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Introducing: A Safer Alternative to Ouija


Hello everyone! As some may know, My mother and I are spiritualists. Just recently, my mother introduced the White Arts counterpart of Ouija to me. It is called Pendulum.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Paper (any kind as long as it hasn’t previously been written on)
  • A writing utensil
  • A pendulum (I will explain this one below)

THIS is a pendulum! They can be bought online or in magic/craft stores. They usually go for under $10, so they’re wicked cheap.

Now, I will show you how to construct two kinds of boards. First, a board that is used for those experienced in craft and rituals:

For this, I borrowed my mother’s board. It’s simple: Just construct the board with an alphabet, numerals, a question mark, and a “yes” and a “no” as seen above. With this board, the “spirit” (or whatever is summoned" makes the pendulum circle around letters to create words, or there is a yes and no to answer yes-no questions.


Most of you, like me, are just starting out. We’ll need a simpler board for that. This is where I show you my board!

This is my board. What you are going to do is draw a question mark in the bottom right corner. Then, towards the center of the paper, you will draw a circle. In the circle, you will draw any symbol you desire. The symbol seen above is an old logo of mine. Next, draw yes’s and no’s directly across from each other. Yes, they HAVE to be directly across.

What you are going to do next, is hold the pendulum over the center of the board like so:

Now, onto the ritual.

  • Close your eyes and envision a white glow surrounding you, with that vision in mind, open your eyes. This will be your “shield” and should keep most bad influences at bay.
  • Hold the pendulum over the center of the board. If you have no spirit/ghost in mind that you want to converse with, then state that you are holding an “Open Conversation to all spirits with benevolent intent who wish to participate”
  • Once you get some kind of response (pendulum vibrating, spinning in place…) you may begin asking yes/no questions.
  • The pendulum will swing in either the “yes” or “no” directions. If you have trouble keeping your hand steady, you may rest it on your knee or breast.

PLEASE NOTE that it will most likely not work the first time!!!! For example, The first time I did it, the pendulum vibrated and spun in a small circle. These things take practice. Patience and consistency are key!

There you have it! A safer alternative to Ouija! PLEEEEAAAASE use this method if you are going to use any sort of spirit communication rituals at all!!!! No, there is never a 100% guarantee that bad spirits will not come through, but as a white arts ritual, it drastically reduces the chances of that happening!


If you have any questions or comments, please stop by my ask box. Thank you and be safe! c:

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