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ONE SONG - Lay It Down Slow by Spiritualised is stuck in my head and it’s making me sad
TWO MOVIES - just saw Jurassic World and it was awesome tbh and I really, really wanna see Inside Out, someone take me to see Inside Out
THREE SHOWS - Once Upon A Time is cheesy and stupid and it’s my new obsession omg, beyond that I’m always a slut for oitnb and sense8
FOUR PEOPLE - kickthepj and his DYNAMIC FILM MAKING TEAM (Sophie Jamie Louis) coz they’re all my baes tbh
FIVE FOODS - Bacon pancakes 😍, Ben and Jerry’s phish food ice cream holy mother of god, macaroni cheese can make everything ok, then caramel waffles and Cornish pasties for sentimental reasons I suppose

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#31daysoftarotaug inception spread. 1. What should I expect from this challenge? The Chariot - optimism, harnessing energy and focus, a journey of self-development, sounds exciting

2. What I currently think or feel about this challenge. The Hanged Man - getting ready to look at things differently, listening to inner self, waiting to see how it goes. Not entirety sure what to expect but prepared whichever way it goes

3. What I currently know? 4 of Wands Completion, initial success, harmony. My methods of reading have seen me this far, I have a system I’m used to and works well for me

4. What is hidden in me to develop? 2 of Cups - making a connection. Spiritualisation of the passions. Blending opposites. Intriguing

5. What will I learn from this challenge? 3 of Wands - expanding my horizons, exploration, learning from others, partnerships, teamwork. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts and interpretations! 😊👍 @1inspired_beauty #tarot #tarotcards #tarotspread #shadowscapestarot #shadowscapes

The Ascent To the Supramental Level Is Required to Unify the Trinity of Consciousness

The Ascent To the Supramental Level Is Required to Unify the Trinity of Consciousness

Even the highest, most refined and spiritualised levels of the mind are unable to fully comprehend and then integrate the divine consciousness that both exists as the aspects of the Transcendent, the Universal and the Individual, and unifies and harmonizes them into one embracing awareness. The mind is still a power of division and fragmentation and lives within its set limits. The integral…

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The Spiritualised Mind Separates the Realisations of Knowledge, Works and Love

The Spiritualised Mind Separates the Realisations of Knowledge, Works and Love

While we are still living primarily on the mental level, the various aspects of the Divine experience appear to be separate and distinct, and we see therefore that exclusive focus on one aspect brings about the apparent separateness of the paths of Knowledge, Love and Works. The characteristic action of the mind is to analyze and separate, so that when the mind approaches the spiritual evolution…

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