with!

Why they so rude?

Yes, I actually asked this question… and basically, most of the behaviors humans interpret as being “rude,” the fae doing them doesn’t consider them rude. It’s a classic case of cultural differences. Fae have their own ideas of what is rude or not, and this may or may not overlap with the human ideas about it. If you do choose to interact with fae or must deal with them for whatever reason, try to think from their cultural logic. Seelie and Unseelie aligned fae each have their own sets of rules about what is normal and appropriate. 

I haven’t worked with Seelie fae enough to know, but Unseelie fae tend to regard humans and other mortals as extremely inferior to them. Fae are immortal unless killed, so they live much longer than humans and have more time to learn and develop their knowledge-base, skills, and intellect. Fae are also inherently much more magically talented than most humans. So to an Unseelie fae (and to all fae to an extent), treating a human as inferior and as rather worthless is natural and expected. Basically, they are “rude” because its their nature and culture to be that way toward humans. Think of it how humans treat animals - we tend to see ourselves as intellectually superior and able to do much more and live longer, so as a species we don’t usually treat animals in the same way as other humans even if we grow fond of one as a pet. Humans are viewed in a similar kind of way to fae.

What is the basic etiquette humans should have with humans and common faux pas humans make with fae?

Almost every text you’ll ever see about interacting with the fae will advise you to be polite to them. This is paramount for your own safety. Whether you are dealing with Seelie, Unseelie, solitary, or some other kind of fae it’s in your best interest to be as courteous, kind, and polite as possible. The average fae is inherently more magically powerful than the average human, and they do not value human life in the same sort of way that humans don’t value the lives of animals the same way they do another human (see previous question). If your wording and attitude when approaching them has undertones of subservience to them and a huge amount of respect, they’re much more likely to be willing to work with you. 

However, if they get impatient with you, you get disrespectful, or even worse you don’t hold up your end of a bargain or return a gift or favor then you’ll quickly get into hot water. Unless you’re willing to stake a lot that you have the magical and spiritual power to face off with a fae, it’s not really a good idea to try to banish them if things get sticky. Always apologize even if you don’t want to or don’t feel like you should have to and offer to rectify the situation. That’s really the best you can do if things go south! It’s very difficult to outsmart them, as many fae have lived for a ridiculous amount of time longer than you and are masters at trickery and deception.

What are good offerings and gifts to give fae?

If you are in contact with the fae who you want to give offerings to, you can always ask them as it may depend on their particular species and personality. Generally speaking, however, fae tend to like sweet things, pretty things, and valuable magical items. So the usual suggestions of cream, milk, honey, and shiny or glittery things are all safe bets (so long as you aren’t leaving anything outside that’s littering or leaving trash in nature). If you leave an offering out, make sure it’s biodegradable! Also, you could gift an enchanted or magical item of value if you’re willing to give it up. 

Just because you don’t hear from local fae if you give an offering doesn’t mean they didn’t receive it or like it, it just means that for whatever reason they decided not to respond by communicating with you. However, it is very difficult for fae not to reciprocate so you will likely receive something in turn from them without even realizing it.

Why do some fae get annoyed or seem jealous when you take on a protective approach to nature? Why do some fae seem to challenge me when I get involved with nature?

Think about it this way. There are nature spirits - i.e. tree spirits, animal spirits, wind spirits, etc. - of natural phenomena in the world, and the fae are a completely different set of spirits that often live amongst those nature spirits and protect them since they are a part of the same habit environment and interconnected with each other. So if you start interacting with nature spirits or spending time in nature, then you’re also under the fae domain whether you like it or not. 

So looking after and protecting nature is generally appreciated by fae, but it all depends on how you go about it. The fae see themselves as in charge, so if you come in and start acting like you’re in charge, they won’t all take too kindly to that. Like if an animal comes into your backyard and starts pulling out the weeds or chewing on your flowers, you’re going to want to make that animal get out of your backyard. That’s why many gardeners leave offerings for the fae asking them to look after their garden - from the fae’s perspective they really should be asking for their blessing to be gardening at all.

Whenever you’re in nature or working with nature, remember to acknowledge that the local fae consider themselves in charge and look for signs of whether they are happy or not with what you are doing in their territory. If you see it as your territory and overstep your bounds in their eyes, you may receive an unwanted challenge or not so pleasant messages that you are unwelcome. Unfortunately, I think this is fairly unavoidable.

How accurate are the myths regarding changelings?

The changeling phenomenon is real, but it’s not something that happens at random. First of all, the change is not that the human baby’s body is replaced, instead when this happens the human soul is taken away to the fae realm and a fae soul is left in its place. Sometimes human incarnate fae are changelings.

In general, fae will do this souls swap for one of two reasons. The first reason is that humans have asked a lot of fae without returning the proper favors or offerings or have done something really awful that offends the fae, in which case the changeling happens because it is about fufilling what the fae sees as an owed debt. I’m not sure what Seelie fae do with these human souls, but Unseelie fae sometimes eat them or make them slaves in the fae realms. 

