concept playlists

it’s early afternoon and you’re lying in a quiet meadow with a cool breeze blowing through the grass around you. you have no responsibilities and you are totally hidden from the world. the sun is warm and so is your heart. you breathe deeply and watch the clouds float past. you feel at peace for the first time in a long time

it’s very late at night, or maybe very early in the morning and you’re curled up in a blanket fort you’ve made. soft fairy lights shine through the material and you can hear a pattering of rain on your window. you feel peaceful but long for the rain to get heavier. you think the world might be magic after all.

you’re sat on your bedroom windowsill, window closed to the heavy afternoon rain and strong winds outside. you warm your hands on a large cup of coffee and are wrapped in your favourite blanket. you think about your life, the little things you will get done over the weekend and the tasks you’ve already completed. you are relaxed and proud of yourself.