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What makes you say Roadhog is from New Zealand? I thought he was an Australian

Well, being an Aussie, we are pretty close to the Kiwis, and their culture is quite alive and very welcomed here. Aside from Roadhogs physique (Which just quietly, I find to be a little stereotypical) he also has his Toa and Islander skin which brought on a lot of heat when it was first released because it was considered ‘Cultural Appropriation’ or ‘Racist’. But these skins clearly shows his heritage is New Zealand, not Australia.. 

In New Zealand, weaving, carving, unique and traditional tattoos  and contemporary arts are all part of the culture and are all things which Roadhog shows in this skin.

Another interesting thought was with the release of Moana, Maui has a similar appearance to the Toa and Islander skins (Not going into debate about the fact that Disney may or may not have been pretty offensive when depicting a very valued hero/demi god and spiritual guide) with the tattoos, woven outfits and even the carved hook. Maui was believed to have fished the North island of New Zealand from the sea, and is held in high regard. 

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