The other reason a changeling situation may happen is that a human is born with extraodrinary magical or intellectual gifts that the fae want. In this case, the human soul made be made a court servant. Some Unseelie fae (particularly nobility) will eat these human souls as a delicacy to obtain their magical gifts and knowledge.

Have any outsiders been stealing resources from the Unseelie Court territory? 

Not in any significant ways to the knowledge of the fae I spoke with, but he said that perhaps local common fae would know better of small issues regarding this or not. I didn’t find out any specific information for this question.

If you have more questions you’d like me to ask, my contact may not be willing to share but I’m more than happy to try and ask him! Just let me know in the comments or in your reblog. I hope this information is helpful! Remember that all this is UPG based on my interview with this one particular fae in addition to my own experiences/knowledge of the fae.

~ Mod Fire

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A Little Manifesto on “Spirituality” and the experience of “it.”

(This has been brewing for a while now, and I finally got the tap on the shoulder to get it all out. I get a little bit…incensed here. And I apologize if it comes out harsh. If it does seem a little rough around the edges, it’s because I want you to hear me. Really hear me. This is important.)

This is the truth as I know it.

  • Have you ever felt real pain when you saw someone wipe out on t.v.? You might have cringed, or gotten the “heebie jeebies”?
  • Have you ever been around someone who outwardly appeared fine, but being near them made you feel sad? And then later they confessed how depressed they have been?
  • Have you ever gotten a weird feeling that you shouldn’t trust someone you just met, and then later had that mistrust validated?
  • Do large crowds drain you, or sometimes energize you?

These things are ways of experiencing empathy. Almost everyone is to some degree empathetic. People with strong empathy pick up on these feelings without the help of any rational, logical, or visible stimuli.

Empathy is clairsentience.

Feeling like you are being watched, or followed, is also clairsentience.

  • Do you dream?
  • Can you picture a person, place, or thing, in vivid detail?

That’s clairvoyance.

  • Have you ever heard someone call your name, but no one was there?
  • Have you ever heard voices?
  • Have you ever said something so amazing and inspiring, at just the right moment, that it didn’t even feel like the words were your own?

That’s clairaudience.

  • Have you ever just “known” something? Inexplicably? Maybe you just knew that there would be a great parking spot waiting for you when you pulled up to the grocery store.
  • Have you ever had a nagging feeling that your mother was going to call you, and then within the hour that phone call comes in?
  • Have you ever had a random thought about your friend, and you had a feeling that they might be having a rough time? So you get in touch - and wow, yeah, they’re having a shit day?

This is intuition. Knowing something “intuitively” is pretty well accepted even among non-spiritual circles.

But guess what, intuition is claircognizance.

Clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, these all involve “Psychic” - metaphysical - “sixth” senses.

These are the senses that psychics and mediums use to connect to the energy of other people, and to the energies of Spirits.

Everyone has these abilities, to one degree or another.


We are all born with the ability to use them, or not use them. I choose to exercise these abilities, and use them, but that does NOT make me more “spiritual” than someone who doesn’t know how to work with these senses, or chooses not to.

The more you tell yourself that you don’t have “it,” that you don’t have what the “spiritual” people have, the truer that becomes because we create our own realities.

So stoppit. We are all special.

You are special. Whether you feel your connection to your higher-power-of-choice when you read scripture, or great literature, or listen to classical music, or get your feet in the grass, or eat an incredible confection, or look at a sunset, or hear birdsong, or hug your mother.

It’s all valid. Don’t compare your experience of the world to someone else’s, and judge your experience as either inferior, or superior.

It is what it is. You are who you are. You are exactly where you should be, and you can go anywhere that you want to.

Owen's back, witches!!!!

✨Hey there all you amazing witches!✨ Sorry I’ve been on so long of a break. Lots of personal stuff going on that I had to figure out. I’m announcing my return tho :) I’ll be back much more regularly, although I’ll be closing sigil requests for now to be fair to everyone still waiting on one. It’s good to be back :)

How to Deal with Demons-A Guide

As a witch who is bonded with a psychic, along my journey I have found out quite a lot about demons. Heres some information:

NEVER say a demons name out loud. it directly summons them to you, and it gives them power.

Demon oppression and possession are two completely different things, though they likely happen within the same sequence. Oppression is where they impact your mental and physical health. This happens at any given time, and will result in a completely different mood, headaches, sickness etc. Possession is where they have full control of your body, or someone else’s body. That person may “act right” and act like themselves, however that is the demon playing you as a fool. They stalk you before they possess you, learning every single tiny behavior and can mimic you perfectly. I learned that when a demon possessed my mom for two weeks. That was not particularly pleasant. Demons get a kick out of you knowing that they are there, the whole demonic behavior thing that you can see (speaking in tounges, violence, extreme hatred, etc.) is the times that they WANT you to know that you are there,

Don’t talk to the demon directly. Even if you fell it standing right behind you, don’t acknowledge it unless you are going to take defensive action.

