Piece I did for Erin at Hell city Tattoo convention, Phoenix AZ

Philip Milic | Oakland California / On the Road
“ Got to finish this stunning tattoo last [week].🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 I will be facilitating a creative drawing class about finding and divining your sacred doodle. What is our subconscious trying to tell you or is it just wanting to be witnessed? Let’s explore these ideas at @symbiosisgathering on sept 16. It will be my first time doing this so I’m a bit nervous but it will be a lot of fun. No need to be an “artist” just need to be willing to explore and open up. Check out @symbiosisgathering web for details. Also @oldcrowtattoo is selling tickets for the festival. 💚👻👽🔮🌙🍄💨

tumblr: philipmilic

Detail shot from this Phoenix I finished up a couple of weeks ago. Design was a re-imagining of the logo from the epic rock-n-roll band Queen, which was designed by Freddy Mercury himself to represent the zodiac signs of the members among other themes. Direct translation wouldn’t have worked in this piece so I took it another route, and am very happy with the outcome.

- thedrowntown

I don’t care about losing people who don’t wanna be in my life anymore, I’ve lost people who meant the world to me and I’m doing just fine.
—  if you wanna leave..leave