We are upon a change that is happening very rapidly. A change that is bringing us closer to one another and realizing that we are all one. The shift of a new, brighter, lighter, loving world is now manifesting.

We have a choice. The first choice is releasing karma through forgiveness, learning to open up your heart, and to unite together as one loving family helping each other on this beautiful journey.

The second choice is to stay with the old earth and face the destruction from human greed, keep repeating lives elsewhere to let go of karma, and to be stuck in a dense place facing situations of constant problems and unhappiness.

Realize you are an infinite being living a short life in a human body here on earth to learn lessons. Live your dreams. Start letting the universe work how your dreams will manifest. All you have to do is provide the love that is within you my friend and that very vibration will come back multiplied. :)