Defensive Action-these are things that I use regularly in my practice. These can be adapted for most anyone who is struggling with demonic influence.

Holy water is life. Don’t make it yourself, unless you are a ordained Catholic priest. Get a lot, and put it everywhere. Whenever you feel them trying to invade or opress you, throw that shit all over you, drink it even! Here are some creative things that I have done:

     Holy water humidifiers

     Holy water squirt guns

     Holy water water balloons

     Holy water + purified salt shots for those who may be possessed (don’t do this too much kids, kidney failure does not sound fun

     Bake that shit into everything you eat. Smoothies, soups, stir fries, make rice and oatmeal, cookies, seriously whatever the hell you eat, put that shit in.

    Anoint candles with holy water and salt and burn them in your home.

    Draw protective sigils with holy water on your walls

Salt- pretty much life too. Demons hate this shit.  Here’s how you can use it

    Bake that shit into food.

    I have different banishing and burning powders that i have made that i store in jars with protective sigils on them.

               Burn in Hell powder- salt, black pepper, holy water (just a smidgen, and finally…. Cayenne pepper! You grind that shit up with your mortar and pestle, then you add a couple drops of holy water and have intent to burn the fuck out of demons. As you grind that, here is a quick chant to help keep your intent strong, “burns like fire, hurts like hell, demonic presence feel the power of my spell.

               Spirit Be Gone- salt, and pretty much every single protective herb that you have. First, grind that shit with your mortar and pestle, then draw protective sigils on bay leaves and burn them. Put the ash in, and grind it even more. “Negative energy, feel my bane, i banish you now, your power is in vain”. I use it for casting itty bitty circles whenever bed energy is around, and if you are a psychic, this really helps dispel negative spirits that love to talk/mess with you. It stops the headaches and such.

  Salt cont.

  do protective spells with that shit.

  Use salt baths and make your own bodyscrubs to rid you of negative energy.

 Salt the windows, doors, and floors of your home.

Make bracelets using a 9 knot chant, and annoint them with holy water, salt, and one drop of your blood. pass it through willow, sage, and pine smoke. It usually works to keep demonic entities out of your head, however if they are plaguing you physically, then untie a knot, starting with the last knot you did, and your energy will dispel and weaken them.

Protective stones work really well. keep them near and around you.

Defensive Strategies (please be aware that this will either work, or you wont be strong enough to complete the spell. If you can’t this demon or multiple demon will come AFTER YOU. Know for real how strong the demon is, get a psychic to figure this out. Hierarchy will not be too pleased with you if you try to put them in a jar. Make sure you are a very experienced mage/witch, or have one with you. The first night that I bound a demon, my ritual was interrupted, and that bastard took a leap out of my jar and almost choked me to death in front of my parents. Be EXTREMELY careful, and do this in the presence of another. If you need to do this, please send me a ask, and I will try to help you as much as I can. This spell works to capture a demon who is possessing a human.

You will Need:


a jar/vessel that you have enchanted to protect and bind a spirit

both of the salt mixes


ashes (a lot). Add ashes from sigils of banishing if possible

enough candles to make a large circle for you to work in

enough candles for you to seal the vessel

hair from the victim

banishing herbs

stones of protection

stones for power of you


holy water

lavender, rosemary, basil, bay

1. Cast a really strong circle. use rocks and candles placed at equidistant intervals to make it strong. line that circle with salt, burning powder, and banishing powder.

2. Call upon guides, angels, friendly spirits, familiars, etc. Ask them to observe and lend you strength and support.

3. Start by anointing the candle with holy water, salt, and banishing herbs. Intensify your own intent to purify and banish.

4. Light the candle in your circle (all of the other ones should be lit by now, with the formation of your circle) and prepare the hair.

5, Call upon the demon in mention “Demon, thou who hast been plaguing ___, i call you and summon you to this circle. Once you know that it is there, burn the hair and chant, “Christo, this is Gods land” over and over. Pour intent and strength into the words. this is dissolving the bond between the victim and the demon, isolating the demon.

6. Throw the hair into the jar (still chanting) and pour in ashes, protective herbs, marigolds. and pour the rest of the holy water in there. Cap the jar and shake that bitch. Keep chanting.

7. Seal the jar, with wax, ribbons, etc. when the wax is cooling, throw more powder, salt, and herbs on the jar. once, it is sealed, do not touch the jar. Thank the spirits that you have summoned, and say something to the jar like, “In the name of the holy Christ, I therefore bind and banish you satanic spirit, may you never plague the living again.”

8. DO NOT KEEP THE JAR I REPEAT DO NOT KEEP THE JAR. Bury that mother fucker far away from civilization, just get a psychic or clairvoyant to check if you did it right. Do not open the jar for goodness sake, that bastard will be pissed. just get the jar the hell away from you.

I hoped this helped you guys! Feel free to pm or ask me if you have any questions or need help!